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~Crow~Posted: 03/02/2005 10:48 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Created Character Archives

Hey everyone.

I'm not sure if any of you remember this... but a while back I claimed that the Fan Submission Statistics page would come complete with a Created Character Index (among other things), but due to technical issues within the site, I can no longer work on the stats until a later date.

With that being said, I have decided to improve my HTML skills and created a site of my own, housing all the custom character fan fiction and fan art that I can find. More technical issues... (the search engine being down) prevent me from scavenging the forums searching for character concepts and artwork. So I am asking you all to post it here within this thread. You can link to it or display it in your post; I don't mind either method.

I will link what I have discovered browsing through random artists' portfolios on the site. (Note: If you entered your character into the 2nd or 3rd character tournaments, you will not need to post them here unless you have updated them beyond what they currently are or have drawn new pictures).

HeroMachine art is welcome as well. Also, the characters can be old concepts from pre-MK:D too, or even during MK:DA's timeline.

~Crow~Posted: 03/02/2005 10:59 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
RE: Created Character Archives

Lou Kang - By 3DArts

Bio: Liu Kang's brother here to avenge his death.


Nameless Character - By izzydaman

Bio: Goddess of War


Thantos - By izzydaman

Bio: This is the eternal enemy to the DK. He was once a kind and gentle soul until the day the DK wiped out his entire race. Filled with rage he has sought the DK for countless years. He has accidently wiped out entire races because he couldn't control his rage and power. His power has come to a point where nothing in the universe, not even the Elder Gods, can match it. Now that the DK has returned, so has Thantos...all beaware for all hell is about to break loose.


Crimson - By izzydaman

Bio: The bounty hunter from hell that brings back specters that don't want to stay dead


Scisor - By JAX007

Bio: Unknown


Vichien Mat - By wingedsiamese

Bio: A normal woman (Opal) possessed by the cursed Immortal Cat guardian.


Kuuchuusen - By wingedsiamese

Bio: Kuuchuusen, the Immortal dog possessing a former lin kuei ninja. Kuuchuusen the immortal dog won the elders favor, since Rayden has been some what of a wild card. With the rise of the dragon king, in that the FuuDog is the celestial opposite of, Kuuchuusen convinced the elders to give him rank of earth realm guardian status. With his new power and rank, Kuuchuusen launches his attack an anyone not of Earth Realm birth.

Other images: Fan Art Contest redesign
Defenders of the Realm style


Lolita - By Zombie

Bio: Lolita, a young fighter training (to be an assassin), in the art of PI GUA which means "armor wearing boxing" she was tricked by an old sorcerer, Lolita was put under a spell to obey his commands. her objective is to kill.......

Other images: Coloured version


Tentrax - By Rabid_Wolverine

Bio: Unknown


More soon.

~Crow~Posted: 03/02/2005 11:18 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
RE: Created Character Archives

Will insert image here soon... I seem to have misplaced it

Mao Shi Bai - By GhostDragon


Name: Mao Shi Bai
Origin: Outworld
Alignment: Neutral
Allies: None
Enemies: Shang Tsung
Styles: Hawrangdo, T'ien Shan Pai(Wu Shu), Pudao Sword & Shield

Story: Long ago, before Liu Kang was Shang Tsungs? mortal enemy, the nomad warrior Mao Shi Bai, also known as "The Wolf", was his greatest adversary. If fact, of all the warriors Shang has faced, Shang feared Mao Shi Bai the most. Mao Shi Bais? fierce aggressiveness in combat was to be feared of all who heard his name.

Having been in countless campaigns, his supreme mastery of his sword & shield style was unmatched on the battlefield. Having found no further satisfaction for battles, Mao Shi Bai decided to roam the realms seeking worthy opponents to challenge his skill. Though a powerful warrior, Mao Shi Bai upholds a stern sense of honor, even after defeating an opponent by giving him/her a proper burial where that had fallen.

It was this trait that led him to an old sorcerer who had recently been attacked and lied dying. The old sorcerer told Mao Shi Bai of a powerful sorcerer who had killed his eldest son and consumed his soul. Both disgusted by the savagery of the attack and intrigued by the skills he used to kill the warrior, Mao Shi Bai vowed to avenge the old sorcerers' death.

With the ability too see into the soul of Mao Shi Bai, the sorcerer endowed upon Mao Shi Bai what remained of his powers that made him immune to all forms of sorcery. Then finally with his last breath, he whispered the name of the one who had killed him. Shang Tsung was his name.

After burying the old sorcerer and his son, Mao Shi Bai eventually caught up with Shang Tsung and challenged him to Mortal Combat. What Shang was not prepared for was the savagery of Mao Shi Bais? attacks and his newly endowed abilities that made him invulnerable to his sorcery.

Finding himself clearly no match for Mao Shi Bai, Shang Tsung opened a portal to a voildless realm and flung Mao Shi Bai into the opening, leaving him trapped there forever.

It is when Shang Tsung recently re-appeared in Outworld, a weakend Quan Chi, seeking revenge for Shangs? betrayal and knowing of Shangs' encounter with the legendary Mao Shi Bai long ago, used his sorcery to open a portal to the voidless realm and free Mao Shi Bai from his prison. Finding himself once again in Outworld, Mao Shi Bai was told by Quan Chi of Shang's existence and where he could be found.

Knowing the he was mo match for Shang in his present state, Quan Chi chose to exact his revenge upon Shang Tsung by releasing his forgotton enemy upon him once again.

Now to uphold his vow and his honor, Mao Shi Bai seeks to complete his quest to kill his ancient foe, Shang Tsung.


Jada - By ^*Jade*^

Bio: Unknown


Khali - By ^*Jade*^

Bio: God of Death


Iron - By ^*Jade*^

Bio: Nothing particular, only a silly pirate that one day met the dark ship.


Nameless Character - By ^*Jade*^

Bio: God of Light


Nameless Character - By ^*Jade*^

Bio: Unknown


Plague - By The_Suit

Bio: Plague is a confused symbiote in a world he never thought existed. A creature from hell, he has no emotion nor sympathy for others, he was born in darkness. Escaping from hell(same portal as Quan Chi) he consumed the body of a decaying corpse which he reanimated. The body was stripped of its internal organs, he is filled with pus, maggots, and vile fluids. His blood is black which contains diseases and biohazardous compounds. Plague has no intention of killing anyone nor does he have the intent to destroy. Soon all that changed when Plague stumbled upon Seed. He saw Seed creating pure havoc. He saw Seed march an endless train of slaves walk to their death into the sea. Seed then stored the souls in a magical jar which would later be given to Shang Tsung. Plague for some reason felt pity for those lost souls. Though Plagues intention is good(He thinks hes doing mankind a favor) he is actually causing more pain and suffering. Disgusted by Seed, Plague does what he was born to do. He then goes to the remaining villages and creates a total massacre. He kills everyone so no one can cosume their souls. Plague thinks he's doing everyone a favor when in fact, hes making things worse.


Desuigsid - By The_Suit

Bio: Desuigsid was gifted with ultimate strenght and power. He was untouchable, he was the "Ultimate Warrior". He was a War Hero as well as a General of a unbeatable army. Infact it was him who destroyed the Legendary Dragon King's Army and reduced it to ruins. Desuigsid army was annihilated in the first wave of the Dragon Kings Army. Enraged and blind with anger Desuisgsid kills all Dragon soldiers, all 500 000 of them. Not long after, Desuigsid lost his passion for war and decided to go back to see his wife and child. Little did he know that in his absence a great evil struck Edenia. Kain mutilated the land and killed everyone in sight. Desuigsid's family was one his many victims. As he stepped into his broken home he saw his son ripped to shreds as his body parts blood stained the floor. At this state having lost his army, friends and family, Desuigsid was mentally unstable. he then set out to seek and kill Kain. Desuigsid found and killed Kain, the battle lasted two years. Though he was the vitor, Desguigsid sustained many painful blows which have killed a normal man. The pain was unbearable, Desuigsid could barely stand. Then a beam of light shot through his body and that was it, he was dead.(2000 years later at the same time when Kain is being reborned with Sub-Zero's soul) Desuigsids body awakens and digs himself out of his own grave. Having his flesh restored he sets out to kill the evil which haunted his life. If one dies so does the other, if one lives so does the other... vice-versa whatever.
(basically, if Kain is alive then so is Desuigsid, if one does so does the other, they share some kind of fucked up bond)


Havoc - By The_Suit

Bio: Cannibalistic serial killer that sought refuge in Outworld while being chased by cops, FBI, and the government on Earth. He makes a deal with Shang Tsung yadda yadda...


