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Mick-LuciferPosted: 07/11/2012 07:39 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Official Liu Kang Strategy & Combo Superthread!

Celebrating twenty years of Mortal Kombat, we've been eliminating the fighting ranks in search of our first Supreme Mortal Kombat Champion!
Making it to the Round of Sixteen (Round 3), Liu Kang is the original Supreme Champion!

Born in China, Liu Kang is an orphan taken in by Shaolin Monks and raised to become Earthrealm's greatest hope in the Mortal Kombat tournament. A highly skilled martial artist - its time to break down his extensive range of strategies, combos and counters!

Basic Attacks
Uppercut - Down + 2
Strong Fist - Away + 1
Face Jab - Toward + 1
Gut Strike - Away + 2
Knee Bash - Toward + 2
Shaolin Heel - Toward + 3
Knee Kick - Away + 3
Shin Kick - Toward + 4
Sweep - Away + 4
Dragon Stance - Down, Away + 2
Final Act - 1 [Dragon Stance]
Fist of Death - 2 [Dragon Stance]
Shaolin Flip - 3 [Dragon Stance]
Moon Sweep - 4 [Dragon Stance]

Chain Combos
Three Fists - 1, 1, 1
Death Fist - 1, 1, 2
Blazing Blasts - Toward + 1, 2, 1
Immortal Dragon - 1, 2, Away + 1
Fierce Tiger - 2, 1, 3
Showdown - Toward + 2, 4
Launching Fury - Away + 2, Away + 3
Backdown - Away + 2, 3
Lotus Flurry - 3, 3, 2
Final Act - Away + 3, 1, 2
Krushing Kombo - Toward + 4, 3

Fast Tags (Tag Mode)
Shaolin Spirit - 1, 2, Away + 1, Tag
Dragon's Bite - Away + 3, 1, 2, Tag
Next Time - 1, Tag [Dragon Stance]
Shaolin Step - 2, 1, 3, Tag

Tag Combos (Tag Mode)
Fist Swaps - 1, 1, Tag
Friendly - Toward + 1, 2, Tag
Step In - 1, 2, Tag
Dragon Dance - 2, 1, Tag
Twin Lotus - 3, 3, Tag
Harm-onious - Away + 3, 1, Tag

Special Moves
High Fireball - Away, Toward, 1 [+Aerial]
Low Fireball - Away, Toward, 3
Flying Dragon Kick - Away, Toward, 2
Bicycle Kick - Away, Away, Toward, 4
Parry - Down, Away, 1

Finishing Moves
Fist of Flame - Toward, Away, Down, Down, 3 [Sweep]
The Beast Within - Down, Down, Toward, Down, 4 [Jump]
Stage Fatality - Down, Toward, Away, 3 [Varied]
Babality - Down, Down, Down, 4 [Jump]

Key: [1 = FP] :: [2 = BP] :: [3 = FK] :: [4 = BK]

Threads for all the other characters will be available soon.
Please do not create new threads for other characters. Official superthreads will be easily accessed via the sticky menu!

These are the basics! Time to be like water and make waves with your best tips, tricks and strategies. Wootah!

Better The Devil you know...
MK Online Forums: Share your interests, broaden your horizons and support the kommunity with discussion forums for every topic. "Ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country."
Unknown265Posted: 07/12/2012 02:22 AMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Official Liu Kang Strategy & Combo Superthread!

Liu Kang is one of my favorite fighters in MK9, due to him being able to play zoning and up-close pressure quite well. Being able to switch between these two styles of play with one character feels good.

Now I'm about to show you what Liu Kang can do! He's more than just Fireball zoning, B+3,2,1s and 2,1,3s! First we'll start with Enhanced Specials.

-----Enhanced Specials-----
---High Dragon Fire
Does more damage and adds a cool dragon shape to the fireball.

---Low Dragon Fire
Extra damage, and causes a long stagger-state. When performed next to the opponent, Liu Kang can follow up with a B+3,2,1 during the stagger-state.

