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UltimateKombatterPosted: 07/06/2005 02:47 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
RE: Created Character Archives

Man, Shuji, your BSS cyborg DOES hate every guy that their names start with "K"!

SmokeNc-017Posted: 07/22/2005 03:47 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Created Character Archives

Name: Glacier

Height: 6’2

Weight: 197lbs

Eyes: Change from blue to white constantly.

Skin Color: Light blue.

Hair Color: Blue, white

Age: 23 at the time of his death

Race: Criomancer

Origin: Outworld

Alliance: Unknown

Specialty: Ice Mastery

Disciplines: Wolf, Ice Dragon, Twin dual bladed Kori Swords.

Weapon Names: Blades of Genryu

Quote: “All who come against me will feel the cold touch of death.”

Glacier’s entire face is covered in a helm of ice. The ice crowns around his head and then forms into a solid piece as it cover the back of his head. From there, it runs across his entire head, leaving narrow slits open for his glowing eyes, but covering his entire mouth in a diamond shaped face guard. From the center of his forehead, there is a small piece of ice that connects the top circlet of ice around his head, to the top of his face guard. The top of his head is exposed, letting his blue hair with white streaks hang freely. His hair is medium length and comes halfway down his face. He wears a black body suit with no sleeves as an under all. Over that he wears a white vest with which connects to a belt sash around his waist. Over all of that he has a breast plate made entirely of ice covering his torso. The breast plate resembles a diamond shape, starting very wide at his shoulders and slimming down at just above his waist before wrapping around to the back and covering that as well. On his back, there are elongated blades reach out and upward, each about 12 inches in length. His breast plate has a design etched into the center, resembling the same dragon that’s on Sub-Zero’s medallion. His forearms are also covered in ice, with the exception that, growing out of each side is a set of ice blades coming out about three inches from the sides of the forearms. The sides of his pants are also sheeted with thick sheets of ice. They start at the top of his boots, and run up to the bottom of his knees, before breaking and then starting again just above his knee and ending just below his belt on both sides. Glacier’s boots are also frozen completely solid from top to bottom. They reach up to his knees and form into knee guards with three sharp spikes coming out about an inch in front.


Ice Prism: (F, D, F, 1)
Glacier shoots a stream of ice into the ground. Suddenly a geyser of kori energy shoots out of the ground, washing over the opponent, when all is said and done, the person is frozen in a prism of ice, completely defenseless. However, unlike Sub-Zero or Frost’s ice technique, this also deals damage after striking the opponent.

Jagged Ice: (F, F, D, 2)
Glacier forms a ball of energy between his hands. As the energy solidifies, it forms into a spiked ball of ice. The ball is shot at the opponent, exploding on contact and driving icicles into the opponent’s flesh.

Ice Nova: (D, D, 1)
Glacier incases himself in a bubble of crio-energy. The bubble expands as Glacier feeds it with his energy, eventually erupting and freezing everything in its path, including the opponent, and the stage as well.

Ice Wave: (F, F, 3)
Glacier smashes his fist into the ground, causing a wave of icicles to shoot out of the ground, and tear their way towards the opponent. The move is deceptive since the last spike will grow and impale the opponent if they decide to jump.

Ice Crescent: (D, U, D, 4)
Glacier swings his hand in an upward motion, and a crescent blade of ice shoot from the ground and race at the opponent, cutting a ridge into the ground as it goes.


Ice-Sickle Kicks: (F, D, D, F, 3)
Glacier uses his Ice Prism technique to trap the opponent in place while keeping them conscious. He then distances himself from the opponent about 30 feet. He then starts to charge at the opponent at incredible speed. His feet begin to glow with energy. At 20 feet he jumps in mid-air and does a flip, unleashing his energy in an arch. The energy then travels at the opponent, solidifying into a diamond edged blade, similar to a sickle. With his second foot, he launches a second wave of ice energy, this time horizontally by twisting in mid-air. By this time the first blade is about to hit the opponent, as it leaves a dug-in trench by cutting through the ground. The blade cuts straight through the ice prism as well as the opponent. The prism instantly erupts with blood on the inside. As it falls in half, along with the opponent’s body the second ice kick reaches the cleaved opponent, cutting them in half horizontally, leaving the body to fall into four separate pieces. Glacier completes his flip and lands inches from the opponent’s body by using his inertia.

Glacial Dived: (D, F, B, B, 2)
Glacier puts his arms together, cupping his hands and then aiming them at the opponent. He begins to charge a massive amount of kori energy which gathers a few inches in front of him. He then raises his hands so that the point up, just above the opponent’s head. He unleashes the energy in the form of one continues beam and quickly swings his arms down, freezing the entire middle section of the opponent in one vertical line. He then swings his hand upward, creating his Ice Crescent which runs across the ground, straight through the frozen, middle section of the opponent, smashing them on impact. The other two halves fall in on themselves as blood shoots out from the inside of each end.

Long ago, before the rule of Kahn had swallowed Outworld and thrown it into chaos, a race of beings known as the Criomancers resided in the highest peaks of the realms mountains. There they grew to be a powerful race. They channeled their powers through the elements, obtaining the power of ice. The race was always isolated, constantly training and perfect their arts. Their evolution pleased the elder gods, because, even with their power, they were a peaceful race of beings. Because of this, the Elder gods, forged two sacred artifacts in the form of matching medallions which would augment the powers of the Criomancers. The two medallions were placed in a shrine high in the mountains so that their power could freely flow through every chiromancer, thereby eliminating any desire to fight over them. However, not all the gods were pleased with this decision. One god in particular, Shinnok saw the race as a threat and vowed to rid them from existence. He would wage war on Outworld in his attempt to get rid of the threat. Raiden, one of Shinnok’s sons violated one of the sacred rules and informed the criomancers of their impending fate. He also offered to assist the race in fighting against his own father, however, the criomancers refused, deeming that this was their battle, fully knowing that the gods are forbidden to wage war on each other. Shinnok was furious with his son but he would deal with him later, he had genocide to commit. Shinnok’s army invaded Outworld like a plague, killing all in its path and sparing nobody. The criomancers stood their ground and rebelled without fear. At first, it looked as if they would succeed, their power being like nothing anyone has ever witnessed in Outworld. However, it would soon become very apparent that their small force was no match for the seemingly endless wave of Shinnok’s troops. The criomancers had to retreat. Their small group of only several hundred was reduced dramatically to half that. It was then decided that one would have to step forward and become the ultimate defender if their race was to have any hope to survive. A young criomancer going by the name of Glacier was chosen. Glacier’s powers have been put to the test countless times, and every time he would emerge victorious. His discipline and training would allow him to wield both medallions without being consumed by his own powers. The well being of his entire race depended on him alone. He proudly accepted the responsibility and stepped forward with both medallions at his side, augmented his power to untold heights. Shinnok’s army faced a slaughter at the hands of the young criomancer as he bravely held his own on the battlefield. However, Shinnok would not be disgraced and he himself stepped forward, to challenge the young man. The battle raged on four countless hours until Shinnok finally shattered one of the medallions, however because of this, several shards implanted themselves inside Glacier’s body. As he became one, with the power instead of only channeling it, he became even stronger, and struck down the elder god. Shinnok had no choice but to admit defeat and retreat. Pulling back his forces, the threat to the criomancer race had passed, but at a high price. The medallion the gods gave the criomancers was now part of Glacier, and he himself was too weary to go in. As feared, he was consumed by his kori energy in the end. In his memory, the remaining race constructed a temple to place him inside, and any brave warrior since then. Using the augmenting powers of the remaining Dragon Medallion, they fashioned a suit of armor that would emulate the power of both medallions, but never giving the wearer the same caliber of power that Glacier obtained in the brief moment, fearing that it might destroy the user, just like it did to Glacier. Throughout the centuries the temple became the catacombs for the greatest warriors until no more remained. Kahn would soon take over Outworld, just like his father had planned, without the opposition of the Criomancer race posing any threat. However, Glacier’s tale doesn’t end here, when Sub-Zero discovered the Frozen Catacombs, and donned the armor, in conjunction with the Dragon Medallion, he would unknowingly reawaken the first champion, Glacier. Glacier had no idea of what had happened during his slumber, but sensing a great evil approaching, he now searches for the Dragon Medallion to obtain the power he once had and battle this evil by himself.

