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Immortal_KanjiPosted: 06/19/2011 12:25 AMStatus ::

Rank ::
RE: Created Character Archives

Any new members to replace the lame Black Dragon members except Tremor?

keepinitwolfPosted: 06/19/2011 05:06 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Created Character Archives

Esoteric Wrote:
SCORPION (finished)


Standard Harpoon - Throws signature harpoon towards opponent to impale them in chest and pulls/drags them over to him to execute additional hits/combos while opponent stands disoriented.

Reverse Harpoon - Impales tip of harpoon in opponent’s chest from close range then throws/kicks opponent away from him while attached on chain to slam them on floor.

Harpoon Lasso - Swings extended harpoon in an infinity shaped silhouette motion to slice opponent across the plane of their body with the length of his harpoon chain.

Harpoon Trip - Launches harpoon towards opponents feet to wrap around feet and then recoils harpoon to spin opponent off his feet to the ground.

Harpoon Wrap - Swings extended harpoon around waist of opponent and recoils back in hand in jerking motion to spin opponent around off their feet at an acute angle of plane of the ground.

Ground Poke - Thrusts harpoon through the ground to extend on the other side of the screen from the ground to impale opponent in upper torso only to recoil harpoon back in hand in swift motion.

Ground Poke & Slam - Thrusts harpoon through the ground to extend on the other side of the screen from the ground to impale opponent in upper torso and propels opponent in air to slam opponent with force to the ground causing opponent to bounce up and down against the ground. Leaving opponents open for combos.

Teleport - Signature teleport that leaves image of himself behind and transfers himself laterally across the screen or to reappear and drop down vertically from the top of screen.

Ground Harpoon Lasso - Launches extended harpoon which takes a circular shape to cut and slice opponent if not defended.

Upper Harpoon - Throws harpoon diagonally upwards towards jumping opponent to impale them while in mid-air. Then Scorpion yanks harpoon down to slam opponent on the ground with force. Opponent bounces up and down from sudden impact of the ground leaving them open for combos.

Ground Harpoon Chaos - Thrusts harpoon in crouching position down through the ground to extend on the other side of the screen from the ground to strike opponent multiple times launching him in the air with each hit. Tip of harpoon impales opponent in mid-air then Scorpion recoils harpoon back in his hand to jerk opponent down to the ground with force bouncing them up and down against ground.

Fighting Hologram - Launches hologram image of himself that executes a brief combo towards opponent then disappears.

Ground Harpoon Poke in Back - Thrusts harpoon in crouching position through the ground to extend on the other side from the opposite side of the screen behind opponent to impale them in the back. Scorpion pulls opponent back by recoiling harpoon back in hand to jerk on opponent off their feet.


Flaming Harpoon - Throws signature harpoon towards opponent to impale them in the chest. Then takes off mask to blow a breath of fire on harpoon chain. The flame engulfs opponent in fire. Scorpion pauses for a second while opponent burns in flames. He then yanks flame engulfed harpoon from opponents chest back into hand to cause opponent to explode into different parts.


Scorpion turns to the camera and raises his right arm in victory staring at the camera.


Why in the hell are you recreating actual Mortal Kombat Kharacters?

SanguiniusPosted: 06/28/2011 12:38 AMStatus ::

Rank ::
RE: Created Character Archives

This is a character I came up with after the KaK tournament already started. I figure I'll post him here.

Character name: Blitz (Richter Krieg)
Gender: Male
Age: 97(Frozen in the year 1942 at the age of 28)
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 476lbs
Origin: Earthrealm
Alignment: Good(under Lin Kuei control, though)

Character bio: Like all journeys into the realm of scientific creation, the Cyber Initiative required a live test. The Grandmaster ordered a prisoner from the darkest reaches of the dungeons beneath the Lin Kuei fortress brought to the cyberneticists working on the project. The man was trapped in a mystical block of ice, and had been there longer than many members of the clan had lived. This man, so they said, was a human lightning rod, and was once one of their own. He was thawed and heavily sedated before undergoing the prototypical cyberization procedure. This prototype for the "cyborg ninja" the Lin Kuei were producing was to be designated LK-1A1, "Blitz". After a series of diagnostic testing was completed and a scan of his neural matrices revealed that he was completely loyal to the Grandmaster, the mechanized assassin was powered down and all records pertaining to the test purged. Sealed away far beneath the temple-fortress of the Lin Kuei, Blitz remained undisturbed until the invasion of Earthrealm by the forces of Shao Kahn. One of the cyberneticists who had taken part in the experiment that produced Blitz felt that to ally themselves with Shao Kahn, the Lin Kuei had doomed not only their home realm, but themselves. Despite being mortally wounded, he wrote extra protocols into Blitz's prime directives: Fight the invaders. Eliminate Shao Kahn.

Fighting style: A form of Muay Thai that incorporates the weaponry built into Blitz's frame. These include machine pistols mounted on the underside of his forearms and retractable whip-swords in the top part of his forearms.

Special moves:
Burst Fire: Fires a burst of rounds from forearm mounted machine pistols
Sustained Fire:(Enhanced Burst Fire) Fires a hail of bullets across the screen for higher hit chance(similar to Sub-Zero's freeze ray)
Shock: Grabs opponent and is struck by lightning, stunning the opponent.
Awe:(Enhanced Shock) Dashes midscreen to grab opponent, normal shock ensues.
Ride the Lightning: A bolt of lightning strikes Blitz and he vanishes, another bolt of lightning hits behind the opponent and Blitz appears.
Blitzkrieg:(Enhanced Ride the Lightning)Same as Ride the Lightning except the second bolt hits the opponent for a pop-up, placing Blitz in their position.
Blade Dance: Twirls a whip-sword about in front of him.
Seriously?:(Enhanced Blade Dance)Twirls both whip-swords around in a whirlwind of blades. Can be dash cancelled. Golden Age: Holds one arm up high. A melee counter, if Blitz is hit with a melee attack, a bolt of lightning crashes from the sky, courses through him, and sends the opponent flying across the screen in a knockdown. Silver Age:(Enhanced Golden Age) Holds both hands in the air. If hit with a ranged attack, Blitz is hit by lightning then shoots said bolt of electricity at the opponent.

