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Komplete: Mortal Kombat Legacy Series 2 Series Info

12/11/2012 :: Posted at 10:57 AM by Mick-Lucifer
Kompendium Updating all the Casting News & Info from Legacy Series 2!

With so many updates coming from the set of the new Mortal Kombat: Legacy live-action series, you'd be forgiven for falling a bit behind! That's why we're taking stock of what we know (and some of what we don't) in a follow-up to our Legacy Kompendium from last year's original series!

With the 2013 series just two weeks into filming, it's staggering how much we do already know! It's clear WB are all too happy to feed anticipation Legacy fans have built for this second series -- giving us significantly more info than we had this time last year!

Director Kevin Tancharoen announced the series back in July through Machinima, revealing not only key plot details -- but also a massive list of characters we can expect to participate in the tournament-centric second series!

Some of the biggest stories to come next were the surprise exits from the show -- major players from the first series revealing their departure for various reasons. Those exits leave a lot of questions unanswered based on the long list of announced returning characters, but opened the doors to some surprise new additions!

The return of Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa to the role of Shang Tsung is without a doubt the biggest bombshell to hit the live-action series since the original 1995 film that featured him! The same Warner Brothers press release that announced the return gave us some other seasoned names joining the cast, but much of the roster remains unknown. Mortal Kombat Online is once again working hard to verify each fact and will continue to update the following list as confirmations are made.

Mortal Kombat: Legacy Cast & Crew (Series 2):
... Shang Tsung
... Johnny Cage
... Kung Lao
... Liu Kang
... Scorpion
... Kuai Liang
... Kitana
... Mileena
... Stryker
... Kenshi
... Sub-Zero
... Raiden
... Ermac
... To Be Advised
... To Be Advised
... Jackson "Jax" Briggs
... Sonya Blade
... Kano
... Sub-Zero
... Quan Chi
... Baraka

... Director/Writer
... Writer
... Writer
... Producer
... Line Producer
... Line Producer
... Stunt Coordinator
Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa
Casper Van Dien
Mark Dacascos
Brian Tee
Ian Anthony Dale
Harry Shum Jr
Samantha Jo
Michelle Lee
Eric Jacobus
Dan Southworth
Eric Steinberg
David Lee McInnis
Kim Do Nguyen
Garrett Warren
Trent Dickens
To Be Advised
To Be Advised
To Be Advised

Kevin Tancharoen
Josh Baizer
Marshall Johnson
Lance Sloane
Hayden Roush
Marina Stabile
Larnell Stovall

Mortal Kombat: Legacy is currently slated for an undetermined digital release sometime in the Second Quarter of next year. The director will present an exclusive sneak peak during the Streamy Awards, taking place February 17. As with Series 1, Legacy will be looking to break YouTube broadcast records once again, showing free to the web via Machinima.

Mortal Kombat Online is working hard to be your #1 reliable destination for Legacy news and updates. Keep up to date with all the facts and discussion on the Media & Merchandise forums. Receive live links to your devices by following @MK_Online and liking us on Facebook.

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