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Mick-LuciferPosted: 02/17/2013 09:45 PMStatus ::
Mortal Kombat: Legacy II Debut Trailer

[discuss :: more info :: series 1]

MINIONPosted: 02/17/2013 09:53 PMStatus ::

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Nationality::United States
RE: Mortal Kombat: Legacy II Trailer


Groundbreaking Debut | You[Tube] | deviantART | Twitter
SonicX13Posted: 02/17/2013 10:04 PMStatus ::

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Nationality::United States
RE: Mortal Kombat: Legacy II Trailer

Simply beautiful.
Spoilers: (Highlight to reveal)
Liu giving Stryker a beat down. Hope he doesn't kill him. Earthrealm needs more warriors to survive MK. Also, like the little touch they've gave to Sub-Zero and Scorpion as friendly childhood rivals.

Noobsmoke92Posted: 02/17/2013 10:05 PMStatus ::

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RE: Mortal Kombat: Legacy II Trailer

I actually like Sub-Zero,that's how Lin Kuei should dress,considering they go with time and technology,as we saw in season 1 the whole cyber initiative process. It makes sense for him to dress like that.

And I also like that Subbie is on Raiden's team as we saw it,he was supposed to assassinate Shang Tsung,not work for him like in fucking MK9. So as a story geek,I tip my hat to Kevin.

Not sure if I like Liu Kang's drinking portrayal,but I would be lying if I am not excited to see where Kevin is gonna go with it. Maybe something happened to Master Bo Rai Cho,so he lost faith in people he was supposed to protect and drinks now like his master too. My bet is Kung Lao and Kitana will have major influence on him to be good. Or maybe Raiden as well. Exciting nonetheless.

Loved Kenshi and Scorpion,so fucking bad ass! And poor Stryker,man!

Methuselah6463Posted: 02/17/2013 10:15 PMStatus ::

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Nationality::United States
RE: Mortal Kombat: Legacy II Trailer

No date huh?

Damn its hard being this cool
ZentilePosted: 02/17/2013 10:21 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
RE: Mortal Kombat: Legacy II Trailer

Wow, a lot to talk about here.
I love most of what's going on in the trailer. Visually, it's terrific. Sub-Zero's outfit is excellent, Johnny Cage's character seems fairly spot on, and Shang Tsung appears to be even more awesome than Cary's first time around in the first movie.
Dan Southword as Kenshi is really badass, I can't think of a better pick. Speaking of Kenshi, it's great to see that he will be fighting Ermac. And the Sub-Zero vs Scorpion fight also seems more ambitious than the one they had in the first season.

Most interesting of all by far, is the fact that Kitana and (especially) Liu Kang are being portrayed as anti-Earth. Liu Kang, of all people? I cant say I love the idea yet, but I'm not hating either. We'll have to see, but one thing's for sure: I'm very curious.

Pet peeve: Bi-Han's name being pronounced like an American would. It's Street Fighter's "Rai-oo" all over again. Ah well, the rest of the trailer more than makes up for it.

razz2d2Posted: 02/17/2013 10:26 PMStatus ::

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Nationality::United States
RE: Mortal Kombat: Legacy II Trailer


This looks better because it seems like it'll be one on-going story instead of all the different plots per episode, looking forward to that.

Zombie Ermac umm. kay.

Johnny Cage and Stryker are HAWWWT

Liu Kang being a bad guy, can't say I love or hate it, just hope it executes well.

Wait. Oh. My God.
Is that who I think it is playing Shang Tsung. I need to sit down.

LucaTurilliPosted: 02/17/2013 10:27 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Mortal Kombat: Legacy II Trailer

I'm excited, it looks good.

Sub-Zero and Ermac are ugly as shit, though. Sub-Zero looks like a fuckin' BMXer and Ermac is just absolute garbage. Can we stop completely redesigning characters so that they resemble their source material in no way whatsoever? Fuck!

Also, what's with Mileena having a normal mouth with Joker scars?

GrimmPosted: 02/17/2013 10:29 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Mortal Kombat: Legacy II Trailer

Happy with everything for the most part. Not sure how I feel about that look for Ermac, though. I understand he's made up of the souls of dead warriors, but no need to look like a zombie.

goodnightPosted: 02/17/2013 10:38 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
RE: Mortal Kombat: Legacy II Trailer

Love the visual elements, but I'm not sure about a couple of the story tweaks.

