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UlcaTronPosted: 02/20/2007 08:09 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Created Character Archives


UlcaTronPosted: 03/01/2007 01:28 AMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Created Character Archives


Alliance : Good
Foes : Shinnok,Quan Chi,Shang Tsung, Onaga,Raiden
Allies : Kung Lao, Sub-Zero,Kenshi(temporary),Sonya Blade,Jax,Johnny Cage
Height : 6'3
Weight : 185 lb
Ethnicity : Asian
Age : 35
Class : Ninja (like Naruto(not MK))
Race : Human
Weapon : Kunia
Fighting Style : Ninja Fist
Clan/Team : N/A

Bio : I am Zukirin, I have been training for plenty of years now. I was sent by Fujin to get ahold of new Earth Warriors for most have died in the events of Armageddon.I will recruit warriors from EarthRealm and Edenia. I am hoping that these new apprentices will have patients.I have mastered all the skills possible to know.I will help these new fighters earn there way too become Earthrealms new champions. One Day I hope they have a statue of them in the Warrior Shrine one day...

Moves :

Raging Revenge --- Runs at the opponent and knocks them into the air with a devastating kick to the face. Quickly runs behind the opponent ( really fast like how Kabal does but he actually moves more than one foot lol) and faces the opposite direction of the opponent falling. Clinches his fist tightly and turns around and punches the crap out of the back of the opponent maybe with two punches.

Mouth Blast --- Simply makes a wave blast (like the force in Star Wars) and knocks the opponent maybe two feet (just incase there is a deathtrap nearby!) or more.

Knock Down --- He Makes his index finger and middle finger line up together and moves it in all these directions that are hurting the opponent severely.

Fatalities :

Kunia Fury --- Runs at the opponent does something like Scorpion's hellfire kick. But runs on the opponent instead. As the opponent falls the ground from the attack. Zukirin, Jumps off the ground in a back flip away from the opponent and then throws his kunias at the opponents eyes.

Limb Killers --- Just like his knock down move, but he keeps doing it until the opponents limb's break and makes him/her drop to the floor.

Throws/Grabs :

Punches --- Just punches you alot in the gut and does a kick into the air. Follows you there and kicks you down.

Appearance :

Hair --- Short/Spike Blackish with Brownish highlights
Skin Tone --- Light Tanned/Milky White
Upper Torso --- (White) Karate Shirt
Lower Body --- Black Karate Pants
Shoes --- Wraps (White)
Arms --- Wraps (White)
Shoulders --- N/A
Shins --- Sense his pants come short (not too short though
) he has some wraps coming from shin to feet.

Rikushi (Ninja name for "Her")

Alliance : Good
Foes : Shinnok,Quan Chi,Shang Tsung, Onaga,Raiden
Allies : Zukirin,Kenshi,Kung Lao, Sub Zero
Height : 5'6
Weight : 135
Ethnicity : Black/African Descent
Class : Warrior
Race : Human
Weapon : Javelin
Fighting Style : Eagle Claw (similar to Kitana's in MKDA)
Clan/Team : Earth Warriors

Bio : i am Rikushi, I am from EarthRealm. I am a warrior with pride and has seen the uncoming of Mortal Kombat for ages. I was told By Raiden,before his mishap, that I was the Original God. I was All Gods Morphed into one . I ruled Realms and watched over them.Now I do nothing but watch as they unfold. I was told life will never end. I believe that. Its just begun...

Moves :

Javelin Stab --- Takes her Javelin and keeps poking/stabbing/jabbing you with it.

Kicker's Kombo --- She kicks you twice, elbows your face in,kicks your leg, and palms you away

Projectile Heat --- Makes a orange orb and tosses it at you (underhandly) and it explodes on you (hence making you fly away lol)


Javelin's Final Ride --- Kicks you three times in each level of your body (head,stomach,legs.), palms you away and takes out her Javelin Staff. She throws it at your head, you are getting ready to fall, and then she jumps into the air near your body takes her Javelin jumps back and Blows you away with Projectile Heat.

OverKill --- Makes an Orb and throws it at you. You dodge it by flipping foward into her fist punching you dead in the face. She makes her orb as powerful as it can get. She Throws it at you and you blow to pieces.

Throws/Grabs :

Does Kung Lao's (Mantis MKDA) grab move

Appearance :

Hair --- Long ponytailed hair,brunette
Skin Tone --- Light Brown
Upper Torso --- It is a two piece looking shirt, She has it in orange and black.
Lower Torso --- A thongish pair of clothes (not to be perverted). With a weird black design on it.
Shoes --- Nice, long black boots
Arms --- MK3 Ninja Arm Parts (orange and black)
Shoulders --- N/A
Shins --- Covered by boots


Alliance : Evil
Foes : All who appose Onaga, NightWolf
Allies : Onaga, Shinnok, Shao Khan, Lie Mei
Height : 6'5
Weight : 215 lb
Age : 10,000 Years In Counting (He ages by months ; though he doesn't look to old)
Class : Warrior
Race : Edenian
Weapon : Mace
Fighting Style :
Clan/Team : N/A

Bio : After The Devastating attempt at Armageddon ; I was awakened.Sitting in my chains tied to the void of destruction. The Time Has Come, I will emerge from the shadows of the fighters that I have hidden From for thousands of years. Now, I will fight. I AM the original disciple of The Dragon King, Onaga. I shall help him in his time of need. No matter how powerful the threat ; it will be stopped and/or killed.

Moves :

Charge --- Puts his knee up (which has a spike (from his armor) on the knee cap which is where he hits you from) and it makes you fly away.

Assist --- A transparent picture of Onaga's face come out of the back part of the screen and then you run at the opponent and kick him/her down.

Red Hound --- It is sorta like Johnny Cage's Shadow Kick ; except, the shadow part is Red/Orange/Yellow instead of green.

Fatalites :

Blood Thirsty ---Chimra kicks your gut in, pulls his leg out, and then kicks your face ; which makes you fall back. And Then, you walk towards him/her and step on their face making their lower body explode.

Brutality -- Exactly like the brutality except he uses his feet only to kill the opponent.

Throws/Grabs :

Kick Hound --- Kicks you two times in the gut and stomach and then does his Red Hound move.

