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Dantesd94Posted: 02/13/2016 07:49 AMStatus ::

Rank ::
Wich 3D era Characters you see returning in MK11???

History Development is what drives character selection, combine that with character request and you have the formula to decide a viable roster character.

Thats why iconic characters like Kung Lao, Kitana, Liu Kang can´t be left out, because of their history importance and Huuuuuge Fan base. Other characters have a lot of fans and competetive value like Kabal and even Rain (God a lot of people was asking for rain) but they where reduce to Cameos and Non playble NPCs just because, story wise, they needed a spot for newcomers.

With that in Mind, wich 3d era characters could fit in a world where the New emperors of Hell will try to take actions againts Earthrealm, while Eartrealm itself tries to conquer outworld and posibly the Dragon King and Blaze wait just around the corner??

I would Say that:

-Dragon King: has a huge oportunity to be the next Boss, even when Liu and Kitanan seem like viable choices, they show more like anti heroes with their own struggles, than the destroyers, undefeatable big theats that Shao Kahn, Shinnok and even Shang Stung where in their times. The Dragon King with his undefeatable army seems like a viable foe to atack unestable realms.

-Blaze: Could set up a future story, or even link all the events from the previus and present time line. For me, another fire (bending) character seems a little to much, but story wise even a big cameo could make hin return.

Daegon: Even whem the new time lines seems to be erasing old characters like Shujinko, Taven (like Blaze) seems to be the proper character to tie the 2 time lines together. MK history seems to be taking a totally new direction, but even then old "profecies" are being develop.

Fujin: Well i think is finally his turn. Raiden is Bad, Earth could fight in 2 fronts at Once, and you have the Shiray Ryu protecting the Jin Sei. Fujin just needs to take some sun.

What you Guys Think, who else has a chance in your opinion??

Immortal_KanjiPosted: 02/14/2016 05:42 AMStatus ::

Rank ::
RE: Wich 3D era Characters you see returning in MK11???

I'd say...

- Fujin
- Sareena
- Li Mei

mattteoPosted: 02/28/2016 05:57 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
RE: Wich 3D era Characters you see returning in MK11???


All of them if I actually think about it. There are just soo many more great characters: Sareena, Li Mei, Drahmin, Hotaru........

Only Hsu Hao, Kobra and Darrius aren't really loved by the fans, but even they are funny.

DiamondDevilPosted: 03/14/2016 10:00 AMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Wich 3D era Characters you see returning in MK11???


AsesinoPosted: 03/18/2016 09:48 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
RE: Wich 3D era Characters you see returning in MK11???

But Blaze is from the 2d era ;)

PickleMendipPosted: 03/19/2016 10:40 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United Kingdom
RE: Wich 3D era Characters you see returning in MK11???

Li Mei

At least these, hopefully more.

Baraka407Posted: 03/29/2016 11:09 AMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Wich 3D era Characters you see returning in MK11???

From the 3D era?

-Kenshi: While I wouldn't mind him sitting out a game, I could easily see him coming back for his what, sixth straight main series MK game? I think NRS views him as being on the same level as many of the series core characters.

-Li Mei: After sort of reintroducing her in cameo form in MKX, I could see her having a bigger role in the next game.

-Sareena: Same as Li Mei, but I'd argue that she has s bit more of a cult fan following. Perhaps more importantly, if the next invasion comes from the Netherworld, as many seem to think it will, she could be integral to the story.

-Fujin: Same as the last two, only more so. I think a lot of MK fans were downright shocked he wasn't on the MKX roster, but if Raiden goes all dark side again,I could absolutely see him stepping in to guide the good guys and help protect them.

-Havik: I could see a wildcard making the cut. Either him or Reiko. No real reason really, just a feeling that we'll get five 3D era characters on the roster, maybe a sixth as DLC. In that case, I'd say Reiko if Havik makes it.

Honestly, that's it. I'd imagine somewhere around 15 trilogy characters, five 3D era, five MKX characters (Kotal Khan, Cassie Cage, Erron Black, Jaqui Briggs and Takeda Takahashi) and seven new characters for a total of 32.

Sindel798Posted: 04/01/2016 12:50 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Wich 3D era Characters you see returning in MK11???

I imagine that Kenshi, Tanya and Bo Rai Cho will be back.

I definitely see Fujin, Li Mei, Frost and Havik returning.

Sareena has a chance but she always ends up being a cameo, so im not holding my breath.

Reiko, Hotaru, Onaga, Shujinko, Taven and Daegon have chances.

Nitara should have a chance but who knows

JohnBoyAdvancePosted: 04/16/2016 08:53 AMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United Kingdom
RE: Wich 3D era Characters you see returning in MK11???

Spoilers for MKX comic and game below

Firstly Kenshi, Bo Rai Cho and Tanya should be in.

If they are going to continue with 3 variations per character then it gets kinda hard.

I could see Frost and Sareena coming in. Other wise its a bit hard.

Reiko, Mavado, Hsu Hao Moloch, Drahmin and Havik (!) get super killed in the comic. But they can ignore that, but for convienience sake I'm going to assume they aren't coming back.