Hanzo and Bi Han as childhood friend/rivals and Liu Kang fighting Stryker... interesting ideas.

Crimson_Pool21Posted: 02/17/2013 10:47 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Mortal Kombat: Legacy II Trailer

meh it looks good but there are a few things that bother me

1 - is this actually a sequel to season 1? if so why does everything except the scorpion stuff look different?

2- i thought the movie was going to be about the MK1 tournament?

3- feels wierd to not have Sonya/Kano or Goro, i love Stryker, Mileena and Kitana but they really should not be there imo some of the story changes are not the best.

4- i hate Sub-Zero's outfit

5- where is my boy Quan Chi

RiyakouPosted: 02/17/2013 10:49 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Mortal Kombat: Legacy II Trailer

I'm still super hot over Robin Shou, but I'll give this new guy a chance.

Still missing Bo' Rai Cho...

ShaolinChuanPosted: 02/17/2013 10:53 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Mortal Kombat: Legacy II Trailer

Holy crap! that was juicy!

I could tell there was more development resources for this second series. Can not wait to see more, great costume designs, very happy Cary Tagawa is back as Shang, Mileena has regular teeth WTF?

This could turn out to be very interesting, although I'm more interested in the actual movie, still no word on that yet huh?

OptimusGrimePosted: 02/17/2013 11:01 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Mortal Kombat: Legacy II Trailer

So for me, it's pretty much the same feeling as last time. I can certainly see the appeal, and hope ya'll dig it, but it doesn't do anything to tickle my fancy at all.

Also, bald Shang is wrong Shang.

OnagaDragonKingPosted: 02/17/2013 11:03 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
RE: Mortal Kombat: Legacy II Trailer

Ok i have never really liked Liu Kang that much but after seeing how he is in that trailer i am now more hyped to see him than any other character on that trailer. Like he looks so bad ass, he looks like a straight up thug in Chinatown. It also seems like he doesn't even care about earth. I can't wait for this. I am loving what they are doing with Liu Kang recently.

KungLaodoesntsuckPosted: 02/17/2013 11:08 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Mortal Kombat: Legacy II Trailer

I loved the trailer.

That Kung Lao teleport made me giggle like a high school girl. I'm really interested to see a darker Liu Kang.

I really liked Matt Mullins but this guy playing Cage has promise.

 photo 08EDBB95-0972-4D12-94BB-8107B5418EAA_zpsyuwphky8.jpg
TemperaryUserNamePosted: 02/17/2013 11:09 PMStatus ::

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Nationality::United States
RE: Mortal Kombat: Legacy II Trailer

I always found Liu Kang's kindness/gentleness refreshing. I'm not wild about him being a pessimistic volatile brood, but we'll see how it goes.

New sig on the way
johnny1upPosted: 02/17/2013 11:24 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Mortal Kombat: Legacy II Trailer

Wow, this looks so awesome I can't even wait! Like I said in the other thread, the trailer's really got me wondering how things will play out in this season, especially with Liu Kang being bad. I know it has been hinted at, but I didn't expect it to be this straight forward. It gets me wondering what he will do. Will he come to his senses at the end and kick Shang Tsung's ass? That would give Kung Lao a reason to resent him, for getting credit for saving the world even though he almost helped destroy it at first. Or maybe he'll stay bad, and it will be Kung Lao who will have to defeat his former best friend and ultimately go on to face Shang Tsung? I know Kung Lao fans will love to see that. Regardless, it looks like he can still kick some serious ass; if not those bar thugs (although looking back, it looks like Kung Lao will be helping him there), then how about Kurtis Stryker? Although it does kind of make me sad seeing Stryker getting pummeled by someone who's supposed to be a good guy.

Speaking of Kung Lao, he actually looks really cool, and he seems much more badass than he ever was in the games, mostly because he's not just some jealous douche. In a way, I think Liu Kang's overhaul makes this work; If Liu Kang actually was like he was in the game then Kung Lao would be just like another Liu Kang. I'm thinking Kung Lao might actually be the main character this time. Maybe the fight between Liu Kang, Kung Lao, and Shang Tsung will actually be Kung Lao fighting a Liu Kang/Shang Tsung tag team.