Appearance :

Hair --- Spikes (Such as Timothy Olyphants ; Girl Next Door)
Skin Tone --- Light Tan
Upper Torso --- The Left Side has black armor while the right side has a tucked long sleeved tank top.
Lower Body --- Black Armor on Left Side and Long white Pants On The Right.
Shoes --- Armored Boots
Arms --- Connected to Upper Torso
Shoulders --- connected to upper torso
Shins -- connected to lower body


Alliance : Good
Foes : Onaga, Shinnok, Raiden
Allies : Fujin, Kung Lao, Kabal
Height : 7'3
Weight : 250 lb
Ethnicity : God
Age : Immortal
Class : Elder God
Race : Elder God
Weapon : The Axe God
Fighting Style : Jujitsu
Clan/Team : Earth Warriors

Bio : After Raiden helped our fallen Elder God Shinnok ; I was summoned by Fujin to help the Earth Warriors. Fujin told me he needs my assistance in stopping Shinnok and Raiden. I will help him and the other Earth Warriors defeat this alliance. I will not die like last time...

Moves :

Hydro Blast --- Makes a blast of water and shoots it at the opponent

Water punches -- Punches you in the head and gut alot and then throws you into the ground with a blast of water

Fatalites :

Hydro Fury --- Starts making a Hydro Blast and then his hands/fist start to have water around them. He then breaks your neck and opens your mouth and throws the water in there and makes your head blow up.

OverKill --- Teleports like how Rain does in MKA and then punches your back nearly breaking it. He then backs off ; and starts to kind of charge up. He turns into water, jumps in you and makes you blow up.

Throw/Grabs :

Hell Axe Kick -- Hell Axe Kick

Appearance :

Hair --- Long White hair (similar to Ra(y)iden's hair in MK1).
Skin Tone --- Pail
Upper Torso --- Sash (MKA)
Lower Body --- Kung Fu Dragon (MKA)
Shoes --- Tabi Long (Blue/Turquoise)
Arms --- N/A
Shoulders --- N/A
Shins --- Tabi Long

91016268Posted: 03/02/2007 10:25 AMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Created Character Archives

thats true because the created fighters look very gay and stuff. If you agree reply to me the sooner you can.

What is up dudes the Mortal KOmbat Deception you can make torrie wilson the hotest diva!
sibunadPosted: 08/24/2007 03:22 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Created Character Archives

less emoicons please

gorangoPosted: 12/04/2007 01:39 AMStatus ::

Rank ::
RE: Created Character Archives

I've been writing my MK Universe for some time now (after resting for so long). I'm trying to expand the canonical story and create some new characters. Here is one of them, i'm not finish write about her yet but she is the only new character i've drawn so far.

It's old... yes... but I hope I can finish my other concepts in the near future

SERPENTIA... the goddess of Necromancy, the mother of all Saurians. forum/showmessage.cds?id=52856

MEsoFLYPosted: 12/04/2007 10:04 AMStatus ::

Rank ::
RE: Created Character Archives

sibunad Wrote:
less emoicons please

shut up

Photobucket Thanks to MEsoFLY, MKC is now closed until further notice.
tonshaad1230Posted: 03/02/2008 06:25 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Created Character Archives

well crow heres my new character kit mihght be long myesujiko evil weight-? height-7`9 allies-shang tsung mk4 quan chi shinnok goro shao khan songando sheeva rain reptile scorpion moloch onis chaos relam pple and havik enimes:jax noob , sub-zero a kak tarktan warrio women Special Moves:Zombie control Muesujiko is what they call me by.I was a former demon with my sister ashra in slavery by the evil sub-zero.I had the right like anyone would have to fight back.but before that happen i overheard a oni saying that sub-zero was about to fight his counter part.that wonderful saying got me too dress in a armor suit with a weapon that i just had to be in silver named the thoeaor sword and i had 2 guns just in case things got more ugly then it was already was.Before subzero went into the cave the sataur cave which is 45 miles too southwest-he had made a deal with ths shaman named banzukeei.THAT fool!he left all his riches and money here my sister and i left to go to the city of shen(in outworld)./This empeor of light (hotaour)was battling my adversiary sub could that sob come here.Then i got a call from shang tsung.HA my loyal friend and former husband wanted me too meet him in his temple grounds.I followed it.shang was there.I huged him and kissed him.shang:the reason why i claled u here was too be in fact a morpher and emperoress.i morpher traning began.shang:Passed. take ur morphing lessons to other places.I said to shang:thank youCHAPTER 2:THE BATTLE BEGINS now i was in factly known as the battler.istook and took ur moves from you.well my bad side came to palace.had to find sub zero and tell him too bow down to my emperor shao khans might.I traveled miles and miles and miles till i got the stone portal..SO this is the legend,its alittle bit old toom be consider a ``legend``.I went i8nto the sub zero ice clan undergorunds passage(secret passage) too go into subbys room.I confronted him by all meams necissryary.i had to fight him in mortal kombat.well i did and i i ahd to fight jax which jax was guarding the liu kang tomb.jax,with his bionic arms had gotten my face cut.good thing i had the morphering power.i morphed into liu kang did the bicycle kick did the dragon transformation(animalilty). Join the greatest website ever Obama Or Fatality!
phoenixwarriorPosted: 03/25/2008 08:17 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
RE: Created Character Archives

Found her earlier today.

Name: Shya-Ri
Age: 26
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 133 lbs.
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Golden Blonde

Fighting Styles: Hapkido, Akido

Weapon: Sprial-Bladed Shield


(Main)Long sleeve white v-neck with intricate red & gold lace patterns, gold colored pants with white drawstrings up the sides, and black boots with gold laces on the outside.

(Alternate) Red one-piece bodysuit with white lace detailing, and same boots as other outfit.