art by fear-sAs
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SmokeNc-017Posted: 07/30/2005 01:41 AMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Created Character Archives

art by fear-sAs
ErmacwonPosted: 07/31/2005 07:27 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Created Character Archives

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
ErmacwonPosted: 07/31/2005 08:33 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Created Character Archives

AceKombat Wrote:
Heres my edited version mkII sub-zero

Image hosted by

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
SmokeNc-017Posted: 08/05/2005 02:13 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Created Character Archives

Previous Name: Mai Kusanagi
Name: Mirage
Project Name: Lithium Flower
Age(s): Human-21, Cyborg-3 years old
Nationality: Japanese
Occupation: Former College Student turned Tekunin Soldier.
Hair color: Changes color due to nanites, used to be brown, shoulder length
Eye Color: Hazel/Green
Skin Tone: Mocha
Measurements: 36B-30W-34H
Cyborg Classification: TK-00003129, Reconnaissance, Saboteur, Assassin unit.
Allegiance: Tekunin Clan
Fighting Styles: Storm Dragon, Capoeira
Abilities-Full Camouflage. (Optical, Radar, Heat Sensor.) Energy manipulation

Storm Dragon: Storm Dragon is a variation of the standard Dragon style in Kung Fu. However the Tekunin have adapted it to fit MirageÂ’s unique power. The Storm Dragon style focuses on quick hits to the ribs, knees, sides, and chest, along with grapples and pressure points. This style is further enhanced by MirageÂ’s ability to harness extremely painful or even fatal amounts of electricity into each strike.

Capoeira: (Brazil) a beautiful and dramatic Brazilian martial discipline founded by African slaves more than 300 years ago in Angola and practiced as a religious dance before being brought to Brazil where it was transformed into a self-defense system. The system uses gymnastic type back flips, cart wheels, sweeping movements and high kicks for evasion rather than blocks to avoid attack. Many counter kicks are done from a hand stand-position, and most offensive techniques employ the feet.

Power Blades
State of the art weapons that use super heated plasma suspended in a magnetic field as their blades. The blades are curved downward protecting the fingers. The blades are 7 inches in length from the top of the handle down to the point. With Mai’s power to charge up electricity, she can augment the blades for stronger damage by feeding her power into them. The blades can also attach to her arms via a magnetic pulse allowing for an upgrade known as the “Dagger Tail”.
Sub Mode: Dagger Tail:
In this mode the handles of the blades straighten making them into a typical shaped dagger. The daggers are then charged with enough energy to make them into a stream of plasma, contained in a magnetic field. The plasma feeds into the handle of the daggers from her wrists. This makes a link from her blades to herself, which lets them to be swung around without an actual cable in the way.

Design: MaiÂ’s bottom part of the face, from the nose down is covered in a metal face guard, making identification impossible. Her hair drapes over her eyes, anime style. Since she is mostly a reconnaissance droid, there is no need for heavy armor. However, that's far from saying that she's defenseless. Her neck, shoulders, arms, and legs are all covered with triple re-enforced liquid titanium. Her torso and inner thighs are flesh. She wears a one piece white bikini to cover her self. Around her waist she carries a small utility belt . Her spine sticks out her back and is also made of metal. When she enters battle mode, her spine extends her frontal armor in segments, completely covering her front side with the same type of armor that's on her arms and legs. The armor is simplistic in design. It has a platinum type polish, as well, as circuit lines running in between some of her plates which can be identified by their neon glow. She looks very sleek, and stylish, the best way to describe her is thinking of Vanessa from P.N.03 for the Game Cube.

Special Moves:

Stealth Mode: Mirage uses her masking ability to camouflage herself with the surrounding environment, rendering her completely invisible.

Power Surge:- A ball of high voltage energy is formed between Mirage's palms and shot like a fireball at the opponent, filling them with 1,000 kilowatts of energy for a split second, bringing them to the brink of death, while also stunning them. This move is usually used to take out large amounts of electronic hardware from an outside source; usually a normal socket does the job.

Tesla Generator: When escape is not an option to Mirage and combat is necessary her Tesla Generator comes in handy. It has two special effects. 1) Tesla Shield: Surrounds Mirage with a high voltage E.M.P. shield, electrocuting anything it touches, and instantly shutting down any electrical device. 2) Nova: The Tesla Generator begins to generate a large amount of energy while confining it into a small space. As the build up increases the charge gets stronger, damaging Mirage in the processes from the build up. When the power level has reached critical mass, it is released in a huge blast of energy, like a small super nova, completely destroying, or severely damaging anything by the feedback.

Energy Cycle: Mirage spins her Power Blades from side to side at breakneck speed. As the blades pass through the air around them, they super heat that as well, which makes the blades grow larger because of the extra plasma. Then in one burst, the plasma chain extends and the front of the weapon is shot at the opponent, spinning like a buzz saw. If contact is made, the opponent is filled with plasma, an untapped source of energy not yet controllable by man. The attack is almost like getting hit with a super powerful laser. After the initial contact, the blade power down and retracts back to Mirage, and into its Power Blade form. The drawback is that this move is telegraphed from the start, so the opponent can see it clearly, and can avoid it. But if it connects, it does an enormous amount of damage.