Shang Tsung looks looks COMPLETELY amazing! I don't even care about the baldness. Tagawa looks like he's having a lot of fun playing Shang Tsung again. Heck, I'll even say his acting is looking to be better than his original portrayal of Shang Tsung in the first movie.

I officially take back my dislike for Sub-Zero's costume. It looks sweet in action. I was mainly worried that there was going to be cheap plasticy gear flying around, but it actually seems pretty well attached and not quite as cheap looking up close as I thought. As for Scorpion, he says "GET OVER HERE!" What more needs to be said? I'll admit I didn't like seeing that beginning part that shows the two sparring together as kids, as if they were best friends, partially because it took up a lot of the trailer, and more so because it gives them a reason NOT to hate each other. If they were best friends then Scorpion would know that Bi Han would never kill him, or especially his family.

I don't have much to say about Kitana and Mileena yet, Their outfits look MUCH better than those abysmal season 1 ones. Even though Kitana was listed with Liu Kang and the others trying to "Destroy our world" she's fighting against Mileena in the trailer. I'm guessing she will turn good just like she did in the game. I'm wondering if she'll have any impact on Liu Kang or vise versa, with him being bad too this time around.

Then there's Kenshi, who I think will be the best-depicted character this season. He looks the part, and he's totally badass. Did you see him slice that guy in half? Awesome. It looks like he'll be having a fight with Ermac too, which is a nice nod to Deception, where it was revealed that Ermac taught him telekinesis after turning good. Speaking of Ermac...

I didn't like Ermac's look when I saw the picture, and seeing him in a better resolution, I think they really butchered his costume. Like Kitana and Mileena, the trailer doesn't tell much about him. Actually it at least showed that Kitana and Mileena will be enemies this time. Even if Ermac is not just a punching bad character, and they give him some personality, he'll still lose a few point from me for that costume.

Another character I didn't really like is Raiden. He doesn't really seem like a wise mentor, but at least he seems to have an idea of what's going on. I don't hate him, but I'm not too impressed yet either.

We got a hint of Johnny Cage's nonchalant personality, the way he asked how exactly they win. I still don't think Casper Van Dien was a bad choice. From what I saw there's nothing bad about it. It's pretty much just what I expected.

I'm kind of worried about Stryker, the way he was getting pummeled by Liu Kang. Does he have a chance to defeat Liu Kang? Or is he just there to be the victim of a dark Liu Kang? Has Liu Kang really strayed far enough from his Shaolin beliefs to kill a good guy? My main worry was that Stryker was only there to take Sonya Blade's place as the tough military person. Now my main concern is that he's going to die. That would not only be very sad to see, but it would also show that Liu Kang really is evil (I wouldn't be a fan of that) and that no one is really safe in this tournament.

J-spitPosted: 02/17/2013 11:54 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Mortal Kombat: Legacy II Trailer

Shut up and take my view!

Twilight Muthafuckin' Sparkle

Sig by TheCypher
firesnakePosted: 02/18/2013 12:34 AMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Mortal Kombat: Legacy II Trailer

Scorpion and Sub-Zero having history from childhood is interesting. Makes when they grow up and fight that much more personal. Can't wait to see if they show their relationship from kids to adults and how it gets to the point that we all know.

Ermac looks horrible to me. The fist time I saw him in the trailer I thought it was Baraka. I hope he covers up the face and has some resemblance to the Ermac we all know.

Can't wait to see what's bein done with Liu Kang.

I just don't like Sub-Zeros look. He looks like he's about to go paintballing.

Overall tho I loved the trailer and can't wait to see how all of this unfolds.

But does anyone know when it actually starts?

Image Hosted by
oraclePosted: 02/18/2013 01:12 AMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Mortal Kombat: Legacy II Trailer

I bonered up on everything except Ermac. He looks a little TOO different. But outside of that I AM EXCITE.

-sig by MINION Image and video hosting by TinyPic
SiangPosted: 02/18/2013 01:16 AMStatus ::

Rank ::
RE: Mortal Kombat: Legacy II Trailer

I like the look of zombie Ermac.. perhaps he will wear the bandage mask come movie time..

I like Raiden too, very sombre though around the campfire (MK5 storymode?).. maybe with Cage's question it's a sign that Stryker (or one of the other humans) has met their demise on day 1.

