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3D Kombat Klassics

Discussing the 3D MK Klassics: Everything from MK4 to Armageddon.
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mklover1989Posted: 02/19/2014 08:24 AMStatus ::

Rank ::
HD collection

They should make an HD collection of Mortal a kombat Deadly Alliance, Deception/Unchained, Shaolin Monks, & Armageddon with trophy & achievement support

RevtornePosted: 02/19/2014 04:22 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
RE: HD collection

Well they still haven't done MK4/Gold HD yet. Im assuming that will be included as a bonus on MK10.

Deadly Alliance - Deception HD would be nice as a PS4/XBone downloadable game but I doubt it.

immortalkombatPosted: 02/21/2014 05:21 PMStatus ::

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RE: HD collection

A MK:DA, MK:D and MK:A HD copy for Xbox live or PSN I would buy

johnny1upPosted: 02/22/2014 07:03 PMStatus ::

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Nationality::United States
RE: HD collection

I still want my HD remake of the classics (1-3), unless there was a release of an HD remix while I was buried underground. Although I'll totally settle for the fan project because there is some amazing effort being put into it and the results are looking amazing so far.

Hideo_SakaguchiPosted: 01/29/2015 01:06 AMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: HD collection

I realize this topic is about a year old now but I'm still shocked/angry that we never got a complete digital MK collection. We can play MK1-3 on the Arcade Kollection on PSN/XBL but I was hoping MK Gold, Deadly Alliance, Deception, and Armageddon would some day make their way to the digital store fronts.

The 3D games may not be as fondly remembered but I enjoyed them all and I would love to revisit them without hooking a PS2 up.

Must kill Sub-Zero. Whee~
Blue-MarioPosted: 01/31/2015 07:36 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::American Samoa
RE: HD collection

Maybe one day

Hideo_SakaguchiPosted: 02/07/2015 04:19 AMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: HD collection

I've given up hope honestly. I think MK 4-Armageddon is destined to be the 'forgotten' era of MK.

Can't say I miss Armageddon much but I would have loved to play an updated MK Gold, Deadly Alliance, and Deception with glitch fixes and whatnot.

Must kill Sub-Zero. Whee~
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