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Tony5Posted: 08/05/2011 09:20 AMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Post Your Fantasy Kharacters Here!

sorry for the double post, i didnt finish.

special moves:acid bomb, a mass unit of acid falls on you taking half of your life and degrading you, turning you into Meat.
sword slash, a lightspeed combo of his swords attacking you.
nuclear darkness, a mass explosion that kills you and making lose the whole three rounds
dark summon, able to call people who he killed from destruction.

Fatality:weapon of mass destruction, all his specials com to kill you , not to mention him stabbing you and cutting you up

One day, you must choose between what is easy, and what is right, and what is easy is not always right. -Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore RIP
JasonKarkaPosted: 10/14/2011 12:00 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Post your MK8 Fantasy Characters here!

Name: Kuie (preffered as Jason)
Age: 17
Sex: Male
Powers: Cyromancer abilities
Alignment: Nuetral Guardian: Sub-Zero
Description: Short black hair with scar over left eye Blue and Black Gi with black pants and blue and black shoes with blue eyes.
Wepons: Martial arts, Cyromancer abilities, and a kantana
Special Moves: Ice blast-Freezes oppenent, Ice clone-Clone of ice and if touched oppenent is frozen, Ice wall- a wall made of ice to prevent enemy from attacking the user, Sliding kick- Slides into opponent knocking them off their feet. Fatalities- Ice kick- opponent is frozen then smashed by a kick, Katana splice- uses katana to slice enemy into three sections then enemy's body sections fall onto the ground. Story: After birth my mother and father were killed by Shang Tsung and their souls were fed to Shao Kahn. At the age of five my guardian Sub-Zero started to train me as a Cyromancer. At the age of 12 we were ambushed by one of Shao Kahn's extermination squads. Sub-Zero escaped but by leaving me behind I faught until Shang Tsung had taken me prisoner. Bestowing me to Shao Kahn he ordered me to join his army or he will send his forces to eliminate the only one who took me in, Sub-Zero. I had joined his army but escaped over the cover of night. Baraka had stopped me and challenged me to Mortal Kombat to see if I could escape him. He sliced a scar over my left eye as I froze him and escaped. I then went through a portal to Earthrealm. I was then chased by Reptile. I happened to have ran into Raiden who defeated Reptile and took me to become an Earthrealm warrior to stop the Outworld invasion. Ending: After defeating Shao Kahn, Kuie had a vision of who his parents were. Other than Sub-Zero is mother and father were also Cyromancers. Sub-Zero was a family friend. As Shang Tsung fed Kuie's parent's souls to Shao Kahn Sub-Zero knew he would have to save Kuie. In doing so he also freed Kuie's parent's souls. They wrapped themselves around Kuie and formed into armor that he would later use. Kuie realized that he now is old enough to don the armor and lead the remaining Cyromancers to locate a female to re populate the realm.Sadly during the events of Mortal Kombat: Armageddon the Cyromancers were once again almost wiped out but with some hope they will return as a new Sub-Zero is alive and a female Cyromancer female Frost can repopulate the realm.

JasonKarkaPosted: 10/22/2011 06:50 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Post your MK8 Fantasy Characters here!

Not my best

rainmasterPosted: 10/26/2011 03:42 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Post Your Fantasy Kharacters Here!

Name: Micron
Sex: Robot male
Alignment: Himself
Powers: Ultimate Lin Kuei Cyborg, having the powers of most of all the kombatants.
Story: Micron was meant to be the ultimate Lin Kuei cyborg. He was infused with the powers of many fighters. When Shao Kahn invaded, his cybernetics were corrupted and is now a killing machine. With the powers of many kombatants combined into a highly advanced robot, he would be almost invincible.
Ending: When Micron defeated Shao Kahn, the burst of energy separated his cybernetics from his human form. His cybernetics were still a conscience machine and were no longer at risk of human error. They destroyed everything including the elder gods. All the realms were at his control. Now known as only a machine, the being that calls itself Micron will rule until another warrior can best him in kombat. That day will not be soon.
Special moves: force ball, tele-punch, cyborg smoke's spear, invisibility, super kabal spin, freeze ball
Fatalities: Robo-hand comes out, Kung Lao's hat is being held, drops hat and enemy is split in half. Fatality 2: open,s arm panel and punches i code, kicks enemy's head all the way around the screen until it comes out other side, head hit opponent and they explode. Let know what you think!!!