Cannot wait to see if we get to see the Dragon Boat or if that'll be saved for the movie

StormChaserPosted: 02/18/2013 01:32 AMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Mortal Kombat: Legacy II Trailer

I wonder if Liu is really "bad." Maybe he's a double agent- pretending to fight for Shang while he's secretly working for Raiden.

TheGame100gunzAndClipsPosted: 02/18/2013 01:32 AMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Mortal Kombat: Legacy II Trailer

your welcome btw seeing as i posted this for the site............

KenshiMaster16Posted: 02/18/2013 01:36 AMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Mortal Kombat: Legacy II Trailer

Now that I've had time to process this, I'm gonna have my full say; (warning, this is lengthy but not bs).

- The back story between Bi Han and Hanzo, like others have already stated, is a nice story telling touch. Makes for what's to come more engaging and gives the characters more (not necessary but definitely welcomed) depth. Also, the father using the Scorpion line is a very nice touch.
- The detail in the environments captured in the trailer, whether real / CG / or a mixture of the two, look incredible and can't wait to see it more fleshed out even though we only got a "taste of things to come."
- Shang's line about offering Liu a place on 'the ark' is interesting, making me wonder what exactly Kevin has in store for us about Liu. Is he a baddie? Is he a conflicted character that will end up being turned by the forces of light? Is he a morally corrupted character now who can be bought or bribed?
- Kenshi, Kenshi, Kenshi. My man. Where have you been all my life? One of the greats from the not-so-many great characters to come since MK4 and you finally get a live-action treatment and Jesus Christ does it seem like it's gonna pay off and big time. Just the way he seems so confident as a body splits in two behind him from the blade of his sword.....goosebumps. Also, how badass is he just spinning the sword around when he name appears!?!?
- What's a Mortal Kombat live action....well, anything, that stars Mr. Tagawa without the line "It has begun..."? Exactly, it'd be pure shit. And I was very delighted to see him utter those words again. Props, Kevin. Props.
- The fight we get a glimpse at between Kitana and Mileena looks vicious, like it should be. And for those mentioning the Joker styled mouth/cheeks, maybe they open wider and we haven't got a glimpse yet? Or just perhaps the CG isn't fully done yet, who knows. But hell, they look the part and as long as its brutal and they don't butcher the acting, I'm game.
- Now, Ermac; I know there's a pretty good size split between love it/hate it here but I'm on the side of love it. Now, hear me out. Most people outside of the MK fanbase would hear "undead warrior made up of many souls" and would probably assume he wouldn't be too good looking, or dressed in proper MK ninja garb either. lol So I'm gonna roll with it. Kevin has sold me so far on just about every visual and story telling decision he's made so I have trust in the guy. Besides, any one who could bring back Tagawa, give us a live-action Kenshi/Ermac fight, a bad-ass Jax (albeit missing here for a short while until the film) and a boss-ass fight between cyber ninja's knows his way right into my fanboy heart. Ermac looks creepy, he looks menacing, and compared to the way he was treated in That-Sequal-That-Shall-Not-Be-Named, I'll take this look.
- Kung Lao! Mad skills with the hat! And teleporting! Kevin, Kevin, Kevin; I bow to you.
- Stryker looks cool but seems to get his ass kicked badly by good (or bad) ole' Liu Kang. Hopefully this is just a momentary setback for Kurtis and not the moments leading up to a fatality.
- Sub-Zero's look doesn't phase me either. All he needs is to kick some ass, acting be good, and freeze some shit and I'm down. Costumes at this point, after everything live-action MK has been through, is honestly the least of my concern.
- The final montage of fights seriously made me question how the hell it is that we've had a live action television show, two feature films and nothing has looked as good as what a digital series is providing. Seriously, what the hell?

In closing, Kevin has my utter faith. Legacy 1 was a bold new step in the right direction. Legacy 2 looks to keep advancing and bring it a bigger budget, more actors and more importantly, more story and perhaps a wider audience. Which thus brings me to the feature film, based on everything we've seen in Legacy 1 and now glimpsed in Legacy 2, I'm frigging so excited my head may burst at what is waiting for us. We already know we're getting Kabal but holy crap, this keeps getting better and better and it's about time we have someone in control that KNOWS what the hell they are doing with the property.

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