Time Flux:
Basically, all it is, is a burst of hyper sonic speed, delivered by the nano bots in her body. She moves so fast that it looks like time itself fluctuates and everything slows down. Her only visible trail is a neon green burst of light every couple of seconds which is a silhouette of her body.


Warp Slash:
Mai uses her Time Flux ability with her Power Blades to finish her opponent. She powers up her blades, causing them to glow a bright neon green as they surge with energy. Then she instantly vanishes. Suddenly, seven flashes are shown on screen, each showing her silhouette next to the opponent at different angles. On the seventh slash, Mai comes back into the frame, her armor is covered in blood. Behind her, the opponent, erupts in a cloud of blood as they fall apart into seven pieces on the floor.

Energy Convergence:
Mai powers up her fists with 10,000 kilowatts of pure energy. She unleashes it all in a 30 hit combo to all the opponentsÂ’ vitals. The opponent still remains on their feet, as they begin to smoke while energy surges through them. Finally Mai pulls back and punches straight through the opponentsÂ’ chest. The energy in the screaming opponent converges in that one spot and begins to react violently. Then as it pulses, Mai tightens her fist and the energy erupts like a bomb, blowing the opponent apart around her fist, covering her with blood, and some gore as her fist remains stretched out, pulsing with energy.

Mai Kusanagi was a college student in Osaka Japan. However, one day during her commute through the Shinjuku Bus terminal in Tokyo, the entire place fell under attack by the Tekunin clan, a clan of terrorist cyborgs led by Sektor. The cyborgs were quick to act and completely incinerated the entire terminal while bringing down the buildings with their ballistics. The entire terminal was completely decimated within the span of 5 minutes. Mai Kusanagi was one of the survivors, but her arms and legs, as well as her spine where completely shattered from the debris. Seeing as how his clan needed to grow, Sektor took all of the survivors to the Tekunin base for automation. A background check on Mai indicated that she was a well versed student in the art of Kung Fu. Seeing as she was the most youthful and useful candidate out of the survivors, Sektor order for her to undergo a new, experimental automation procedure. Instead of having her entire body replaced with machines, she would first have her memory wiped and then fitted with a new endo-exoskeleton. A state of the art nano port would replace her broken spine, and new appendages were crafted to link up with. The automation was a success and she became the state of the art recruit for the Tekunin. Her sleek frame and electro manipulation properties made her the top reconnaissance soldier. However, every now and then she would have strange memory lapses rush through her head, crippling her entire body. Sektor knew that this was the side-effect of the memory wipe she received. As such she would go through constant battle training and psycho-therapy to keep her in check. Mai Kusanagi died in Shinjuku, now only the unit known as Mirage remains.
Mirage was recently sent to the recent Mortal Kombat tournament to originally scout for more candidates to be taken in as soldiers for the Tekunin. In the process she ran across Unit LK-7T2 a.k.a. Smoke. However before she could take him, the wraith known as Noob Saibot got to him first and reprogrammed him as his new companion. After reporting her find to Sektor, she was given orders to tail the two fighters and in due time subdue both and bring them to the Tekunin still functional. If the situation became critical she was to terminate them on sight. Mirage would end up following Noob and Smoke to the Netherealm, and witness NoobÂ’s defeat by AshrahsÂ’ Kriss blade. Although she has acquired her target, she has now become stranded in the Netherealm. Mirage now searches for a way back home to complete her mission, all the while trying to suppress her forgotten memories.

art by fear-sAs
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LadyRaidenPosted: 08/21/2005 11:25 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Created Character Archives's some of my characters I created and posted a looong time ago, but I have updated them a little. I'll see about reposting the pics as well after I find them. *sigh* You may recognize them from either my fanfics or komics.

Character Name: Unknown but often called ‘Lady Tomorrow’
Height: 6'2"
Weight: Unknown
Sex: Female
Alignment: Neutral
Realm: Unknown
Race: Appears Human
Blood Type: Unknown
Animality: Silver Phoenix
Weapon: Dual Blades
Fighting Styles: Kickboxing, Battlemage*

Special Moves:
1. Time Warp: This moves causes the world around you, including the opponent to slow down (or you to speed up depends on how you look at it). Enabling you to multiply you moves against your foe.
2. Kronos Mirror: Blocks and copies your opponent’s special moves.
3. Temporal Punch: The fist glows light blue the increases the strength of the hit and cause a small explosion on impact.

Fatality 1: “She Slices, She Dices” One sword tip is place near the ground and the other just approve the loser’s head. She slices in opposite directions and then cross slices to dice.

Fatality 2: “Ages” You actually see the loser age, grow old die, rot, petrify and turn to dust before your eyes.

Main Look: She always wears clothes similar to that of the opponent but in shades of gray and black. A dark scarf/mask covers the bottom half of her face. She has long snow white hair that can be loose, tied, etc. depending on costume and ice blue eyes.

Alt. Look: None.

History: For eons a mysterious white haired woman has been observing and steering history. She had advised Raiden in his battle with Shinnok centuries ago, thus aiding him in protecting Earthrealm. However, she also added Shao Kahn in his rise to power after Shinnok’s original defeat. It is believed that not even the Elder Gods know who or what she truly is. Her control over time itself makes her a power which even they can not fully comprehend.

Quote: “The darkness has finally come and now not even I can tell what tomorrow will bring. Prepare yourselves this could truly be the end of all you know or perhaps a chance to renew all you hold dear.”

*Battlemage: A style of fighting created on the realm of Calorna. It is a style that utilizes the elemental abilities of a mage to increase the effects of hits. Similar to Jujitsu but not requiring the physical strength since the hits are being empowered by more than muscle.

Character Name: Althea (aka the Godslayer)
Height: 6'2"
Weight: Yeah, like I’m gonna tell you.
Sex: Female
Alignment: Good
Realm: Earth (Formerly of Calorna)
Race: Mostly Human (Grandfather is one of the gods of Calorna)
Blood Type: A pos
Animality: White Tiger
Weapon: Dual Blades, Staff (Trained in both, in peaceful realms carries staff in more warlike ones the blades)
Fighting Styles: Shaolin Fist, Battlemage*

Special Moves:
1. Homing Fireblast: A light-blue streak of flame which can be control to follow the opponent for a short period of time.
2. Shield: A light-blue force shield that can block most elemental/energy attacks.
3. Flaming Uppercut: An uppercut but with her fist glowing with light-blue flame causing much more damage than the normal uppercut.
4. Multiple Homing Fireblast: Similar to the Homing Fireblast but can have up to four streaks of flame. More streaks small and weaker the flames, but they can all be controlled and hit from different directions.