Touching wires causes instant death. $200 fine.
kamikaze-dragon1Posted: 10/27/2011 08:38 AMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Post your MK8 Fantasy Characters here!

Origin:A realm never spoken of:TortureRealm
Attire:He or it dons the clothing of a forgotten clan:The Renegades of Hell
Before Raiden was a god and found a champion, there was a clan. They were destroyed by a battle with the Shirai-Ryu, Lin-Kuei and the Tekuunin in a free-for-all. Not knowing there was a village where they planned the battle, they were destroyed with no hope of coming back. A secret organization in which Quan-Chi belonged to before the Deadly Alliance found some ashes. It was enough to make a new person.A person filled with rage. A person who felt what Hanzo Hisashi (Scorpion)felt. The most dangerous alliance in history is Nytesyko and Scorpion:The Eternal Realm Smashers.

Hope u like my character!

JasonKarkaPosted: 10/29/2011 08:20 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Post your MK8 Fantasy Characters here!

Name: Nicole
Age: 21
Bio: Biography unavailable. Erased by Earthrealm Special Forces.
Mother: Sonya Blade
Father: Johnathin Cage
Alligence: Earthrealm Special Forces
Special Moves: Automatic gun: Takes out an AK47 and shoots opponent if they approch. Beatdown: Kicks crotch, breaks arm, cracks skull, and rips out an eye. Stun Powder: Blown off of hand like a kiss but puts them in a frozen like state where they are vulnerable to any attack. Jetboots: Teleportation move where opponent is sent flying 60 feet in the air and smashed down into the ground.
Wepon: Ku Lun Dao
Fatalities: Deadly Arsenal: A pod of nuclear energy is dropped onto opponent making them explode. Neck Snap: Breaks neck and then severs head.
Wepon Fatalities: Brutal Slice: Enemy is cut up by a series of brutal slices leaving them in peices that rats come and steal. Decapitation: Head is severed from body in one quick and clean slice.
Ending: Defeating Shao Kahn brang a new generation of Mortal Kombat. One that would be ready for the next tournament. A new generation will be prepared in Nicole's name as she vanquishes the outworld scum from Earthrealm.

rainmasterPosted: 11/01/2011 04:35 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Post your MK8 Fantasy Characters here!

There should be a character who is like a magic puppet controlled by a sorcerer.

Touching wires causes instant death. $200 fine.
JasonKarkaPosted: 11/09/2011 01:57 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Post your MK8 Fantasy Characters here!

Name: Thomas (Tommy) Jarvis
Age: 36
Bio: After somewhat thought to have killed Jason Voorhees once and for all by drowning him Tommy Jarvis lowers his guard only to be shocked the Shang Tsung had no control of Jason's soul. Jason live once more and Tommy know what to do. He arms himself with an arsenal of wepons and hopes to end this once and for all. Something worse than Jason the Dream Demon Freddy Krueger also had made Shang Tsung lose control of his soul. Tommy faces this threat and many others.
Wepons: Machette, Shotgun, Pipe Bombs, and Explosive Tipped Crossbow.
Martial Arts: Karate and Wrestling.
Fatalities: Explosive: Places pipe bomb into mouth and shoots in head with explosive tip arrow and the enemy explodes into chunks and blood. Jason Voorhees: Places hockey mask on foe and then starts hacking at them with macette, shoots them with explosive tip arrow and then blows up the rest. Shotgun Spree: Takes out shotgun and shoots until nothig but bones and meat are left of the enemy.
Ending: After defeating the dream demon Freddy Krueger Tommy goes up against Jason in his own demotic way of Mortal Kombat. Jason was the only one who survived up to Tommy. Tommy preforms his "Jason Voorhees" fatality and turns his attention torwards Shang Tsung and says "You idiot this thing is a killing machine and he can't be stopped half of the time." Then he shoots Shang Tsung in the head with his shotgun and walks to Shao Kahn. Tommy says "This is for letting him ressurect Jason." Shao Kahn loses in Mortal Kombat to Tommy. Earthrealm is safe from outworld and Jason Voorhees atleast for the next 500 years.

