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MK Online        Mortal Kombat (2011) Moves Guide
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Basic Attacks
Uppercut - Down + BP
Reptile Smash - Toward + BP
Low Swipe - Away + FP
Hop Kick - Toward + FK
Sweet - Away + BK

Chain Combos
Cold Blood - FP, BP, BK
Carnivore Bash - FP, BP, BP, FP
Deadly Venom - FP, BP, Away + FP
Just Hatched - BP, Toward + FK
Hybrid Blast - BP, FK + BK
Hybrid Crush - BP, Toward + FK, FP + BP
Evolution - Toward + BP, Away + FP
Amphibian Charge - FK, BP, FP
Slithered - FK, BP, Away + BK
Swamp Strikes - Toward + FK, FP + BP

Fast Tags (Tag Mode)
Carnivorous - FP, BP, BP, FP, Tag
Nocturnal - Toward + BP, Away + FP, Tag
Aquatic - FK, BP, FP, Tag
Shredding Skin - Away, Toward, BP + Block + Tag

Tag Combos (Tag Mode)
Toxic - FP, BP, Tag
Ravenous - FP, BP, BP, Tag
Scaly Serpent - BP, Toward + FK, Tag
Bad Blood - Toward + BP, Tag
Anguish - FK, BP, Tag

Special Moves
Slow Force Ball - Away, Away, FP
Fast Force Ball - Away, Away, FK
Slide - Away, Toward, BK
Acid Hand - Down, Away, BP
Invisibility - Down, Up, BK
Acid Spit - Down, Toward, FP
Elbow Dash - Away, Toward, BP

Finishing Moves
Acid Yak - Toward, Toward, Down, Up, FK [Sweep]
Weight Loss - Down, Down, Toward, Away, FP [Sweep]
Head Devour - Away, Away, Toward, Down, Block [Jump] [DLC]
Stage Fatality - Toward, Down, Down, Block [Varied]
Babality - Away, Toward, Away, Down, FK [Jump]

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