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lordraptorPosted: 01/09/2017 05:24 AMStatus ::

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Mortal Kombat Project by Borg117

This game is a Mugen based game made by formerly the MK Project team and now being consecutively updated by Borg117, it now has all of the original MK Trilogy characters along with new ones from MK4, MKDA, MK9 and MKX like Reiko, Fujin Tanya, Drahmin, Skarlet, Cyber Sub Zero, Tremor and 1 original called Hydro.
this game plays like UMK3, but has 3 unique fatalities for each characters, as well as a brutality, animality, babality and a friendship each character ( boss characters don't have a friendship, Goro/Motaro/Kintaro lack a brutality) plus all of the stage fatalities from MK1-UMK3 (characters like Sheeva for example who was not in MK2 has new Pit II falling sprites), the game also includes some MK4, MKDA, MKD, MKA, MK9 and MKX stages remade into 2D.
here's the official website :

a different link :

and for people who want to see what the game actually looks like before downloading it go here :

my channel has gameplay footage of most the characters, and showcases what the game has to offer.

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