Fight Night with Dan Elektro from GamePro Magazine!
July 6th, 2000 9:00 PM Eastern/ 6:00 PM Pacific

Edited Transcript By: ]{OMBAT from The Kombat Pavilion.

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Dan Elektro: I thought there'd be, like, four people! Hi, everybody.
I am a fast typist so I will do my best to keep up with
everybody. :)

PainGame: Dan, who is your fave character?

Dan Elektro: Okay, fave MK char? Tough to choose, depends on the game.
Raiden in 1, Kitana in 2, Scorpion in 3, Reiko in 4

Cornell: Who was your favorite character? (In any of the MK Games, of course)

Dan Elektro: My overall fave character is Raiden. Something to do with electricity, I figure. :) And I love his screams. I used to collect all the interpretations of his babble from the first game--"I'm a Frito Lay!" "I am from L.A.!" Loved hearing those guesses. :)

MethMaker: Dan, what is your take on the Reiko/Shao Kahn ambiguity?

Dan Elektro: Explain Reiko/SK ambig pls

MKJohn: Reiko is supposedly Kahn.... and i believe it!!!

CCShadow: The Reiko/SK thing is that they are the same person, according to the Gameboy ending for Reiko.

Dan Elektro: Reiko is Kahn? I don't buy it.

QuanChi: Yes, in MK Gold Reiko puts on Kahn's helmet... Don't you think that's weird?

]{0MBAT: It's true, look at the Game Boy color ending.

Dan Elektro: Oh well. Reiko could be just a pretender to the throne, yo.

MKJohn: well dan how did you crack the DULLARD code?

Dan Elektro: How I cracked the DULLARD code--big answer, I'll get to it
in a sec

Blaraka: Dan works at EGM?

Dan Elektro: Funny, Blaraka. :)

AceMaster: Dan how is it like working for the greatest video game
magazine in the world??

Dan Elektro: It's awesome and stressful and very rewarding at GamePro.
A lot higher stress than you might think. But it's the
best job I've ever had.

PainGame: Dan, have you ever worked anywhere else?

Dan Elektro: I did time at a lot of smaller game mags--Flux, GameSport, Critics' Choice, Digital Diner...some you've never heard of. Took me three or four years to get here. :)

D'Arque Bishop: Dan, is there any more information concerning the rumour that Microsoft is buying Midway? If so, how do you believe this will affect the quality of the PC ports, not to mention the existence of ports for consoles other than X-Box?

Dan Elektro: Microsoft is NOT buying Midway last I heard, but it was a reliable rumor for a while. Even my friends at Midway didn't know for sure--one asked ME to find out!

kwizard: How does it feel to work for the ONLY video game magazine that doesn't have a vendetta against Mortal Kombat???

Dan Elektro: We catch heat for liking MK so much. One year we put it on the cover 3 times--that's a lot. to be honest, though, 4 got old fast. We have a coinop and nobody plays it

PainGame: How does it feel to be a celebrity here?

Dan Elektro: A celebrity here? Pretty cool. Flattering as hell. :)

Scott-MK5org: So is it true you look good in Bunny Ears ;-)

Dan Elektro: I don't look as good in bunny ears as Kerri Hoskins looks in bunny ears. :) The legend grows...

Scott-MK5org: haha, btw dan she never emailed me, get on her butt for me:)

Dan Elektro: I will rattle Kerri's cage. I'm sure everybody'd rather talk to her in a Fight Night soon, yes? She said she was interested.

]{0MBAT: Let's get on to the Dullard code.....

Dan Elektro: Okay, Dullard code. I cannot take total credit for it and I never have. I share it with a friend named Carl Elston. Carl called me the day after MK for Gen came out and said "I have this code, nobody knows what it does".
So I sat there all damned weekend and just went through all the flags, totally systematically, writing down any discrepancies. I got all of them but one--and it took me seven hours. Pain in my ass. I faxed the results to GamePro Monday morning and Scary Larry called me, because he didn't believe it was on a production version of the game
The DULLARD code was almost certainly leaked by the programmers themselves--but I am happy and proud to say that when it broke, only my description was anywhere near complete. So I didn't FIND it so much as DECIPHERED it.

Blaraka: Do you know who Doug Perry is?

Dan Elektro: Doug Perry used to work at Future/Imagine/Next Gen, right?