X-ray attack: Starts off by lashing out with a whip-sword, catching the enemy by the neck. He pulls them in and fires a single round into their knee-cap, shattering it. He then fires another, hollow-point, round into their abdomen. The second round can be seen shattering apart internally, shredding their insides.

Round entrance taunt: Appears kneeling and looks up. Eyes flash. Says, "Uplink: established. Target: confirmed" and stands.

Mid-match taunt: Is struck by lightning and, if too close to the fallen enemy, teleports away.

End-match taunt: Head begins twitching. "Mental locks: disengaged. Where am I? System": reestablished." Teleports away in a lightning bolt.

The Tale of Ol' Sparky: Kicks the opponent's legs out from under them and quickly drops to one knee behind them. The opponent lands, sitting on Blitz's knee. He wraps the whipswords around the opponent and detaches them from his wrists, then grabs the top of the opponent's head with just his finger tips. He is struck with three consecutive bolts of lightning , and the electricity courses through, into the opponent's head. They convulse and begin foaming at the mouth with the first, begin smoking with the second, and are burnt to a crisp with the third.

Till I Find Tonsils: Lashes whip-sword out to wrap around the opponent's legs, then pulls tight to trip them. Blitz walks over to the downed opponent who looks up at him, begging. Blitz kneels beside them and puts one hand towards their face. He unloads round after round into the opponent's face. The head doesn't explode, but rather becomes something akin to a bowl of brain and face soup. This continues until you select something in the menu/the scene changes.

Character appearance: A matte black humanoid robot with dark green highlighting. Less sleek than the other cyborg Lin Kuei due to being a prototype. Belt-fed machine pistols mounted on the undersides of his forearms, the belts being fed from large drums on his back. Glowing blue eyes and a rather sinister face plate, looking like a stylized skull. Head wire dreadlocks are encased in a metal sheath that runs down the back of the head, opening at the base of his skull, so they hang hang down, rather than standing up. Armor plating is bulky with sharp angles, and the soles of his feet have small spikes, like cleats, to aid in climbing or rooting him to the ground.

Alternate costume: Human appearance. Has close cropped blonde hair and sweet mutton chops. Wearing a black sleeveless turtleneck with half of a dark green ninja "v" going up the left side of his torso. Has simple black combat pants and boots. Has two .45's tucked into the back of his belt, and two whip-swords running parallel down the back of the ninja "/".

Character ending: With Shao Kahn dead at his feet, Blitz's systems were attacked by his fallen enemy's essence. All the locks on his mind were broken, and like water when a dam is blown, his memories came flooding back. Years ago, Richter Krieg had prevented one of his Lin Kuei brothers from assassinating a prominent world leader. On the run, he'd participated in the Mortal Kombat that would have been Outworld's ninth victory. He remembered a man who could manipulate cold. He remembered awakening from his long sleep. He remembered seeing the man he'd betrayed so many years ago. That man was responsible for making him the mechanical monster he is today. That man is the Lin Kuei Grandmaster. Now free of his slave protocols, Blitz would finally do what he could not decades before. Blitz was going to kill him.

ReptileRainPosted: 07/14/2011 04:26 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
RE: Created Character Archives

~ Metal Mileena ~
After seeing the effectiveness of the Lin Kuei Cyborgs, Shao Kahn decided that he wanted the same operation done on his daughter Mileena.
Mileena was reborn as a sane, but still merciless, killing machine. All her memories were lost but there was still one goal she remembered: Kill her sister Kitana.

Appearance: all pink and black,Cyborg helmet with yellow snake eyes and robotic veil,Robotic woman-like body (still sexy as hell), Heels.

Special Moves:
Sai laser: Hands turn into robotic sais and shoot two lasers (can be done in air)
Enhanced: shoots four lasers

Rolling robot: folds up into metalic ball and hits opponent
Enhanced: goes back and runs over opponent.

Teleport Punch: slides through pink cybernetic portal and punches from above.
Enhanced: does three times.

Double Team: makes clone of self for ten seconds, power doubled
Enhanced: for thirty seconds

Rocket Boots: heels of boots turn into fire flies around:
Enhanced: flies longer

X-Ray: Teleport punches in jaw ,breaks jaw (knocks down), runs over with rolling robot ,breaks back.

Grinder: (maneater from MK2)

Sai-anara: hands turn into sais, shoots big laser through middle of opponents body, upper chest, arms and head fall onto legs.

Babality: accidentally turns hand into sai lasers shoot all around screen, cries.

Raindrops1198Posted: 07/17/2011 11:51 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Created Character Archives

~ Yukimi ~
The Ghost of Scorpion's dead wife, whose corpse was left to rot in the snow by the Elder Sub-Zero(Quan Chi). Reborn as a Yuki-Onna, she now has power over Blizzards and Avalanches. She seeks only to find her husband, and tell him who killed her before it is to late.

Appearance: Pale white skin, short Black Hair, short white Kimono with red trim (reveals some Cleavage), red circles over cheeks, red lips, black kimono sandals, White umbrella with red markings and razor sharp ends.

Special Moves:
Blizzard: Summons Snowstorm from off screen, freezes opponent.
Enhanced: Avalanche: Same as above but with rocks that damage opponent.

Spiral Slash: Spins Umbrella into opponent.
Enhanced: Razor Twister: Unleashes sharp tornado from Umbrella.