Fatality 1: “Blue Inferno” White and blue flames spiral around the loser from the ground up as he/she screams in agony. When the flames die down, you see a burnt out corpse still standing. Althea then blows a small ‘kiss’ and it turns to ash.

Fatality 2: “Godslayer” With eyes blazing light-blue, she forces the loser to his/her knees. With both hand flaming, she places one on the shoulder of the loser and the other over his/her face. The one cover the face digs and squeezes ripping the face off until she pulls out the brain. She then raises her brain filled hands and squashes it like a grape. The body then catches fire due to the other hand. She releases the body and walks off as if bored.

Main Look: Dark blue leather vest and pants with a pale cream shirt underneath. Long dark blonde hair and blue-green eyes.

Alt. Look: Same clothes only torn and singed. Her hair is now snow white and eyes crystal blue.

History: Althea aka the Godslayer. She was born on the realm of Calorna, trained to be a warrior mage and was just old enough to take part in a godwar that took place there. One of the Calornian gods went insane and attempted to destroy the other deities so to remake Calorna. It was at the end of this war that her unique power was discovered, the ability to make immortals mortal for a short period of time with her light-blue flames. It was her as a teenager that ended the godwar by killing the insane god. When the war ended, her ability made the most of the other Calornian gods uncertain and fearful that she might one day decided to challenge them. It was that realm’s sworn protector that sent her to Earthrealm both to continue her training and for everyone’s peace of mind.
On Earth, she became one of the original Kung Lao’s (the ‘Great’ Kung Lao and former champion of Mortal Kombat) students. It was here she first met Raiden, defected to Earthrealm and learned the true power of her godslayer flames. She was believed to have been killed by the Red Dragon of Flame over 500 years ago, but the battle so close to the Temple of Elements caused her previously dormant temporal abilities to awaken, causing her and the defeated dragon to be shifted through time and space. Althea was found by Fujin in another realm and was returned to Earthrealm to join some of Earth’s chosen in their defense of Earthrealm.

Quote: “Do you really want to find out why they still call me godslayer?”

Ok here's my 'joke' one. But it did seem to get a little more serious towards the end than I originally planned.

Character Name: Lillian (aka Lil’ Lighting)
Birthplace: Heavens
Age: Late teens early 20’s
Race: Goddess
Alignment: Good
Weapon: War Hammer
Animality: Thunderbird
Allies: Raiden, Fujin, Sonya Blade
Foes: Shinnok, Shang Tsung

Quote: “Damn right I fight like a girl! That way I can kick your sorry butt all the way to the otherside.

Fighting Styles: Tae Kwan Do, Mix (Mixture of moves from different styles picked up in her travels)

Special Moves:
1. Teleport
2. Lighting blast
3. Electric nut/belly crunch (Note: Lil never did learn how to fly. *sigh*)

Fatality 1: “Nuke” In her childhood, Lil fought a strange boy in the Jr. Special Forces Tournament. Their combined energies met and literally cause a nuclear explosion. Lil has learned how to reproduce this effect. The screen goes completely white for a second and then you see a hot wind peeling away the flesh of the loser and then his/her bones are turned to dust. You can see a faint outline of their ‘shadow’ on the ground afterwards.

Fatality 2: “Ooooh Dolly!” The loser is suddenly wearing a pink frilly dress and then Lil knocks his/her head off with the hammer. Then she nails the body into the ground.

Main Look: Similar to Raiden’s MK4 look, but more female (obviously) with loose long blonde hair instead of the black hood. Where his was blue, hers is pink and there is no logo/symbol. The hammer is now held by straps on her back.

Alt. Look: She wears a loose fitting Gi in her colors of pink and white arranged in a modern mix. You can see the War Hammer carried on her back.

Bio: During Shinnok’s invasion of Earthrealm in MK4, Lillian’s older brother Kidden (Kidd Thunder) disappeared and is assumed by most to be dead along with most of Earth’s gods. Lillian never accepted this. She left Earthrealm and her training to seek out her lost brother. Lillian now returns carrying Kidden’s war hammer to seek help from her uncles, Fujin and Raiden, to rescue Kidden. Unfortunately, the awaking of the Dragon King prevents any possible assistance on their part. But the medallion that the Dragon King now holds may be the key to Kidden’s survival.

Ending: Once Lillian defeats the Dragon King, she claims the magical medallion but instead of taking possession of it; the medallion possesses her. The medallion, containing the power of an insane Elder God infects her mind and soul. Lil’ Lighting is no more; Lilith is born as Raiden watches in dismay as he arrives too late. Instead of the white and pink she once wore, she now wears blood red and black with long black hair instead of blonde. Lilith turns on her once beloved uncle and attacks with a bolt of darkness, but the God of Thunder dodges. She then vanishes and leaves behind only questions and fears.

HB-TORCHPosted: 09/05/2005 12:07 AMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Created Character Archives

name: scarub

fighting styles: silat hopkido and dragon
weapons: kori blade and scorps blade fused and blades

description: this guy is basikally a guy thats baraka scorpian and sub-zero fused together.

special moves:

frozen spear: its scorps spear but it freezes them wen it hits the other
fighter and then pulls him towrd scarub.

flaming shard: its barakas flying shard but its on fire. wen it hit the other fighter it make them look like they just got hit with raise hellfire from scorp. impaling bloody spear: scarub throws a bloody spear then pulls the enemy to himself while having 1 of barakas blades out. he pulls the enemy into the blade impaling the enemy.
flame clone: its just like sub-zeros ice clone except wen u get hurt with flame clone u ur on fire for bout 5 or 10 seconds.

raise arctic blast: its just like scorps raise hellfire theres no blokin itunless u moveand it freezes you.