Blaraka: Yeah, he told me that you still owe him that $20 from last year's E3

Dan Elektro: I hereby know NOTHING about bumming $20 from Doug Perry. :) I don't know if we've even met--I recognize the name but would not recognize the face!

Blaraka: If you had $20 and were in San Francisco, would you visit the Imagine offices and pay Doug Perry his cash you owe him?

Dan Elektro: Blaraka, you're going to have to take this Doug Perry thing up in email, because I do not owe him money. I have never even met the guy.

Blaraka: that's ok...I'll go by their offices and pay the man myself and tell him that it was from

Dan Elektro: No comment. :) You really should lay off the crack, tho.

Guest60814: why is mortal Kombat looked down on? Street fighter has made like 400 games most are exactly the same moves and characters

Dan Elektro: MK is looked down on because SF allows more technical combos overall. I used to hate SF and loved MK only. I've spent more time with SF people now so I understand the appeal of each. And I suck less at SF now than I used to, so that's something....

PainGame: Aren't you sick of all the SFs?

Dan Elektro: I'm not sick of all the SFs, to be honest. Each one has offered just enough innovation to keep me interested. Major Mike is our big SF guy, so we lock friendly horns sometimes. :) And Air Hendrix can take anybody with Liu Kang in any MK game...

pikascsa: how does street fighter survive but mk die

Dan Elektro: How does SF survive and MK die...if I could answer this, I would work at Midway. Again, SF is always percieved as a "deeper" game, and MK was "the bloody one." Or as one SF snob pal put it about MK1, "I don't like playing a game that I can beat with jump kicks." True--you can if you want. But why rob yourself?

D'Arque Bishop: Dan, from MKII on forward, MK arcade games released in "increments", with beta, incomplete versions being released and the game being slowly finished over time while gamers played In at least one case, gamers had to relearn finishing moves because of one such upgrade. Do you believe this to be a strength or flaw in the MK series, and why?

Dan Elektro: Regarding the releasing of arcade games in waves, this is kind of a standard thing in coin-ops. There's always an update chipset around the corner. There were 4 versions of the original MK, but most didn not have sweeping changes, and v1 was a complete game to begin with, so nobody really noticed it much. I think releasing beta code only hurts the game. It sure hurt MK4--they had a "false start" which killed a lot of the business.
By the time they got V3 out, anybody who wasn't a diehard MK fan had already left. Kind of a shame.

MKJ: what is your favorite MK game?

Dan Elektro: My fave MK game: II, even though it's slow. I like Kitana's "inflatality" and I like the music quite a bit. The stage fatals were a great surprise. I wish it were faster--I wish someone would make MKII with a turbo option or something. :) 3 was a drag, 4 was fun for a while but I ultimately went back to II.

e_mortal: How will mk5 stand up to what we have seen in the other what u had mentioned no one playing mk4

Dan Elektro: What do I know about MK5? Nothing. They are being really really REALLY quiet on this. I think The Grid will wind up being a nice break for Ed--he needs to clear his mind and come back fresh. The poor guy's been doing one type of game for eight years straight, for cryin' out loud. When I was interviewing John and Ed for MK3's home launch, they both were polite but seemed tired. When I asked what else they'd like to do, their eyes lit up and they said they wanted to make a Star Wars game. It never got made, unfortunately, and Sega beat them to the license. But I would have liked to see that game...

MethMaker: What do you think Midway needs to do to revive the MK series?

Dan Elektro: What Midway needs to revive MK: Time. Time without hype. Keep it low-profile, let it breathe a bit, let people look forward to it again--even "whatever happened to MK" would be a good thing and bring it back when there's some space between major releases. But the pre-hype on MK4 (which GamePro admittedly fed, massively) was not helpful to the series' health.

AceMaster: Whatever happened to Scary Larry and Johnny Ballgame????

Dan Elektro: Scary Larry once said that I got my job at GP because of the DULLARD code. He was kidding. I got here through sweat and tears. :)
Scary Larry got married, had a kid, and left GamePro to spend time with his family. I am honored to have taken over the responsibility of the April Fools' LamePro section in his absence.
Johnny Ballgame went to incite, which recently folded, so he's going to pop up soon doing more celeb interviews.

]{0MBAT: Do you think gun control laws affect crime rates at all? Would you say they lower or increase crime?

Dan Elektro: Wow, do you really want me to answer a gun control question? Not much to do with MK...

]{0MBAT: I asked because the media partly blamed last year's school shootings (such as Columbine) on games like MK, and partly blamed guns, I saw a lot of parallels between the two and I was wondering if you felt the same way.

