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]{0MBATPosted: 06/06/2016 01:41 AMStatus ::

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Nationality::United States
MK Competition; Daniel Pesina and Phillip Ahn at Boss Battle Games arcade!

I saw this flier on Twitter; it originated from Boss Battle Games arcade:

Since my schedule allowed for it, I took the opportunity to attend. I joined the competition (for fun, I didn't really think I had a chance of winning) and got to meet Daniel Pesina (who played Johnny Cage and all the male ninjas - Scorpion, Sub-Zero, etc.) and Phillip Ahn (who played Shang Tsung. Here's a quick video summary of my experience:

JasonVPredPosted: 06/09/2016 07:32 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
RE: MK Competition; Daniel Pesina and Phillip Ahn at Boss Battle Games arcade!

That Raiden magnet glows!

... here's your Subzero, now plain zero.
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