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Mick-LuciferPosted: 08/17/2015 11:31 PMStatus ::
Mortal Kombat X Live-Action Webseries Series Info

Announced as part of a new digital content division in 2014 [full story]: Mortal Kombat X will mark the third time the best selling fighting game franchise has inspired a live-action series for the web!

In contrast to their previous outings; Warner Brothers have kept a tight lid on the new series - releasing little to no official information. A series title, release date and relation to Legacy II have continued to remain undefined -- a presumed April tie-in unfulfilled as the latest game came and went.

We learned production began back in January, with a short burst of social media sharing giving us limited casting details. The return of Casper Van Dien and Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa came via their own social media networks. Series newcomer Lewis Tan offered a glimpse of his character and working title, eventually lending credence to an early rumored casting call.

Mortal Kombat Online learned just last week that the series has reached completion. With the trickle of information opening up in time for the Mortal Kombat movie's 20th anniversary, we've gathered up the most reliable information in a single convenient resource! This Kombat Kompendium will be updated as new information arises. Scroll to the bottom to find direct links to updates.

Mortal Kombat X Cast & Crew:
Casper Van Dien
Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa
Lewis Tan
Jade Quon
Jamal Duff
Morgan Sticke
Ron Yuan
Boo Boo Stewart
To Be Advised
To Be Advised
Ray Park
To Be Advised
Willis Chung
R. Marcus Taylor
Mike Capozzi
Joe Ordaz
Casey Lawrence
Nils Stewart
Gary Casper

Garrett Warren
Kurt Lott

... Johnny Cage
... Shang Tsung
... Kung Jin
... Ferra
... Torr
... Cassie Cage (Age 5)
... Scorpion
... Takahashi Takeda
... Bo' Rai Cho
... D'Vorah
... Erron Black
... Ron Tan' Cho
... Tournament Ref
... Opponent #4
... Warden
... Nasty Opponent(s)
... Bouncer
... Hulking Opponent(s)
... Underground Fighter #2

... Director
... Stunt Coordinator

Koming Soon: Lewis Tan on screen as Mortal Kombat X enters the editing suite.

"Mortal Kombat X" presently has no official release schedule. Mortal Kombat Online will endeavour to keep you abreast of all the new information as it becomes available. Found something we might be interested in? Submit detailed information as a newslead! Find and discuss all the top stories on the Media & Merchandise forum!

Mortal Kombat Online has worked hard to be the best source for quality news for three series! Catch up on past works with our Legacy, Legacy II & Federation of Martial Arts kompendiums! Support the kommunity by commenting on the Media & Merchandise forum, and by liking & sharing links via @MK_Online & Facebook!

subzerofan316Posted: 08/18/2015 03:15 AMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Mortal Kombat X Live-Action Webseries Series Info


javicovuPosted: 08/20/2015 09:05 AMStatus ::

Rank ::
RE: Mortal Kombat X Live-Action Webseries Series Info

am loving this

DragonSkullPosted: 09/01/2015 08:36 AMStatus ::

Rank ::
RE: Mortal Kombat X Live-Action Webseries Series Info

looks ok but idk

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