Spear: Scorpion's Move.
Enhanced: Frozen Spear: Same as above but freezes opponent also.

White Out: Screen blanks out, blizzard sounds.
Enhanced: Find Me: Blanks out longer.

Flip Kick: Does front flip kicks opponent multiple times.
Enhanced: Kartwheel: Sonya's move.

Kiss Me: Kisses opponent's cheek, Freezes body, Falls down and shatters.

Frost Bite: Turns into Polar Bear, Mauls.

Babality: Starts snowing, Puts up umbrella and smiles.

Immortal_KanjiPosted: 07/22/2011 11:28 AMStatus ::

Rank ::
RE: Created Character Archives

Any other elements like beasts
- Bird
- Beast
- Aquatic Animal
- Heavy Mammal
- Insect
- Nocturnal
- Amphibian
- Crustacean

SuperReptile101Posted: 07/25/2011 08:01 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Created Character Archives


he keeps his face hidden under a robe.he uses dual combat knives and will kill anyone

he comes from the chaos realm and he wants to destroy the elder gods

May the MK ninja$ live!
TheBigMistakePosted: 07/27/2011 03:23 AMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Created Character Archives


DeviantArt We Are Ermac
FanhaPosted: 08/05/2011 03:03 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
RE: Created Character Archives

My fighter is:

Solus - A human with the power to manipulate earth.

Bio-Solus his an Earthrealm fighter that has been an apprentice of the Earth God since his childhood days when he showed his powers to manipulate the soil when helping his village plant the crops for another farming season.Having witnessed the end of the current Mortal Kombat tournament and sensing that Solus had reached the peak of his powers,the Earth God quickly dispaches him to aid Raiden fight the iminent threath that comes from the Netherealm.

Special Moves:
Quicksand - a move that keeps the opponent trapped to the floor for a few seconds
Rock Throw - Throws a big rock at the opponent
Mud Wave - Launches a big wave of mud from behind the opponent
Rock Storm - Launches a storm of rocks from above the enemy
Stone Wall - Creates a wall of stone to defend against enemy attacks

X-Ray - Solus grabs the opponent breaks one of his arms then snaps his neck

Fatality 1
Hammer Time-Solus traps the opponent in to the ground then turns his arm into a big block of stone and smashes the opponent's head into pieces

Fatality 2
Medusa's Skull-Solus reveals his face turning the opponent's body into stone then from behind he removes the opponent's skull.

Babality-Solus throws a rock at a dog but misses then the dog bites his hand.

Appearance-Solus wears a brown robe with a hood with various skulls designs on it,black ninja pants,orange boots and a black skull mask to hide his face.

FanhaPosted: 08/05/2011 03:29 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
RE: Created Character Archives

My second fighter

Varruk - a fighter from the Realm of Chaos with the power to control and change body parts into metal

Bio-Varruk has been grateful to Havik since the day he help him fled from the Order Realm prison.Having the desire to help Havik in his conquests,Varruk always sought a way to obtain powers but failed everytime until the day Havik conducted an experiment on Varruk that change his physiology forever giving him the powers he always wanted making him the ultimate soldier.

Special Moves:
Spike Launch - Throws a vertical line of 3 iron spikes at the opponent
Iron Armor - Metalizes his body to defend against enemies attacks
Magnetic Push - Brings the opponent closer to Varruk
Iron Towers - Creates 2 blocks of iron between the opponent to crush him
Iron Knee - A strong flying knee at the opponent's head

X-Ray - Varruk breaks the opponent's knees then pierces his throat with his blade shape arm

Fatality 1
R.I.P.-Varruk traps the enemy in a metalic casket filled with metal spikes

Fatality 2
Stroke-Varruk grabs the opponent's neck then impales his heart with his blade shape arm

Babality - Varruk gets hit from an anvil coming from above him

Appearance-Varruk wears a metallic blue tank top with a hood,black long shorts and black boots.He has a big blue shark tattoo on his back and a tribal tattoo around his left eye as a symbol of loyalty to Havik.

SmokeNc-017Posted: 08/07/2011 09:30 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Created Character Archives

Here's a character I was planning on entering into the KAK tournament but never got around to submitting him.

Character Name: Blight
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Height: 5ft 10 inches
Weight: 122 lbs
Origin: Outworld/Chaosrealm
Alignment: Neutral

Character Bio: Originally hailing from the realm of Outworld, the former sorcerer and royal necromancer to the Dragon King , known now as “Blight” served as one of the chief driving forces behind the mythical “Undefeatable Army”. With his power at the Dragon Kings command, the realm of Outworld was always kept in order, even though it was under the guise of tyranny and oppression.

When the Dragon Kings head general, Shao Kahn took wrestled control from his former master, he ordered all those who served under the previous ruler executed without mercy. Kahn’s new extermination squads scoured the realm for any and all supporters of the Dragon King and spilled their blood without question.

Blight, however was brought before the new Emperor, in hopes of making him reveal his secrets to Shao Kahn. When the necromancer refused, Kahn tried to take his soul, and with it, his knowledge. However, the necromancer’s soul was so foul and so taint by the magic he practiced that it nearly drove Kahn insane when he tried to absorb it. Using this time to flea Blight opened a portal to a forgotten realm he threw himself inside to make his escape.

Having arrived within the realm of Chaos, Blight found his body was starting to decay at a rapid pace with him still alive. Finding no alternative, Blight cast the reanimation spell that was used on the Dragon King’s army on himself. The incantation saved him from rotting completely but drove him insane as a result, transforming him into a ghoul. He forgot who he was or where he came from and began to wander the wastelands of his new home until he would come upon the cleric of Chaos known as Havik.

Blight found the mad preacher’s teaching to suit his now shattered mind and joined his following, becoming a priest of Chaos himself. In this time, Blight also continued to study the black arts, furthering his knowledge of necromancy and other unsavory practices.