Fatalitie 1: scarub freezes the ground then cracks it open with the hell power of scorpian. he puts the ice covered ground under ground but not too far that the ice will melt. he closes the ground up. he goes up to the other fighter. he brings out barakas blades then launches the other fighter into the air using the blades. he then pulls out the ice covered ground. he launches the ice covered ground to make it hit the other fighter. he then flips the ice covered ground the other fighter is on the ice covered gound. hes on the part that has the ice. he slams the peice of ground into the earth. he froze it to keep it in one peice. he lifts up the peice of ground to see if hes dead. then drops the ground. he makes the peice of ground burst into flames. hes definattley dead now.

fatality 2:scarub walks up to the other fighter and brings out barakas blades he then launches the other fighter into air. scarub forms small icesicles on the ground. he stomps on the ground to make them pop off. he shoots them into the air using his icepowers. the enemy is being impaled with thousands of little icesicles not one has misssed him so he got tons of icesicles in the other fighter. while he is being impaled by the little icsicles scarub forms and ice ball to freeze the other fighter. once the spikes stop hitting the other fighter scarub throws the ice ball up to freeze the other fighter. scarub watches as the the fighter smashes into the ground shattering on impact.

fatality 3:scarub throws out 2 bloody spears (one from each palm) that impale the other fighter in the shoulders. scarub then takes the 2 chords that are coming out of his palms and turns around and pulls on the chords upward so the enemy flies into the air the 2 spears come out. scarub makes a ball of fire and lights the enemy on fire while still flying. scarub then launches an ice ball at the enemy to stop the flaming and freeze the enemy. scarub throws a bloody spear at the enemy it lands in the middle of the frozen enemys chest he pulls the enemy down twirls then lobs the enemy so it doesnt go too high into the air. scarab jumps into the air and lands on his enemy. he makes ice spikeson the ground while on the bak of his enemy. before they hit the ground scarub summons hellfire to melt the ice. scarub jumps off at the last second and the enemy is is impaled all over from the spikes. scarub opens a hole to the earths center so that the enemy is droped to hell.

hara-kira(like he will need one): freeze himself then summon the biggest hellfie ever to melt himself along with the ice around him.

to me that sounds pretty kool

TheRipperPosted: 09/10/2005 06:15 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
RE: Created Character Archives

Afilliation:Neutral(Hes A criminal,but only for his personal gain)
Allies:None,Hes a lone wolf.
Enemies:Jax,Sonya,Kano,Kabal,Kobra,Quan Chi,Shang Tsung,Johnny Cage.
Family:???(He Doesn't have a real name,his parents were killed when he was born)
Character Name:Jason(?)
Weight:250 LBS
Weapon:Hand Cannon (Like a pistol,Except it shoots a Bigger and more damaging bullet and is bigger than a regular pistol)
Fighting Styles:Street fighting,Martial arts.
Arena:Mansion Top of Stairway,Mansion Bottom of stairway
Arena fatality:(upper):You start punching them in the face,then punch them really hard and they go flying out a window on the other side.
(lower):You pick them up and then throw them into the fire.
Arena death trap:if you punch them into the fireplace,they burn.Badly.
Arena interaction:(upper)Punch them into the stairs and they fall down.
Lower:You can punch them into the window for extra damage
Special moves:Headbang(He Rams his head into the opponets full force)
Strangle(self explanitory),Twist(He twists their arm),Suprise(He Draws out brass knuckles from his fists)
Fatality 1:Body slam:He jumps up into the air and body slams the opponets head,Taking it off.
Fatality2:Jaw Tear:He Slams his fist into the opponets jaw,than pulls it out full force,tearing their jaw off
Hara Kiri:He Starts punching himself in the face,Than jumps into the air and lands face first on the ground,killing him.
Character Description:Red shirt with Black Jacket covering all but front of it,Jeans,Short Brown hair,Black Kleats,Black Gloves,Black Bandanna Kovering most of hair,Kross.
Alternate Costmue:same as above,Except No Jacket Or bandanna,And His Kross (Necklace!)Is Gone.
Character Signature Quote:"How Can I Die If Im not dead?"
Story:He Was A Loner,And also he had no name,untill he noticed a newspaper.He Noticed Something Kalled "Mortal Kombat"So He Decided to look into it.Also while looking at that,He Found another paper Saying a few funerals that went on.He Decided to read it,and He Found one of the people was named Jason Dark.He Took the name,Being Nameless and that the original person who had the name was dead.So He took the name Jason.
When he figured out about mortal kombat and that it was a fight tournament,He Decided to join it.But First to clear his name of all criminal records,But to do that he would have to kill Jax and it?

shuji_cage34Posted: 10/01/2005 05:06 AMStatus ::

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RE: Created Character Archives

UltimateKombatter Wrote:
Man, Shuji, your BSS cyborg DOES hate every guy that their names start with "K"!

I know it's a lot too early, but I admit, he does want to tear the limbs out of every guy that starts with K, lol.

An old one I found laying around in My Documents:

Name: Yong Sim Ki II
Age: Older than time itself
Sex: Male
Origin: Heavens
Height: Changes
Weight: Infinite
Eye Colour: Depending on what element he's using
Hair Colour: Bald
Job: First assistant of Gaia, his mother, became Earthrealm Gaia when he overthrew her. Although it is possible to defeat him.
Yong Sim Ki II is a ruthless god. His father was Yong Sim Ki, God of Chaos and Outworld, while his mother, Gaia Sim Ki, was God of Earthrealm and Order. A dispute led to the death of Yong Sim Ki after Shinnok, the Lord of Death at the time, killed him as a sacrifice. Gaia started war, and Yong Sim Ki felt it was the perfect time, while she was distracted, to kill her.
*In the Heaven Temple*
Gaia: Son, it is time.
Yong: For what mother?
Gaia: It is time you commanded your own realm.
Yong: I can be a god of my own realm?
Gaia: You will make a perfect god for Edenia.
Yong: Edenia? I have a better idea...
Gaia: Oh no-
*Yong stabs Gaia with the Netherrealm Sword*
Gaia: Why do you-
Yong: I feel I should take over now. I will be the new god of Earthrealm.
Gaia: Overthrowing another god will not-
Yong: SHUT UP!
*Yong throws a fierce kick to Gaia, decapitating her.*
Yong: Fatality.
The cocky Yong left the castle, only to have two swords crossed into his sides. He takes out the swords and stabs them back. Two god guards layed on the ground lifeless.
Yong: Father, what do I do next? What can I do to test my new Gaia strength?
He remembers the tournament corrupted by the Tarkatan sorceror, Shang Tsung, called Mortal Kombat.
Fifteen hundred years on, an old, wiser Yong heads for Outworld, to defeat Shao Kahn and take over Outworld...
Heavenly Fist: A heavenly punch.

Hellish Fist: A hellish punch that does a lot more damage than a Heavenly Fist.

Gaia Fist: A punch that combines all elements of the world.

God Kick: A godlike kick.

Hidden Strength Fist: A fist that uses a hidden strength within Yong.

Angelic Float: Generates angel wings that lift him up.

Angelic Sky Beam (during Angelic Float): Fires an angelic sky beam.

Angelic Dropkick (during Angelic Float): Does a heavenly dropkick.

Angelic Revelation (during Angelic Dropkick): Flips in the air and fires a Revelation.

Devil Float: Generates devil wings that lift him up.

Devil Revelation (during Devil Float): Fires a huge fireball while up in the air.

Revelation: A fireball that does little damage but stuns opponent.