Dan Elektro: I'm personally for gun control but I do NOT think games can be blamed. Same thing with horror movies--you've got to be imbalanced before you pick up the controller if you wind up acting on the fantasy. I use games as a frustration release--99% of us do. But the 1% that don't get the difference between games and life screw it up for everybody.

Kiara: We need to get GamePro down in this country. The only ones we have is N64 Gamer, Hyper, and a whole lot of PC Game magazines

Dan Elektro: There are several GP world editions, Rapidesh. Where are you? There's a Greece, Turkey...lots

Kiara: New Zealand.

Dan Elektro: I have no idea when GamePro is coming to New Zealand. :) Drop me a mail and I will try to find

Kazuaki: Whaddya think of Tekken?

Dan Elektro: I have never liked it. Honest. I tried from Tekken 1 and T2 and T3 did nothing for me. Tekken Bowl on PS2, that's funny... :)

PeterParker: Is there any word yet of when Mortal Kombat Conquest will start again for a second season?

Dan Elektro: I have no info on MKC, Peter--sorry

No one asks anything, and Dan replies...

Dan Elektro: I have heard rumors of a third MK movie but again, nobody's made any official statements or announcements. Boba Fatt works in the movie biz and he keeps me informed. :)

Kiara: How do you feel about girls asking you questions about MK?? Do you find us threatening??

Dan Elektro: I don't find girls threatening in the least. :) I have had my ass handed to me a good many times by female fighting fans. Eternal Champions...holy cow, I got WHUPPED by a lovely lady one day.

MethMaker: Dan, what do you think of the introduction of weapons into MK?

Dan Elektro: I thought the weapons were a good idea, and I like using them...but inevitably picking something up costs me the match. There's got to be a different way to make it work so it's not a hazard to use one.

D'Arque Bishop: Dan, now that John Tobias, Dave Michicich (sp?) and John Tsui (and maybe others) have since left Midway, what effect do you believe this will have on MK in general, and MK5 in particular, especially seeing as Tobias was the one behind the storylines?

Dan Elektro: I am far from "friends" with Ed or John or anybody else on the MK team, but I was really sad to see John leave. Essentially they left because it was a matter of creator rights. John got his start in comics (he pencilled some early issues of NOW Comics' The Real Ghostbusters, now available in quarter bins everywhere--I found them one day and sent them to him because he didn't have any himself...[text got cut off...who knows what he was saying?] characters just as well, and maybe there's a cool plotline lurking in Ed that he's wanted to try out, you know? Certainly with MK Myth and Special Forces it seemed like John was eager to tell new stories with his characters.

D'Arque Bishop: Dan, now that John Tobias, Dave Michicich (sp?) and John Tsui (and maybe others) have since left Midway, what effect do you believe this will have on MK in general, and MK5 in particular, especially seeing as Tobias was the one behind the storylines?

Dan Elektro: I think you don't need a whole lot of plot for a fighting game. MK5 will survive without John, but nobody's going to deny his massive contributions to setting up the universe.

JeffJ: What do you think of MK: Special Forces?

Dan Elektro: I played a little of MK: Special Forces. Sad. Wanted it to be so much better.

PainGame: Do you know anything about the whereabouts of Tobias?

Dan Elektro: Where has Tobias gone? Not sure. I have been meaning to ask him and see if he's got any new projects we should be tracking. 3 top guys don't leave Midway to go hang out on the couch, you know?

MethMaker: Dan, do you think there needs to be an overhaul in the combo system? It seems that once you master it, the game is over simplified with all players.

Dan Elektro: On MK combos, all I can say is at least they're not Killer Instinct. I hated that game--you either loved it or hated it, because you either knew the combos and you didn't. I think a bigger problem is balancing the AI so it's fair, rather than a combo overhaul. But that's me.

MDX: What do you think Ed Boon can, or will have to do, to get Mortal Kombat back into the spotlight? After a 3 game strike list, MK3, MK4 and MKG4.

Dan Elektro: What Ed needs to do to get MK back in the spotlight is either make the ultimate fighting game with every aspect gamers have ever wanted--sort of like Unreal Tournament did for first-person shooters--or start completely from scratch. A prequel would be neat.

MKJohn: Who was the best returning character in MK Gold? I think it's Baraka!

Dan Elektro: I was happy to see Baraka come back for MK Gold, but I have to admit, he always struck me as a cheezy bastard. At least the people I played against used him as such. One jump and you're sliced to bits. Yay?