Shya-Ri grew up in a peaceful Edenian village before the reign of Shao Kahn. When his Extermination Squads came and destryoed the village, Shya-Ri and a few remaining villagers banded together to kombat the squads. All were slain except for Shya-Ri, who was captured and brought before Shao Kahn himself.
He offered Shya-Ri a place among his generals because of her fighting abilities. She refused, and was thrown in a cell underneath the throneroom, helpless to whatever sick desires he had.
One day, she heard Kahn conversing with the sorcerers Quan Chi and Shang Tsung. A scuffle followed, and then the only sound was Quan Chi and Shang Tsung's footsteps out of the room. Everybody in the castle rushed to the throneroom, as Shya-Ri picked the lock, and escaped back to her village.
She had been told that Shao Kahn was dead, and her village was pledging alligence to the newly-formed 'Deadly Alliance'. She fled in anger, and happened upon Princess Kitana, who was returning from the funeral for her her ally, Prince Goro of the the Shokan Empire. Shya-Ri explained her troubles to Kitana, who took Shya-Ri under her wing, and brought her back to the Edenian palace.
Once she was ready to finally kombat the Alliance, word arrived at the palace that the warrior monk from Earthrealm, Kung Lao, had killed Quan Chi and Shang Tsung in Mortal Kombat. It seemed her chance to fight would have to wait...
One morning, though, tragedy struck in the form of the newly-revived Dragon King, Onega. His army launched a suprise attack on the palace, capturing Kitana, and leaving only Queen Sindel and Shya-Ri alive. Now, with Sindel's help, Shya-Ri is ready to enter Mortal Kombat to rescue her friend, mentor, and princess, Kitana, and defeat the Dragon King...

Special Moves:

Shield Rush-

Shya-Ri placed a small spike in the center of her shield to fend off any running attackers. She can also use this for offense, as she runs, and buries the spike into her enemy's chest.


Shay-Ri learned many kicks from Kitana, and one that she prefers is the Enuzurgi. She runs at her opponent, and kicks them in the side of their head, snapping the head to the side, and knocking them to the ground.


Shya-Ri grabs her opponent's head, and slams them face-down on the ground, making them bounce a few times.


Blink of an Eye- Shya-Ri runs at her opponent, jumps up, and does a handstand on their head. She then forcefully snaps the neck, turning it so it is facing the back. She then throws herself down with enough force that, while still holding the head, throws the body forward. The head snaps off of the body because of the speed of the body, and it flies to the other side of the arena, as Shya-Ri still holds the head in her hands.

Death Sentry- Shya-Ri launches her her shield towards her opponent's midsection, slicing straight through it. As the enemy clutches whats left of their stomach, the shield flies back at an angle, taking off part of the enemy's head. Shya-Ri catches the shiels on her forearm, as the body falls helplessly to the ground.


Should Shya-Ri be defeated in battle, instead of letting her opponent finsih her off, she will impale the spike from her shield into the back of her head, killing her instantly.


Village of Shor-La:

The village of Shor-La was Shya-Ri's birthplace. After the Deadly Alliance laid claim to it, she turned her back on her people, and vowed to destroy the sorcerers. Now that they are no more, she has returned home. But enemies follow her, wanting to fight. Edenian guards have begin patrolling the village, and if a fighter should bump into one of them, the guard will beat the kombatant, and send them back into the arena. Pottery vendors also line the fight scene, and should a kombatant get in their line of sight, they will throw a vase at them. Although this does not do a lot of damage, it distracts the fighter long enough for the opponent to get in a few free hits.

Stage Weapon-

The pottery vendors also have their wares lining the arena, and a fighter can pick one up, and hurl it at their opponent, causing some damage.

Stage Fatality:

Village Riot
Some troublesome villagers will try to start a riot by grabbing a kombatant, and stabbing them as his friends join in. The villagers will become so upset by this, that they will chase the troublemakers out of town, inadvertently trampling the wounded kombatant, killing them, and leaving a bloody mess where they were just moments ago...

"You were born to be somebody's bitch, you know that?"
billyhollowelPosted: 04/12/2008 06:50 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Created Character Archives

sweet but have u beat blaze with your Created character?

mega awesom dominator billy hollowell
tonshaad1230Posted: 06/02/2008 08:57 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Created Character Archives

Dominator(He may also have a tag-team with his sons and daughters Age:Older than The Elements and the heavens. Occupation:God of The Elements Good or Evil Or neatrul:Neatrul Weight:556 pounds Height:9'9 Sons:6-Hades,Poseidon,Zeus,Hermes,Apollo,Cecrops, Daughters:15-Actaeon Athena,Aphrodite,Persephone,Hera,Hestia,Akhlys,Achelois,Alcyone,Cer,Ceto,The Graces(Aglaia, Euphrosyne,Thalia,),Enyo. Wives:Adicia,Alala Allies:His sons and his daughters,except His wife Enemies:His two wives. # Of children:21 Special Moves: The Dark horse:Dominator rides a dark horse and he commands it to go and hit his enemy anywhere they are at. The Dark Chain lightning strike:When teamed with zeus ,he`ll use his son`s thunder moves and use his darkness with the lighning strike. The Stroke of death:He uses his hands to make a black wave clap to send a demon to attack his enemy`s torso. The Black fireball:Similiar to Ermacs fireball but blacker and more larger and has a choice where to land at/and it deals more damage. Black Music:When apollo(son)His their with him,He shoots a Lyre of black music that stuns the enemy.This move is just like sindel`s banshee scream which stuns them for 20 seconds,even if dominator hits his enemy their still stunned. =========================================================== Independent Special Moves: Black sun Black wind Black demon Black Control Black Thunder Black Fire =========================================================== Story: I`m dominator.I`m the one ultimate god of everything.I control those wannabes gods.I despise Everyone god who isn`t one of my beautiful children.I gave each and everybody power.Liu Kang may be dead,but i have more champions to take his place.I had assigned Zeus to be my protector.Hades to be their leader.And Poseidon to be the empeor of all realms.Poseidon was constantly complainning about the conditions after the great war of mortal kombat.I restored the once peaceful now devilish,Full of demons.I restored it.But before I could do it to my self,I was electricuted by Raiden.Raide!!!!! I yelled.I didn`t move after a while,but I still got in a few couple of stuns for him. ================================================================================================================================================================================= Trilight Height:? Weight:? Sex:Female Powers(in witch form):Being able to control darkness,ice,and the weather fused with dark but can`t be able to do it unless shes in her witch form she has powers in her human form Powers:In human form:She can control everything that`s related to fire,even animals related to fire. She has no bio or no ending. Join the greatest website ever Obama Or Fatality!
tonshaad1230Posted: 06/13/2008 11:56 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Created Character Archives

I`ll start off.

Hanzo hassan(Human Scorpion) (If he`s not wearing Fiery Scorpion`s costume
Bio:Scorpion Discovers how he got the power of fire.

