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DG1OAPosted: 01/23/2017 01:56 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Improving unpopular characters


I'd replace his lasso with a chain, that could also be used to grab people, and I'd give him a motorcycle.

Jarek could get on and off said bike at will. Attacks that can be done from his bike would include chain-based ones and naturally, running over the opponent. All of his bike-based attacks would be blockable, and Jarek would still take damage from attacks when riding it. Some bike moves ideas below:

One-Wheeler: Jarek makes his bike stand on the hind wheel and rides. This move briefly makes him invulnerable to any attacks including projectiles, and opponents take damage from the front wheel.

Brutality: The front wheel comes down on his opponent's chest, knocks them down, he runs them over, crushing their head in the process, and rides offscreen. He returns, runs over his opponent again, laughing. Then he does it, again, and again, until players are ready to move on.

Spinning around: Jarek nabs his foe's waist with his chain, wraps the other end behind his bike, and takes it for a spin. The opponent would be standing, and take damage from the feet getting scraped on the ground.

Brutality: Their feet get scraped until they're completely gone, and they're spun until their entire lower body is scraped off. Each spin sends waves of blood splashing all over the arena, like the opponent is surfing.

Alternately, this brutality could be a fatality. Speaking of fatalities...

Before/After: Jarek grabs his foe by the head, makes the front wheel spin, and gets their head closer to the rotating spokes. We see their terrified expression as they get closer, then Jarek shoves their face in the rotating spokes. We hear a graphic noise, then Jarek, still holding his foe by the head, pulls them up to show us their gruesomely disfigured face, and violently shoves them to the ground, where we can see their disfigured face some more.

These are just a few of the ideas I've got for Jarek.

OptimusGrimePosted: 01/28/2017 12:10 AMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Improving unpopular characters

Mokap should be louder, angrier and have access to a time machine. Whenever Mokap's not on screen, the other characters should ask "Where's Mokap?"

OdemuitascastasPosted: 01/29/2017 06:45 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
RE: Improving unpopular characters

The System of Variations can be used to bring two unpopular characters occupying only one slot. Other characters may already be an alternative outfit.

DAHK9Posted: 05/17/2017 02:03 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United Kingdom
RE: Improving unpopular characters

(Concerning the MK12 boss) The Dragon Medallion is the prize which Oniro (Sektor's father?)owns, as it previously fell into untrained hands. With this he'd be ultimate master of every clan. To be more precise:

Lin Kuei.
Shirai Ryu.

The others are not as important. All ninja leadership would bow to him, unless thwarted.

MindStrikesPosted: 05/20/2017 05:05 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
RE: Improving unpopular characters

I noticed the jokes after i already came up with some ideas lol I'll post them whatever xD


Personality: Silent, violent and tactical. stands proud with a straight pose looking down own his opponents.

weapon: Shurikens that can increase in size when triggered.

Pose: Standing in a straight pose almost still. Holds his head slightly up while holding both his shurikens in both hands pointing downwards. Having the shurikens triggered to a bigger size so they can clearly be seen in his hands.

weapon based moves:
Can throw small but fast shurikens to zone. EX variant throws bigger shurikens OR shurikens increase in size on hit to add more stun.
Can place/throw shurikens into the ground and make them spin. EX variant increases the size of the placed shurikens. OR while the shurikens spin they pull the opponent towards the spinning shuriken on the ground.

Melee based moves: strikes with increased shuriken. EX variant increases the shuriken on hit to pop up his opponent for juggle potential
Can slice with the bigger shurikens mid combo

Fatality: Throws small shurikens into his opponent's body than increases the shurikens in size so they slice up the opponent (maybe in peaces)

DAHK9Posted: 06/19/2017 11:22 AMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United Kingdom
RE: Improving unpopular characters

Blaze can relate to (the one) Scorpion's exertion, so I wouldn't mind seeing Blaze initiated into the Shirai Ryu momentarily (to give his story some depth). There is no master in the Shirai Ryu. Oh and I'm aware the elemental is forbidden from mixing with any of the MK fighters, by the God's.

You-Know-WhoPosted: 08/28/2017 06:40 AMStatus ::

Rank ::
RE: Improving unpopular characters

I always thought that the Order/Chaos characters introduced in MKD should have been directly related to Onaga's story, just to make things tighter. Havik could have been a high priest of his (and Havik turned out alright), but Hotaro could have been his general, and Dairou could have been an assassin. Darrius could have had some other role. It would have made it feel like Onaga had some sort of presence within the series.

Jarek should have just been Kabal in MK4. You had a popular character ready to take the reigns right there. Fujin should have just been Sindel. Tanya would have been more well received if she wasn't a Kitana clone from the start. Truth be told, new characters for the sake of new characters has caused a fair bit of congestion in establishing them as iconic.

And, frankly, the series really got off course when Kung Lao and Kitana failed to defeat the Deadly Alliance. There was a very clear path from MKDA to MKD, with Onaga waking up and presenting a new threat to Kung Lao, Kitana and the realms. A lot of characters were just dropped. I know that Mavado wasn't well received, but with some mechanical tweaks, his story was primed to be a thorn in Sonya's side, and that was just dropped. He was just replaced with Kabal, who was himself tarnished at this point.

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