MethMaker: Did you like the funny fatals? Personally, I thought that was where the MK series started to decline, it was like the flipside of everything I love about MK

Dan Elektro: I didn't care for the funny fatals too much. I thought MK2 had really good fatals, but MK3 went goofy. Consider the pressure they were under--the Senate is calling them out by name as purveyors of filth and violence. I think I'd cave a little bit too.

Sea SeRpEnT: Will the next issue of GamePro mention MK5 or MKSF at all?

Dan Elektro: No mentions of MK5 in GP soon, but MKSF was delivered to us so late in the schedule that we're already building our October issue (!) so even that might not get a review.

D'Arque Bishop: Dan, you bring up what I think might be an interesting point, IMHO. A lot of times a comment that is brought up about a character is that it's "cheap". Is there such a thing as "cheap" characters, or do you believe that a cry of "cheapness" is meant to mask one's inability to overcome a character's strengths?

Dan Elektro: That's a hell of a topic. Are some characters "cheap?" No, but I will say that some are unbalanced. That's a testing thing, not having a wide enough scope of players to test the game. It all depends on the player. Some players will cry "cheap" because they suck--we all know it. But sometimes it does seem like you can just hammer someone with one or two techniques, and that's no fun.

Sea SeRpEnT: Dan, do you think their should be an MK Gold game for the PC.... since the MK4 version for the PC sucked??

Dan Elektro: I don't think Midway should bother making an MK Gold version for PC. The market's too small. I want to see one true all-encompassing 4-volume MK disc. It won't happen because Acclaim still owns the MK1 and 2 home rights!

PainGame: Dan, DO you watch rasslin?

Dan Elektro: I used to like the old 80s WWF--all the mass media stuff. Leaping Lanny Poffo was awesome, and Rowdy Roddy Piper...can't get better than that. :)

Kazuaki: How good was the saturn version of MK/MKII compilation, dan?

Dan Elektro: The Saturn MK compilation was not nearly as good as it should have been. Acclaim rushed it out because they had the rights, no other reason--"let's make money." Slow loading, slow action, missing frames of animation...yikes.

D'Arque Bishop: On the other hand, have you ever played the PC MK/MKII compilation, and why do you think it never got a wide release?

Dan Elektro: I have the MK I/II for PC and I think the problem was it was on DOS at the cusp of the world going to Windows. If they'd done a proper Win95 version more people would have gotten into it--but again, Acclaim didn't want to bother.

Sterolizer: Hey you do all the reviews for MK GamePro, right? Are you going to do a review for Mortal kombat: Special Forces?

Dan Elektro: I don't do all the reviews, not hardly. We have a staff of about 8 or 9 people who share the load. Not sure who'll do MKSF.

Guest49187: How do you like the idea of new **Test Yours:** in the next MK game?

Dan Elektro: I would personally love to see Test Your Might come back. Even if it's the same thing they did before, that's like old school Track and Field fun, banging buttons.

mdx: What do you think about the tag format that is being used in the latest fighting games.?

Dan Elektro: I think the tag format is a fad, mdx. I think it's fun but the SF thing is getting out of hand. One tag, I can handle. MvC2 is fun but they lowered the character res to get teams of 3, and it's more confusing than anything. I say, give each character enough depth that their arsenal will be enough.

MKJ: Hey Dan, what do u think about Mortal Kombat Conquest?

Dan Elektro: I don't even watch MK Conquest. Hard to believe, I know...but I still have scars from MKA. I liked the first movie because it was fun, it was quick, it was lightweight and had lots of smackin' in it.

Kazuaki: what your fave MKT, PS or N64? and why? dan.

Dan Elektro: I liked the MKTrilogy for PS a lot more. Better music, more comfortable controller. I can't stand the N64 controls for fighting games. And I don't mind a little loading time--it's worth the wait, as they say. :)

PainGame: Dan, What game do you love that you just can't say it out loud?

Dan Elektro: I have lots of guilty game pleasures but I'm not afraid to own up to them. Magical Drop II and III are ones you might not expect. And dammit, I'm good at those. :) Other unconventional picks are Bust-A-Groove and Guitar Freaks.

Sterolizer: Dan, what exactly do you do?