Fatality 1: Conversion to the Light:

Calls upon a heavenly presence that enters the opponent, exploding the opponent from the inside.

Fatality 2: Conversion to the Dark:

Calls upon an evil and godforsaken presence that buries the opponent alive in a grave.

Fatality 3: Throne Decapitation:

Creates a throne that the opponent sits on, while Yong decapitates the opponent with a kick like how he killed his mother.

Harakiri: Deception:

Kills himself telepathically.


Spoilers: (Highlight to reveal)
Out of all the warriors, he was not impressed. Taking over Outworld, he proceeded to take over all the other realms, until he takes over all 7, where he learns of a new threat to his reign, The Earth Warriors...

JediTommy8Posted: 10/01/2005 10:26 AMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Created Character Archives

Status:ninja,servant of Kahn
Height:changes when he transform,when in ninja form,only 6'2"
Weight:175 pounds
Allies:The Da,Kahn,Ermac,Reptile,Kintaro,Rain,Baraka
Enemies:The Earthrealm warriors,raiden,cyrax

Bio 1:He served under his master,the four armed tiger Kintaro,as they prepared to fight the warriors who have came to Outworld,Grimmer was sent on a mission to find a warrior named Noob Saibot,having no luck he felt depressed,but when he got back he watched the tournament,Kitana,Mileena,Reptile,Liu Kang,Jax,and many mortals fought in this tournament,but then it was time,Kintaro came out to help,everyone feared him,not Grimmer though,Kintaro was up against the thunder god Raiden.Raiden would surely lose too,no one beats Kintaro .Kintaro was wrong,Raiden had already pushed Kintaro into Shao Kahn,who pushed him back towards Raiden,Grimmer knew he had to help,he jumped into battle,but was kicked in the face by Liu Kang,Grimmer then covered up Johnny Cage in muck,Liu Kang went towards Kahn but a fireball hit him from Shang Tsung.Grimmer knew he had to get back to Kintaro,he rushed to him just in time,blocked Raiden's attack,but was knocked out,the last thing he saw was Kintaro's death.He awoke in Kahn's castle,he shall serve under kahn now,or will he.....?

Bio 2:i served under Kahn again for the next tournament,but after that he replaced me with some man named Reiko...,i was still a servant though.Today some fool in a tournament we held named Stryker came to challenge us,i really wanted to fight this guy..until i saw him get beaten by a weak soldier..the idiot....... I hope i can get some competition soon,i guess i'll practice with Ermac and Rain for now.Soon i will have the right time for Kahn to have me be his top general,then ill sneak out saying im on a mission,transform into one of the mortals that were in our tournament,invite Raiden to a secret cave,and destroy him to get revenge of Kintaro's death!Perhaps Kahn will make me help him always if i defeat Raiden.Then i'll be the best there is! After motnhs of fighting,my plan was foiled.As i watched Shang Tsung and Quan Chi kill Kahn,he seemed much weaker than ever,as if it was....not him.................

Bio 3: I knew this can't be Shao Kahn,he was too weak,well...i guess i can take over now,better hurry before Reiko takes over. Now i will rule Outworld,but Shang Tsung and Quan Chi are way too powerful even for me,i havent seen Ermac,its as if he disappeared.I guess i'll have to serve the Deadly Alliance,because if i don't i could be killed.I will kill them eventually when they arent looking,well i'll kill Quan Chi,Shang Tsung never bothered me ever,and he tried to protect Kintaro.I'll convince the DA to have a tournament,whoever wins gets their soul in the last dragon king soldier body! PERFECT! i watched this tournament very closely from above,the fighters could be seen were great,it seemed like i saw Jax,Kitana,Sonya,Hsu Hao,and many others.Ss i watched them it was a very good tournament,Jax ripped out Hsu Hao's cybernetic heart,Li Mei fought against people,as Cage fought with the DA.Kano watched this tournament too,he seemed to be excited to fight Sonya.
I then noticed at the edge of my eye,A NINJA SPECTRE RUNNING INTO THE CASTLE,IT MUST BE SCORPION! I must stop him,he probably thinks Quan Chi is in there though,the fool.I ran towards where he was,but someone kicked me into a statue,was was,it was Kung Lao,the one who fought in the tournament that Kintaro died in!!!!I must get back to Scorpion,Kung Lao wasnt as much of importance to me as Scorpion was anyway,when i got into there i saw the guards,Moloch and Drahmin pounding on Scorpion,they then tossed him into the soulnado,instead of being ripped apart by the souls he dissapeared and Drahmin and Moloch looks extremely confused,but when i got back i saw Kitana,Lao,Sonya,Cage,and Jax all dead,and it seemed Li Mei won the tournament,she was the one to be in Onaga's soldiers' last body,but some fat person rescued her,but some of her still loves Onaga probably since she was in there for atleast a few seconds.They ran out of the temple but they weren't that important,Li Mei would eventually turn on them if the prophecy is fufilled,then Onaga will return,and Li Mei will join him. There were three left in the temple now,Shang Tsung,Quan Chi,and Raiden.Raiden fought well against the two sorcerers and it seems as though victory was at hand. But the combined might of Quan Chi and Shang Tsung proved to be over whelming even for a Thunder God.
Raiden was defeated. The Deadly Alliance had won. Their victory was short lived. As suspicion and lust for power over came both Quan Chi and Shang Tsung,the former allies had turned on each other. The Deadly Alliance was no more. Quan Chi defeated Shang Tsung and rambled in his conquest.
But it is said that there is only one true ruler of Outworld and that ruler had returned.......

fighting styles:
2.Tai Xu

Special Moves:
1.Mucka Ball-he throws mucka at the opponent and the opponent gets stuck in it,he can get a free hit in
2.Mucka Teleport-he turns into Mucka and goes through the floor,then he pops out of the ceiling and chokes the opponent for a few seconds,taking away a lot of life.
3.Mucka Swing-Grimmer puts Mucka on the oppoent and ,oves back,lets go and hits the opponent.
4.Mucka Clone-Summons a mucka clone that grabs the opponent allowing a free hit
5.Taunt:says 20 different taunts at the opponent,only one each time you do a taunt.
6.Hookey-Throws a hook at the opponent's foot keeping them in the ground for a few seconds,allowing a free hit.

1.Covers the opponent in Muck,Rips off Arm,Throws it away,Rips off Leg,and hits the opponent to death with it.
2.Throws one hook at the opponent going into his stomach,throws another which lands in the opponents leg,and throws another which lands into the opponnets eye,he covers the opponent wiht mucka so he cant move,and hooks the hooks together,pulls on them,and the opponents body comes all apart

Friendship:turns into mucka,and lets opponent make stuff out of him,like play doh,or clay.