My name is Hanzo Hasashi.I am a proud member of the Shirai Ryu.I have been training under the fighting styles ninja and hapkido.I just earned one of my fighting styles; lion tail.When I just got my first rank ninja assassin,I had a mission to do.I had to infiltrate the nertherrealm to find a evil sorceror...Quan chi.before I could leave,I begin to try and train some basic moves.When I did one of my air kicks,I saw that I had a fire from my kick.As I looked in wonder and shock,I went to the grandmaster to see what he wanted me to do.I knew he was angry with something because I was very late to get on the plane for the nertherrealm.Good thing I learned The teleport .When I was back on the ground,I now knew I wasn`t in the earthrealm anymore.I was in the Nertherrealm.Then,I saw that fire .I said to myself,"Where is that fire coming from?"Then, I say an old,torn map on the ground in front of me.When I saw it,I picked it up.It showed me the exact location where I could find the evil sorceror...Qaun Chi.I took the shortcut to him by using my teleport to him.I saw that fire again.I then took out my ninjas assassin computer to look up fire.It said,"When the member of the Shirai Ryu is a ninja assassin,they will acquire that fire.The power of the fire comes from our founder and our father,the fire god.The fire god`s real name is Juan Wo Chaun.Then I said,"I finally realized how I got my fire powers.Our founder and our father Jaun Wo Chaun Passes down the powers of fire.So I put my computer in my pouch. Then I met Quan Chi.I asked Quan Chi what do you want from the Shirai Ryu?He responded,"I want you to defeat the Lin Kuei Grandmaster,Sub-Zero.I looked at him evilly smiling i said,"I would take great pride in destory Sub-Zero.

Ending:I finally got to the Lin Kuei grounds.When I went forward I saw two lin Kuei Youngsters.I ducked into the shadows by using my teleport.They almosy saw me,but my fire disappeared so I was fine.I did overhear on of them saw,"We gonna have a battle of tournament of champions.Whoever wins will be respected by the grandmaster Sub-Zero!"Then i said to myself,"I wonder if I cover up this costume with their costume,I would be able to go in the toc and win that challenge by defeating him and bring him his head on a platter.There was one youngster who went back to the palace.While one of them stayed.It was the perfect time to get my change of clothering.I teleported in back of the youngster.I then did a disabling choke on him.That gave me a hour to change in their costume i then put my costume on the naked youngster.I did teleported to the battle field.I was so cold that i couldn`t even moved a finger.I then remember to use a fire techinque to bring the blood back to my head.When i prosped to the final level.I then saw Sub-Zero.I said to myself,"This is gonna be piece of cake!"When i did my spear on Sub-Zero,the crowd got silent and marvelously they clapped.I then went up to out my weapon the Poisonous Shuriken Sword,I then hit Sub-Zero.My sword broke.Sub-Zero was poisoned.The crowd got angry,so did Sub-Zero.Then I finished him up with The fiery Fireball of death.I won and I didn`t care if I got his respect.I then teleported back to the nertherrealm.With my original clothes reinstated back on to me,I went to Quan Chi.The mission was done.I finally found out what that fire represented.And I finally got the acolades from the fellow members of the Shirai Ryu.

Extra:He was born in the Chaosworld.He was 20 when he defeated Sub-Zero.He Got to be the grandmaster of the Shirai Ryu in the later parts.He evil when he`s wearing costume 4.Hes neatrul when wearing other costumes except 4.

Costumes:1.Scorpion holds his spear while he`s shirtless.
2.Scorpion with his mask off showing face/skull.
3.Scorpion is wearing his mk1 costume with the dragon symbol from mks red dragon.
4.Turns into scorpion(The fiery scorpion)
Fighting Styles:
3.Lion Tail
4.Poisonous Shuriken Sword(This sword has a posion on the shurikens that affects the sword and if the oppenent gets hit with it,the sword will break and it will be recharged if you`re not fighting in the ninja style.
Special moves:
Hapkido juke(while in the hapkido,human scorpion will do a juke.If near an oppenent,huamn scorpion will do a combo with that juke.)
Poisonous Snake Spear:Scorpion sends a poisonous spear to the oppenent`s neck.Just like in the movie,it is a snake.
Fiery Fire Breath:While wearing the fiery scorpions costume and the second costume,he`ll be able to send a fire breath out from his hands/mouth.
Shriyu:Something related to naurtos demon fox tail.Scorpion enchants this magic word and he turns into 8 scorpion clones.He then runs in a circle,and the takes his sword and slash his an oppenent`s torso.This move is fast.It doesn`t take a lot of damage,but it is a worthy move.
The Summon Hellfire Skull:Human and Fiery scopion sends a hellfire skull out to the oppenent.It cause major damage.About 50%.He can pick his oppenents body part to his the attack on.

1.The fiery Fireball of death:While only in his 4 costume,He will do his hands like he`s about to do his hellfire move,the oppenent then screams while he/she is flying in the air.Then a fireball emerges and then spins around trying to get bigger.Once its got big enough,the fireball then comes up to the oppenent.The oppenents body parts is every where.
2.The Fiery fireball brutality:Scorpion in his 2,4 costumes.Will walk to his oppenent,punches his oppenent in the head,groin,legs,arms,stomach then he gets his fireballs out.Heres the fireball commands
Fireball commands:Sends a demon out.Sends a cyclone out.Sends fire out.Sends a ninja out.Sends Shurikens out(Poisonous,non-poisonous whatever he picks),Sends out a sword.Then he sends a big fiery fireball that blows the oppenent up.
3.The 100 Ninjas Shriyu brutality:Scorpion enchants this magic word and he turns into 100 scorpion clones.He burns his oppenent with the summon hellfire skull,then he takes out his sword.Then he comes up to the oppenent and then slices his arms off,his legs off,and his torso off.Then he does an uppercut to the oppenents head and then he burns the rest of the oppenent with fiery breath.
4.Hara-Kiri:The fiery fireball of death:Scorpion uses the same fatality on himself.but he doesn`t fly in the air like his oppenent does.Scorpion just Laughs and then he gets blown up.
5.The Uppercut+Spear+Fiery Breath fatality:Scorpion goes up to his oppenent,does an uppercut.Then he takes out his spear,his then shoots it out to bring his oppenent back to him.Then he takes his mask off ,then he does the fiery breath.
Friendship:Scorpion Gives his oppenent (females only) a flower.Then the female oppenent will go and give scorpion a hug.
Friendship 2:Scorpion plays football with the male oppenent.Then he goes up to scorpion and gives him a high five.

