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EsotericPosted: 02/22/2017 06:10 PMStatus ::

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Nationality::United States
New Idea for Mini-Game - Stand Your Ground

In this mini-game portion of the game, your character would be hoisted onto a pedestal like area. It can look like the fight scene with Sammo Hung and Donnie Yen's character in the movie IP Man 2 I think where they engage in a hand to hand combat scenario on a large rounded table surrounded by upside down benches. Or it can look like the Nurse Character in "Iron Monkey" where she stands on the square trey pedestal and faces off with "four" rogue monks with swords.

Anyway, the object can be that, your character would have to take on various other characters in this scenario staying confined to that area on the pedestal. Some of the dynamics can be that the pedestal can become unbalanced and tipsy. They can jump on that small area of a pedestal with you and you could engage in close quarters combat. You can fight other characters that have the desire to be on that pedestal. Shifting the balance of this pedestal can cause your opposition to glide towards your character in close quarters and vice versa. You could engage in combat with characters on the floor while your on the pedestal, making a bunch of aerial attacks from the ground aimed towards your character.

Your character could have a standard life meter to wear away. And your character can take on more difficult characters as you progress up the upper echelon levels of the Choose Your Destiny Tower. There could also be handicap matches of 2 vs.1 and 3 vs.1 and 4 vs.1. There could be different stimuli such as boxes thrown your way, medicine balls, swords, projectiles, human dummies, eggs and various other materials.

You could also be able to block these attacks and hold your ground or absorb these items being thrown towards your character's way. It could be some type of test to see how thick skinned your character can be in handling criticisms of other characters that are supposedly holding you up on that pedestal. There could be a mirror match of your character being confined to that same tiny pedestal. It could demonstrate how comfortable one would be in their own skin when hoisted up on your pedestal. And your character would be obviously restricted from using specialty moves in this mini-game portion of the video game because of the space constraint. There could also be an option of stepping down from that pedestal or forfeiting, but in that scenario you would automatically loose the challenge of the mini-game.

Comments and criticisms are welcome even if you think this idea is copying or completely stupid and corny. Thanks!!

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