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Future MK Games

Discussion of all future Mortal Kombat Games.
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Tazer_GunshotPosted: 04/26/2017 10:47 AMStatus ::

Rank ::
MK 11 Thought...

If NRS decides to use Emperor Liu Kang and Empress Kitana as the baddies/bosses, then Kotal and Shao Kahn can side with the good to take them down and regain the throne.


DAHK9Posted: 04/26/2017 12:02 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United Kingdom
RE: MK 11 Thought...

With the ongoing non-aggression pact being spoke of (even though it's now a memory). Rumour would have it that Reiko will return as top commando for the upcoming Osh-Tekk potentate. While being Kotal Kahn's supreme teacher in the regnant side of things at the same time. This would spark the creation of a new union which no longer involve Earthrealm (maybe Netherrealm and Outworld instead).

SuperMarioKombatPosted: 05/01/2017 06:44 AMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: MK 11 Thought...

That would be cool I guess

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