JasonKarkaPosted: 11/11/2011 11:41 AMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Post your MK8 Fantasy Characters here!

I'm posting alot of Characters

rainmasterPosted: 12/04/2011 10:22 AMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Post Your Fantasy Kharacters Here!

Name: Phantis
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Origin: Outworld, Soul Chamber
Powers: Telepathy, Teleportation, Soul Absorbing.

Bio: Phantis was an accident. Phantis was a mistake. Phantis is the second Ermac. It, or He, was created out of leftover souls that were used to create Ermac. The reason there were leftovers was if they added any more, Ermac would be able to overthrough his creators. The leftover souls were to be returned to the bodies and used as slaves. When Shang Tsung stole a soul, he usually used a sneak attack instead of a direct assault. He did not have much time to measure the strength of each soul in a battle. Ermac was made of mostly weak souls, he is strong because he has many. The stronger ones were left behind. They decided to come together after seeing that it was possible in the case of Ermac. They wanted revenge. They had to enter the tournament first.

Soul Charge: Calls out a soul to tackle the opponent. Enhanced: Sends a soul in a kick position to kick opponent in face.
Telepathy: Sends a soul into opponents mind and causes interference like dizzyness, not blocking, not jumping, Ect.
Soul Teleport: Becomes many souls and returns to normal on other side. Enhanced: Instead of just a teleport, he punches him in face.
Soul Lift: Throws a ball of souls and makes them lift opponent then you can control them. Enhanced: When ball hits, you can control or slam them at any time.
Inner Voice: Beckons opponents soul to join them, causing them to come forward for a small amount of time. Enhanced: You can control the direction and make them jump.
Soul Fireball: Sends a ball of souls to hit opponent and then the souls return to Phantis.

Throw: Forward: Grabs opponent and talks to soul, opponent punches himself many times and turns around, then Phantis kicks them in the back to send them away. Backwards: after self punches, Phantis grabs them and throws them behind him.

X-Ray: Throws soul ball and it goes into enemy's mind, shows souls squeezing brain. Enemy falls down unconscience and Phantis steps on their back, this wakes them up and then they start to get up, before they can finish, Phantis knees their chin.

Fatality one: Phantis talks to soul for a while and opponent slowly rips out own heart, then Phantis bends over body and collects the soul.

Fatality two: Phantis separates into many souls and they form a gang around opponent, then some of them grab the legs and some grab arms. Then one walks up and breaks legs and then arms and slowly rips of head. They come back into Phantis form and he collects opponents soul.

Victory pose: Phantis puts hand in air and it glows green, then a soul from the opponent comes to the hand and Phantis crushes it, absorbing it.

Entry pose: A green tornado is there and it starts to turn into Phantis, when it is finished, Phantis says "Your life will be MINE!!!" Sorry it is so long, just lots of stuff that has to be said. Need to be detailed you know. Oh, and by the way. Phantis looks kind of like a dark greenish ninja with a somewhat see through look. When he moves he leaves behind a greenish trail.

Touching wires causes instant death. $200 fine.
rainmasterPosted: 12/05/2011 06:16 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Post Your Fantasy Kharacters Here!

Another Character!!!! Sorry for the many posts.
Name: Mantis
Sex: Male
Place of Origin: Earthrealm
Allies: Anyone in the Lin Kuei
Enemies: Scorpion, Quan Chi, Sub-Zero, Rival Clan Members
Powers: Lava manipulation, Super Reflexes
Appearance: light red and orange ninja suit with black stripes going from shoulders to waist. Black pants with yellow dragon stripes going all the way down legs. His face kind of is covered in fire like

Bio: Mantis was the best of the best... of the best. The greatest champion of the Lin Kuei. Sub-Zero was his greatest ally, they were a dynamic duo. When he left him, Cyrax, Sektor, and Mantis were sent after him. He was the only one not robotisized by then. The grandmaster decided to let him remain human because no robot could summon lava and also control it. That was his signature attack. When he was sent to find Sub-Zero, he discovered he had to compete in Mortal Kombat to kill him.