Fighting Style: Blight’s body structure allows for a rather disturbing fighting style. Scraggily and scrappy in terms of strikes, Blight can bend his joints in unnatural and painful ways to dodge strikes. His clawed hands and feet allow for deep tearing and clenching. His ghoulish form has given him unholy amounts of stamina and strength, lending him fast hits, throws and leaps.

Special Moves:
Locust Ball: Blight dislocates his jaw and vomits a concentrated ball of locusts at his opponent. If hit, the opponent starts to wave frantically trying to swat them away. (EX: Locust Vomit: Blight vomits up a stream of locusts in front of him to trap the opponent, stunning them and also doing extra damage)

Zombie Grab: (Close, Mid, Far) Blight summons hands out of the ground to grab the opponent by the legs and hold them in place.

Leap: Blight jumps forward at the opponent in a large arch at quick speed, gnawing on them if it connects. (EX: If the leap lands, Blight sinks his hands into the opponent and gnaws on their face before flipping over and slamming them into the ground)

Noxious Cloud: Blight releases a noxious gas from his body in the form of a green cloud that causes the opponent to choke and gag before vomiting blood. (Ex: After the cloud Blight teleports behind the opponent and suplexes them with a bounce up effect)

Ligament Smash: Blight throws his arms out, stretching his ligaments and grabs the opponent before pulling himself forward and delivering a knee smash to the opponent’s face.

X-Ray: Blight grabs the opponent by the shoulders and jumps into the air before coming down on their knees, snapping them backwards at the caps before flipping over and slamming them head first into the floor, cracking their neck and spine.

Round entrance taunt: Blight starts out laying on the ground in a pile before snapping his joints into place and rising up into a fighting stance.

Mid-match taunt: Blight twists his head and torso around in counter clockwise rotations while giving off an insane laugh, Heath-Ledger-joker -style laugh.

End-match taunt: Blight leaps onto the opponent and knocks them to the ground, tearing their arm off off-screen and gnawing on it.


Touch of Death: Filling his hand with necromantic magic, Blight grabs the opponent by the top of their head and starts to pour the energy into the opponent’s body. The opponent begins to decompose as a result. The skin begins to melt off and goop at the feet, the stomach, intestines and other organs begin to shrivel and fall out and the muscle tissue withers and slowly fades away, leaving only a skeleton, supported by Blight’s grip.

Legs are made for walkin’: Blight twists off his own torso and falls to the ground before crawling over to the opponent and clambering up to their torso. He sinks his hands into their head and rips downward, tearing them apart to the waist line. With their torso out of the way, Blight falls on top of their legs and assumes control of their lower half, giving the legs an inspection by shaking them out.

Character appearance: Blight’s skin is a cold blue-ish grey that’s almost completely transparent, letting his muscle structure show through. His collarbones and spine are poking out of the skin. His midsection is almost non-existent, the stomach, kidneys, spleen and intestines and such have rotted away long ago, leaving him with just a covered rib cage and some muscles for the spine. His hair is quite long, draping down over his shoulders and halfway down his mid-section and possesses a dark green color. The skin around his mouth has completely rotted away, leaving just the bone and his jagged teeth exposed. His eyes glow with a sickly yellow light. Blight wears a pair of torn indigo pants, a relic of his time as a sorcerer under Onaga. Off his sides hang two jade sashes. His boots are cobbled together, the straps barely hanging in place, and the toes completely cut off. His actual toes are poking through, but those too have rotted away and are just bones. Blight has his forearms wrapped up with old bandages and wears a pair of clawed gauntlets, which have a green base and purple accents, especially on the end claws.

Having bested Kahn in Mortal Kombat, Blight had regained some of of his sanity. With a clear goal set before him, he used an ancient spell to open a portal straight to the High Heavens. Flooding the domain of the Elder Gods with the forces of Chaos, Blight, along with Havik sought to topple the highest and most restrictive forces of order in the known universe. Unprepared for this assault, the Elder Gods were caught unprepared and suffered complete defeat under the forces of Chaos. No longer would mortal races be subjected to the will of those in higher power. Chaos and anarchy would spread through the realms, and everything will return to it’snatural state of existence.

art by fear-sAs
Tony5Posted: 08/08/2011 12:16 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Created Character Archives


Rush, a super warrior who met his downfall 15 years ago by Shao Kahn, and now he comes back with a vengence. He would be from Earth realm. Just like Cyrax and Sektor, he has became half man half machine.

moves: towering inferno, a massive flamethrower comes out of his chest and burns you.
Pulse Cannon, a pulse laser comes out of his arm, but is dodgeable.
Head slam, He just butts heads with you really hard.

Fighting styles: shalolin fist
Weapons: two broadswords

Fatality: Black Hole, he gets his inter-realm teleporter and teleports him to space in a black hole.
Want a slice, he takes his two broadswords, and sticks them in your intestines, then he kicks them up to your head. Then he takes them out, and cuts you in half.

One day, you must choose between what is easy, and what is right, and what is easy is not always right. -Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore RIP
DistraughtOverlordPosted: 09/07/2011 01:34 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
RE: Created Character Archives

I guess this is the board for it so. At the time MKA came out i created a lot of characters, for fun but since i love to write, i though some of them deserved stories and bios. Not all of them have long and detailed bios but here are some of them. Some cool chars in this thread!! ^^ I'll try and read further.

Name: Tiara
Gender: Female
Description: An Edenian half human, half animal in terms of look. Mostly like a leopard.
Her arms and legs are leopard paws starting at the elbows and knees. She has the tail.
Alternate Costumes:
Fighting Styles: She obviously fights like an animal. (Walking around her adversary on her four paws most of the time.)
Special Moves: Still no idea other than Mule Kick, charging with her forehead
Fatality: Takes her enemy's inside out and start to eat the flesh. Fatality2: Rips the skin of their bodies but slowly and uses it as blanket.
Arena: A really old Edenian palace that never lost anything about it's beauty or majesty even at the time Kahn invaded the realm. Really lightened place where most of the dark entities could never sustain or be comfortable entering.