Kain - By The_Suit

Bio: Kain was a former elder god who became mentally insane. He was ensnared by a mysterious plague which caused him to lose insanity. It was strikingly odd for a god to engulf a disease. The other gods took it quite seriously so they sent Kain away as far as possible, Outworld. While subsiding in Outworld he became more archaic. He killed many innocent civilians in the most disarranged way. Many warriors came to put an end to his onslaught but they all failed miserably. Years past and Kain was becoming more violent. The days became darker as Kain's rain of terror continued. Kain didn't care who he killed, may it be children to babies to young pre-mature women, he slaughtered everyone. Everyone thought this was the end, the apocalypse, no more redemption. All faith was lost until a unknown warrior came to challenge Kain. This mysterious warrior showed no fear and had power to match the god. Everybody watched in awe as both powerhouses engaged in a unrelenting battle. The war between two beings lasted for two whole years. The entire fight was repugnant to watch and both unyielding forces wouldn?t give up. Time seemed to deliberate, weeks were months, days were weeks and seconds were minutes. At the end of two years, people watched in dread as this arcane warrior finally killed Kain. The Elder Gods were overwhelmed with fear as they saw a mere mortal subdue the strongest of all gods, Kain. The esoteric warrior had many twinges and gaping cuts. He was bleeding to death and there was nothing the human race could do. The Elder Gods were marveled over this prodigy, compared to the gods, the gods looked obsolete. The Elder Gods wanted no one to ever harness this warriors potent ness. After a long deliberation they came to a conclusion that it be best if they took away this warriors gifted powers. The warrior then was struck with a beam of light, his powers were then gone. Feeling frail and decrepit, he fell to the ground and took in his last breath. The warrior was given a ceremony worthy of kings. He was then buried on holy ground. As for Kain?s body, even though Kain?s spirit has left his godly form his body wouldn?t decompose. Instead , Kain?s body was sealed in a temple which held ties to the occult. Two thousand years later(Current Time), Shang Tsung was told of this old mothers tale and wished to seek it out. Shang Tsung was prosperous in discovering the body but was thwarted when he found out that the bodies spirit had left long ago. Shang Tsung searched high and low for Kain?s soul but reluctantly failed. Instead Shang Tsung decided to use a substitute, a soul with great potential and fighting competence. The spirit he chose was none other than Sub-Zero(MK1). To make sure that Sub-Zero wouldn?t abuse his new found powers, Shang Tsung implanted two bolts in his chest which sapped and limited the powers of his new body. The bolts also brought great discomfort and pain to Sub-Zero. Shang Tsung made a deal with the Lin Quei Ninja, if he can kill his brother(Sub-Zero MK2-MK:DA) and get the dragon amulet Shang Tsung will release his soul from the disoriented body. Sub-Zero unfortunately accepted, he would do anything to kill the throes he feels.

Other images: Second image


Kaiser - By The_Suit

Bio: He is a servant of Shang Tsung. He is very loyal and so, stitched his mouth shut to never talk back to his master. Thats why he wears a cloak which covers his mouth. Kaiser was still a embryo in his mothers womb before he went through his transformation. His mother died while he was still growing inside his mothers womb. He was at the verge of dying until Shang Tsung saved him and raised him to be a great warrior/bodyguard.


Seed - By The_Suit

Bio: Seed is a great evil in the world of Edenia. A sorcerer as well as a mercenary. Shang Tsung has offered a special gift to Seed if he pledges his allegiance. A orb stolen from a God which brings great power. Seed accepted and was astounded by the consequence. It left his beautifully crafted face a mess but gave him something more sinister. He can now store weapons in his body as he impales himself with an arsenal of weapons. Seed's mission is to bring hell to Earth, in other words, go to every village in Edenia and kill everyone. The souls will then be sent to Shangs palace. Seed cant die from being impaled but feels great pain. He has weapons stored through out his body and can control them at will. He can make blades come out his body like Baraka but almost everywhere.

Other images: Second image


Saleena - By The_Suit

Bio: Saleena was a respected cleric in all of Edenia(sic). She was known for her beauty as well as her ability to heal the wounded. She was so well renowned of her faculty that people across the land would travel hundreds of miles just to see her. Yes, Saleena had it all; she was rich, had a loving husband, five gorgeous children and also, she was quite eminent. But all things have a habitude of turning bad. It was one of those dark, obscure days with no light at all. It seemed like the sun had distinguised and the moon had died. To make certain precautions, the people of the village shut the gates of its town to keep whatever evil was lurking. The darkness was as inviting as a tumor, no one was safe. Suddenly a great force smashed the gates wide open, and then, 'he' walked in. A man with deadpool eyes. It was like staring into a hollow skull. He was covered with black veins and tatoo's of mythic scyptures and drawings of the pentacle. He then plagued everyone in site, he was death. He gave everyone a different sickness. Smallpox, ebola to pathological conditions that have never been heard of. The difference between what he brought and the everyday disease was that the infections grew rapidly, it was hysterically impossible for such a thing to happen. Everyone died except for Saleena. The man had no visible agenda, what was his purpose? More importantly he killed everyone except Saleena. But instead he gave her a obsolete illness. Her body showed ugly markings of decomposing flesh. Her body was literally falling apart. Her eyes showed blood and nothing more. And everything she touched would wither away and die. She was a walking abomination. She crawled up into a ball and watched the stranger walk away laughing insanely. Saleena got up and saw her friends, family... her children rotting with disfigured bodies. Flies seemed to own the town now. Knowing that she doesn't have much time to live, she sets out to get her revenge, to kill that son of a bitch who stole her life and killed the ones she held dear.(She only has a little time by the way since her body is decomposing very slowly)


Harper - By The_Suit

Bio: (while scorpion escaped from hell, a monster secretly escaped from the same portal he used)that same demon killed Harpers family and friends and burned down his village. Harper has killed this monster multiple times but comes back to life. he then comes to a conclusion that to get rid of this demon is by sending it back to hell. he then goes off to search for scorpion.(he blames him for what has happened. ironically the monster also aids harper by holding his swords



krsx66Posted: 03/03/2005 12:04 AMStatus ::

Rank ::
RE: Created Character Archives

Awesome! I hope Tiger gets in here at some point

It's interesting to read over these old concepts, I bet some of them, if fully developed, woulda done well in the create-a-character if there had been one back then...

~Crow~Posted: 03/03/2005 02:57 AMStatus ::

Rank ::
RE: Created Character Archives

krsx66 Wrote:
Awesome! I hope Tiger gets in here at some point

It's interesting to read over these old concepts, I bet some of them, if fully developed, woulda done well in the create-a-character if there had been one back then...

Well, that's just it. You all are supposed to post your old (or new) characters here for collection purposes. I believe Brodeur located the first tournament however, so it may not be necessary for any character from any create-a-character tournament to post their characters here.

DeathScepterPosted: 03/03/2005 08:14 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Created Character Archives

i do really likes Jade's characters concepts because they are beautiful

Save a life; Kill a necromorph
~Crow~Posted: 03/11/2005 03:06 AMStatus ::

Rank ::
RE: Created Character Archives

You guys aren't helping or submitting...

Name: Unknown
Artist: Gl1tch
Bio: Sub-boss character
Name: Unknown
Artist: Gl1tch
Bio: Vampire character
Other images:
Name: Unknown
Artist: Gl1tch
Bio: Female demon
Other images: - vs Scorpion
Name: Jane Cage
Artist: dfgnsbsdgrt
Bio: On the image
Name: Unknown
Artist: peterbi
Bio: Unknown Ninja
Other images: - Colour version

krsx66Posted: 03/11/2005 01:11 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
RE: Created Character Archives


Here is my first created character, and also my first fan submission picture (so ignore the hands).

Name: Tiger

Creator: me

Bio: Renegade ninja

After looking at this pic again, I think I may recreate Tiger in a new pic. Actualy I may even draw a fight scene between Tiger and my current character Tempest...

AceKombatPosted: 03/19/2005 02:40 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
RE: Created Character Archives

NOTE: The creator of this sprite is Deadly Dragon , not mines , plzzz know that , i just made it to a animation . Even tho mine is not perfect like his , Heres my edited version mkII sub-zero

Image hosted by

Image made by AceKombat Image made by AceKombat Image hosted by Image hosted by
Mortal Kombat , is not about death , but cheating in mame32 . Need Mame32 cheats ? Go Here .
I grew up playing Mortal Kombat.. I guess Mortal Kombat didn't grow up with me.
- JandS -
AceKombatPosted: 03/19/2005 02:41 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
RE: Created Character Archives

Heres my edited version mkII sub-zero

Image hosted by

Image made by AceKombat Image made by AceKombat Image hosted by Image hosted by
Mortal Kombat , is not about death , but cheating in mame32 . Need Mame32 cheats ? Go Here .
I grew up playing Mortal Kombat.. I guess Mortal Kombat didn't grow up with me.
- JandS -
AceKombatPosted: 03/19/2005 02:46 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
RE: Created Character Archives

Wooo howed i made 3 messages by submitting 1? .....strange....
Here is another subby sprite ( not a animation )Image hosted by

Image made by AceKombat Image made by AceKombat Image hosted by Image hosted by
Mortal Kombat , is not about death , but cheating in mame32 . Need Mame32 cheats ? Go Here .
I grew up playing Mortal Kombat.. I guess Mortal Kombat didn't grow up with me.
- JandS -
ChristopherPosted: 03/28/2005 09:11 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Created Character Archives

it cool

Elder_ManiakPosted: 03/29/2005 02:28 AMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Created Character Archives

I Have two Characters, one is Evil and Former member of LK., the Second is a Member of the Lin Kuei and is Lethal, Even have Move Sets for both of them

Character: Hyrushi
Moves: Reverse Fireball, Black Helllfire
Weapon(s) Flaming Daggers
Fatalities: Double Flaming Daggers to the Temples, Skull Shatter
Alliance: Evil
Biography: Former Ninja of the Lin Kuei, Hyrushi was a long-time Ally of a Mysterious Ninja in the Clan, one thought to posess great power, but had never shown interest in the Tournament... Until Hyrushi Betrayed the Lin Kuei and attempted the Destruction of the White Lotus Society

Character: Shadow
Moves: Frozen Fireball, Teleport Uppercut, Frozen Spear, Super Uppercut
Weapon(s) Dragon Sword of Ice, Dragon Sword Of Flame, Dragon Sword (Flame & Ice)
Fatalities: Freeze & Burn, Dismemberment, Stealth Sword Attack
Alliance: Good
Biography: Loyal to Sub-Zero, Shadow was once just nothing more than a Mercinary that kept to himself, until his friend Hyrushi Turned on the Lin Kuei to Build his own Group of Fallen Ninjas, the Red Lotus, after many times of turning down the Mortal Kombat Tourament, Shadow Found Hyrushi and his followers had Joined with Earthrealms Enemies to conquer Earthrealm, he then Joined his Leader Sub-Zero to save Earthrealm from the threats of those whom wish to conquer it, to this day, he remains.... an Enigma

I Am the Elder Shadow of the Lin Kuei, I AM MANIAK, Protector of Sub-Zero and the Earthrealm
black_magicPosted: 04/01/2005 06:51 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::New Zealand
RE: Created Character Archives