Special Moves:
Lava ball: Shoots a ball of lava at opponent causing them to fall down screaming in pain. Enhanced: When it hits the opponent is on fire and immobile for a little bit and also get a burn that causes energy to go down for a while.

Lava Punch: Mantis starts to run and makes a diving punch and his hand is ingulfed in lava. Enhanced: He does the same thing except it is a more powerful kick.

Lava Teleport: Mantis goes into a meditation position and turns red and turns into a lava puddle, he then comes from a puddle of lava that forms behind enemy.

Heat Shield: Mantis turns a dark shade of red and fire wisps come off of him. If the opponent touches him they stumble back and receive a burn. Enhanced: They fire has a longer radius.

Lin Kuei Kick: Mantis jumps in air, spins and does a diving kick. Enhanced: Mantis' foot when he is doing the kick is ingulfed in lava and does more damage.

Throw-Forward: When Mantis grabs the enemy his hands glow red and the opponent is yelling in pain. Mantis covers his hand in lava and punches enemy in face to send them away. Backwards: After the burning Mantis throws the enemy on face behind himself.

X-Ray: Mantis shoots a ball of lava at enemy's feet and it hardens into rock. Mantis then rushes up to enemy and grabs them under the arms and starts to pull them down which make the legs bend the wrong way and break. He then does a roundhouse kick to the face which cracks skull and breaks rocks and sends them flying.

Fatality One: Mantis grabs enemy's face and his hand starts to ooze lava. The lava starts to burn the enemy's face and Mantis pushes enemy on ground and head turns into a burning, mushy pile of lava.

Fatality Two: Mantis touches the enemy's chest and it starts to burn, as the enemy is screaming Mantis' hand burns through their chest and the top half of the enemy's body starts to melt. Mantis then simply takes his hand out of the enemy's chest and they fall down in a bloody mess. Mantis then holds his hand up in the air to reveal a lava covered, half melted heart.

Entry Pose: A fiery puddle starts to move onto screen and in a giant firestorm, Mantis comes from the puddle and laughs an evil laugh.

Victory Pose: Mantis puts both hands in the air and his whole body starts to get covered in lava and he turns into a puddle and moves away.

Touching wires causes instant death. $200 fine.
JasonKarkaPosted: 01/21/2012 10:34 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Post Your Fantasy Kharacters Here!

Name: Jake Black

Age: 24

Race: Human

Wepon: Katana

Style: Gorin Ryu

Special Moves: Aura Blast- After charging up a beam of dark Aura the foe is blasted leaving them vulnerable to a combo. Aura Punch- After charging up his Aura the foe is blasted backwards. Shining Sword Attack- After a series of slashing attacks the foe is hit by an Aura blast.

X-Ray: Charging an Aura Blast at the foe's head as an Aura Punch slams into the foe's gut leaving the foe on the ground where it is then pounced.

Fatalities: Caramelldansen- Dances on the corpse of the foe while the annoying song Caramelldansen plays, eventually the foe's head explodes. Execution- After being executed with his Katana the foe is left helpless and dead in cold blood.

Bio: Have been raised without a father due to the high demands of National Security in some cities, Jake was forced to take Martial Arts classes for his defence. He has studied the style of Gorin Ryu and mastered it. Then Kahn's armies invaded, leaving the world in an apocalyptic state. Jake has been invited to join Raiden and his chosen warriors. Jake refused.