Animality:turns into a blob of muck,and gets bigger,and bigger,and bigger,and turns into the shape of a giant Cockroach,scares the opponent to death.


Grimmer knew Onaga had returned,having seen him survive the Deadly Alliance and Raiden's attacks,but there was still hope left to defeat Onaga,and every warrior of Earthrealm and Edenia joined forces to defeat him,there was still hope,with Onaga almost defeated,a familiar laugh echoed throughout the hall,Grimmer knew this laugh,it belonged to one person,SHAO KAHN!

Lone_ThunderPosted: 10/15/2005 08:03 PMStatus ::

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Nationality::United States
RE: Created Character Archives

Name: Lone Thunder
Age: 30
Height: 6'2"
Wieght: 240 lbs
Race: Human
Affiliation: Good

Style 1: Hwa Rang Do
Style 2: Wu-Shu
Weapon: Spear


Bio: Lone Thunder who is of the Lakota Nation, has been endowed by the Thunder Beings with the power to control lightning. With this gift Nightwolf requested Lone Thunder's asistance in protecting Earthrealm. After careful consideration Lone Thunder agrees. But at what cost?

PS2playerPosted: 01/12/2006 10:52 AMStatus ::

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RE: Created Character Archives

This is my character:

Name: Hattori
Clothes:electric blue ninja-costume and chains
Place of origin:Outworld
fighting styles: Val tudo,Dragon,Katanas
Special power: thunder

special moves:

Thunderbolt:Hattori shoots big thunder ball to the enemy.

Teleport:Hattori teleports himself to behind of enemy.

Shockin ground pound: Hattori punch to the ground and then comes big electric wave.

Fatalities: Exploding shock punch:
Hattori put his hand to the air; then a thunder comes from the sky to the hand,then the hand full of electric and then he punch the hand to the enemys stomach and then the enemy explodes.

Killer katana:
Hattori takes his both katanas.First he put the one katana to the enemys stomach, then other katana through the legs.Then he lift the enemy up and pull the katanas to the different directions.Then the enemy break from the middle.

Hattori takes one katana,puts it to the sky and then a thunder hits to the katana and then the electric leads from the katana to the Hattori and hattori and the katana explodes!!!

That is my own create-a-character.

P.S : I didn´t discover story to the Hattori but I think that not a problem

PS2playerPosted: 01/12/2006 11:00 PMStatus ::

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RE: Created Character Archives

Okay guys, here is my second character:

P.O.O: The realm of chaos
Allies:Liu kang,kung lao,raiden,sub-zero,special forces
Foes:Deadly alliance,Shao kahn,Reptile
Wearing:Black shorts and boots,in the head hi has a blue head band
Fighting styles:Hapkido,Ninjitsu,machete
Weapon name: machete

something special from him: He has lots of darkness-powers,but he is good.

special moves:

dark force-ball: Its kinda like reptile´s force ball, but its full of "darkness".

clone kick: He clones himself and then the clone starts kick the enemy.

clone punch: same as "clone kick" but the clone start punching the enemy.


Clone attack: Jinko clones himself 2 clones. Then both clones rip enemys arms off and then the real Jinko twist enemys neck.

REAPER: Jinko takes his machete.Then he kick the enemy to the air . When enemy drops,Jinko cuts him half from the middle. Before the top drops,Jinko jumps and cuts the enemys head off on the air.

Hara-kiri: This is kinda simple. Jinko takes his machete and cuts a cut to the his neck and then he starts bleeding lots of blood and dies.


and sorry I didn´t discover a story to the Jinko.

shadowboxPosted: 01/19/2006 10:02 PMStatus ::

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Nationality::United States
RE: Created Character Archives

Name: Keiko
Eyes:Neon Green
Skin Tone:Ghostly White
Occupation:High Priestess to Fujin

Fighting Style:Fan Zi, Mi Zong
Weapon:Kunlun Dao
Powers:Wind Manipulation and various spells and incantations

Special Abilities:
1.)Whirlwind-Spins around rapdily, pulling enemies into a controlled tornado. They whirl around her, taking damage, until the attack ends and they are sent flying two thirds of the screen away from her.

2.)Wind Blade-Chops at the air and creates a long crescent shaped blade of air energy that flies at the enemy as a projectile.

3.)Leech Life-Throws one large ofuda (paper talisman) that plants itself onto the enemy and sucks life from their essence and holding the enemy in place for a free hit. It then disengages and zips back to Keiko, giving her health.

4.)Air Shield-Throws her arms out in front of her to create a shield that deflects projectiles.

Appearance: Default- White hair hangs freely at her back. She wears a short white silk dress with ornate gold decorations snaking down the left side. Sleeves are not attached to the actual dress but clasped on with arm jewlery. Tight at first but widen at the hands.White leggings and tabi boots.

Alternate-White hair tied into two braids. Religous marks painted on her white skin, blue and green in color. Eyes are a glowing white. Linen cloth wrapped about her breasts. Bare middrift and more linen wrapping serves as a skirt. Bare feet and legs.

Quote: "Only death can keep me from serving my Lord"

Story coming soon.

NIRVANAPosted: 01/21/2006 09:35 AMStatus ::

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Nationality::United States
RE: Created Character Archives

wow i like all these there really good!! shit if i could draw id make one but i cant draw for shit so yeah,...

Doomscorpion1992Posted: 02/24/2006 01:42 PMStatus ::

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Nationality::United Kingdom
RE: Created Character Archives

Alignment: Good
Allies: Sub-Zero, Raiden, Jax and Sonya
Enemies:The Tekunin
Bio: Having both fire powers and ice powers, this lin kuei warrior hates the tekunin because Sektor had beat him up and left him for dead, he only survived because Sub-Zero had found him, he begged sub-zero to take him in so sub-zero trained Freeze Burns' and within 2 months he was to be proclaimed grandmaster if Sub-zero died, but he wouldn't kill sub-zero, he later saved sub-zero's life, just as sub-zero had done for him.

Special attacks:
Flamethrower: Freeze burns uses his fire powers to become a human flamethrower
Fire uppercut: no explination needed
Freeze!: again, no explination needed
Frozen Spiker: Freeze Burns fires icicles at his opponent (up to 3)

1: Burn up: does his Flamethrower until his opponent looks like meat-blaze
2: Frozen Hammer: Freezes his opponent and then smashes them with a titanium hammer

Tai Kwan Do
Freezeburn Sword

Hara Kiri: Does his burn up move on himself

ACE5211Posted: 02/24/2006 09:50 PMStatus ::

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Nationality::United States
RE: Created Character Archives

wow thats cool ,but how do you change the color skin and put charecter.