Meh-Qial Alliance : Good Foes : Shang Tsung,Quan Chi,Balaza Allies : Kung Lao,Liu Kang Height : 7'2 Weight : 200 lb Age : 100(He`s doesn`t appear old) Class : Shaolin Monk Race : Earthrealm Weapon : Double Broadswords Fighting Styles : Mantis,Shaolin Monk Clan/Team :White lotus society,Shaolin Order Bio: After the destruction against balaza,the two sorcerors shang tsung and quan chi tried to revive him,but with the help of the earthrealm champion and the defender of the shaolin order (temple of light) we defeated the two sorcerors.Even though we may defeated the greatest threat to mankind,theres still a threat to us all.We just can`t find it yet. Special moves: Vertical Hat throw:Meh-Qial throws his hat upwards his oppenents neck. Horizontal Hat throw:Same as the vertical hat throw,only this time he shots it from side to side. Teleport:Like Kung Lao`s teleport,Meh-Qial teleport in front of his oppenent.And the color is red and green. Deflector shield: This shield deflects all projectiles,fireballs,ect. Whirlwind Spin Daze:If the oppenent get close to Meh-Qials spinning,they will be stunned for about 5 seconds. Throws: He uppercuts his oppenent and hits his oppenent with a dive kick Fatalities: Slicer:Meh-Qial slice his oppenent up with his two swords and then he puts one in the middle of the ring of the arena with the tip of the blade showing.He thens upercuts his oppenent on it.Fatality Join the greatest website ever Obama Or Fatality!
tonshaad1230Posted: 06/23/2008 08:41 PMStatus ::

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Nationality::United States
RE: Created Character Archives

Rivals:Shokan,Except Kintaro
Allies:Centuarians,Kintaro,Shao Kahn,Shang Tsung,Mitryior
Special Moves:
Fireball:Like his cousin Motaro,Soataro use`s his tail to shoot a fireball at his oppenent.
Shield:He uses his body to deflect projectiles,slams,combos,and uppercuts.
Assault:Using his tail and his hands he shoots 6 fireballs out of both hands and tail.
1.The end:Soataro goes up to his oppenent and uses his horse like legs to decapitate his oppenent`s torso off.
Bio:I am Soataro.I`m the second in command of the centaurians.I`ve been shown that shao kahn needs some assisstance.I thought he was dead.But then Shang Tsung came up and told me that He was resurrected by The evil Elder God Mitryior.I had to see this for myself.But I didn`t know where to start.I said to myself,"Where to look for an evil Elder God?I then got the answer from one of my rivals,Sheeva!Sheeva said,"Well it`s in fact.He`s in the nertherrealm!"I said in return,"Well I didn`t need your information but I needed to know where he was at thank you much.I did went to the portal for deities and elder gods.Shang Tsung followed me there.He then did a little spell to open the nertherrealm portal.I went inside but,Shang Tsung said,"I shouldn`t even allow you to go in.I`m just worried about you Soataro."I then said back in return,"Thanks for being concerned.My journey just begun.

Ending:Soataro found Mitryior.He then got new enhanced powers.He then became Co-Leader of The centaurians. Join the greatest website ever Obama Or Fatality!
MKHIZANKPosted: 10/23/2008 11:19 PMStatus ::

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RE: Created Character Archives

Name: Paul Lee

Origin: Earthrealm

Age; 23

Story: A highly trained warrior., a former pickpocket from the phillipines. Paul Lee was caught stealing from Bo'Rai Cho but was spared death becuase Bo'Rai Cho felt a strange connection and energy from this young man. Bo'Rai Cho trained him and took him under his wing. They bonded for years and eventually Bo'Rai Cho entered Lee into the Mortal Kombat tournament.

Days before the tournament started, Lee was ambushed by Shang Tsung who wished to absorb his powerful soul. Lee defeated Tsung, barely and sent him back to outworld.

He attended the tournament and fought bravely. He was to face Goro next. Raiden appeared suddenly at the Island and destroyed Goro, blowing him up with lightning. He then turned his attention to Shang Tsung. He blasted him until Shang reverted back to his old self. Weak and near death.

Raiden banished Tsung to the Netherealm and the Elder Gods, in anger gave the tournament victory to Outworld.

Lee, frustrated, rushed to Raidens temple and demanded answers from a man who onced worshipped. Raiden told him that the tournament matters not as Shao Kahn was dead.

Raiden told Lee of The Emperors death due to the Dragon King. However, the dragon King was in turn killed by a strange, shadow creature called Synn. Synn had absorbed the souls of his fallen enemies and claimed existence itself.

Raiden told Lee that, should Synn be destroyed, the universe will be safe again.

Synn - Synn

Lee spent years training with Raiden, preparing to fight Synn. He travelled to Outworld. Where Synn was located. There he saw the 6 elder gods. Standing around Synn.

Raiden, shouted in protest but was killed by the combined blasts of all te elder gods. They all turned into smoke and were inhaled by Synn.

Synn manipulated the shadows of outworld. Which were infused with the souls of millions and millions of sorcerers and demons, who wanted the death of the thunder god.



ZoronPosted: 12/05/2008 09:23 PMStatus ::

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I dreamed of a very cool character once. I made a bio for him, and tried to use create a fighter, but I couldn't get anywhere CLOSE to my dream. Here is his description I made up.

Name: Fusion

Sex: Male

Age: Millenia ago

Skin Colour: Clear with streaks of moving rainbow colour

Hair: None, but he has two spikes on his head, each above an ear

Allies: Onaga

Enemie: Shao Kahn, and anybody else who gets in his way

Allignment: Neutral

Biography: Many centuries ago, when the dragon king ruled, Onaga secretly formed a being deep within a hidden cave in the highlands of Outworld. He created the unknown entity with his powers, and giving him the ability to absorb fighting styles with any warrior he encountered. Onaga entombed the being deep underneath his palace, so that he could be awakened at a later time when needed.