Optional features that are not required but will help you will be anything such as:

Age: Over 5000 years old
Blood Type:
Origin: Edenian
Allegiance: Good
Friends: Defending Edenia and the realms, she's friend with the royal family and the edenian warriors of course. She is mostly an mean to get informed for Nitara, Raiden, Nightwolf and those seeking explanations in order to understand matters and how to solve them before it is too late.
Foes: Shao Kahn. No other but the vampire Nitara can be both a friend and a nuisance at times. They both get along but in a hard way. (Pride takes over both and then they start arguing violently. Tiara is much older though.)

A part of my Tiara bio:

Well, i can't tell you how our kind was once called or depicted. Can't either tell you what created us. But i know that i'm one of the rare survivors. I owe it all to Queen Sindel and her Royal family. I owe it all to the Edenian good hearted people. So during my stay there, i tried to repay them the best i could by being a shoulder to cry on for many. I also helped beings such as Nightwolf cleanse his mind from everything that could tarnish it.

My work was really simple but i started to fear one thing, both for myself and Edenia. I could foresee the birth of a Moroi Vampire in Vaeternus. Don't ask how but i wouldn't have thought that this would go much further than a dream. Not long after Shao Kahn had taken control of both Edenia and Vampirerealm, i started hearing stories about a young lonesome, stubborn and rebellious but also surprisingly upright and hearted Moroi Vampire called Nitara. The Moroi nation for the most of them could never comprehend her dedication for the protection of her native land. She fought all of her life to bring back peace in her home where she was told many stories about the different world from which she should have inherited.

Once the Emperor Shao Kahn had fused Vaeternus with Outworld, the failure obviously jumped at the face of the Moroi Elders. The still immature but conscious Nitara wouldn't let Kahn get away with it. I probably should have tried to disuade her but we Edenians all agree on one thing. If the sake of the realms controlled by Shao Kahn could be changed, even by a vampire alone, we would let her do what she had to do. In false show of her allegiance, she attacked Shao Kahn. The fierce battle seemed to favor the kid but only for a short moment. At the end, Kahn was still the most powerful and he took down Nitara with one hit of his wrath hammer. All the rage that Nitara wasted towards Emperor was in vain. She had just made things worse. Of course her people would remain slaves to Kahn's will, but she was at least granted a second chance by the Emperor himself.

Crossing path with Nitara at one of her weakest moment was my/our chance to have a discussion with her but we wouldn't teach anything useful to this already grown up Moroi youngster. She was in fact aware that defeating Kahn wouldn't mean her realm being freed. In order to do so, she knew that she would have to find the mean that Shao Kahn used to fuse the 2 realms. Already familiar with black magic, Nitara was convinced from the start that she could find a way. Bowing down, she put one knee down and respectfully asked Queen Sindel for a tour of the remains of Edenia, to try to find anything she could that could resemble the ancient vampire texts that were carved in many different places around the universes. The only problem was that she could never enter my domain of enlightenment where i have found some of the texts she was talking about. That would not discourage Nitara though. Covering all of her body and her eyes, to prevent the burns, i took her there. But not before i helped her to train her mind. Since she could never stand the guilt and any other emotion she would feel once in there. In order to do so, she first had to learn how to make her personal demons her own, learn to accept them and control them instead of struggling against them all. They would destroy her for sure. But she followed my instructions and all went well. She was obviously unable to read the texts but could feel them as her fingertips were moving across the wall. She then asked for a copy of these engraved texts and also promised that she did not have to take them out of Edenia. Just putting her in a dark cell with a copy of the readings and she could find answers related to her homeland.

Soon after we agreed and released her, Nitara disappeared in the remains of her Vampirerealm and rare are those who have seen her since and survived. But she is still searching. She now knows that in order to separate her realm from Outworld she must find an artifact that Kahn used to fuse the realms. The location remains to find. She won't give up and will most likely one day, give back her realm it's independance. If some of what's lost can't be saved, some can be restored. And what remain can be rebuild. The enraged monster living inside of her is no different. She could finally shovel it down inside or will it away if only she had the strenght to regain both her land and herself the dignity that she's still convinced she had lost and should have been provided with at birth.

Her dedication is almost an inspiration. I, Tiara never really took any time to ask myself where i was from or if i could ever do something to find my answers.

I am really happy with all the help i provided her with, but now it seems that she's growing older really quickly. Becoming a more determined and aware being. I fear i cannot stay ahead of Nitara in terms of knowledge for long. Our last meeting proved it. However, she knows where my loyalty lies. With the gods and the Edenian people. As long as Nitara and i can remain on the same level of thought and as long as she won't be threat for my realm of allegiance, i can promise that things won't heat up more that they already started to.

Next character is Vlad. Short for Vladeck but i hated the fact that i already had a character with a similar name. Lack of inspiration?

Name: Vlad (Short for Vladeck)
Description: Long black hair and beard a little like Shang Tsung in MKDA era, white face and red eye
Costume: Knight armor (Black), with cape
Alternate Costumes:
Fighting Styles: Knight and powerhouse (He's a demon)
Special Moves:
Bio: Vlad is merely Raiden and everyone's enemy. He's got no allies at all but as a demon, he fought against Thunder God a lot of times. The realms in which he walked (Earthrealm, Outworld, Netherealm, Vampirerealm, Edenia and Seido. For the most of them wouldn't even welcome him. Even the tortured souls of Vaeternus found a way to throw him out.) He wants revenge on most of the realms litteraly.

