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OptimusGrimePosted: 05/26/2017 04:19 AMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
The Roadside Attraction Thread.

I had to do some travelling back and forth recently between my hometown of Nashville and Greensboro, GA for work (I won't go into detail here, but if you guessed trucker and part time drug mule, I wouldn't correct you) and it got me thinking about the various, old fashioned roadside attractions one can drive by in this great nation of ours (The U.S. I mean. If you're from anywhere else, Donald Trump's gonna kick your ass).

A few of the more noteworthy examples:

"When you nut and she keeps suckin'", am I right, fellas?

Don't worry, the lamp is surrounded by industrial-sized fans to keep the lava from harming anyone.

Whoa! And I thought I was the one getting a meal!

Don't worry. These aren't my children, I just followed them around.

DetoxPosted: 05/26/2017 10:17 AMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: The Roadside Attraction Thread.

I laughed pretty hard at the thread from yesterday, but now I'm growing concerned. You're never gonna let it go, are you?


There are bigger sacrifices one might be asked to make than going a little mad.
coltessPosted: 05/27/2017 03:04 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: The Roadside Attraction Thread.

Pfft, I don't care about that drive-by crap.

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