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MindStrikesPosted: 04/27/2018 07:22 PMStatus ::

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Fighters IQ?

As an MK and martial arts fan. I had hard times to enjoy the fight scenes in MKx.

I feel like NRS could step up their martial arts knowledge a bit. Especially on how kombatants think/ behave in battle. It looks like they all share a similar low "fighter IQ". (if that makes sense =P)

Scorpion for example, is a ninja, but shows minimal signs of being an actual ninja when fighting. He should fight "smarter" and have faster "reflexes"

They all look so easilly fooled, it makes the fight scenes look forced. The differences in their behavier, reflexes and skills is minimal.

Raiden as a god should fight smarter. Make more use of his abbiltys. His experiance and knowledge should be more noticeable, atleast in comparison to regular fighters. Kotal Kahn is supossed to be the new emperer of outworld but is that easily fooled against Rain and Kano. Same goes for high skilled scorcerers etc.

As a fan of kung fu movies myself, i enjoy seeing smart techtical fights. I dont expect anyone to be that picky when it comes down to the fight scenes. But as this is a fighting game based on the best kombatants it should atleast look like they know what they are doing.
This effects not only the fighting scenes but the lore and characters in general.

I hope that NRS acknowledges this. I wish only the best towards MK.

JasonVPredPosted: 04/29/2018 11:42 PMStatus ::

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RE: Fighters IQ?

I think that the fighters could be tweaked for slightly more emphasis on "realistic movements" whether that translates to speed, fancy stances, defensive efficiency or rushdown prowess.

... here's your Subzero, now plain zero.
MindStrikesPosted: 06/06/2018 11:20 AMStatus ::

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RE: Fighters IQ?

"Martial art intent is lost after MK2"

Words of Master Pesina

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