---Flaming Dragon Kick
More damage and has Armor. Use it to approach ranged opponents through their projectiles and hit them if their projectiles don't lower their hitbox (like Ermac).

---Bicycle Steps
Does more damage and has Armor. Good for escaping blockstring pressure or approaching a nearby jumping opponent.

---Burning Parry
Instead of a paralyzing fist, Liu Kang uppercuts the opponent like a Dragon Stance 1. Can follow up with a juggle combo.

---Low Fireball
Low-hitting move. Use this along with Liu's other zoning tools to keep your opponent out.

---High Fireball
HFB is more useful than it seems. It has faster recovery than the LFB. Use it in a zoning war with fighters that don't have a low-hitting projectile. Often, after a projectile trade, you can launch an HFB, block their projectile, send another HFB and block the incoming projectile again. Rinse and repeat until the opponent figures out their zoning isn't working.

---Instant Air Fireball (Uses the input of the HFB)
Input: Diagonal Back and Up, Forward, 1.
Liu Kang can use the iaFB to control air space. Using smart iaFBs, LFBs, and HFBs will force the opponent to try to block his way towards Liu Kang. They'll probably try jumping when they are within Jump In Punch distance, so use an iaFB or a standing 2 to catch them and juggle 'em.

Most of Liu Kang's strings and combos leave him safe or at minor frame advantage. He can pressure almost as good as Johnny Cage can, but Liu Kang's close-kombat strength is his mixups.

Arguably Liu Kang's best pressure string. It's very good for when you are approaching your opponent.

Liu Kang's other good string. Problem is that many random Liu Kang players online just throw out B+3,2,1 way too much to the point it's predictable. B+3,2,1 is also good for counter-poking your opponent.

An overhead. It's good because most players expect a B+3,2,1 after an F+1,2. It's safe on block too.

A good move to bust out once in a while. You can follow it up with a LFB or Dragon Kick.Or iIf you're feeling super saiyan, you can do a Bicycle Kick.

I cannot remember if it was an overhead or not. Might be. Anyway, this is another string to use in blockstring pressure. If it hits the opponent, you can hit confirm B+2 into B+3 instead of 3 to send the opponent into a stagger state. Follow it up with a B+3,2,1 that may or may not be blocked.

This low-hitting little kick is one of Liu Kang's best pokes. It has massive frame advantage on hit and random frame advantage on block.

---Anti-Air 2
2 is Liu's best AA move, as it comes out very fast, and has a big hitbox.

Another good blockstring to use. I often like to throw out an LFB at the end of the string.

Safe on block and can be mixed up with 2,1xxLFB.

-----Dragon Stance-----
---DS 1
An uppercut that can lead into a juggle combo. Example:
DS 1~B+3,2,1>>F+2,4~Bicycle Kicks

You can use this to counter Kung Lao's Teleport. Time it right, and all of KL's attacks will miss. This also works against Scorpion and Ermac's EX Teleports, time it right and the DS 1 will hit them out of the second hit of their teleports.

---Dragon Stance 2
This one is unsafe on block. It isn't recommended that you use this. It does have its use however, against Kung Lao's Dive Kick. A well-timed DS 2 can knock KL out of his Dive Kick.

---Dragon Stance 3
It can pick up opponent's off the floor and deals %14 damage. The only bad things about this, is that it has a slow startup and is unsafe on block.

---Dragon Stance 4
The Moon Sweep is just like Liu Kang's normal B+4. The difference is that it has a huge hitbox! It has won me a match recently when I recalled the Moon Sweep's long reach.

-----Some Combos------
B+3,2,1>>F+2,4~LFB/Bicycle Kicks
B+3,2,1>>B+3,2,1>>B+1~Dragon Kick
2,1,3>>B+3,2,1>>B+3,2xxDragon Kick

Liu Kang's ability to play both ranged and close-kombat remains as one of my favorite things about his gameplay in MK9. That one time I executed Dragon Stance 4 to win the match after I recalled its long reach, when it hit successfully, I felt like I Moon Sweeped across the whole planet. Seriously, it felt good.

Dragon Points:
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