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Tournament 2013: Who is the Supreme Mortal Kombat Champion?

05/30/2013 :: Posted at 01:16 AM by Mick-Lucifer
Choose Their Destiny!

Smoke d. ScorpionRaiden d. ErmacThis time last year, Mortal Kombat Online put the call out to the entire fanbase. The purpose: to celebrate twenty years of Mortal Kombat by determining once and for all who could be called the true champion of the tournament!

After months of debate and thousands of votes it was Sub-Zero who emerged victorious! The MKII ice warrior was a worthy winner, but as any champion knows, there comes a time when the title must be defended! With 2013 marking the twentieth anniversary of Sub-Zero and the sequel he debuted in, it's almost inevitable that we ask the question anew: Who is the Supreme Mortal Kombat Champion?

From the top of the Pyramid of Argus, back to where it all began at the Palace Gates of Shang Tsung's Island: a lot has changed in twenty years of a tournament called Mortal Kombat! We gather sixty-four kombatants and put the call out to the entire fanbase! It is up to you to help us find the true champion! Read on for more details, including how you can win prizes!

Eliminated by Scorpion (Round 3)! Eliminated by Sub-Zero (Round 1)! Eliminated by Sub-Zero (Round 2)! Eliminated by Sareena (Round 1)! Eliminated by Scorpion (Round 1)! Eliminated by Smoke (Semi Final)! Eliminated by Quan Chi (Round 1)! Eliminated by Scorpion (Round 2)!
Eliminated by Scorpion (Quarter Finals)! Eliminated by Sonya (Round 1)! Eliminated by Sonya (Round 2)! Eliminated by Jax (Round 1)! Eliminated by Sonya (Round 3)! Eliminated by Cyrax (Round 1)! Eliminated by Johnny Cage (Round 1)! Eliminated by Cyrax (Round 2)!
Eliminated by Smoke (Round 1)! Eliminated by Sektor (Round 1)! Eliminated by Smoke (Round 2)! Eliminated by Motaro (Round 1)! Eliminated by Jade (Round 2)! Eliminated by Jade (Round 1)! Eliminated by Smoke (Round 3)!
Eliminated by Noob Saibot (Round 3)! Eliminated by Kabal (Round 1)! Eliminated by Kabal (Round 2)! Eliminated by Kintaro (Round 1)! Eliminated by Noob Saibot (Round 2)! Eliminated by Kano (Round 1)! Eliminated by Noob Saibot (Round 1)! Eliminated by Smoke (Quarter Final)!
Eliminated by Raiden (Round 1)! Eliminated by Raiden (Round 2)! Eliminated by Rain (Round 1)! Eliminated by Shao Kahn (Round 2)! Eliminated by Chameleon (Round 1)! Eliminated by Shao Kahn (Round 1)! Eliminated by Raiden (Round 3)!
Eliminated by Fujin (Round 2)! Eliminated by Liu Kang (Round 1)! Eliminated by Kung Lao (Round 3)! Eliminated by Fujin (Round 1)! Eliminated by Baraka (Round 1)! Eliminated by Kung Lao (Round 2)! Eliminated by Kung Lao (Round 1)! Eliminated by Raiden (Quarter Final)!
Eliminated by Ermac (Quarter Final)! Eliminated by Kitana (Round 1)! Eliminated by Reptile (Round 1)! Eliminated by Kitana (Round 2)! Eliminated by Kitana (Round 3)! Eliminated by Kenshi (Round 1)! Eliminated by Goro (Round 1)! Eliminated by Kenshi (Round 2)!
Eliminated by Ermac (Round 3)! Eliminated by Shang Tsung (Round 1)! Eliminated by Mileena (Round 1)! Eliminated by Shang Tsung (Round 2)! Eliminated by Nightwolf (Round 1)! Eliminated by Ermac (Round 2)! Eliminated by Ermac (Round 1)! Eliminated by Raiden (Semi Final)!

As noted; we've once again brought together sixty-four kombatants in a single elimination tournament bracket. Taking popular suggestion from last year, we're going to make the first round a blind run. Each result will be determined one fight at a time by regularly unlocked updates to the MK Online User Poll [located top left]. This means it's up to you to determine who the Supreme Champion will be!

