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DetoxPosted: 09/27/2017 09:24 PMStatus ::

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Nationality::United States
Gear deleting bug accompanies latest patch!

Beware the latest update version 1.10, as it seems to carry an unintended consequence, wiping gear from your profile. So far widespread reports vary from minor annoyances, such as load out names resetting or god and demon shaders unpairing from your character, to complete wipes of all gear, abilities, and perhaps most upsetting, source crystals(injustice currency bought with actual money).

So far NRS has promised it is looking into the matter and Community Specialist: Tyler Lansdown is directing people to WB's support page. The patch dropped shortly after the October update(1.09) and is speculated to have been a response to the newly found glitch which gamed the system and made farming Epic Gear to sacrifice for Legendary Gear a much faster proposition.

Home grown fixes are popping up everywhere with varying results. Some say it's as simple as closing the Injustice 2 application and starting it back up with others advocating hard reboots and cloud save downloads. Some cautious players are abstaining from the game until a fix is in place. Once again, nothing official from NRS has been announced and anything you try is not guaranteed at this point.

Luckily, I don't seem to have been affected by the glitch. All gear remains intact, including the Lunatic Harley set I unlocked over the weekend. My personal advice, from here on out, ALWAYS close the application before putting your console into rest mode. NRS games just don't seem to get along with the "suspend game" functions of modern consoles as I remember problems here and there dating back to the early days of MKX.

Hopefully you guys gear is still intact or, if not, a reasonable fix is on the way. Once again, folks are being directed to WB's Support Page to report any grievances.

DetoxPosted: 09/29/2017 08:40 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Gear deleting bug accompanies latest patch!

Announced today on the Raiden Watchtower stream, NRS has released a new patch that will make sure this type of gear deleting bug will never rear it's ugly face again. This patch does not, however, return lost gear to those struck hardest by the bug. Tyler Lansdown did assure viewers that NRS are "weighing several options" on how they can restore lost gear in the very near future.

So...crisis averted(?).

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