Optional features that are not required but will help you will be anything such as:

Blood Type:
Friends: None
Foes:Raiden, Shao Kahn, Shinnok, Earth, Outworld, Vampirerealm, Edenia...
Arena Weapon:
Arena Interaction:
Puzzle Fighter:
Motor Kombat Racer:

I know the bio is short but i didn't want to come up with all the fights that dude might have had in his ageless history. My two fav originals coming up and then i'm done.

Welcoming comments. PLZ, say Vlad sux.

TheRookPosted: 10/23/2011 09:38 PMStatus ::

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RE: Created Character Archives

Okay I hope this is still going on this is my submission though I don't know exactly how this works... But here goes. ^^

Name: Aos (Formerly known as Kros)

Gender: Considered to be Male

Species: Re-incarnated Demon, Elemental

Origin: Netherrrealm

Resides: Heaven & Earthrealm

Status: Protector

Alignment: Good (Formerly Evil)

Description & Costume:

Alternate Costumes: N/A

Fighting Styles: Powerhouse and Capoeira

Special Moves: Fiery Slicer, Cleansing Flame, Might of the Holy and Righteous Intervention.

Fatality: Holy Aether

Bio: Years ago, there was a terrible demon with exceptional skill who terrorized a good portion of the Netherrealm. He had hordes of other Oni under his command and used them to defeat and destroy any other demon clans that would impede on his territory and destroy his clan.

As time passed he had grown powerful enough to even get notice from Onaga known as the One Being. As time passed Onaga had planned to use him as his personal servant but needed to destroy his mind in order to control him and his fiery spirit. He shape shifted into the Oni's most trusted second in command setting him up to be ambushed by a rival enemy clan.

While the demon viciously fought to the last he eventually was defeated. Onaga, again shape shifting into his own form, came to the dying demon with a proposal that he would remake him into a force of destruction and power but he would serve him as a general in his army to conquer Earthrealm. The demon agreed and was remade into a form far beyond his own. From there he was given a name that would be scarred with for years beyond, Kros.

Kros the chaos bane, they called him, began his warring against all other clans destroying and decimating his enemies with increased tenacity and hatred that grew greatly with every death of an enemy. Time had passed and he grew more powerful than he had ever dreamed... Yet as he grew strong so did his emptiness grow. What purpose did murder solve? As he Had still grew to conquer the realm there seemed no end to the insanity of it all. Time grew to show his heart was filled with some light after so much darkness. Even though he was growing remorseful of his evil, there would be no way that he would have repented if not for the meeting of a young woman whom he fell in love with her when he had been saved by her.

He had then turned his clan, The Hell Raisers, towards a moral path to teach the Netherrealmer's the way of peace. This didn't sit too well with some of the members or Onaga whom believed this would be the start of disobedience. As such the group had grown to a mutiny, resulting to a full scale war between Onaga and Kaos. The battle was long and savage with Kaos almost becoming the winner. But Onaga tricked him pleading for mercy from Kaos and then breaking his skull as he turned away killing him instantly.

From Heaven the Elder Gods had seen the heroics of the one known as Kaos and his power that seemed close to that of a match to Onaga's. Because of this they called forth his soul from the Nether Pits and purified his soul into a new perfect body made from the elements of Aether. From there the Elder's had given him the new holy name of Aos. With his new form and body he would become one of the mediators of the mortal kombat and also to keep the enemies of whom would dare to control the realms and combine them together.

Ending: With the defeat of all the tournament warriors all but stood was Aos. After flaying Onaga the Dragon King and freeing Blaze from his guardianship, Aos had went forth to control the powers of the One Being. From him grew exponential power that was beyond that of the Elder Gods and with that grew a new purpose. Rebuking his purpose as being a servant of the Elder's he took his powers and took away the strength and powers from the evils of the realms and gave it to himself. After this act he turned each individual realm into a different paradise putting those he saw most fit to rule in his stead as he traveled beyond the known realms to learn of what else was out there and how he could help them all.

Arena: Heaven Realm Arena

Height: 6'7

Measurements: Weighs 250

Blood Type:


Allegiance: The Elder Gods and Heaven

Friends: The Elder Gods(?), Ashrah, Raiden, Fujin, Other good forces.

Foes: Onaga and evil forces.

Friendships/Animalities/Brutalities: Stair way to Heaven (Brutality), The Love of an Angel (Friendship) and Savage Pegasus (Animality)

Deathtrap: Any(?)

Arena Weapon: Katana and Gauntlet

Arena Interaction: ????

Puzzle Fighter: ????

Motor Kombat Racer: ????

Latios6222Posted: 10/31/2011 04:47 PMStatus ::

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Nationality::United States
RE: Created Character Archives

My fighters name Is Inferno or Infernus.
Special Moves:
-Druids Fire: A large fireball of blueish orange flames
Advanced Form:Demons Fire:Same
-Druids Fist: The fighters fist is ingulfed in flames
Advanced Form:Demons Fist: Same
-Dragons Breath: The fighter blows flames from his mouth
Advanced Form: Demons Breath
-Teleport: The fighter ingulfs himself in flames and reappears in pool of lava behind opponent
-Fire of the Soul: The fighter ingulfs himself in fire and heals himself
-X-Ray: The fighter ingulfs both hands in fire and breaks opponents jaw and collar bone

Biography:Infernus:A half-human, half-Edenian who has Pyro-Like abilities, thus making him a Pyromancer, but he has some skills in magic as well making his Pyro abilities much stronger. He came about with a blood transfusion of Edenian blood into his human body increasing his strength. He is an ex-Shaolin monk gone ninja. He served Shao Kahn only to protect the Edenians from his wrath and to increase his skills, but he knows that Shao Kahn is a traitor and it was only time before it was his turn. He became ruthless to gain favor.Trained in the arts of Magic and Fire, he is a very deadly adversary. He is one of few that could stand up to Shao Kahn, and only he knows it. But Shao Kahn sent him to the Netherrealm to save his own skin, but he has freed himself after spending ages surviving in the Netherrealm. He is one of few warriors whose fury cannot be matched save Scorpion. Being in the Netherrealm only increased his firepower making him even more deadly than before. But now that Shao Kahn is Dead, He has a few remaining traitors to get rid of. With the royal family now imprisoned in the Netherrealm, he is one of few left to take the throne, next to Rain, Mileena, And Ermac(Ermac is revealed to be King Jarred). He despises Quan Chi.