Character:Kahlo - Place of Origin:Edenia - Alignment:Good - Fighting Styles:Aikido & Kokondo - Weapon style:Snake Whip - Special Moves:Rain,Square wave punch,Fly,Flying kick(done while flying)death toss(done while flying) - Fatalities:Flash Flood,Whip-lash - Bio:2000 years ago just before the invasion of Shao Khan in Edenia,Kitana gave birth to a son of Rain's,Her son was named after the first King of Edenia,Kahlo.During Shao Khan's invasion,Shao Kahn's Militia invaded the palace and while Kitana and Jade fought ferociously to protect Kitana's son they failed to see Queen Sindel take the Royal heir into the darkness of the night.Once they had defeated the first wave of Invaders Kitana turned to check on her son to see that he was gone,devastated by her discoverey Kitana allowed herself to be taken prisoner by Shao Khan's militia while Jade escaped.Kitana thought her son was dead.Sindel had taken her Grandson to a under ground cave where a number of Edenians where hiding while the war raged on above them,Sindel gave the boy to a young women called Crystal and told her to take care of him and that she would be back for him soon.But on her way back to the palace Sindel was Captured by Shao Khan.Now after the defeat of Onaga Crystal has finally revealed the truth to Kahlo.Now Kahlo feels he must go in search of his true mother and is told she is in Outworld searching for Bo Rai Cho.Kitana has also been informed by Queen Sindel that her son is alive and is on her way to Endenia to be reunited with her son Now my Second Character. Character:Ivory Place of Origin:Outworld - Alignment:Evil - Fighting Styles:Taek Kyon & Kick Boxing - Weapon style:Scythe - Special Moves:Shadow Flip,Dark Touch,Flash Back,Future Sight - Fatalities-Death Touch,Gut Piecer - A outcast in her home realm,Ivory lived her live in solitude.Once a Sorcerer for Shao Khan,Ivory was accused of high treason,Shao Khan had reason to believe she had been plotting to kill him,the accusation was true.Ivory managed to escape Shao Khan's militia and fled to an underground city called Mei Fu.On hearing of Shao Khan's death she left Mei Fu to claim the throne of Outworld.But on the way Ivory sees Mileena walking through the living forest,Mileena had been in on the plot to kill Shao Khan with a promise from Ivory for unlimited power,Ivory believes it was Mileena who had informed Shao Khan of her intention's,She follow's Mileena to a Cave were she see's a Tarkatan Warrior,Mileena tears the Tarkatan to piece's,Ivory ready's herself for an attack on MIleena when she see's another Tarkatan approaching from a distance,This Tarkatan rip's into Mileena's torso cutting her in half.After watching Mileen's last breath Ivory approaches the Tarkatan with a deal.

WingedSiamesePosted: 04/23/2005 10:56 AMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Created Character Archives



Wow, I would love to help with this project in any way I can
(and that my free time permits)

~Crow~Posted: 04/25/2005 03:21 AMStatus ::

Rank ::
RE: Created Character Archives

WingedSiamese Wrote:


Wow, I would love to help with this project in any way I can

(and that my free time permits)


How much do you know about site coding? Not anything too fancy, just respectable looking. I myself know very little about actually creating a site to house these concepts and the others I would receive if this were site rather than simply a thread.

I'm not really hard to please. You can even create the design yourself without asking my opinion on it. I would be very grateful for any amount of help at all.

WingedSiamesePosted: 04/26/2005 10:55 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Created Character Archives

I know deccent amount, lest enough that I have been paided to make layouts for other people/bussiness =P
So If what I know is good enough I can totally help you out on it, but I don't consider myself anything great with codeing.

What kind of layout are you looking for?
Cause as I said before I'd LOVE to help out with this in any way I can. MK fanfiction/fan characters are guilty pleasure of mine. XD

Maybe we can talk about it on a messanger or something to work anything out.. Only thing I'll warn you, I work at home with wo jobs and one requires deadlines so I often lack free time but I'll help you as much as I can.

MKSCHUPosted: 05/05/2005 09:12 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Created Character Archives

Name: Torvine

Allience: Neutreul

Enemy's: Shang Tsung

Allies: Kobra Liu Kang

Moves: Dark Angel Charge, Tetryl Blast

Fatality: Mind Blast

Hara Kiri: Disapear

Fighting style 1: Pirate

Fighting style 2: Shifter

Story: When Shang Stung became ruler of Outworld he did not need allies. He sent baraka to kill him and leave him for dead. Baraka did as he was told and left him to die in outwolrd. He then was picked up by the brother hood of shadow. With very little life left Noob Siabot and Smoke killed him and sent him to the Netherrelm where he was later revived by Noob's Demon awakening. Little did they know that they resurected Torvine witch he then slew them both. Since he is infact a Demon Torvine devoured people and stole there energy with only takeing the best warriors talent he developed a new fighting style. Kabal seemed very interested and made him a rookie of the black dragon klan, but when Kira killed Kobra Torvine killed them.

Weapon: Scimitar

Home: Outworld, Netherrelm, Earthrelm

Sex: Male

Age: 28

Toss: Mind push from back

Fighting Type: Shadow, Teleconetek, Shifter

Hit me back and let me know what you think

SmokeNc-017Posted: 05/06/2005 04:07 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Created Character Archives

I'll post some of my early concepts here. You can tell since they're pretty bad....

Name: Kamon
Age: Unknown (Rumored to be a couple of years older then Keilienaten)
Eye Color: Glow with sapphire blue flames
Height: 6’4
Weight: 234 pounds
Alignment: Neutral (Serves Anubis)
Hair: Black goes down past shoulders.
Skin tone: Copper, (Grayish blue in his true form)
Disciplines: Egyptian Martial Arts, Judo, Jujitsu, and Pyramid Staff.
Place of Origin: Realm of Rahankutat.
Current where-about: Hamunaptra (City of the Dead)
Power: Can control the Plagues as well as a hidden power unknown to all but Anubis and himself.
Status: Undead General in Anubis' army.
Quote: "Like the Plagues, my wrath is unstoppable."

Weapon Description: The Pyramid Staff is an otherworldly weapon. It is given to a general in Anubis' army and can only be used properly by a warrior with exceptional skill. The staff is made of an unknown metal. However, its eerie glow in the night sky resembles the light of a dying soul, glowing with a brilliant sapphire blue. On each end there are three blades, which come to a point, resembling a pyramid on both sides of the staff. They also glow a brilliant blue. The staff itself has a golden luster and has an intertwined serpent stretching the length of the weapon. There is a slit down the middle of the weapon which allows it to be separated with an ethereal chain and used as a flail type weapon. It must be noted that with this transformation, Kamon's reach infinitely increases as the chain isn't made of solid material.

1st outfit: Desert Ninja
Kamon's whole head is wrapped in a turban to keep his identity secret from those around him, allowing him to move freely through the masses. The turbine covers his mouth, nose and head leaving only the eyes open. He wears a white vest with no sleeves and is opened in the front. The vest is kept on by a blood red sash that's wrapped around his waist. He also wears white pants which look much like the Prince of Persia's pants. They are tucked into black boots which have golden shin guards. He wears white arm guards which have curved blades coming from the middle of the fist and extend six inches past the fists. The blades are dual edged for easy inward slashes as well as outward strikes. This whole outfit renders Kamon virtually invisible in the desert sun.
2nd Outfit: Undead General
Kaman’s true form. He wears a jackal headdress in honor of his god. It's cobalt black with sapphire blue eyes. (Think Anubis from Stargate the Movie). He still retains his wrist blades, as well as his arm guards. He now wears a robe around his waist which has shorts underneath. He wears an upper bracer on his left arm in the shape of a cobra. He wears two golden gauntlets. However, these aren't in one piece. The wrist piece which holds the gauntlet together has five small appendages which go down the knuckles and are connected to five slots which are where the fingers go. The gauntlets basically outline the bones on the back side of the hand. The tips of these gauntlets have diamond etched claws which makes them suited for a very effective close range weapon. Kamon's headdress is opened, revealing his face when he's not in battle, however when he sinks into his stance, the helmet closes and he sees through the sapphire eyes of the Anubis helmet. His boots are made of unbreakable steel, said to be used for the weapons of Anubis' army.

Moves: Serpent's Bite: Kamon separates his whip and turns it into its flail form. He then shoots one end of the staff at the opponent. The blades at the end open up as the head of the staff gets close. When it makes contact the blades snap shut around the opponent's chest causing massive damage and heavy blood loss as Kamon pulls back to retract the chain.

Demonic Sling: This move uses the flail function of the staff to catch an opponent's projectile in between the blades and then shoot it back at them with twice the power and twice the speed.

Clawed Frenzy: Kamon locks his helmet and his eyes flare up. His body glows an undead sapphire blue flame as he rushes the opponent with his hand blades burning blue and unleashes on them a swift ten hit slash combo.

Savage Assault: Kamon unleashes a series of strikes with his hand claws. However, they stay right in front of him until twenty slashes are suspended in mid-air, right in front of Kamon. He then lifts his hand and points to the opponent. The suspended slashes suddenly shoot out with blazing speed cutting and lacerating the opponent on the pass by.

Wave: (An update to Jax's Multi Slam) Kamon shoots one end of his staff into the opponent. The blades dig in, just like in Serpent's Bite. However, instead of letting go, Kamon starts to toss the opponent around the stage multiple times while holding on to the other end of the staff.

Undead Wind: Kamon charges a ball of spectral energy in his cupped hands. He then releases it in a blast of ethereal wind, filled with the hungry souls of the Undead. If this move makes contact, after the initial blast, the left over souls latch on to the opponent slowly draining his health.

Flaming River: Kamon powers up his hand and shoots it into the ground, unleashing the river Styx into this dimension. The river burns like fire as it courses through the stage and at the opponent, surrounding them and then igniting them from the feet up.

