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DC Universe Injustice

Discussing DC Injustice and Mortal Kombat versus DC Universe.
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Mick-LuciferPosted: 06/10/2016 03:29 AMStatus ::
Blue Beetle Wins Injustice 2 Developer Poll

Perrenial Creative Director and the Lord and Master of NetherRealm Studios has opened the gates to fandom to ask for preference in an Injustice 2 character poll. Ed Boon's Twitter quiz rated three DC Comics characters, ranging from the legendary to the cult. Results follow:

Blue Beetle edged out the competition in a vote that attracted 17,956 hits. 39%, or just over 7,000, narrowly beat runner-up Swamp Thing, who grew a crop of 35%. Ice gun wielding Flash Rogue Captain Cold made an admirable show of things, taking 26%.

The question now inevitably turns to which Blue Beetle earned victory. Three characters have prominently laid claim to the superhero mantle, the most recent introduced in 2006. That version was super-suited teen Jaime Reyes, whose alien costume blasted its way out of the comics into cartoons like Young Justice and Batman: Brave and the Bold.

The Reyes Beetle's alien tech certainly suits the new RPG armor gimmick to be introduced in Injustice 2 [full story], but gadget powered cult favourite Ted Kord is a beloved precursor with his own power-up potential. Kord was a favourite of fans in the 80s and 90s, part of a buddy-hero duo with Booster Gold in the comedically inclined Justice League of the time. After forty years of comic book adventures, the character was killed off in 2006's Infinite Crisis -- but is making a popular comeback to the DC New 52 in Rebirth.

Though Swamp Thing trailed narrowly, the iconic hero of evergreen stories by writers like Alan Moore has a lot of upside. The visually dynamic character stands totally unique from most of the DC Universe, and could challenge NetherRealm to invent some exciting alternative power-ups to the armor seen so far.

While the characters polled have reasonable chances in a line-up already confirmed to include Atrocitus and Gorilla Grodd, Ed Boon's polls haven't always eventuated in results.

Most recently; fans backed downloadable content in a Mortal Kombat future project poll [full story]. In 2013, support for Powergirl failed to add the character to the original Injustice, though she did appear in the Injustice Mobile app [read more].

[Related Article: Supreme Mortal Kombat Champion Tournament 2016!]

Who do you want to see among us in Injustice 2? Register to discuss the poll or start threads about other characters in the DC Universe Injustice forum! Support the kommunity by liking & sharing stories via @MK_Online.

frabnPosted: 06/09/2016 03:27 AMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
Ed Boon Begins Series of Fan Vote Polls for Injustice 2

Right here:

[See Article for Poll Results]

I've seen a lot of you saying you want Swamp Thing. I do too. Go there and get voting. While I wouldn't mind Blue Beetle, I really want to see Swamp Thing get in there.

Well, you all got your Tremor now. Can we finally move on?
Dragon Points:
Darkhound74Posted: 06/09/2016 03:34 AMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Ed Boon Begins Series of Fan Vote Polls for Injustice 2

I voted Swamp Thing, but I would love to have Captain Cold and Blue Beetle included too.

 photo darkhound-cyrax-merge-sig_zpsd49cf8cd.png
ScorpionEater12Posted: 06/09/2016 07:58 AMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Ed Boon Begins Series of Fan Vote Polls for Injustice 2

I voted Swamp Thing, but I'd bet all 3 are in, this is just who gets revealed first.

As Mr. Sloan always says, there is no "I" in team, but there is an "I" in pie. And there's an "I" in meat pie. Anagram of meat is team... I don't know what he's talking about.
cpleckPosted: 06/09/2016 09:24 AMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Ed Boon Begins Series of Fan Vote Polls for Injustice 2

ScorpionEater12 Wrote:
I voted Swamp Thing, but I'd bet all 3 are in, this is just who gets revealed first.

I'm betting that all 3 are in as well. The roster has already been decided, probably has been for awhile now. I did vote for Swamp Thing. He has so much potential! I would love to see Red Tornado in there, as well.

DetoxPosted: 06/09/2016 04:42 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Ed Boon Begins Series of Fan Vote Polls for Injustice 2

S W A M P T H I N G ! it.

There are bigger sacrifices one might be asked to make than going a little mad.
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