Ending: Having to snuck into Kahn's palace as a prisoner, Jake breaks free of the Tarkatans and makes his way to Kahn's throne room. After defeating Shang Tsung, Mileena, and Baraka with his Tarkatan hoards, Kahn had no coice but to face Jake himself in Mortal Kombat. Jake nearly lost the fight but had overcome Kahn's power. Jake frees Earthrealm and Edenia from Kahn's rage.

brc1223Posted: 02/10/2012 09:36 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Post your MK8 Fantasy Characters here!

have you had the reptel fight in mk1

borntoquest10Posted: 05/19/2012 07:15 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
RE: Post your MK8 Fantasy Characters here!

his name is omega he controlled ermac though people thought ermac was being controlled by shao kahn. omega is weak and powerless but has a magical control on ermac. he forces ermac to collect souls untill ermac is very powerful. then omega uses his magical control on ermac to make him commit suicide. after dead all ermacs souls and strength went to omega. omega then easily overthrows shao khan and takes his place aas ruler

SCORPIONISKINGPosted: 07/01/2012 11:09 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Post your MK10 Fantasy Characters here!

Allies:Smoke Nightwolf Kitana Liu Kang and Raiden
Enimes: Scorpion Noob Quan Chi Shang Tsung and Shao Kahn
Race: Wraith/Poison Plant
Bio:in progress
Dark green ninja costume
Sword Axe and Ninja stars

Xman321Posted: 07/06/2012 08:31 AMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Post your MK10 Fantasy Characters here!

Name: Kaji
Apperance: a Ninja, He Has a Green Yellow Ninja Suit On, In Battle Several souls are around him
Bio: A Member Of the Lin Qui(Sorry if I spelled It Wrong), He Was the Last Member That Would Be Cyberized. However, As He Was About to Be Cyberized, Several Souls Came and Destroyed the Machine. He Now Has Set out to fight Strong Warriors, And He Has Made a Deal With the Pepole He Fights. If He Wins, His Opponenents Soul Must Follow them and Fight Along Side Him, Forever(However This Is Nice to his Opponent becouse They Get to keep Fighting)
Intro:You See Two souls Floating then you here a Whistle Blowing Causing the souls to go over to Kaji. Kaji Then Says "Are You Ready"
Spechil Moves: Soul Throw, He Comands one of his Souls to Go Towards the Opponent, attacking Him, The Enhanced Version is Called Soul Dash and is faster and causes more damage. Soul Bomb, He Comands His Souls To Form a Bomb That Kaji Throws At His Opponent, The Enhanced Version is Called Soul Firework And It Does More Damage Soul Hold, Kaji Comands His Souls to dash at His Opponent, If it hits Him/Her, Then It Freezes The Opponent for a Little Bit and Makes Them The Color of the Souls for the Freeze Duration, The Enhanced Version Is Called Soul Capture and It Not Only Freezes the Opponent But Brings Him/Her To Kaji as Well
X-Ray Move: Kaji's Souls Go Into His Fist So When Kaji Punches His Opponent It Cracks His/Her Skull, Then The Soul Spin Around The Opponent Then Dash Into the Chest Causing Damage to The Chest Mucles.
Fatality 1:Kaji Makes His Souls Go Into His Opponents Body, One at a time, Intill He/She Explodes
Fatality 2: Kaji Makes A Soul Go Into The Opponents Body and Bring Out There Soul. Kaji Makes The Soul Split Left, Then Right, Then Down, Then Finaly, Up. Then Kaji forces the Soul Inside his Opponent, First there Arms Come Of, Then there Legs, Finaly His Opponent Yells "No......NO!" Then There Head Pops Of. Kaji Strikes a Victory Pose
Babality: The Soul Keep Hiting Him Causeing Kaji to Cry
Anmanality: Kaji Turns Into a Shokan(Yah! an MK animal Baby) and Jumps On His Opponent
Friendship: Kaji Soul Dash Backwards and Bring a Bunch Of Food.
Hari-Kari: His Souls Dash Into Him Intil He Explodes
Outro: His Souls Telaport Him Out of the Arena
Ending:(I'm Asuming Shinkok is The Boss) Shinkok's Menace Is Over. Kaji's Souls Took His Powers. With Him Comanding Thoose Souls, None could stand up to Kaji, He Defeated Every Elder God, And Became, What We Mortals Know as ,God!
Pretty Cool Huh? You Have NO idea how long it took to type all that! I can Only Hope That This is your face

Christmas...the only time of year that the Bonne's would be giving, instead of getting.
Chryo_SpyderPosted: 07/06/2012 02:47 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Post your MK10 Fantasy Characters here!