Strength of the gods: Kamon channels the power of his master into his body. This boost of power will increase his attacks exponentially as well as replenish his some of his life.

Skeletal Cyclone: Kamon surrounds his opponent in a violent cyclone. The cyclone then rips the skeletal remains of dead warriors from the ground and fuses it into itself. The bone shards become deadly projectiles as they shoot at the opponent inside.

Scarab Eruption: Kamon shoots his staff into the ground unleashing a shock wave. Seconds later the ground splits open and a sea of flesh eating Scarabs shoots out of the cracks. The scarabs spot their prey, being the opponent and rush towards him. The opponent tries to flee, but it's too late. The scarabs overrun him and dig into the flesh. You can see the scarabs running around underneath his skin. The opponent screams in agony as blood drips out of his pores. Scarabs start pouring out of his mouth and on to the surface of his body. Soon the opponent is covered in scarabs and then you hear a sickening crunch. The scarabs retreat, only leaving a hallowed out corpse, filled with holes and only parts of their bones.

Final Dawn: Kamon uses his power to cast the final plague. He eclipses the sky. The fading light focuses on the opponent as the shadow envelopes everything. As soon as the shadow touches the opponent, he is instantly engulfed in flames. His skin melts, his organs rupture, his muscles burn. He bleeds uncontrollably. The sky turns black and a cinder grey as the clouds are set on fire. A meteor storm starts and on of the meteors comes down on the victim. On impact the remains of the opponents disintegrate in a cloud of blood and fire. As a visual flare, just to show the scope of this, the camera pulls back out of the arena showing the undead army of Anubis, numbered in the billions swarming the surrounding landscape, summoned by Kamon.

As a young boy, Kamon belonged to a well off family, which served under the pharaoh Akhenaton. His father was a high priest and grand counselor to the pharaoh. As a young child, Kamon was a free spirit. He always ran off on adventures and caused mischief. But the kind hearted pharaoh would only dismiss this as child’s play. As Kamon grew older, he became interested in the art of combat. He wished to join the pharaoh’s mighty army. His natural ability to fight made him one of the top candidates for the position of General in the pharaoh’s army. His preferred styles were anything with short strong strikes and take downs. He learned the anatomy of the human body and therefore increased his knowledge of combat by studying the affects of pressure points and critical hits in important zones on the human body. His preferred weapon was the bladed staff. Its long reach and twin blades on both sides, made it ideal for long range and short range combat. As the years went on, Kamon's training increased as well as his skills. At the young age of 200 he became General in the pharaoh’s army. He led them to countless victories against a rival empire. Kamon had a good heart, and instead of finishing off his opponents, he recruited them into his army, and made took rival empires under one rule. The pharaoh’s kind heart and Kamon's military expertise allowed the empire to flourish, eventually encompassing the entire realm. However, there were still pockets of terrorists who threatened to break the ties of the empire and throw it into chaos. Among these terrorists, was the former general of Akhenaten's army, Sekhmet. He always held an ever deepening hatred for the pharaoh’s new general after being bested in combat, and loosing his right eye, to Kamon. His ties to the underground terrorists called, The Eyes of Ra. They were called so, because before a new member could be sworn in to the faction, he had to gouge out one of his eyes and replace it with a golden one, modeled after the Eye of Ra. Sekhmet developed a plan to get rid of Kamon and establish his rightful place at Akhenaten's side. In the fallowing weeks, their have been a number of strange disappearances in the capital city. The officials believed that the Eyes of Ra terrorist faction was gathering hostages, for an upcoming ransom demand. Knowing that the pharaoh would not want any harm to fall on his subjects, it made him an easy target. The officials reported to Kamon, telling him that they have uncovered the location of the hostages. It was at Scorpion's Gorge at the Desert's Bones, a rocky wasteland devoid of all life. Kamon lead a small task force to retrieve the hostages. As his forces got closer, they were ambushed by a guerilla attack. Kamon was the only one who survived. Filled with anger at the death of his comrades, Kamon rushed towards the location. As he got there he witnessed a horrific sight. The so called hostages where skinned and put on pikes as markers of the terrorist factions. The fouls smell of death filled the gorge as rotting flesh decomposed in the heat of the sun. Within minutes the Eyes of Ra jumped out of numerous outcroppings in the gorge, surrounding Kamon. Against all odds, Kamon, fueled with rage abandoned all honor and dignity and slaughtered the terrorist factions. The caves of the gorge ran red with the blood of his enemies. He, did not come out unscathed however. His injuries severe, he knew he wouldn't be able to return. As Kamon wandered through the gorge, his life coming to an end he said his final prayer."Ne reku, no ham ne kewam ishtan amshare. Ti setzu ki kon aruer, no remier de rue karistar." "As I pass through the valley of darkness, I'm not afraid. And with my dying breath I am at peace." Kamon collapses and dies in the gorge. However, as his spirit passes into the next world, he is met by the death god Anubis himself. Anubis tells him, that Kamon's life was cut short. His valor has no meaning, he was deceived and therefore threw his life away by surrendering to hatred. Anubis tells Kamon that he has a strong spirit and great potential. If Kamon agrees to a pact, he will be returned to the world of the living, to avenge his death, and possibly save the lives of many others. In exchange, he turns over his soul to Anubis and becomes his general. Kamon agrees to the pact and is instantly returned to his body. He feels a new sense of purpose, and a new power growing inside. Anubis tells him that he has been bestowed with tremendous power. He can tear apart the heavens and bring forth the Wave of Darkness, Anubis' army. In exchange, he gives up almost all of his free will to Anubis after his revenge is complete, and honor restored. Kamon returns to his beloved city in disguise. He finds out that Sekhmet has once again become general. As he searches for his traitor he runs into the young princess Kielienaten, who doesn't recognize Kamon at all. Kamon's new gift lets him see a darkness growing inside of her but says nothing. Kamon finally corner's Sekhmet in his chamber. Before Sekhmet can react to his resurrected rival his blood is spilled on the walls, and entrails littered all over the room. As his opponent dies, Kamon can feel his free will being torn from his body. He is now the bringer of death, and wielder of plagues under the command of Anubis. His orders are simple, increase the army of Anubis, and crush all who stand before him. In the upcoming years Kamon would lay siege to what he helped build, as Anubis' army swept the realm. The pharaoh and the queen are dead, and the empire has all but fallen into chaos. Keilienaten rules mercilessly, and the ranks of the Undead increase. Soon they will be unleashed like a plague on all the realms, ending the existence of the second race of humanity, just like they did eons ago, with Kamon leading the charge, from his own throne at the city of Hamunaptra a dark time will fall to the human race.

Name: Kim Shao
Age: 22
Height: 6'ft
Weight: 187 lbs
Alignment: Neutral
Hair: Bald
Eye color: Red and black
Fighting Styles: Spirit Dragon, Shaolin Kung Fu, Mantis, twin straight swords, Drunken Fist
Special Ability: Chi exertion
P.o.O.: Thailand, now roaming the deserts of Outworld.
Quote" To master an art, everything else is meaningless."

Look: Kim Shao follows the tradition of his heritage, and wears the standard shaolin uniform, only crafted to his liking. He wears a dark blue sash which drapes over his left side and slightly down his arm. He wears black pants which tuck into his steel shin gaurds. He wears white socks and sandals, as well as arm gaurds. His right side has a tribal tattoo covering his entire right side up to his neck and stopping before the forearm. He has nine dots, arranged in three rows on his head indicating that he is of the highest calibur of warrior in the Shaolin community.

Shaolin Fist: Kim Shao energies his fist with dark chi and unleashes it in the form of a violent ball of energy at his opponent.

Thundering Palm: Kim Shao lines his palms with his spirit energy and delivers a three hit combo to the stomach, ribs, and spine of the opponent, causing hem to roll in the other direction.

Awakened Power: Kim surges chi energy into all parts of his body, causing him to glow in a dark aura for a short time. By doing so, his physical, as well as energy attacks become greatly increased. The sacrifice is that every strike drains some life. This move taps into the person’s spirit, there by draining it every time it's used.

Wind Walker: Kim channels his chi into his legs, giving him an incredible boost of speed, too fast for the naked eye. While in this state, Kim moves faster then sound. The only trace he leaves is a gust of wind and faint shadows were he was. By pressing an attack button the move also changes to Howling Wind.

Howling Wind: While using Wind Walker, Kim can perform a series of augmented strikes at his opponent in rapid succession, each being indicated by a blinding flash on the opponent’s body caused by the release of chi powered strikes. The move happens with the span of several seconds with the opponent being tossed around like a rag doll.

Rising Whirlwind: A four kick combo which starts out with a pop-up sweep and then goes into a series of three rising flip kicks.

Dragon Stomach Breaker: Kim takes the opponent and tosses him into the air. He jumps after them and kicks them back towards the ground where he waits. He raises his foot straight up into the air, and the opponent falls right on top of it.

Stone Crusher Stomp:
Kim runs up his opponent’s legs, then chest and then leaps twenty feet into the air. He does a couple of front flips charging up his feet with his dark chi energy. He then comes down directly on the opponents head, driving it down between the shoulders and into their abdomen. The pressure is so great, that anything, and everything inside, shoots out the front of the opponents chest, leaving the head to fall into the open mid section. The initial force also causes the persons body to split vertically in half.

Death Touch:
To start off the fatality, Kim shoots his two blades into the opponent’s thighs, stapling them in place. He then charges his palm up with energy and walks up to the opponent. He then carefully looks them over and then touches their right arm. We are shown the persons own chi energy building up in the same place. The persons arm begins to swell and pulse. Suddenly, the opponent’s arm explodes. The opponent starts screaming in pain. Kim then looks them over again coldly. He then touches their other arm and again it explodes. The person is now a fountain of blood. He finally touches their chest and we see a type of x-ray with all the energy building up into their heart. Kim then steps back and walks away, we see an over the shoulder shot of the opponents center starting to swell up and pulsate and then being blown away, leaving a hole in the middle, where their heart, lungs, and ribs were with blood spewing out in gallons. Kim then retracts his blades and the corpse falls to the ground, shooting blood out in short, but violent bursts like a fountain.