The top eight quarter finalists from last year's vote have been seeded at opposite ends of their respective brackets, with remaining characters filtered through a semi-randomized draw. Criteria for voting is completely up to you, but we recommend taking into account the iconic powers and present status of each character to determine one true champion. We suggest voting for characters, rather than against.

With other projects taking focus, the past year could be regarded as quiet for the MK franchise core. This may pose a sombre contrast to the festive tone of last year, but we see it as a great time to truly test the state of things post-2011 reboot. That doesn't mean we want the excitement to die down, however, so we'll be giving away random prizes to users who get involved on the forums!

Enter the draw by weighing-in on each match-up as its announced on the forums by staff! We're encouraging everyone to get creative in their support of a favourite character by adopting custom forum signatures! You can edit our example template to include your favourite character [below], or come up with your own tournament-winning slogan to convince fellow users of a character's superiority!

Edit in a character's image & name to show your support on the forums! [FAQ]

To be eligible to vote and win, you must be a registered member of Mortal Kombat Online. Users must adhere to forum and account rules and a basic code of conduct. Users found registering multiple accounts, or attempting to ballot stuff, will be disqualified and banned indefinitely. New accounts may face voting restrictions but should be encouraged to share their thoughts on the forums to unlock voting privileges.

Mortal Kombat has always been and will always be! Throughout the ages there has always been a Mortal Kombat Champion -- a fighting warrior ready to defend their title, or die trying. In 2013 we gather sixty-four characters to once again ask the question: Who is the Supreme Mortal Kombat Champion? Five gruelling rounds have brought us to an answer!

Smoke: An unlikely finalist supported by a highly motivated contingency, the smokey European Enenra emerges from a cloud of voting controversy. The surprise Lin Kuei contender outlasted the #1 seed but now faces the ultimate test in the Grand Final. The path of the tournament saw him eliminate a a mixed field of contenders; Meat (R1), Sektor (R2), Jade (R3), Noob Saibot (QF) and finally Scorpion (SF).

Raiden: Protector of Earthrealm and God of Thunder! Arguably one of the most iconic fighters from inception, the lightning god has shown resiliency as an enduring favourite. A hard earned path saw him eliminate an impressive field of powerful rivals; Blaze (R1), Rain (R2), Shao Kahn (R3), Kung Lao (QF) and finally Ermac (SF).

From the Palace Gates of Shang Tsung's Island, to the very top of the Pyramid of Argus, right back to where it all began. Only one of these kombatants can be proclaimed the Supreme Mortal Kombat Champion! Now is the time to vote for the greatest of two. Look deep within your soul and choose with honor as ask once again. Who will reign supreme?... FIGHT!

  • Round 1: Sub-Zero (84.3%) d. Hotaru (15.6%)
  • Round 1: Sareena (64.3%) d. Ashrah (35.6%)
  • Round 1: Scorpion (74.5%) d. Shujinko (25.4%)
  • Round 1: Quan Chi (51.2%) d. Shinnok (48.7%)
  • Round 1: Sonya Blade (80.9%) d. Kira (19.0%)
  • Round 1: Jax (84.2%) d. Hsu Hao (15.7%)
  • Round 1: Cyrax (68.7%) d. Nitara (31.2%)
  • Round 1: Johnny Cage (80%) d. Mokap (20%)
  • Round 1: Smoke (87.2%) d, Meat (12.7%)
  • Round 1: Sektor (66.9%) d. Frost (33.0%)
  • Round 1: Motaro (56.3%) d. Sheeva (43.6%)
  • Round 1: Jade (75.4%) d. Tanya (24.5%)
  • Round 1: Kabal (59.6%) d. Havik (40.3%)
  • Round 1: Kintaro (51.9%) d. Stryker (48.0%)
  • Round 1: Kano (73.3%) d. Mavado (26.6%)
  • Round 1: Noob Saibot (90.6%) d. Daegon (9.3%)
  • Round 1: Raiden (87.5%) d. Blaze (12.5%)
  • Round 1: Rain (85%) d. Taven (15%)
  • Round 1: Chameleon (51.3%) d. Dragon King (48.6%)
  • Round 1: Shao Kahn (76.8%) d. Drahmin (23.1%)
  • Round 1: Liu Kang (88.0%) d. Kobra (11.9%)
  • Round 1: Fujin (85.3%) d. Jarek (14.6%)
  • Round 1: Baraka (84.3%) d. Darrius (15.6%)
  • Round 1: Kung Lao (73.1%) d. Li Mei (26.8%)
  • Round 1: Princess Kitana (75.2%) d. Khameleon (24.7%)
  • Round 1: Reptile (75..6%) d. Bo' Rai Cho (24.3%)
  • Round 1: Kenshi (85.2%) d. Dairou (14.7%)
  • Round 1: Prince Goro (82.6%) d. Moloch (17.3%)
  • Round 1: Shang Tsung (75.2%) d. Kai (24.7%)
  • Round 1: MIleena (58.9%) d. Reiko (41.0%)
  • Round 1: Nightwolf (50.4%) d. Queen Sindel (49.5%)
  • Round 1: Ermac (68.7%) d. Skarlet (31.2%)