Kai is a character I can kinda imagine coming back. Having a Shaolin monk, Staff and Capeoria variations. Only problem he has: Dull.

Jarek, No-Face and Tasia along with Kia and Jatakka, I cant see coming back now. It was cool as hell to see Jarek, No Face and Tasia appear in the comic but I dont think they are unique enough to put the effort in.

Blaze, Taven and Daegon - Nope. I think they want to stay far away from Armageddon.

Li Mei's appearence in MKX and Mileena's death could hint that Li Mei could appear in MK11.

Nitara. Her story along with Edenia are a bit screwed in the new time line. She could appear as a manipulator in the story.

Ashrah - New timeline has screwed her. One demon's quest for redemption doesnt matter.

Dairou and Darrius. Nope. I've said nope to more interesting characters than these two.

Hotaru - I like Hotaru but there is no point to him appearing without Havik.

Kira. I like Kira but she has no reason to appear. Sonya, Kano and Cassie are all still in the game.

Kobra. Hell Erron Black has apparently killed him. Lol.

Onaga - Nope. MK12.

Shujinko - Expecting him to be killed off in MK11. MAYBE.

So slim pickings from the MK4-Arma era really.

shrairyuwarriorPosted: 07/03/2016 01:42 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Wich 3D era Characters you see returning in MK11???

Focussing on Neatherrealm would give Ashrah,Sareena,fujin some time in the spotlight. Maybe even jataaka Kia To maybe team with sareena

SamuelDLPosted: 07/06/2016 09:32 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
RE: Wich 3D era Characters you see returning in MK11???

Mainly these four: Onaga, Fujin, Havik and Frost.

SuperMarioKombatPosted: 05/01/2017 10:48 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Wich 3D era Characters you see returning in MK11???

Shujinko Reiko Havik Darrius Li Mei Nitara Sareena Taven Daegon Onaga Kira

MK-DAPosted: 07/05/2017 01:45 AMStatus ::

Rank ::
RE: Wich 3D era Characters you see returning in MK11???

Hoping to see one or two of those: Kobra, Ashrah, Hotaru, Li Mei & Shujinko.

friendshipagainPosted: 07/05/2017 12:57 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United Kingdom
RE: Wich 3D era Characters you see returning in MK11???

Outside of Kenshi, they seem to treat the 3d era characters as one-off-return fan service and don't seem to hold them in very high regard. For that reason I doubt we'll see Tanya and Bo Rai Cho back. Tanya would be a nice surprise, but unlikely.

During MKX development, fans built up such hope and expectation to see revived 3d era characters and came away disappointed with each roster reveal. Definitely keeping my expectations in check for 11.

This time, they have to split roster space between trilogy characters cut in MKX, the popular mainstays, returning new characters from X, PLUS a round of brand new MK11 faces. So space is more limited than ever before. I expect to see even fewer 3d-era characters, if any at all. That said, I'd guess we'd see one, or max two, of the following. in order of likelihood:

Li Mei,

Tbh, I could see them going against fan demand and (sadly) cutting Fujin again. SFV proved very recently that a wind character can play amazingly in 2D with tons of interesting moves, anything but bland. We'll see.

Keeping hope and expectation at ground floor level,

lastfighter89Posted: 07/06/2017 08:03 AMStatus ::

Rank ::
RE: Wich 3D era Characters you see returning in MK11???

Fujin and Sareena due to huge fan request.
Maybe Onaga, because NRS loves to recycle stuff they have already used.

Sorry, but as much as I do love him, I don't see Havik coming back any time short.
That's why I consider the comics his last hurra!, rather than a foreshadowing of future comebacks.

If I were to decide, however, I would bring back immediatly:

-Li Mei

Characters that are basically confirmed in MK 11:

Shang Tsung

We already know for sure 1/3 of the roster.

You-Know-WhoPosted: 08/28/2017 09:33 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
RE: Wich 3D era Characters you see returning in MK11???

Kenshi is the most likely. He's the only one who really rose the level of "icon." Everyone else is kind of a maybe -- if they get the whim to include them, they could be there. No one is really definitely out and no one else is definitely in.

Havik was probably the most interesting MKD character, and he is a useful plot device. It would not surprise me to see him as a wild card causing trouble where he can. Sareena has a cult following and is relatively fresh and unexplored. Nitara, with a few tweaks, could be a compelling fan favorite. Frost is another one who seems to have been introduced just before her time, and could make a comeback with some clear vision as to where she is going to fit in the next generation.

The Dragon King as a potential villain makes sense. Personally, I'm hoping for a fresh villain, but it's much easier to just re-do Onaga. Him leading Liu Kang, Kitana and the revenants makes a decent amount of sense. But I'd also be happy if they threw a spanner into those works. I'm also not a big fan of the Order/Chaos stuff (it just felt like too much in one game), but I guess slightly modified Hotaru could appear. There just feels like better options. The iconic characters are really all from MK1-3, save Quan Chi, Kenshi and maybe Erron Black from MKX, haha. Oh, and I'd never rule out Tanya.

Tazer_GunshotPosted: 09/18/2017 05:45 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
RE: Wich 3D era Characters you see returning in MK11???

Fujin (legit playable)
Li Mei

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