-Let it burn:
Fighter magically takes out the heart of his opponent and begins to burn it and at the same time, the opponent is alive and spontaneously catches on fire and melts to a crisp until the heart is ash.
-The Eagle:
The fighter turns the opponent away from him, takes out his knife, then stabs in the spine slicing vertically, the rips open the back, pulls out the opponents lungs and suffocates the opponent.
-Burning Inferno:
Inferno uses telekinetic powers to hold his opponent in place, then throws multiple fireballs, then shoves his hand into his chest, makes a fireball and explodes his opponent.
-Burn Baby Burn:
Inferno takes his opponent, Inferno then turns himself into a flying burning soul, and flies around and around his opponent making a flame tornado, melting his opponent in the center.
-Burning Swords
Inferno takes his swords, lights them on fire, cuts off opponents arms, cuts opponents stomach open, then stabs them in the chest burning the life out of them and eventually cuts off their head.
Hey, Your Heads on Fire:
Inferno walks up to his opponent, throws a fireball in their face, cuts off their head, and burns their face off.
Lets Play with Fire: Inferno takes some small ninja daggers, superheats them, stabs them all over the opponents body, then while the blades are burning into the flesh, he uses his powers and makes his opponent explode.
Weapon: Ninjato

Appearance: Similiar to Rain and Smoke, but wears a black outfit has Glowing Red Eyes, Suit is black, Wears the Klassic MK Ninja outfits from MK: Armageddons Kreate a Fighter. Wears Black Versions of Rains Ninja Gauntlets. Mask is MK 1 ninja, Suit is Mk ninja 1, Face is Possessed, Cloth is Quilted, SKin is normal color of human skin. no shoulder pads, no leg pads, wears medium size Tabi Shoes. Fighting Style is Leopard Kung Fu.

This Image is just an example of what he may look like

Latios6222Posted: 10/31/2011 05:04 PMStatus ::

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Nationality::United States
RE: Created Character Archives

Jintaro is a very powerful sorceror whose skills are only matched by Shang Tsung, Quan Chi, Shinook, Raiden, Onaga, and Shao Kahn. He joins Mortal Kombat for power, but he must prevent anyone else from taking his beloved home of Earthrealm, the only place he calls home. To do so requires patience and power, both of which he has had plenty of time to increase.
To the Grave
Jintaro Summons undead Skeletons to grab the opponent and begin ripping his flesh off and dragging the opponent down to his doom
You Choke, You Die
Jintaro lifts his opponent in the air with magic and chokes in a Darth Vader like manner, and at the last moment, crushes his throat, then completely explodes his opponents head.
Thoom, Thoom, Thoom
Jintaro disappears in thin air in a spirit wisp, similiar to shang tsungs,
then,you hear a thoom,thoom,thoom, thoom, then A gigantic tyrannosaurus rex appears and roars at his opponent, the opponent screams and cowers and tries to run, and then the Tyrannosaurus lowers its head down and picks up the opponent in his jaws and shakes him like a ragdoll, breaking his bones, then is swallowed. The T-rex roars at the screen and
transforms back into his human form.
Thoom 2
Similiar to above except this time 2 tyrannosaurs appear, one picks him up and they proceed to pull him in half with their jaws, then both transform into Jintaro and he laughs.

Special Moves:
-Darkfire:Jintaro blasts a ball of black and green fire
-Doomkick:Jintaro kicks his opponent with a flaming foot
-Deathchoke:Jintaro picks up his opponent and burns their throat and slams them to the ground
X-Ray: Jintaro throws a devastating blow to his opponents face, then kicks them below the belt breaking their pelvic bones.
Fighting Style:Fu Jow Pai
Weapon Style:Katana
Body Size:Med
Belt:Sash Wide
Boots:Leather Med
Head:Fu Man Chu:Black
Chest:Samurai Sword

Latios6222Posted: 10/31/2011 05:14 PMStatus ::

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RE: Created Character Archives

How do you post up pictures on here. This is harder than Lucasforums.

Latios6222Posted: 10/31/2011 05:21 PMStatus ::

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RE: Created Character Archives

Isis: An ancient egyptian goddess, Isis joins Mortal Kombat to assist Raiden and Fujin in the protection of Earthrealm. A goddess of war and peace is not one to be trifled with. Because she is a goddess of light, evil taint does not last long. Shao Kahn and Shinook are her Ultimate Challenge. She is determined to protect her home of Earthrealm. She is willing to sacrifice all who get in her way. Any threat to Earthrealm, she must act quickly and decisively upon.

Queen Cobra
Isis transforms herself into a giant Cobra, which then hisses at the
opponent, then comes down and eats the opponent.
Piece and Harmony
Isis launches a ball of light at the opponent, then, it enters the opponents body where opponents body begins falling apart.The opponent begins melting just before exploding.
May You Find Piece
Isis lifts the opponent into the air, blasts a large ball of light into the opponent shoving them into the wall, then proceeds to do it again then does it one more time and destroys her opponents body
Kiss of the Sun
Isis walks over to her opponent, kisses them then her opponent begins to catch fire and melts and falls to the ground.
Queen of the Nile
Isis makes the entire room flood, then, transforms into a crocodile and attacks and devours her opponent.