Dan Elektro: I am the features editor, I am the ProNews editor, and I write as many reviews and previews as humanly possible. One issue I answered the mail and I hope to do that again. I already do stuff like chats and email so I guess it's only natural. :)

Sterolizer: So what ties you in to this chat, what do you do for Mortal Kombat besides makeing giddy Scott up there famous

Dan Elektro: Why am I at this chat? Pretty much the DULLARD thing, plus I've been following MK for a long time and I have an outline for a book that I would very much like to write. A history of MK--not move lists, not combos, but the whole soap opera from the Universal Soldier origins through the Senate and the mass market and the ultimate decline of the series. I think the story should be told.
But otherwise, I think I'm a cheap and easy guest to get to show up. I'm definitely merely a warmup act for Fight Night 2000. :)

Agent X: Do you think MK5 could be played over the internet?

Dan Elektro: Agent X, if MK5 *can't* be played over the Internet, there's gonna be trouble. Midway has their tournament system in place already and they are really pinning their hopes to it. Home consoles are all going broadband in two years--Sega's got an upgrade soon and Sony's planning for cable/DSL only. MK5 will have to have some kind of online component when it arrives.

MKEmpire: Hey Dan, hire me at GamePro. I work for food.

Dan Elektro: You'll work for food? You'll fit right in here. We like food. :) I do have an article called "So You Want To Work At GamePro" if anybody wants it--drop me a note at and I will be happy to send it on. It's kind of all you need to know if you want a career reviewing games.

MKJohn: Do you like a lot of people think MK went downhill after MKII?

Dan Elektro: Yeah, I hate to admit it, but I think MKII was the last glorious MK game. Maybe I just listened to too many other people. But MK3 felt...weird. MK4 was more of the old fire again, but MKII still has this aggressiveness about it--they were trying to shake people up with shocking scenes and stuff. I admire that, and the character balance is pretty good.

MethMaker: What do you think MK5 needs the most, the single most thing that would dramatically improve the series?

Dan Elektro: The single thing MK5 needs is balanced gameplay. Gotta give the characters a sense of balance. If you can inject life and a sense of fair play into the AI and the character balance, then gamers will come back, regardless of their preferences.

PainGame: Dan, who do you think is the biggest MK babe?

Dan Elektro: The biggest MK babe has to be Kerri Hoskins as Sonya in MK3/4. Oh yes. :) Tho the original Sonya--Elizabeth Malicki?--was sure cute too.

MethMaker: What do you think of gods like Raiden or Fujin fighting in MK? Do you think having gods fight takes away from the desperateness of the tournament?

Dan Elektro: I think having Raiden fight in MK4 was cool, and I suppose Fujin had to be there to balance him out. But it's supposed to be a tournament for mortals. Hence the name, yes? :) Even Shao Khan only stepped in when Goro failed--and good old fashioned shadow conspiracies are fun. It worked in MK1.

D'Arque Bishop: One thing I noticed about the PC ports of MK by Midway is that they have a problem with future technologies. Win95 MK3 is extremely garbled in fullscreen, Win 95 MKT won't run on vidcards less than a year or two old, and MK4 won't see a 3Dfx Voodoo 3 as being GLide compatible. Why do you think Midway tolerates these blunders?

Dan Elektro: I think Midway tolerates software blunders (esp. on the PC) like the stuff in MK3 because a) it was the best they could do with an emerging OS, b) they can patch it and c) they have to answer to the stockholders. Also, much of what you talk about is technology they weren't even aware of--there are all new chipset things that came up after MK3 PC came out. Guess their crystal ball wasn't working, you know?

Sterolizer: Dan I'm sure someones gonna ask you this so here it goes: Who are your top favorite characters, and top five most hated characters...just out of curiosity of course.

Dan Elektro: Top five fave chars, in no order: Kitana, Raiden, Scorpion, Reiko, Sonya. Bottom five: Sub-Zero (blasphemy!), Sheeva, Stryker, Quan-Cheezy, and a player to be named later because I can't think of another one I really dislike.

Sterolizer: How about Nightwolf for one of your worst charcters, I mean he dresses like a prick (indian) and has no good moves......I like being styker becuase of his gun

Dan Elektro: Okay, yeah, NightWolf makes a fine fifth lame character. No disrespect to Sal Divita. :)

Kazuaki: Have you ever liked the mk soundtracks? Which one is your favorite if so?

Dan Elektro: Kaz, I like the MK2 soundtrack. Nice depth. I have the CD of that. That's way better than the dance track by the Immortals!

