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Mortal Kombat (2011)

Discussing Mortal Kombat (2011) and Komplete Edition (2012).
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menumber3Posted: 03/02/2015 03:22 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Who take the remaining spots?

So I'm personally curious about who else makes it into the game and often look up things to see what people think. However, I've been wondering why there isn't more use of the Factions feature in order to whittle the possibilities down.

They've stated that there will be about 24-30 kombatants and that there are 5 Factions in the game. I would imagine, that in order to make the system work these Factions would have to be pretty even and balanced if not completely so. To do so I would imagine they would need about 4-6 fighters in each Organized Faction. So, with that I organized where I think we stand as of now, but I don't necessarily know where they'll group them so any help would be appreciated. Feel free to rearrange and theorize who takes the spots etc. I arranged in groups of 5 but made other notes of where I'm uncertain etc.

Special Forces
1. Cassie Cage
2. Jac Briggs
3. Kung Jin
4. Takeda
5. ----?

Black Dragon
1. Kano
2. D'Vorrah
3. Ermac
4. Reptile
5. Kotal Khan
*6.----? Erron Black?*
(If, as many suggest, Erron Black is to be playable, then he'd have to be with Kano (Comics). and Black was seen in the trailer with Kotal Krew so I'd imagine this faction would look like this. But if the factions are even, this would suggest a total of 30 characters)

White Lotus
1. Raiden
2. Kung Lao
3. Kitana

Brotherhood of Shadow
1. Quan Chi
2. Mileena*
3. Ferra/Torr*
4. ---?
5. ---?
(Not sure if Ferra/Torr should be in here and same goes for Mileena if she's even playable. But given that Kotal-Dvorrah-Reptile-Ermac-Erron Black-Kano all seem to be aligned in the trailer, I'd assume this is the other side of that coin)

Lin Kuei
1. Sub-Zero
2. ---?
3. ---?
4. ---?
5. ---?
(The Lin Kuei seems to have the most room for additions)

*Scorpion--- no idea where to put him
*Goro--- same deal, no idea, nor do i know if he needs placing. might not be part of the factions considering he is a bonus

Given these spots I would say the idea of putting Jax, Sonya, Johnny, Kenshi etc. in the mix would severely unbalance the Special Forces Crew. You could throw them in with either of the other 2 "good" factions but idk that that would make a lot of sense. They could just throw them in with the lin kuei, but that would seem like a poor title for a faction if they did so.

So I think aside from Kung Lao, the parents might not be in the game.

From there we have these possible kharacters, that based on the spots remaining I think could be thrown in, assuming Erron Black & Mileena already count.

Smoke- Lin Kuei has a lot of room



Fujin- White Lotus has a few spots and he fits in

Liu Kang - Also room for him in WL

Cyrax/Sektor - I don't see it, but the Lin Kuei has a ton of room based on how I'm seeing it.

Frost -- Another of the few Lin Kuei I know to exist, also she's in the comics etc.


Yada yada yada. I'm interested to read thoughts and edits to this notion, still a bunch of possibilities even if this rule of balance between the factions is part of the game.

Cages_ShadesPosted: 03/02/2015 06:59 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Who take the remaining spots?

The factions have nothing to do with the actual roster

you can use anyone

Factions are mostly just an online clan, nothing more.

so not every character in MKX will be in one of the 5 factions, in fact most arn't

Props to MINION
menumber3Posted: 03/03/2015 03:49 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
RE: Who take the remaining spots?

Interesting. Well there goes my whole basis. Lol. Darnit

ProfesserAhnkaPosted: 03/15/2015 03:02 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Who take the remaining spots?

Full roster has been revealed probably except Liu Kang. That's a wrap.

Leader Of Rain's Minions & Tanya's Titans. Thx Minion!  photo ProfesserAhnkaSig_zpsoi5spq99.gif
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