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MK Online        Mortal Kombat (2011) Moves Guide
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Sonya Blade

Basic Attacks
Backfist - Toward + BP
Hookshot - Away + BP
Spin Kick - Away + FK
Heel Bash - Toward + BK
Sweep - Away + BK
Uppercut - Down + BP
Military Stance - Down, Away + BP
Double Kick - BK [Military Stance]
Power Knee - FK [Military Stance]
Shoulder - FP [Military Stance]
Knockdown - BP [Military Stance]
Tackle - FP + FK, BP + BK [Military Stance]
Dash Punches - Toward + FP [Military Stance]
Lift Off - Away + BP [Military Stance]
Hit the Deck - Away + BK [Military Stance]

Chain Combos
Advance Force - FP, FP, BP
Fierce Assault - FP, FP, BK
Drop Zone - BP, FP, Away + FK
Ground Control - BP, FP, Away + BK
Power Rush - Toward + BP, BP, BK
Mess Hall - Away + BP, FP, Toward + BP
Play Time - FK, FP, BP
Beat Up - FK, FP, BK
Pull Out - BK, BK

Fast Tags (Tag Mode)
Switch Off - BK, Tag [Military Stance]
Fatal Kiss - Down, Away, FP, Tag
Surprise - Away + BP, FP, Toward + BP, Tag
Windmill - Down, Toward, FK, Tag

Tag Combos (Tag Mode)
Lick My Boots - FP, FP, Tag
Special Forced - BP, FP, Tag
Tough Love - Toward + BP, BP, Tag
Honorable Discharge - FK, FP, Tag

Special Moves
Energy Ring Blast - Away, Toward, BP
Leg Grab - Away, Toward, BK
Kiss - Down, Away, FP
Arc Kick - Down, Away, BK
Kartwheel - Down, Toward, FK
Air Drop - Down + BK [Aerial/No Enhanced]

Finishing Moves
Scissor Split - Down, Down, Away, Toward, FP [Jump]
Kut-Throat - Down, Away, Toward, Away, BK [Sweep]
Stage Fatality - Away, Toward, Down, BP [Varies]
Babality - Down, Down, Toward, FK [Jump]

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