Special Moves:
Light of Ra: Isis throws a ball of bright light at her opponent
Ra's Wrath: Isis electrocutes her opponent
Ra's Mercy: Isis heals herself with water
X-ray: Isis stabs her opponent, then kicks them to the ground, and cracks their spine

Appearance: that of the Egyptian Goddess Isis.

AwesomeTacoPosted: 11/01/2011 01:39 AMStatus ::

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RE: Created Character Archives

It's HTML.

To post a picture:

< img src = " image url " >

without the spaces of course

Immortal_KanjiPosted: 01/20/2012 06:47 PMStatus ::

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RE: Created Character Archives

Any thoughts on making some warriors that do....
- Earth/Sand
- Moon/Gravity
- Plant/Flower

JUST_A_TARKATANPosted: 03/22/2012 11:27 AMStatus ::

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RE: Created Character Archives

my character is Yury. he is a dark red ninja who once belonged to the linkuai

he has two powers. he absorbs his enemies attack and use it against them. but it is only as power full as what he absobs. say sub zero shoots ice at him twice now he can do one huge blast or two small ones

and his main power fire he is lightning fast and teleports in a wave of fire. and can split him self in a wave of fire and reappear behind his foes

his x-ray is he kicks his foe up in the are teleports bashes the jaw in mid air and it breaks the teleport and crushes the skull on the ground then he grabs the two legs stomps his foot on there back breaking the rib cage and the turns his fot making the ribs turn in a circle

his weapons include two swords and two sharp dagers that pop out of his gloves and there attached to his arms like kratos

F I he takes his two dagers and stabs both eyes takes his hand and crams two fingers each in both eyes puts his thumb on there cheek an

JUST_A_TARKATANPosted: 03/22/2012 11:39 AMStatus ::

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Nationality::United States
RE: Created Character Archives

---- and he rips the front of there skull off. not the jaw its kinda like show kans mask and he kuts the head off

F I I he does a back words kick and his foot turns to fire and he goes right threw the middle leaving only a burnt skeleton in that area

yury can turn his whole body in to fire and he has anger isues and goes into mad rages he elimnated half the linkuai forces when he found out about the cyborgs

he was turned into a black cyborg but only for a little wile did he pertend to be on there side. due to the heat he shorted out his wires when he was ready he struggled to get out off the armor through his teleport ability once frre he put the head master in a purple suit.

he is to be Yurys bodyguard. he has incredible sniping/accuracy abilities and he is now O.P.T.I.C organic primarey tactic intelligence cyborg

Immortal_KanjiPosted: 05/05/2012 06:42 PMStatus ::

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RE: Created Character Archives

- Plant (Plants/Poison/Flower/Fungi/Wood)
- Poison (Toxins/Pollution/Chemical/Radiation)
- Bone (Marron & Spyke)
- Elasticity
- Crystals
- Time & Sand
- Space

GoobieDoobPosted: 09/22/2013 05:40 PMStatus ::

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RE: Created Character Archives

Character Name: Uh'lien
Gender: Male
Age: 461YO
Height: 6'02"
Weight: 213
Origin: Earthrealm
Status: Wandering Zombie
Alignment: Neutral

Costume #1:
Hair = Balding {Grey-Black
Helmet = None
Earings = None {1 Ear Missing
Neckwear = Spike(d) Collar
Shoulders = None
Shirt = Bloody Torn-Up Tee
Jacket = None
Belt = Leather Belt {Bloody
Gloves = Leather Fingerless {Torn on Palms
Pants = Bloody Jeans {Torn at Left Knee and Right ankle back
Knees = None
Footpadding = Bandages {Bloody
Shoes = None {Broken Big Toe Left
Scars = Medium Bloody Scar on Right eye

Costume #2:
Hair = None
Helmet = None
Earings = None
Neckwear = Scarf {Bloody
Shoulders = Bloody Fur Pads
Shirt = Cut open chest {Heart hanging by a loose vein
Jacket = None
Belt = None
Gloves = None
Pants = Urien(SF3)-Style Bandages
Knees = None
Footpadding = None
Shoes = None {Broken Big Toe Left
Scars = Medium Bloody Scar on Right eye

When I was found by the crashed unidentified flying object V200MK, the government took me into holding. As I was a human taken my Aliens, my soul was drained and my body differed from the normal human mammal.

Discarded sometime later, thought to be dead, I was awoken by the sound of sand falling. In an abandoned mineshaft, I had nowhere to go but down. Vaguely I remember being hit with bedrock and discovered years later by a group of underground explorer-adventurers.

Taken back to the government they wondered how I had gotten so far down, taken in by the trenches of the grounds abyss. They then took measures further and brought my corpse to a secluded area guarded by Special Forces Agents. They had shot and torn up my dismembered body once more before most of them left. The Agents were still here however and I had to find a way out.

Trying to get up, my anklebone cracked alerting a team of Agents known to me as Sonya Blade and Jax Briggs. They furthermore shot me until I awoke in a strange frenzy. They came to me and told me that I had a special condition named R.A.G.E (Ruined Anatomical Group Entropy). I then gained my consciousness and tore them limb from limb, disguising me in the blood of humans.

I fled to Outworld in search of a sorcerer that could restore me to my human form. Finding a woman by the name of Li Mei, she taught me that I did not need my humanoid body to be natural, and the ways of life were opened up to me. Mei unfolded the beauty of life and allowed me to live in her small village, no more under the reign of Reiko. They treated me well, and I was not so dismembered as to not eat. But I did find their village sorcerer, who had told me that I was immortal.

No longer would I have to suffer under the repeating process of death and decay, as I lived with people who actually understood me, took in me, and most importantly, these people loved me even though I was nothing but a rogue zombie. Thank you people of Sun Do. Thank you with all of my vacant heart.

Signature made by Zmoke Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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