The dragon king wrote a spell on stone beside Fusion saying that when the dragon king has been killed, Fusion will have awaken when he is reborn. As soon as Onaga was revived in Reptile's body, Fusion was unleashed from his burial and began his service to the dragon. He ordered Fusion to build up his powers, by fighting as many of the fighters throughout the realms. Fusion fought many worthy opponents, and with each fighter he defeated, his powers grew. One day Onaga will call Fusion for assistance, and by that time Fusion will have the power of a hundred fighters.

Autobiography: I was entombed deep beneath Onaga's palace, waiting for his ressurection. Whe he awoke, I was released from my slumber. He had ordered me to train withing the realms. I have travelled to many worlds and encountered many foes. Not knowing wether or not they were forces of good or evil, I cared not, for my only goal is to serve my master. One day I shal weild the power of many, and in turn, help the dragon king prevail.

Fighting styles: Any of the animal styles, Tang Soo Do, Fan Zi and Pi Gua

Weapons: Energy blade

Fatalities: 1. Releases holograph-like versions of different warriors, and they all grab the opponent and pull him/her to pieces. They each hold up a body part and yell as a sign of triumph

2. Fusion creates and energy ball that takes the flesh off the opponent and turns the bones to dust

Hara-Kiri: He takes his energy blade and shoves it down his throat.

Eyes: Glowing yellow

Special Moves: Ice ball, Thunder ball, Skull ball, Fire ball, Flies ball, Ice slide, Telekinetic slam, Telekinetic throw, light from above, laser beam, puff of smoke, a giant skeleton hand from the ground, kick from above, backflip kick, bicycle kick, taeser and steam roller.
I wanted to narrow them down a bit, but it will be hard to choose which ones not to include.

Fusion is basically a half Chameleon and half Shujinko. The Chameleon part is the appearence and diversity of moves, and the Shujinko half is his loyalty (but Fusion actually knows who he's serving) and the ability to learn the fighting styles of others (taken from the gift 'Damashi' granted Shujinko).

In my dream, I have also saw Fusion in a future MK game where the fighters from every realm unite to battle Outworld, and Fusion is helping Onaga restore his throne. So there are two wars going on, but everybody is fighting against Shao Kahn, and NOT to destroy Outworld. But the race is with Onaga wanting revenge, so he wants to kill Kahn first, alongside with Fusion.

I will post some pictures of him as soon as I make some. Thanks for reading my fantasy character.

ReptileMikePosted: 12/14/2008 10:24 PMStatus ::

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RE: Created Character Archives

Reptilian Bio: Reptile, Chameleon, and Khameleon all thoguht that they were the last few surviving Saurians. Well they are wrong. I am a another Saurian has survived as well. My name is Reptilian. I myself is a Saurian just like them. Ever since I heard about my race going extinct. I have been searching for all three of them to get them to know that Shao Kahn was the one responsible although only me and Khameleon knows but Reptile and Chameleon doesn't. I'll do anything to find all three of them and the 4 of us then can live in peace and form an alliance and get rid of Shao Kahn for good.

ChimeraPosted: 07/16/2009 06:23 AMStatus ::

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RE: Created Character Archives

Note: some names have been altered for humor

Name: Blake Chimera
Species: Human/Demon
Hairstyle: untrimmed
Origin: Other Dimension
Allignment: Neutral
Weapon: Wide-broadsword, Tarkata-blades
Fighting Style: Self-taught

Hey, the name's Blake. I ain't really from any of these realms. I come from another version of the earth where it's a bit borin'. so i jumped to this world with my brother where the 2nd MK tournament was happening. I didn't have an invitation so this guy with a skull hat sends a bunch of mask guys with spears at us then left. after we redecorated the walls with their guts, we decided to watch this tourny. we saw this hot chick in pink swallow a guy then spit hm out. i didn't see her face but i found out her name was Mileena. i followed her and saw she was workin' with this ugly guy that had blades on his arms. i met up with her and... best not to talk about it. But i got this rivalry with this Kaaka guy. We fought for long time with hatred building up in me. then suddenly this guy called Shang Dung saw my hatred for Kaaka and put some of ugly's essence in me, giving me tarkata blades. it was annoying but i was good with them beating Kaaka. later i saw mileena get killed by her sister.

Well, after the tournament the thunder guy Raiding told me that the Shao Kahn guy would think of a way to get here so i was on some kind of protection list. Kahn did and me and Mike fought together against two ninjas. we fought and we won and earthrealm won.

when this shitcok guy showed up I saw Mileena again. she pretty much didn't care for Shitcok so i went and helped earth beat the invading losers. I didn't see Mileena for a long time.

pretty much when this dragon guy should up i was sent to this eden place and saw Mileena once again. she was posing as her sister but i easily saw through that. i helped her with her plans.

that's when Kahn showed up with Dung and a four-armed freak named Blowlo. Mileena told me to leave and I made my way out via portal. I met up with Johnny Cage who wanted me to help in this Armageddon thing. nothin' else to do so joined

Portal- I can make portals of any size anywhere instantly. good for quick escapes or choppin' stuff

Dark energy- I got this power to make shadows come out of my hand and make it do anything. like shooting, picking up enemies, or punching people from behind

Demon mode- turning into a powerful monster with horns, wings, and a tail. my skin turns dark and my toes look like chicken feet. at least they can pick up stuff

ReptileMikePosted: 08/04/2009 10:19 AMStatus ::

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RE: Created Character Archives

Here is my Character.

Name: Reptoid
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 420 lbs
Place of Origin: Zaterra
Alignment: Neutral
Species: Cyborg (Formerly Saurian)
Allies: None
Foes: Lin Kuei
Description: Reptile, Khameleon, and Chameleon were thought to have been the last surviving Saurians. However Reptoid was a another Saurian who has survived, but he was captured by the Lin Kuei and they turned him into a Cyborg. Reptoid was however able to escape and for reasons unknown cannot remember himself or anything else and is now on a quest for his own needs to figure out who he is and what his life was.

LycaniLLusionPosted: 08/18/2009 08:06 PMStatus ::

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Nationality::United States
RE: Created Character Archives

I have a few Ideas for characters. I will edit in moves and stuff later.