MethMaker: Do you think the arenas need more activity in them, like in MKII?

Dan Elektro: I think it would be nice to have more interactive levels, yeah. I missed that from MK4 but they really had bigger problems to solve. We had a few, they proved it could work, but yeah--hidden areas, breakaway walls or quick traps would be nice.

pikascsa: [They should] just remake MKII.

Dan Elektro: I'd like to see MKII remade, but I'd be afraid it would be seen as the ultimate "Oh, they're out of ideas" problem.

PainGame: What do you think of Pokemon?

Dan Elektro: Pokemon? I really enjoyed it, actually, more than I should have. But I think it's dying. Gold and Silver for GB will probably be the swan song, and the movie ain't gonna do squat. First Pokemovie sucked.

]{0MBAT: Dan watched the Pokemon movie, lol

Dan Elektro: I went to see the Pokemon movie in the THEATER. I was the only one above 4 feet without a child.

Sea SeRpEnT: Ed and others say that MK5 well not be like the original MK's, if so... is this a bad thing or good thing? Because if it changes so much. people might not reconize it... what do you think?

Dan Elektro: If MK5 forges new territory, great! I saw more power to them. It's clear that the bulk of gamers do not what what MK is, or has become. A radical change would be a good thing. As long as it stays a fighting game, I'll be there. I don't want to see, you know, Mortal Kart Racing. :)

MDX: A new idea, or style of gameplay is what I think Ed needs to come up with to make MK the hit it once was. But new ideas aren't easy to come up with. What do you think about this Dan?

Dan Elektro: New ideas are never easy to come up with--not if they're good ones. That's why I think The Grid is a good mental break for him. Ed and John once told me they felt like they were in a Mortal Kombat factory, riding this wave until it reached the shore, and then they'd catch another one. I don't think either person expected it to last quite so long, though. Time away from the MK world will give him perspective and new fire.

Guest49187: Will MKII ever come out for PSX?? it would make millions!!

Dan Elektro: Unlikely. It's a dream of mine. But MK Trilogy was "supposed" to be the answer for fans looking for old MK games. Feh.

PainGame: Ever written for a fanzine?

Dan Elektro: I have never worked for a fanzine, no. I've worked for mags that were so small they could be considered fanzines :) and I wrote some FAQs, but nope. I do have a personal website where I have some goofy crap but that's not a fanzine.

MethMaker: Do you think MK should go full tilt and go full 3d, and maybe institute a jump button, or stay in the relative 2d gameplay it has?

Dan Elektro: I think MK should go full 3D. Try it, see what happens, because 3D graphics on a 2D plane didn't work out so well.

JeffJ: can't u hook up a reg modem through the us ps2

Dan Elektro: PS2 is being built with broadband in mind. Sony will not make a regular modem--but some third parties say they will. Haven't seen any of that technology working yet, though, and Sony's network is at least a year away.

Scott-MK5org: Dan, what do you think of your rivals EGM :)

Dan Elektro: What do I think of EGM. Hmm. :) Much is made of the rivalry, but in all honesty, we respect each other. The staffs see each other all the time. Competition doens't have to be personal, you know? We tease them, they tease us, but we're all in the same boat. It's friendly but it's still a rivalry. Of course it's easy to say that because we currently outsell them. :) (gotta get that shot in there, I suppose)

kwizard: Dan, do you feel as though gamepro represents more of the real gamers while other magazines such as EGM, represent the more corporate side of video games?

Dan Elektro: EGM and GamePro both cater to the same audience. GamePro gets billed as the "kiddie mag" because we have cartoon characters and lots of colors. But I don't use a cartoon character because I'm ashamed of what I write, you know? Look at the masthead--you can figure out who most of the people are. DAN Elektro, Major MIKE, JAKE the get the idea. :) If anything, I think GamePro gets accused of being corporate more than EGM.

MDX: Do you think you can get GamePro to publish an article about thelife of a videogame programmer, including daily tasks and school reccomendations??

Dan Elektro: We did a series of articles on programmers some time ago called "The GameMakers." This was actually before my time, but I know we did a profile on Tobias. It's something I still kick around reviving, either as a feature or a column. I'll revisit it.

MethMaker: Dan, what do you think about the skimpy clothing of the females, do you think there should be more realistic representations of women, or stay with the same theory: Sex Sells?

Dan Elektro: The "sex sells" thing is okay by me, and I'll tell you why: It's the same thing as comic books. They're idealized representations. Being bus