Kickass, enough...

Real All The Damn Time
Xman321Posted: 07/10/2012 07:29 AMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Post your MK10 Fantasy Characters here!

Chryo_Spyder Wrote:
Kickass, enough...

Was That About Mine. or Someone Else's Charater

By The Way, For Anyone Making a Charater, It Would Be A good Idea to Have This Info

Why Wasn't He/She In The Original Timeline:

After All, This is an Alternent Time Line!

Anyway, Another Charater

Name:Snake.( No Not Snake From the MK Project Mugen Hacks)

Bio: (From Snake's POV)Hello, My Name is Akria Trianano and I am A Ninja! I know am the Only Suvior of The Attack of My Clan. I'm Not Sure Who Did it. All I Remember Is That I Was Picked Up By A Man with a Mask, I can Only Refere to Him as My Stepdad. I Was Taught The Power Of Fire, But Soon Learned the Power of a Cybermander as Well. Fire and Ice may be Polar Oppositutions, Combined They Are Very Powerful, I Was Taught In Outworld. But I learned both sides of The War. I Once Fought With My Father, And Once With Radien. My Goal Now, Is To Put Balance In This Battle, To Bring Peace. And The Only Way For there to be Peace, Is Without any Lifeforms at all. Inculding Humanidy!(Yep.....I'm assuming that You Face is one of theese just from that Bio)

Appreance: Costume 1(After Trying both Sides of the War) A Ninja Outfit. Color Black(But His Skin is White So He's Not Noob Sabiot).
Cosutme 2(His Dad's Side) A Skull Ninja Mask With A Outworldy (Me And My Comendy!, It Sucks) Suit
Costume 3(Radien's Side): A Suit Simialar to Raidan's

Why He Wasn't in the Original Timeline: Cyber Smoke Killed Him

Intro:He Is Crossing his arms then he goes in his battle stance, he than says "Fighting(Pause)Will Help me Remember"

Outro: Snake Makes a Ice Ball With one hand and a Fireball with the Other, He Than Raises His Hands into the air

Fatality 1:"Fire and Ice" Snake Freezes the opponent than blows fire on causing the opponent to melt

Fatality 2: "There's more than meets the eye" Snake Pull Out His Opponents Eyes and Smashes Them Togever, Causing a Splash Of Water, Snake Then Quickly Turns The Water into to Iceballs The Size of Eyeballs and Sticks them where the Opponent Used to have Eyes, He Then Touches His Opponent Causing Them to Fall down

Anmitality: Snake Turns Into a Phython and Sqrezes His Opponent to Death

Babality: He Frezzes Himself by Acxadent then The Ice Melt From Fire, Snake Then Cries

Friendship: He Makes A Block of Ice and Melts Some Of It With Fire to Make a Ice Sculptior

Ending: With Shinok Defeated, Snake Had Took His Godly Powers and Challanged Every Fighter In Earthrealm To A Fight To The Death, Non Could Stand up to Snakes Power, So They Were All Killed. Snake Contenued This Cycle Intill There were no Life Forms But Him in all the Realms, Finaly He Decided, To Kill Himself!
Amost Forgot X-ray move: He Burns His Opponent, Then He Slices His Opponent With a Sword Spechils: "Icy Slash": He Slices The Opponent And They Go Fly Backward for a Half-Second then Then They Freeze. "Burning Slash" He Slices the Opponent then they Fly Backwards, Once they get up They Become Burnt. "Melting Slash" The Enhanced Version of Icy and Burning Slash, I Both Freezes Them and Burns Them! Throw: Fowards: He Freezes His Opponent's Legs then Melts The Ice While Liting the Opponent On Fire Causing the Oponent to Fly Backwards and Stop,Drop And Roll. Backwards: Same a Fowards Exept Snake Goes Behind The Opponent and Makes them Fly Backwards!