Gender: Male

Race/Class: Human/Illusionist/Warlock

Weapon:Short Cane or baton

Appearance: He wears an opened up high collar (warlock type) trench coat with a symbol on it. Shirtless underneath the coat and wearing black leather pants.Keeps his hair long and free to flow in the wind (he pretty much resembles an older looking Criss Angel with a Vegeta from DBZ:GT type personality).A power crazed but civil deviant.You will never know what this character could pull from his sleeves ;)

Special Moves:
Teleport Slam- he vanishes in a cloud of smoke appearing next to the opponent and grabbing them by the arm and judo slamming them to the ground

Card Trick- Simply just shoots razor sharp cards from his sleeves

Levitate- Simply just levitating (similar to Sindel)

Levitate w/Card Trick- Self explanatory

White Dove Missle- white dove(s) released from opening his coat,they explode on impact

Vanishing Act- Armond looks to the viewers showing them a silk blanket. He then covers or hides the dizzy opponent for a second or two and presto! Tossing the blanket aside as he bows down...he reveals the opponent with no skin and half the flesh removed with bone showing. The opponent collapses to the ground...Armond Wins...Fatality!

Hat Trick- Armond pulls out a top hat and tosses it to the ground. He stands over it as he raises his arms as a scimitar sword levitates out from inside the hat. The sword is fully revealed and telepathically thrown at the opponent...the sword impales the opponents chest coming out the other side with spraying blood. The opponent staggers and falls...Fatality!

Mind Over Matter- Armond lays the opponent levitating them in the the opponent floats higher above Armonds head...a spike rises from the ground. Armond stops and than drops the opponent face first into the spike. Small squirts of blood flying everywhere as the opponents body squirms and twitches Armond bows...Fatality!

Name: Hexandra

Gender: Female

Race/Class:A teen goth girl from earth realm born with gifts of telepathy and voodoo hexes. Viewed as a freak she runs away from home seeking a true meaning for life so she searches for her father Nightwolf.

Weapon: Dual Switch Blade knives

Appearance: Basic creepy emo/eco-goth school girl look (a good example would be Fairuza Balk in the movie the craft but with goth face paints and make-up)
Special Moves:
Telepathic Pull- Works similar to Scorpions spear but with nothing there to see but a gesture of hands to grab the opponent and bring them toward the attacker

Shrunken Head Projectiles- just as stated,magical shrunken head projectiles lol.

Hex Trap- she summons a glowing cirlcle that appears on the ground and if walked or stepped on the opponent gets trapped in that spot temporarily.

Psychic Air Slam- she uses telepathy to grab the opponent from the air and slam them down.

Voodoo Doll- She pulls out a voodoo doll and shows it to the victim. The opponent staggers a bit screaming as she starts ripping out the gutting of the doll watching the opponent fall to there knees as guts fall to the ground.

Telepathic Explosion- she lifts her legs sitting in indian style hovering in the air as she starts chanting.The opponent starts coughing up blood and moaning. The opponents body suddenly bursts in half and the head explodes at the same time. The upper torso with arms and the waist and legs falls to the ground in a splatterfest of blood.Fatality!

Name: Vermin

Gender: Male

Race/Class: acrobatic thief/humanoid mutant rat has the ability of temporary invisibility and moves at incredible speed.

Weapon: Boomarang

Appearance: Almost self explanitory but picture a younger version of Splinter from the ninja turtles except he would be wearing light leather armors and animal furs. Alternatly he would wear a potato sack/linnen red riding hood kinda cloak with a waist satchel.
Special Moves:
Power Scurry- he crawls on the ground at a fast pace charging,tripping and knocking down the opponent.(effects similar to Mileena's roll on the ground move)

Tail Throw- pretty much like Sindel's Hair throw but with his rat tail.

Tumble Slam- he jumps at an opponent that is also jumping and grabs and flips a few times while falling into a slam(similar to scorpions old air throw but adding flips without letting go)

Invisoport- basically this move is a invisible teleport that make him appear on the other side of the opponent

Tail spin Cannonball-just like Kano's move but with tail hits intead of one power hit.

Infestation-he pauses and then lets out a hair raising screach that summons a swarm of rats as they crawl and pile up all over the opponent eating him alive as he screams...the rats scurry away and bones fall...a close up over the skull reveals one last rat exiting through the eye hole. fatality!

Face feast- he scurries creepy like to the opponent and jumps on them(similar to how Nitara jumps on people to bite)forcing them to fall to the ground...he than screaches and literally bites the face off his opponent and pulls out the remaining brains flinging it backwards as he back flips to his feet and bows.Fatality!


Gender: Male

Race/Class: a human super spy sent from a secret gov. agency to follow the special forces and the other combatants of earth realm to discover the technologies of the cyborgs and find the source of all the fighters powers so that earths leaders can wield it.

Weapon: Silenced extended barrel Pistol

Appearance: Imagine Dick Tracy with medium length silverish blonde hair...instead of his attire being yellow it would be black...his face is always shadowed by the hat he wears but the gleam in his eyes sparkle in the shadowed face...kinda like a dark anime styled male version of Carmen Sandiego LOL.

Other Ideas.... Goro or Kintaro comes back as re-animated corpses or cyborgs
A character possesed by Lui Kangs ghost
One of the original male characters gets bitten by Nitara and becomes a vampire

MKarcadeFanPosted: 08/23/2009 12:51 AMStatus ::

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Nationality::United States
RE: Created Character Archives

Dang these are awesome chars i bet some could be in a new game if you tried really hard

Sadistic_FreakPosted: 10/17/2009 11:04 PMStatus ::

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RE: Created Character Archives

Name: Cassandra
Sex: Female
Species: Human
Race: Filipina
Height: 5'4
Occupation: ?
Hobby: Raping and Torturing men who decieve her.
Likes: Smoothies, filipino food, cool new cars and fulfilling her lustful desires.
Dislikes: Traitors and Men who disappoint her through out her life.
Allignment: Neutral
Allies: ?
Enemies: ? Mostly men.
Main Weapon: A staff that can be split into dual swords.
Other weapons: The environment, guns, knives, swords, a whip, d****-shaped bombs with spikes all over it, other explosives, and other bladed weapons.

All my life, I've been tortured buy guys emotionally. Everytime I spend time with them, they always decieve me by many ways like choosing another girl or not showing up for me. They also intend to yell at me and fight me for no specific reason. That is why I chose to make each and everyone of them pay! I'll make them pay and even fulfill my lustful desires at the sametime. Ha ha ha ha! They'll see. They'll all see that I'm not the type of girl to make a fool out of. Through out my life I've shed too many tears. Now it's time for them to shed theirs and also time for me to splatter their blood all over the place.