Kim Shao takes his twin straight swords and throws them into the distance. He then uses Wind Walker to run past them and stop in front of them, inches before impact. The blades lodge themselves into his body, one in the head, and the other in the chest.

Kim Shao grew up in a small fishing village in Thailand. At the age of 13, his village was showered by a Napalm Strike from a strange group of mechanical soldiers, led by a warrior clad in red and black armor under the suspicion that they were harboring guerilla troops. Everybody in the village was killed, either by the strike or shortly after by a clean up crew who was sent in to search the area. The river ran red with the blood of Kim's family, friends, and elders. Kim was the only one who escaped the clearing by fleeing into the jungle. He hid there for several days, avoiding the ongoing search parties. Shortly afterwards he was found by a couple of monks. It seemed that he had stumbled onto a shaolin society, living in isolation from the everyday world, very rarely having contact with the outside. The monks heard his tale and felt sympathy for the young survivor and took him in. In the coming years Kim learned the ways of Shaolin. He learned discipline, balance and inner peace. The temple became a second family for him and for a time he was happy. However, soon after that, he started to have a reoccurring nightmare. He kept seeing visions of his old village, and the Napalm strike. He kept hearing the voices of little children and adults alike, screaming in pain as their flesh was scorched from their bone by the napalm. He saw how the survivors begged for help from the clearing team for help, only to get shot in the head and get dragged into the river to cover up everything. This nightmare soon became a part of Kim. It consumed his soul and twisted his mind. He used the brutality and hatred in his training. He rose to the ranks of his mentors. Many feared his skills and questioned his sanity, they were right to do so. Kim became a walking embodiment of oppressed anger. His training became difficult; oppressing his anger was not something that he could do so easily. Because of his drive however, he ascended in spirituality although, not the way he intended. His ascension gave him the gift to master his chi, but pushed him to the limit of sanity. One day during a match against a fellow monk. Kim was consumed with rage, his dark chi taking him over. Without thought and hesitation, he charged his "brother" and killed the young monk with one lethal strike through the chest. In the Shaolin tradition this was a cardinal sin. Spilling the blood of a brother in blind rage was of the highest disgrace. As he came to, he saw the broken body of his brother on the floor with a look of horror and sorrow that ate Kim alive. His hands soiled with blood Kim cast himself out of the temple. Seeking revenge on those that implanted this evil seed in his body, Kim has abandoned all honor and morale. He will kill anything, or anyone to get his revenge.

Name: Rapture
Age: Unknown
Height: 6’6
Weight: 243 lbs
Alignment: Evil
Eye Color: Completely Black with red irises.
Hair Color: Red and black with white streaks, tied in a pony tail
Special Power: Regeneration and Chaos wielding
Place of Origin: Nahuran
Skin Tone: Slightly red, mixed with copper.
Weapon: Demonic Chain Swords- Rapture wears two arm guards which have two swords attached to them by chains. They can be swung around like a mace and have incredible reach. The swords are also segmented, and can separate like Ivy’s whip for additional reach and more possibilities in combat. The swords are said to be created in the depths of a demonic volcano in Rapture’s realm.
Signature quote: “I weep for nobody, and nobody weeps for me.”

Disciplines: Apocalypse, Chaos, Chain Swords.
Apocalypse: This style is a forgotten art in Raptures realm. It focuses on heavy blows to vital body parts as well as pressure points and grappling. Considered to be the ultimate fighting style it uses raw power, and speed to drop opponents within seconds. Its origins are unknown since the practice of this style was deemed too dangerous and was discontinued. All literature has been seized or burned almost erasing it from history. However, secret underground factions have kept it alive and only trained the most elite of its brood in this style of combat.

Chaos: A fighting style which balances acrobatics with speed and power. It emphasizes both short and long range strikes along with dodging and countering to drive the opponent mad. It has elements of Jeet Kune Do, Karate, Judo, Jujitsu, Drunken Fist and Muay Thai Kick Boxing, as well as Wushi Kempo. If used affectively and to its full potential, this style renders the wielder untouchable and seemingly unbeatable. Its focus on all aspects in combat makes it a style to be feared, and desired to be mastered.

Chain Swords: These weapons serve to cover all distance in combat, from close, to medium, to far. The swords are attached to a person’s wrist with chains. This covers the swords ability to be used in close and mid-range combat. At close range the swords are long enough to keep some distance from the wielder and his opponent, yet light and maneuverable enough that it makes taking somebody’s safety zone fighting in close range, to the point of within inches possible. The chains which are attached to the handle and wrists give the swords almost a flail like quality. The can be swung around with great reach and can be used to ensnare the opponent. For its far reach, not only are the swords chained to five foot long chains, but they themselves can also extend an additional nine feet, greatly extending its reach and changing it from a sword to a bladed whip. The swords are said to devour the soul of their weilder if they are not constantly soaked in blood.


Rapture wears a red hood and scarf around his face. His mouth is covered with a metal face guard, covering his nose and mouth. His hair drapes out of his hood and across his chest. The hood completely masks his face in shadow, only showing his metal face guard and black and red eyes. He wears a black, leather, sleeveless top, only covering his torso. He also has two pieces of steel shoulder pads attached to his top. He has four straps going down each side of his torso. His arms are wrapped with red fabric, as well as his arm guards which his chain blades are attached to. He wears a belt with a strange medallion as a buckle. It’s in the shape of a demonic skull. He has two red sashes that come down from underneath the buckle and hang on his legs. They are also connected in the back, giving them a draping design. He also wears a red tunic which the two sashes are connected to. His pants are black and have belt straps going down the side and tuck into his boots. His left pant leg is covered in silver armor. His boots are also heavily armored. They have spikes jutting out the sides. He also has several spikes going down the shin as well as two more on each knee which come out of the demon skull shaped knee guards.

Special Moves:
Chaos Shock: Rapture channels pure chaos into a ball of energy and shoots it into the ground. The blast then tears up through the arena floor in giant pillars of dark energy.

Steel Inferno: Rapture charges his blades with hellfire and starts to swing them above his head. When it turns into a swirling spire of fire, he directs it at the opponent. As it surrounds the opponent in its eye, it closes in and incinerates the opponent.

Chain Grapple: The chain blades shoot into the ground and then come up underneath the opponent, entangling them. Rapture then lifts the opponent into the air and starts tossing him around the arena, slamming him into the ground, ceiling, and anything within reach.

Entwine: Rapture uses his chain sword to full extent and turns it into a razor whip. The whip entwines the opponent, constricting them. The blades dig into the flesh, as the demonic sword begins to glow and amber red and not only cuts into the opponent but also sears their flesh.

Savage Strike: A follow up move to Entwine. While the opponent is immobilized by the first chain, Rapture uses the second one to savagely lash the opponent’s body, kind of like how Ivy does in Soul Calibur II.

Chaotic Storm: Rapture extends his chain swords and powers them up with Chaos, and the swords come to life. The swords spin in an upward fashion releasing waves of energy at the opponent at blazing speed. The energy waves take the form of sickles as they shoot towards the opponent, causing great damage and heavy blood loss as they dig into his flesh.


Chains of Carnage:

Rapture channels Chaos through his chain blades, bringing them to life once again. The chains begin to roar and twitch violently. They then lunge into the ground, glowing hell fire red. After a split second they shoot back out of the ground and through the opponents’ shoulders, and through their stomach completely cutting through the flesh. They lift the opponent into the air as they struggle and scream in pain. The chains get longer and sear inside the wounds. They then reach down and wrap around the persons’ arms and then the legs. The blades extend and while one wraps around the torso, the other wraps around the neck, both in the razor whip form. With one swift motion the chain blades pull in opposite directions and shred the opponent into tiny pieces.

Armageddon’s Fist:

Rapture charges a ball of energy and then shoots it into the sky. A few seconds later, the sky literally shatters and turns blood red and ash grey. The blast comes back down like flaming rain right on to the opponent, incinerating anything it touches, the opponents’ body is covered in many tiny explosions as his body is blown apart from the head down to the feet. The whole event is a grotesque display of fireworks and flesh as the opponent is dismantled in a cloud of blood. In the end, all that’s left is a flaming crater, gore and entrails everywhere and as the move finishes a demonic face is seen in the flames. The camera pulls back revealing a meteor shower in the background.

Hara Kiri: Redemption

Rapture shoots his blades into his stomach and pushes them completely through. They extend once more and shoot through his neck, decapitating him instantly and his body falls to its knees.

Stage: Ruined citadel of Ragnarok

This temple is on a floating island in a storm filled sky. The fight starts in the central chamber. The floor has a pentagram design and the negative spaces are filled with bond fires. There are four pillars holding up the surrounding balcony, each one is a depiction of the Four Horsemen, Death, War, Famine, and Pestilence. The central chamber is a very gory place. It has bodies thrown on pikes, there’s not only blood on the walls and floor, but there are fountains which also run red with blood. Small touches like candle holders light small areas of the temple and give ambient lighting effects for some great eye candy. There are four mega weapons in this stage, each one held by one of the Horsemen. War holds a giant battle axe, Famine holds a giant rune enhanced sword. The runes actually glow when the sword is held. Pestilence has twin sickles, and Death obviously has a scythe. Each deal incredible damage, and as a cool bonus, come with their own set of powers. Also each weapon is possessed by one of the Horsemen, so if you equip the weapon, your character also becomes possessed by the Horseman. They glow a ghostly blue and the spirit of the Horseman floats above the fighter, kind of like Unknown in Tekken Tag Tournament. In the background the main wall has collapsed, revealing giant floating spires, a dark sky and an ensuing lightning storm. There is a crack near the edge of the collapsed wall. If the person is shot through it, they fall into the catacombs. The catacombs are a lot more alive than the central chamber. The catacombs serve as a doorway to Hell. It bends space and time, so the level is kind of like the Arcane Sanctuary in Diablo II. The catacombs are littered with bones, and flesh. There is a dark portal in the background where demons are constantly coming out of. There are pillars of fire constantly shooting out of the ground, and they destroy the fighting arena floor little by little. There are two stage fatalities here. On is on the top floor where you get knocked out of the main wall and fall to your death in a lightning storm. The other is in the catacombs, where you get knocked into a pit of demons that tear you to pieces.