Christmas...the only time of year that the Bonne's would be giving, instead of getting.
Jonny_Cage_is_a_true_bamfPosted: 08/12/2012 12:23 AMStatus ::

Rank ::
RE: Post Your Fantasy Kharacters Here!

Mileena naked costume and chuck norris

lildragon2000Posted: 09/03/2012 02:36 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Post Your Fantasy Kharacters Here!

Bio:After Being Kicked Out Of His Clan Death Decided To Join Shao Kahn's Forces And Reap the Souls of His Clan in Mortal Kombat Which He Just found out they joinec
Weapon:War Axe
Outfit 1: A black robe (simalar to ermac's alternate in MK9 without mask) and Skull face.
Outfit 2: Raiden armor with a hood
Entrance:Black souls floating rotating in a circle form Death
Stance:lui kangs in MK9
Fatality 1:Death Grabs his Axe off his back and slices his opponents arms off then thier head then chest and bangs his Axe's hilt into there chest and stabs there head with his axe and rips it off
Fatality 2: Death summons a bunch of Skulls and demons and they fight over his opponent's body and rip it into 6 pieces head,arms,legs and torso and they eat them
Move list; demon summon-summons a demon that does 10% damage by biting on enemy, super slice-Axe glows black and does 5% extra damage with every hit for 5 seconds, demon Teleport-demons pull Death down and push him up onto other side of arena and all demons run over enemy causing 10% damage, demon grip-summons a demon that holds back enemy(2X=10% damage), Axe throw-throws axe dealing 10% damage
X-ray:Death stabs enemy with axe and slams them into ground then slams hilt of axe into enemy's chest and kicks them across arena dealing 30% damage Victory pose:Throws axe at screen and shadows carry him away

PutYaGunsOnPosted: 01/27/2013 12:58 AMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Post Your Fantasy Kharacters Here!

Name: Toramaru Genji ("Genji" is another way to read/pronounce the character for "Minamoto", as in Yoshitsune Minamoto, the actual samurai whom Liu Kang was originally going to be named after.)

Appearance: Black hair tied in a topknot with the top of his head shaved. Wears a stylized suit of yellow samurai armor with a black gi under it, and a daisho (katana-wakizashi pair) in his belt. His alternate outfit would resemble a Japanese Buddhist monk with a large straw hat and large prayer beads around his neck. He still has the daisho.

Fighting Style: Uses a katana, moves are based on real life kendo/kenjutsu. (Think Mitsurugi from Soul Calibur) His throws are based on real jujutsu.

Bio: Toramaru Genji was a powerful samurai in feudal Japan. Though he was never a ninja, his family had close ties to the Shirai Ryu, and thus he considered them allies, and even knew a few of their secrets. He was able to participate in a Mortal Kombat tournament thanks to his mastery of the sword, but he was killed by a Lin Kuei warrior, and his soul was taken by Shang Tsung.

Through sheer will or something, his soul began to wander free, and thanks to magic, he was able to regain a new body in the modern day. He now swears revenge on the Lin Kuei for both dishonoring him, and for (supposedly) massacring his friends and allies, the Shirai Ryu. He begins his revenge plan by seeking the help of the Shirai Ryu's last known ninja, Hanzo Hasashi. However, Hanzo, now called Scorpion, reveals that it was Quan Chi that massacred the Shirai Ryu. Now Toramaru has the new goal of killing Quan Chi, but even so, still has his vendetta against the Lin Kuei, since they still dishonored him, and because they are long-time enemies.

Special Moves:
Sword Wave: Toramaru thrusts his sword and an energy blast shoots from the tip.

Kami no Kaze: Toramaru creates a small tornado with his sword. It should also be noted that he is a devout worshipper of Fujin, which somehow has to do with this.

Warrior Charge: Like Nightwolf's Rhino Charge move or whatever it's called, but better, I guess. He rams his opponent with his shoulder, then gives them a quick slash of his sword.