  • Round 2: Sub-Zero (74.1%) d. Sareena (25.8%)
  • Round 2: Scorpion (67.7%) d. Quan Chi (32.2%)
  • Round 2: Sonya Blade (62.5%) d. Jax (37.5%)
  • Round 2: Cyrax (50.4%) d. Johnny Cage (49.5%)
  • Round 2: Smoke (66.9%) d. Sektor (33.0%)
  • Round 2: Jade (62.5%) d. Motaro (37.5%)
  • Round 2: Kabal (61.1%) d. Kintaro (38.8%)
  • Round 2: Noob Saibot (76.5%) d. Kano (23.4%)
  • Round 2: Raiden (59.0%) d. Rain (40.9%)
  • Round 2: Shao Kahn (76.7%) d. Chameleon (23.2%)
  • Round 2: Fujin (50.8%) d. Liu Kang (49.1%)
  • Round 2: Kung Lao (59.4%) d. Baraka (40.5%)
  • Round 2: Princess Kitana (55.8%) d. Reptile (44.1%)
  • Round 2: Kenshi (60%) d. Prince Goro (40%)
  • Round 2: Shang Tsung (52.5%) d. Mileena (47.4%)
  • Round 2: Ermac (59.2%) d. Nightwolf (40.7%)

  • Round 3: Scorpion (50.8%) d. Sub-Zero (49.1%)
  • Round 3: Sonya Blade (51.5%) d. Cyrax (48.4%)
  • Round 3: Smoke (54.7%) d. Jade (45.2%)
  • Round 3: Noob Saibot (66.6%) d. Kabal (33.3%)
  • Round 3: Raiden (58.2%) d. Shao Kahn (41.7%)
  • Round 3: Kung Lao (60%) d. Fujin (40%)
  • Round 3: Princess Kitana (50.3%) d. Kenshi (49.6%)
  • Round 3: Ermac (60.3%) d. Shang Tsung (39.6%)

  • Quarter Final: Scorpion (64.2%) d. Sonya Blade (35.7%)
  • Quarter Final: Smoke (50.8%) d. Noob Saibot (49.1%)
  • Quarter Final: Raiden (56.5%) d. Kung Lao (43.4%)
  • Quarter Final: Ermac (50.6%) d. Princess Kitana (49.3%)

  • Semi Final: Smoke (53.2%) d. Scorpion (46.7%)
  • Semi Final: Raiden (56.5%) d. Ermac (43.4%)

  • Championship: Smoke (52.8%) d. Raiden (47.1%)

To be eligible to vote, make sure you've registered to Mortal Kombat Online and visit regularly to stay up-to-date with the latest poll. You can discuss all the tournament match-ups and voting on the forums. We want this to be a massive event, with every MK fan having their say in the overall tally! Follow us @MK_Online and like us on Facebook and help spread the word to the entire fanbase! There can only be one Supreme Mortal Kombat Champion - lets find out who it is!

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