Rapture is part of an underground cult known only as Ragnarok. When he was a boy, his village was slaughtered by the cult insearch of a candidate to imbue with their power. Even at a tender age Rapture, who's original name was Remeius seemed to have potential as a great warrior, he's main attribute being his unwillingness to give up, surpassing all pain and turmoil. When his village was attacked, he was coming home from a day in the mountains. As he approached the village, the smell of smoke, and death filled his lungs. He quickly ran home only to see a massacre take place. He witnessed unspeakable carnage, his parnets, friends, and siblings were slaughtered in front of him. He remembers how his mother was lifted by her hair infront one of the cloaked men and then was impaled through her stomach, and sliced in half. As he witnessed hi mothers' body fall to the floor, he became fueled with rage. He attacked her murderer in a blind frenzy. The cloaked figure instantly took him to the ground with one punch to the stomach. Remarkabley, Remeius recovered with in seconds, ignoring the pain he continued his assault on the cloaked figure. One of the other memmbers of the cult saw how the young man's abandonement of all things good and evil gave him strength to continue. The cult had found their candidate. Remeius was taken prisoner and was submitted to the most grueling torment. He was trained to show no mercy. His mentality of honour and goodness was torn to pieces. It was replace by the simple fact that an individual is worthless and that only a whole survives. He was trained in forgotten combat. Within the cult, mercy was considered a weakness, so if you let yourself down, death was the only solution. During what seemed to be an eternity of pain and suffering, Remeuis began to cross over. He began enjoying watching others suffer. During one of his combat sessions, Remeuis was almost beaten to death by one of the cult leaders. The leader revealed himself to be the one who killed Remeuis' mother. he said it gave him pleasure looking into her innocent eyes as his sword went through her. Her face, a delightful look of anuish preserved in a scream. Remeuis flew into a rage and attacked the leader. Using what he learned in the past years, he revived the Apacolypse in an instant. He brutaly slaughtered the leader, bare handed by punching him through the throat. As the leader fell,and his blood spilled on the floor, it was in that instant that Remeius completely surrendered to the dark ways. As a sign of his victory, he took the cult memmbers' cloak, as well as his clothes as his own. By wearing that which he hated most, it fueled his dark rage. The other memmbers knew from then on that their investments were well made. As a final test, Remeius was sent to Tartaris, an active mountain volcano to complete his trail. Legend spoke of two weapons, formed from the pain, and anguish of all who were killed in the realm. The trek was long and hard. At one point, Remeius got too close to a nearby fissure as it erupted and singed his face. Although most of it was untouched, the skin on his mouth, along with his lower jaw were melted away. Unphased, Remeuis continued, and finally reached the summit. He saw the weapons that legend spoke of. They were incased in a red crystal near the bottom of the volcano. As he climbed down, he began to have second thoughts, yet he couldn't turn away, it was as if the weapons were calling out to him. By the time he finally reached the crystal, his body was already dead, yet his spirit refused to pass. He approached the crystal and in one strike, caused it to shatter. The crystal began to bleed on to his hand seeped into the wounds that he had acuired. The weapons inside came to life and thrust themsleves into his shoulders as if they refused to be tamed. The blades shattered and extended into their whip state as the "blood" from the crystal now, fully covering the inside and outside of Remeius' body incased him into a cacoon, surrounded by the chains. Shortly after, the caccoon began to pulsate, along the chains. Inside, Remeius is driven to the brink of insanity, as he swrils inside, drowning in blood. He eventually looses all strength and drowns. The blood inside the cacoon rushes into his body, and breaths a new life into him. His body surges with energy and in one violent explosion the caccoon is shattered. Remeius stands up, dripping in blood. He feels no pain and rips the rips the blades out of his shoulders. As he grabs them, they let out a type of scream. He comes closer to the crystal and reaches for the handles of the chain blades. As his hands get closer, his new and untamed aura brings them to life and the swords instantly shackle themselves to his wrists. His head is filled with millions of screams, relentless pain, unspeakable agony, to him time seemed to stand still. It felt as if the swords dug their claws into his soul. Remeius screamed in pain and fell into the nearby lava flows, seemingly ending his life once in for all. All went silent, and when all seemed over and done with, Remeius reched for the surface, completely fused with his new weapons and completely taken over by darkness. His tortutred soul, coupled with his wild aura and constant pain and insanity have truely made him into chaos incarnate. The constant hunger of his chain blades would lead him to slaughter countless just to satisfy them. Every place he went, genocide was a common sight, along with complete destruction. Infused with the power of chaos and his clan Ragnarok, Remeius would take the name Rapture, and symbolize all that comes with the END.

Name: Hatsuma
Color: Azure
Age: Unknown
Height: 6'4
Weight: 190lbs
Eyes: Burn white with blue flames
Hair Color: Black, shoulder length, (turns silver)
Clan: Shinobi ( S class)
P.O.O: Earth realm
Alliance: Unknown
Discipline: Phoenix, Wolf, Dragon, Ninjitsu, Boshido, Zi Quan.
Weapon: Whip Chain
Abilities: Pyrokenesis, Gem Stone Control, and Negativity
Quote: “Stay away from me if you value your life.”

Diamond Fangs:
Shoots out diamond shards from fists that, after puncturing the opponent explode
Diamond Shell:
Creates an armor of diamond around him which renders him invulnerable for a short time.
Rising Phoenix:
Creates a phoenix out of flames which launches itself at the opponent engulfing them with flames.
Ruby Requiem:
Upgrades whip with ruby spines. After entangling the opponent, the spikes cut through the flesh and burn in the wounds.
Dimension Shift:
A type of light speed. Hatsuma increases speed by jumping through different dimensions randomly striking the enemy with his whip.
Diamond Wave:
Hatsuma raises a wave of diamond out of the ground and launches it at his opponent.
Black Chaos:
Hatsuma focuses all of the negative energy around him into one palm blast and releases it at the opponent giving up some of his humanity to do insane damage. This is strong enough to shoot through mountains. Fallen Phoenix: Hatsuma creates a phoenix from dark flame in mid air. It then fuses with Hatsuma giving him wings. Hatsuma rises into the air and then plunges at the opponent in a black fire spin dealing huge damage with a cyclone kick imbued with pure evil

Sapphire Storm:
Hatsuma raises hundreds of Sapphire from the ground. The sapphires form into blades and launch at the opponent, piercing, cutting and tearing through the flesh like rain. The opponent bleeds to death before exploding in a cloud of blood and falling to pieces.
Emerald Dragon:
Summons a two headed dragon completely made of emeralds. As it comes up it entangles the opponent, puncturing the body with its spines. It moves in a counter motion, cutting the opponent into three pieces before lurking down and biting off the opponent's upper torso with both heads.
Extinguished Humanity:
Uses all of the negativity around him. Powers it up into one blast, combined with his pyrokenesis. He releases the blast which completely incinerates the opponent layer by layer. This is a stronger version of Black Chaos, and his ultimate attack. In the end Hatsuma is no longer a human. You see a blue specter engulfed in flames with his soul burning in the back as a victory pose.
Hari Kari:
Inner Suffering:
Hatsuma completely surrenders his soul to the Black Chaos and has his soul ripped from his body and sent to the Netherealm. His body turns into coal and then wisps away in the wind.