Shirai Replacement: Toramaru makes a ninja hand seal and switches places with the opponent in a puff of smoke.

X-Ray Move: Toramaru sets up his Warrior Charge, which does the first X-ray, then he throws them to the ground with a jujutsu technique, then stabs them in the ribcage, showing an X-ray of the sword breaking ribs.

Cross-Cut: Toramaru slashes his opponent horizontally on the waist, then downwards along the center line. He then kicks them really hard, causing the four parts of the opponent's body to fly back.

Samurai Execution: Toramaru breaks his opponent's legs with the blunt side of his sword, forcing him/her on his/her knees. He brutally knees them in the solar plexus, causing their head to bow down. Finally, he beheads them in a traditional samurai execution, and kicks their head into the screen like a soccer ball.

Animality: Turns into a tiger and brutally eats the opponent. ("Tora" means tiger)

Friendship: Offers the opponent a cup of Japanese tea.

Babality (MK9 style): Takes out a small plastic toy sword and hits his own head with it, causing him to cry.

Hara-Kiri: He just commits actual, real seppuku. Nothing fancy.

Lightning™Posted: 06/20/2014 09:08 PMStatus ::

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Nationality::United States
RE: Post Your Fantasy Kharacters Here!

Sorry. Post needs rewriting.

MortalGeekPosted: 07/30/2014 03:27 PMStatus ::

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RE: Post your MK8 Fantasy Characters here!


BlitzStriker2787Posted: 09/26/2014 11:02 AMStatus ::

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RE: Post Your Fantasy Kharacters Here!

I don't know if this kinda thing will work but.

Name: Darius Argos
Sex: Male
Age: Unknown
Relm: Dracos Inguns
Power: Imitation of different fighting styles
Weapon: Duel Katina
Abilities: Dragon Form
Dragon Form Power: Unique Dragon attacks each with a unique style from his many different battles and skills of fighters whos moves he has seen.
Dragon Form Weapon: Duel Dragon Sabers

Bio: Darius was born a prince of his home relm Draco but when Shao Kahn invaded he killed Dariuses parents and he was adopted by Shang Tsung who tried to teach him the dark arts of Soul stealing. Darius instead of stealing the soul adapted to mimic the same attacks he had seen from multiple fighters without taking their souls. When Darius turned 18 he learned that he held a long dormant Dragon Form of Kombat and had been lost for centuries. When it awakened he participated n the Kombat tournament to bring back his people and bring honor to the family he once belonged to.

Special moves:
Spear: Immatating the Great Scorpion hurls a spear and draws the person close then upper cuts them into whatever obstical is n his way.
Ice-Hurl: Throws a ball of Ice at the enemies and then slides up to them and hits them with everything he has.

Dragon Form Specials:
Dragon Fury: Enraged Darius hits his enmie 7 times and on the 7th hit the person is knocked back and down.
Dragons Breath: Depending on the element he uses this attack can do multiple things.
Supreme Dragon Kick: While the enmie is stunned uses a lunging kick to send them flying

Annihilation: Calling on all elements he bombards the enmie with all of them tearing them apart and leaving a puddle of blood on the floor after it is finished.
Cut to Pieces: Using his Duel Katina's or Duel Dragon Sabers he dices the enmie to pieces leaving nothing but small wiggling chunks on the ground

That is about all I can think about this guy give me a buzz if u like or whatever.

tufgcPosted: 02/06/2015 10:31 PMStatus ::

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RE: Post your MK8 Fantasy Characters here!

I'm with you J3rsey_D3vil. A female goddess would work nicely... especially if she's super hot

J3rsey_D3vil Wrote:
I think it would be cool if another Elder God were to step down because he/she is officially tired of all this weird shit happening and decided to fight against all the main villians (Shinnok, Shao Kahn, Onaga -- barring their survival). Make it a female just so the "pantheon of the Gods" isn't some sausage-fest. And give her a weapon that has the ability to destroy a soul, so that there is no chance anyone killed with it can return.

I think that would kick ass in more ways then one.

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