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SynjoDeonecrosPosted: 06/29/2017 05:06 PMStatus ::

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Discrepancies between MKX comic and MKX game

Is anything in the MKX comic canonical to the MKX game? I haven't read the former, but I do know of some plot points: Chaos magic from Havik taints the Kamidogu, which are swords, now, and one of which is the ceremonial blood magic knife that Kotal Kahn uses, which in turn infects several Earthrealm characters, killing off most of Scorpion's newly reformed clan and Kintaro, and two of Goro's arms get ripped off during an ill-conceived attack on Kotal Kahn, causing him to be ousted as leader of the Shokan. NONE of this is mentioned, at all, in the game, and in fact, some of it seems to retcon that; Goro still has his arms and is considered ruler, still, the Shirai Ryu is still intact, and Kintaro is mentioned by name in an exchange between Goro and... Kitana, I think?... where the latter confused the former for him, like he was still alive. So what the hell?

"Is it so important that you win one last argument with him?" "No, it is not, but it is true that I will miss the arguments; they were, finally, all that we had."
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