Hatsuma is a runaway Shinobi. His powers are unique in the sense that he wasn't born with most of them, they are also deceptive in nature, since they have a life of their own. He was sent one day on a mission to assassinate a kunochi (female Shinobi) little did he know that this mission would change his life.
In the beginning Hatsuma was born with the power to control fire. As he grew older his power increased and soon was implemented into his phoenix fighting style. In combat, Hatsuma was untouchable. His attacks were fierce and brutal. However, he never let this go to his head. He had an honor code which stated” never harm the innocent, and do not fight if you can avoid it."
One day he was sent to assassinate a runaway kunochi by the name of Iayka. She was helping a family with bandit problems. According to the Shinobi code, this was punishable by death. When Hatsuma found her he couldn't kill her, he was in love. He alerted her to her peril and let her escape. This would prove to be his biggest mistake. He was monitored during this mission. When he let her go, he was marked for death. As a runaway he was forbidden to return to his clan alive. Most of the extermination squads which were sent after him were sent home either injured or in more than one piece. One day, Hatsuma stumbled upon an old temple for shelter. When he went inside his eye caught a black luster on a Buddha Statue, when he approached it he discovered it was a black emerald. As soon as he picked it up he was engulfed in flames. The gem started to fuse into his body and into his heart. After the fusion Hatsuma fell, unconscious. When he woke up he felt a strange power growing inside of him. Unaware that he was discovered, Hatsuma stepped outside of the temple, as soon as he stepped out he was ambushed. Still weak from the fusion, Hatsuma couldn't defend himself. One of the ninjas rushed at him to cut off his right arm. As soon as the blade touched him, his skin turned into diamond and broke the blade on impact. Enraged, Hatsuma retaliated. He summoned a jade dragon which slaughtered his opponents. Hatsuma realized that he now had the power to control gem stones. He also realized that this new power came at the price of a piece of his humanity.
Late at night Hatsuma would wake up in a cold sweat, drenched in blood, with the bodies of those he slaughtered, among those was Iayka, the one he cared for the most. The Black Chaos would take over his body when he slept. After hundreds of lives taken, the Black Chaos evolved into part of his soul. It opened up a rift to Outworld using the negative energy of all the lives Hatsuma took. The jewel promised him, that if he were to take more lives it would grant him anything he wanted. Hatsuma refused to willingly go against his code, even if it meant giving up a chance to see Iayka again. As he stepped through the portal, in the back of his mind, he knew there was someone out there that could give him piece or restore his humanity. He would find away to end his suffering, even if he had to sell his soul to do it. When he reached Outworld the jewel began to pulse. It started to take over his body. Almost his entire right arm began to glow with the demonic power of the Black Chaos. This is where the Black Chaos was from. This is where it was strongest. As part of his soul the Black Chaos extended control into his mind. He was now a prisoner in his own body. "My will shall not be broken. I will free myself from this even if I have to go to the edge of death to do it." Hatsuma now wanders Outworld with the only thing that is keeping him himself is his will. As Hatsuma wanders through Outworld the Black Chaos is feeding of his soul. Slowly, Hatsuma becomes less and less human. The Black Chaos has consumed most of his soul. At one point Hatsuma collapsed from exhaustion, but his symbiotic soul would not let him die. Like all species, Hatsuma went through an evolution. The jewel consumed his right arm, transforming it from a state of solid matter to a state of spectral flame. The jewel needed to feed on the death of the innocent, and since Hatsuma's will and code kept it at bay, the jewel had no choice, it started to slowly devour his body. "No!!! I don't care what happens to me, I will not kill to feed your hunger." "You will kill, you will obey me and if you resist you will perish." Hatsuma's spectral arm was incased in a black diamond shell which could harness the savage power now in his fist. Like before, the price of power came at the price of his humanity. This time however, instead of taking over what the Black Chaos already had, it increased the rate of consumption of Hatsuma's body. His body is battered and beaten, Hatsuma's will begins to fade and the Black Chaos grows stronger. Hatsuma's natural gift of fire has been transformed into a dark flame which is no longer harnessed from his soul, but from the deepest reaches of the Underworld. Hatsuma is far from the ninja he once was, he is now something much more evil and much more merciless.

-Two Years Later-
Hatsuma’s will has been completely shattered. After an incident involving a former kunochi named Saika he disappeared from the face of the Earth. To his dismay the Black Chaos has sent him into the Netherealm, to serve one who is truly sinister, the fallen demy-god, Sensui. At first, Hatsuma resisted the will of his new master, upholding his code despite the grim circumstances. His master found his suffering, and the will to resist the darkness enticing. Sensui knew that it would take more power and head games to break Hatsuma’s will. Sensui would then delight in torturing his new recruit. Hatsuma would go through severe pain, his body would be burned time and time again in the fire pits of the Chaos Sanctuary. He would be shown visions of constant carnage and senseless slaughter that he had committed while under the influence of the Black Chaos. His body was put through grueling exercises, including unarmed combat with the Netherealm’s most fearful demons. Hatsuma would have no choice but to fight back or be massacred alive, and since Sensui controlled death in the Netherealm, he wouldn’t let his new recruit to give in so easily. His most painful torture was watching his own self, slaughter the person closest to him, Iayka, over and over, coupled with his run in with Saika, and the fear in both of their eyes as a final blow was being delivered. After what seemed like an eternity, Hatsuma finally began to embrace what he has become. His style of killing was ruthless, his stares were blank, and his soul was emotionless. In a short time, Hatsuma established his place at Sensui’s side as his right hand man through acts of unwavering loyalty.
Around the third year, Sensui sensed that the next Mortal Kombat tournament was approaching, he felt the barriers between realms dwindle and decided that this would be the perfect time to make his presence known and exact his revenge on those who turned their back on him long ago.

Okay here's mine.
Name: Xion (She-on)
Age: 423
Height: 6’7
Weight: 268 lbs
Alignement: Nuetral
Family: All taken by sickness.
Wife was mysteriously slaughtered via decapitation.
Race:Demi-oni, half human
Place of origin: Feudal Japan
Blood type: Changed in transformation, Unknown
Disciplines: Boshido, Genma, Oni, Batojitsu
Weapon: Cursed Twin Kitetsu, Shield Gauntlet, Demon Fang blade.(Much like in Onimusha except this sword is made of an ancient oni's fang and is pure evil, like the Soul Edge)
Eye color: Glowing red.
Skin color: deep green w/ black muscle outlines
Hair: Long, white
Oni Rank: Genma Onimusha(Demon Ogre Samurai)

Design:Xion has pointed ears, and really dark green skin. Only his torso is visible. His upper arms and torso have three orbs, each a different color, white9torso), green(Right tricep), and red(left tricep). Since he was in the feudal area, and studied boshido, he's a former samurai. So he wears to samurai armor plates on his hips, black samurai pants, with golden dragons embroidered in them and black samurai tai boots with steel shin guards. He has his twin kitetsu tied on his left hip, one long and the other slightly shorter to compensate for a double unsheathing with the left hand. His oni shield gauntlet also has a jewel inside it, which glows blue, which gives him tremendous power. He has demon wings, bat like in appearance that have a twenty foot wing span, which act as a cape to cover his oni body. His Bishoman sword is in a sheath on his back.

Special Attacks:
Oni Sight:
The oni gauntlet's jewel glows bright blue and charges up a ball of energy in Xion's palm, the blast is shot at the opponent with extreme speed enlarging with every second causing massive damage to the opponent.
Devil's Eye laser:
A third eye opens in Xions forehead, the gijon eye. It glows an electric blue and shoots a crippling laser at the opponent. It can be shoot, at head level, up into the air at a jumping opponent, and it can be shot into the ground, traveling at the opponent.
Oni barrier:
Xion creates a barrier of demonic energy around himself, rendering him invincible for a short time.
Gauntlet Quake:
Xion slams his fist into the ground, sending energy into it causing an earthquake to accrue.
Possessed Seppuku:
Xion shoots one of his kitetsu into the opponent’s chest, binding them with oni energy. He takes his kitetsu and stabs himself in the stomach, transferring all of his damage to the opponent.
Blood pyro:
Xion cuts himself and shoots his oni blood out of his wound and throws it onto the opponent, igniting them.
Genma Tornado:
Xion channels all of his energy into his twin kitetsu they start to flies around him and circle, they start moving so fast that the energy they give off makes them look like one solid ring. He then lifts his hand at the opponent and the blades flying in a tornado fashion at the enemy. They then return to his hands, blood stained.
Wing lift:
Xion unclasps his wings and fully extends them. He then gives one giant swing, causing a tornado to appear under the opponent lifting them into the air.
Oni Chains:
Xion uses oni magic to immobilize the opponent in a chain of demon fire.

Fragile Humanity:
Xion immobilizes the opponent with his Oni Chains, making them fall to their knees. He then walks up to them and sticks his twin kitetsu into their shoulder, causing extreme pain and in the process cutting of their arms completely. The opponent screams in pain as blood drips from bloody stumps where their arms used to be. He then takes his Demon Fang and puts it to their forehead. He tilts their head back and plunges the glowing blade through their forehead and out the back of their skull. He then slices down the middle cutting through the mouth, spine and rib cage slicing the opponent in half, letting loose a fountain of blood from the vertical slice. The oni chains are then released and the opponent falls in two different directions.
Ceremony of Blood:
Xion takes his hand and extends his nails. He plunges them into the chest, through the heart. He ignites it with oni magic, causing it to boil the person's blood inside their body. The heart ruptures and explodes, with blood and chunks coming out of the person’s mouth.
Xion takes the opponents head and cuts the top off. He scoops out the organs inside and creates a goblet. He then rips the head off the opponents’ body, causing a fountain of blood to shoot out of their neck. He fills the skull goblet with the victims own blood and drinks it. He then glows with blue flames, letting out a fearsome roar.

Sarakishi Tomukagi was a great samurai in the sixteenth century feudal Japan. His skills were on matched on the battle field. His disregard for death made him the perfect candidate for suicidal missions. He killed swiftly and silently, without regret and without mercy. His slices were precise to the point of inhuman. Before every mission it was said that he bathed his swords in holy fire to imbue them with mystical properties which would guide him on the battle fields. This was thought since, on late and foggy nights the only thing of his that was visible was an eerie blue glow from his twin kitetsu. He rightfully earned the title Hitokiri Batoetsie with the list of people he killed.
On one of his missions for the Shogun however he was ambushed by the Kunai Clan a pack of renegade Shinobi who were sent by a corrupt businessman called Sekora Terakumo. He hired the Kunai clan to take out Tomukagi because he got wind that he was his next target. Terakumo was suspected of selling large quantities of Opium to small businesses. Tomukagi was well on his way to finishing the mission when he was shot through the heart with a poison arrow by one of the members of the Kunai clan. As his last moments came to a close, he made a pact with the Genma lord that if he gave him one more chance at killing his target and dying with a perfect record he would sell his soul. His wish was granted. The wound in his heart, and the poison in his veins were removed. It was a rainy night, two days into his assassination and Tomukagi once again was imbuing his kitetsu in a holy flame. However, he accidentally cut him self over the flame, and his tainted blood corrupted it and his kitetsu. As he grabbed the hilts of his weapons he felt a dark power surging through him. Any sense of honor and remorse was instantly stripped away. He finally appeared in front of Terakumo's door, with lightning shining and his kitetsu glowing blood red he came in with a sinister smile. Terakumo tried calling for help but Tomukagi slaughtered all of the maids, mistresses and servants in the house. The final things heard in the house were Terakumo's last screams before he was diced into pieces. With his mission completed, it was time to keep his end of the bargain, his body was then engulfed in a white flame and he was sent to the Genma Realm. The Genma Lord decided that Tomukagi would serve him better as on oni. The Ceremony of Blood was preformed. He was laid on a stone alter as lesser oni feasted on his organs and drank his blood while he was still conscious. The Genma King then made him drink his blood out of a goblet, which was his wife's skull. He resisted but then was force fed his blood. By swallowing it, he made a pact with the Oni Genma and he was transformed into an onimusha. A demon samurai who is sworn to serve his new Shogun, the Genma Lord. He resides in the Genma realm to this day. With the approach of the Mortal Kombat tournament the Barrier Realms will be weakened and he will be sent through to thrust the world in darkness again. Leading the way to the arrival of the Genma Lord.

art by fear-sAs
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RE: Created Character Archives

Name: Crimson
Age: Unknown
Alingment: Neutral
Allies: None
Enemies: Raiden,Fujin,Elder Gods
History: After Scorpion defeats the dragon king, the elder gods having no more use of him relieve him of his title "champion of the elder gods", taking away his given powers. Enraged Scorpion, calls upon a fellow specter Crimson who had been imprisoned in an ancient prison, he asks for crimson to help him get back into the netherealm and to help him find more power so he can destroy the elder gods and fullfill his revenge.
Powers: teleportation, Blue fire techniques.