Outfit 1:
A stealthy black latex suit.

Other outfits:
Revealing skirts and minidresses.

How she kills:
Basically, she'd cut off guy's body parts while they are alive and then impales them at their intimate parts of the body. Or she can shove her d****-shaped bomb inside the opponent's "special part" and then the victim screams around in pain until he explodes. How she does it? By being stealthy and not letting her enemies know that she is even there with them. (I'm trying not to go into detail with the bomb idea.)

I hope that's not too much.

Sadistic_FreakPosted: 10/17/2009 11:05 PMStatus ::

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RE: Created Character Archives

Cassandra also has black hair and brown eyes.

ChimeraPosted: 10/26/2009 07:47 AMStatus ::

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RE: Created Character Archives

*will finish later*

Michael "Mike" Valentine
Species: Human/Angel (?)
Weapon: Metal Bo Staff
Allignment: Good
Origin: Other dimension's america
Hairstyle: Squall Leonhart (FFVIII)

I am Michael Valentine, brother of Blake Chimera. We do not come from your Earth but rather another dimension similar. Actually, we've been to a lot of other dimensions. However, that's as far as I will reveal for now.

Me and Blake appeared during Liu Kang's second Mortal Kombat tournament. We came through a portal to Kahn's thorneroom. Not a good place to make a first appearance. He sent hideous creatures against us. We ... slaughtered them all. During the battle, we transformed. Kahn then thought we weren't from this Earth. He allowed us to stay as long as we won't interrupt the tournament. I could easily tell that Kahn was evil (the helmet was a dead giveaway) so i would've interruptted. While waiting for the next round, Blake saw a female ninja dressed in purple and followed her.

gatunodefogo2Posted: 02/26/2010 12:47 PMStatus ::

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RE: Created Character Archives

Name: Delfus, the Berserker
Realm: Outworld
Aligment: Evil
Fighting Style: Delfus doesn't practice any known style, but he uses a personal martial-arts style very similar to Hapkido.
Weapon: Axe of the Berserkers

Centuries ago, Delfus used to lead a mercenaries clan in Outworld. In one of his group assault, Delfus found a cursed axe that conversed all his fellings into pure rage. His brain was completely overrun by the weapon, transforming his in something like a zombie who follows the axe evil wishes, making Delfus kill all his allies. After this, Delfus was conmdemed to travel around the lands just like a nomad.
It is said that the Axe of the Berserkers was born by a fight between the Gods, being the materialization of the darkness of their hearts.

SektorsevenPosted: 07/01/2010 07:52 PMStatus ::

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Nationality::United States
RE: Created Character Archives



Bio: He is a powerful samurai who was invincible in battle. But many people knew that his full name is the Crimson Demon. His name is given by the people who witnessed his demonic and grisly behavor. He is said to have armor the reeks of the blood people he killed. his katana is custom made foe maximum blood spilling. People who have seen him use it say that his blade is perminately stained and forever reeks the the blood of all the people who died by it. His face has the tarkata look to it because he is a tarkatan. He doesnt care who he kills if they bleed, feel pain, see, and scream he will kill them. Also the remains of his victems are just bloody skeletons. All the rest of the body appear to have been eaten. Eye witness decriptions of his killings describe him cutting them open with his katana then using blades that come out of his arms pull out the victems entrails out of him while he is still alive and then he eats them. He seems to enjoy the screams and looks of horror on their faces as he eats them. once he is done he eats the flesh off the skeleton. once all the meat is gone he walks on like nothing ever happaned.

He is crual even after he feeds on fresh meat because he likes to see blood spill and hear the sound of a katana slicing through flesh and bone.
But when he is not killing he is a chatter box and quite friendly too.

He now runs a secret advanced research division with an alien race called the space pirates. It is called Sektor Seven. His connections and affiliations reach all the way to the elder gods themselves. His space pirates have top secret high tech research facilitys that dot the realms not to mention ships and arms and armor far surperior to any in the realms. Their capabilitys of transdimentional traval allow them to go to anywhere in any realm at any time.

Crimson D. and Sektor Seven are a force to be reccond with. They kicked Shao Kahn out of his stronghlod and converted it into a research facility also erected a collosal one around the pryamid of argus so no one can reach it.
His capabilitys and connections make him the most powerful person in the universe. You can say he runs a secret government of the realms. END OF PAGE 1/3 PAGE 2/3 WITH MOVES & STATS KOMING SOON

"If it is alive it can feel pain. If it has eyes it can see it own suffering. If it has blood you can make it bleed. If it has a mouth you can make it scream." Darth i forgot his name. "Thats the best thing about you humans. You bleed." a tarkatan warrior.
Jason-VoorheesPosted: 08/10/2010 11:00 PMStatus ::

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RE: Created Character Archives

name - Dopplewesker
Age-15 [she was in test tube for this long]
origin-Umbrella Labs
Fighting styles-quick and deadly, usualy open palm strikes and kicks, attempts to impale with her hands, as they have metal spike caseing over them


Hand Impale- Rushes up to them with her super human speed, and impales them through the heart with her flat hand, she spreads her fingers, ripping their lung out with the hand, pullin intestines out with the other

Spine Rip- knocks them down on the ground, puts her boot on the neck and pulls up with her arms, ripping their head off with spine attached

The Tyrant- can only be done on the umbrella labs stage- she releases the Tyrant, that impales the enemy with his giant claws , and rips them in half, she then shoots them in face with magnum, when not on stage, it's just a quick magnum shot to the head

Special Moves

- Speed- similar to kabal's move in MK3, but she turns and rushes back, kneeing them in the face

Handgun Strikes-the pulls out her custom Beretta handgun and first 4 shots quickly

Head Grab- She jumps on their shoulder, with head between her legs, and she twists her body to snap their spine causing damage, and intant kill when low on health. the then flips off

Knee Drop-She sweeps , but the enemy can push an indicated face button to roll out of the way, but she just jumps on them with both knees and flips off

Windfall-similar to knee drop but she raises her leg high and lowers it hard and fast ontop of them, extra damage when done near head


gory render ]

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