ACE 5211
ACE5211Posted: 02/26/2006 07:23 PMStatus ::

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Nationality::United States
RE: Created Character Archives

AceKombat Wrote:
Heres my edited version mkII sub-zero

Image hosted by
Spoilers: (Highlight to reveal)

hey thats cool so i made my own i didnt know how to make a animation i just drew a picture.
but i have toput my picture

ACE 5211
Cyamore_NinjaPosted: 03/18/2006 01:21 AMStatus ::

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Character Requirements

Character Name: Cyamore (sai-a-more)
Character Looks: Black and brown clad ninja.
Character Special Moves: (1. Sends boulder flying kick at an opponent.) (2. Legs turns into giant thick stone and does a jumping kick into his opponent.) Character Weapon: A seven balled flail.
Character Fatality: (1. Giant stone log falls from the sky and crushes the opponent.) (2. Stones fly around Cyamore and pegg the opponent in the head and works it's way down until he explodes.) (3. Animality: Raptor) (4. Hara Kiri: Turns head and arms into stone then sandwiches his head between his to arms then his head explodes into a million stone peices. With blood squirting out his neck.

Stage Requirements

Stage Name: Cave.
Stage Interaction: Kicks your character into stilagtites and falls on them.
Stage Weapon: Stone Hammer.
Stage Fatality: Character kicks other character into stone post causing a cave in crushing your opponent.

Name: Cyamore
Styles: Tai Chi, Sun Do, Death Flail.
Allies: Sub-Zero, Ermac, Lui Kang.
Enemies: Shao Kahn, Shang Tsung, Scorpion.

Keeping a low profile through all the tournaments watching his younger brother. Working along with sub zero to keep an eye out for ermac. In ermac's past life he had an older brother and a family being killed by outworld ninjas dieing a horrible he was burried in an outworld feild in the outskirts of a town. Cyamore was apart of the clan the lin keui working along the side of sub zero. Cyamore was a quick student mastering his power over stone substances. Keeping in the shadow long enough his brother is entering armageddon he must put his foot down and stop his brother from loosing his oul once and for all.


Alt. Pic.

Cyamore_NinjaPosted: 03/18/2006 01:22 AMStatus ::

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RE: Created Character Archives

Character Requirements

Character Name: Cyamore (sai-a-more)
Character Looks: Black and brown clad ninja.
Character Special Moves: (1. Sends boulder flying kick at an opponent.) (2. Legs turns into giant thick stone and does a jumping kick into his opponent.) Character Weapon: A seven balled flail.
Character Fatality: (1. Giant stone log falls from the sky and crushes the opponent.) (2. Stones fly around Cyamore and pegg the opponent in the head and works it's way down until he explodes.) (3. Animality: Raptor) (4. Hara Kiri: Turns head and arms into stone then sandwiches his head between his to arms then his head explodes into a million stone peices. With blood squirting out his neck.

Stage Requirements

Stage Name: Cave.
Stage Interaction: Kicks your character into stilagtites and falls on them.
Stage Weapon: Stone Hammer.
Stage Fatality: Character kicks other character into stone post causing a cave in crushing your opponent.

Name: Cyamore
Styles: Tai Chi, Sun Do, Death Flail.
Allies: Sub-Zero, Ermac, Lui Kang.
Enemies: Shao Kahn, Shang Tsung, Scorpion.

Keeping a low profile through all the tournaments watching his younger brother. Working along with sub zero to keep an eye out for ermac. In ermac's past life he had an older brother and a family being killed by outworld ninjas dieing a horrible he was burried in an outworld feild in the outskirts of a town. Cyamore was apart of the clan the lin keui working along the side of sub zero. Cyamore was a quick student mastering his power over stone substances. Keeping in the shadow long enough his brother is entering armageddon he must put his foot down and stop his brother from loosing his soul once and for all.

tarkata14Posted: 04/04/2006 03:16 PMStatus ::

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Nationality::United States
RE: Created Character Archives

name: Osiri
origin: Outworld
sex: unknown
side: evil
race: iris"s
allies: baraka, scorpion
enimes: cyrax, sektor, sub-zero

desription: sand colored cloak with hood over face. face is torn of and replaced with a metal mask that looks like a scarab beetle. bodie, looks like an egyptian casket. thats all i have know but i have to go.

tarkata14Posted: 04/05/2006 12:54 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Created Character Archives

Name:Osiri OH-SIGH-RI
Age:Over 5,000 years old
Race:Newly descovered race in Outworld's wastlands called The Irises
Allies:Scorpion,Baraka,Motaro, and Goro
Enimies:Kintaro,Shao Khan.
fighting styles: Dragon, and Mantis
Weapons:Double gold Scimitars

Description:Has a long dark gray cloak on and hood over face. Face covered over with a egyption tomb head mask, you can barely see his face. has sand colored clothing under cloak that is like the othe ninja's[scorpian, sub-zero, reptile, etc.] clothing but he is biger than them so he looks bulkier. his clothes is just a little brighter the tremors clothes. The weapons are double gold scimitars that have chains that come out of the handle kind of like on God of War. The chains can be rapped a round the handle for beter grip. or they can be in Osiri's hands so he can fling them to hurt enimies more. Hes cloak allows him to turn into a sarcofogas as he blocks.

History:As a little child in the iris clan, who learned most of there techneces from the ancient egyptians until they disapered, traveled to earthrealm alot to see the ancient egyptions, learning fighting styles untill they disapeared. one trip there for the whole clan proved quite deadly when they got there, Kintaro and Shao Khan sent there army there and destoyed the egyptions and all of the iris clan exept Osiri. when shao khan ordered kintaro to kill the khild osiri, osiri didnt hear from the shellshock. Kintaro walked over and ripped osiri's face off. osiri woke up from the shell shok and ran into a pyramyd. he took one of the sarcoghphogus's head mask off he put it on. He then found some gold scimitars laying next to a dead gaurd. he said "i'll get revenge!! He know got his soul taken out and is a killer. he is after Shap Khan and Kintaro for wiping out the whole iris clan. Scorpion helps on some of osiris journys. He has yet to kill kahn andkintaro.

Sub-Zero315Posted: 05/16/2006 01:46 PMStatus ::

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Nationality::United States
RE: Created Character Archives

SmokeNc-017 Wrote:

Grave's Default

Grave's alt

Those are really good drawings!

RUFIXPosted: 05/31/2006 08:54 PMStatus ::

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Nationality::United States
RE: Created Character Archives

This is my Created Character for the tournament. His name is Dar-Kon. He's a Tarkatan/Oni Hybrid. One of a kind. I'm still working on his story, moves, and an alternate pic, but here's a couple pics to look at. oorufixoo
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