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RE: Created Character Archives

Name: Unknown Alingment: Good Allies: Raiden,Fujin,Elder Gods History: after learning of scorpions plan the elder gods create a warroir of many souls of other warriors thus making a guardian for themselves if any nmore threats ever arrised.

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RE: Created Character Archives


Please refrain from typing your replies all in caps! Especially such long ones! Thanks.


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RE: Created Character Archives

This is my character I created for the KaK4 tourney...

Otchete concept sketch
Otchete's weapon [Juttes] concept sketch

Yeah, I'm a musician, not an artist [if my picture makes that evident hahaha]

Name: Otchete Yorumusha [Ought-chey-tay Your-oo-moo-sha]
Sex: Male
Age: 28
BloodType: B
Height: 6' 5 1/2"
Weight: 195 lbs.
BirthPlace/BirthDate: Unkown location in Earthrealm/Unknown
Alignment: Good
Character Signature Quote: [winning] I'll spare you your life should you help me / [losing] I will try again; I will not fail you, my brother...
Weapon: Juttes [2]
Fighting Style(s): Capoeira, Kickboxing; Juttes

Character Primary Appearance:
Head: Otchete has short light (white) spikey hair with 2 longer strands in front, and two scars on his face; one on the outside corner of each eye extending back tobehind the ears
Face: His eyes are a light, almost white, blue; his nose is slightly wider than average; he has a scowl over his face usually
Body: Otchete wears a thin, slightly tattered fighter's outfit. It is a solid black with a blue diagonal line accross the front. He wears the emblem of the Lin Kuei, though it is unkown if he is a member of the Lin Kuei.
Arms: Otchete's arms are not his strong point, but are pretty well defined. He wears no sleves, but tapes his fists.
Legs: From years of study in the Capoeira martial arts, Otchete's legs and legwork are his strong points, with muscular legs. He wears black thin fighter's pants with a blue stripe down the right leg. He wears black and white shoes.

Character Arena:
Otchete trains and meditates on a courtyard like underground cavern arena. Here it is constantly cold and slick on the battle area, making most liquid based moves harder, and leaving those not used to fighting on the surface prone to slipping when hit hard enough. There are walls on two sides of the 4 sided square shaped arena, with a cliff down to a lower level on the other two sides. The walls are marked with the emblems of the Lin Kuei, and a mural of a family of Lin Kuei appearing people, including Otchete and his younger brother Jace. Some areas on the 1st level floor are patches of ice that may be able to be broken through.

On the lower level of the arena it is constantly below freezing, nullifying any and all liquid based moves and enhancing ice based moves. There are 3 supporting walls on the sides of the arena, and one open side revealing a thorny ice patch. The walls here are simply dark in color.

Arena Weapon: There is no weapon in the arena

Arena DeathTrap:
The ice patch on the second level of the arena is brutal. If you fall into it you will surely be impaled on the icey spikes below.

Arena Interaction:
Should a player be over an icey floor patch for too long, the floor will melt through causing them to fall through to the level below.
Should a player be thrown or striken down with enough force over an ice floor patch, they'll fall to the level below.

Otchete was born into a small village of Lin Keui clan in the Earthrealm. He was born with one brother, Jace. Jace was like Otchete in many ways physically, but in fighting style they were very different. Otchete studied the style of Capoeira, which focused heavily on kicking and legwork; while Jace trained in many boxing and traditional judo moves. Although the brothers were allies, Jace struggled for only his own power and gain for the most part. Jace and Otchete grew up training together, sparring, and became an intense rivalry; However, they always had each other's backs.

One day while the brothers were out sparring in a village to the East, a group of warriors attacked the village killing everyone. By the time the two returned it was far too late. They vowed to find the men responsible and kill them in the name of their fallen families. The Shirai Ryu, Tarkatans, and other clans in the area were prime suspects, so they sought revenge there. By fighting the many varying clans and groups, they made many enemies and few allies.

One of their allies was a fighter by the name of Johnny Cage. Cage met them in a village when he helped Jace fight of an ambushing Tarkatan. Cage introduced the brothers to his friends, among which was Lui Kang. Lui Kang and Cage trained Otchete in different kicking exercises and drills, which helped prepare him for combating the enemies at hand. Meanwhile, Jace sparred with several of Cage's other friends, including a fighter named Jax.

After a long time of sparring with their new found friends, the Lin Kuei brothers set off again in search of the killers of their family. They stumbled upon a man (whose name, unkownst to them, was named Shang Tsung) who promised them if they fought in the Mortal Kombat tournament, it would bring them one step closer to finding out who was the killer of their family. They befriended the man, not knowing his true intentions.

Upon their arrival at the island they were told to go to, they were ambushed by a large group of fighters. In the midst of the battle Otchete escaped, thinking his brother was right behind him. Jace was killed by the hoard, and his last image was his brother running, leaving him consumed with anger. Shang Tsung approached the dead body of Jace and took his soul for his own power.

To this day, five years after the death of Jace, and 11 since the death of his villagers, Otchete still roams the realms seeking those who killed his family, the one who killed his brother, and those who intend to do the same to others...

Icy kick - A kick with a hint of Lin Kuei powers
Cage Force Kick - A green glowing powerful kick
Kicking uppercut - Like an uppercut with a fist, but with a kick
Double Dutch - Think horozontal skipping on the opponents face
Cross Kick - a hard cross chin kick

Special Moves:
Freezing wind - Much like Sub-Zero's move, a blast of cold and ice freezes the opponent
Cage Warp Kick - A move where Otchete glows green then flies into the opponent with a powerful kick
Flying Windmill Kick - Taught to him by the great Lui Kang, Otchete flies through the air and does a windmill kick
SubToss - Freezes the opponent with an icy wind, then grabs opponent around neck with feet and tosses backwards
Ice Wall Shield - Otchete creates a shield of ice protecting him temporarily from the enemies attacks

Ice Tomb: The ultimate deep freeze. Otchete freezes the opponent alive in a giant wall of solid ice. He then kicks the tomb as hard as possible, shattering the opposition into tiny pieces
The Triple Doom - Using the skills taught to him by Cage, Lui Kang, and the Lin Kuei, this is the ultimate finisher. First Otchete glows green and assaults the enemy. then he uses the icey wind to freeze the enemy. Then using Kang's dragon energy attack, he blows the enemy away.

Freeze/Melt - Otchete freezes himself into ice and melts away before being killed
Jutte strike - otchete Juttes himself in the head... end of story.

SKATE AND DIE 05 An independent showcase of underground skating and musical talents. www. SKATE and DIE 05
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RE: Created Character Archives

This is my created character

Name: Death
Styles : Karate, straight ninja swords, Dragon
Powers: Ice, soul obsorb, transformation( into giant skelatin)
Fatality: Takes off mask then tears off the head of the oponent with the spine still atached and sets them on fire.

Looks like this

The world was created in 6 days, and in 6 days it will be destroyed and on the 7th day the world will bow down to me!i am ruler of outworld and soon earthrealm.
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RE: Created Character Archives

Name: BS-233
Former Name: Jon Hart
Nickname: Shadowbot
Age: 1 (cyborg), 26 (human)
Allegiance: Neutral
Clan: The Brotherhood of the Shadow, formerly Outerworld Investigation Agency
Allies: Noob Saibot, Reiko, Smoke, Jax (in former life), Sonya (in former life)
Foes: Kano, Kabal, Kobra, Kira

Jon Hart was a special agent for the Outerworld Investigation Agency. He was known by his peers as "the one who walks like a shadow". His nickname made him perfect for stealth. On a mission to take out Shao Kahn, he was captured by Kano, and killed. Upon reaching the heavens, Noob Saibot captured him and brang him back to the Netherrealm. With knowledge of his former life and clan, Noob Saibot turned Jon into a cyborg. He was turned into Shadowbot. His current mission, take out any Black Dragon members, so that the Brotherhood is feared the most.

He looks like this:

Special Moves:

Shadow: Turns invisible for a while.

Darkness Ball: Throws dark ball at opponent.

Ghost Who Walks Among Us: Turns opponent invisible. He/She cannot attack you while you can.

Shuriken Shower: Repeatedly throws shurikens.

Mechanical Heal: Uses arm panel to increase health.

Mechanical Powerup: Uses arm panel to increase attack power for limited time.

Mechanical Upgrade: Uses arm panel to upload opponent's special attack. Uses it immediately.

Destructor: Throws grenade.


Mechanical Upload (cyborg only): Opens mainframe of cyborg and jams hand into mainframe. Opponent receives a huge shock, and they explode.

Implosion (humans only): Gets grenade and throws it in opponent's mouth. They implode from inside.

Dark Portal: Summons dark portal and sucks opponent in. HUGE explosion from the ground.


The Mechanical Upload fatality, but he does it on him

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