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Kommunity Artist fear-sAs Featured in Mortal Kombat X

03/22/2015 :: Posted at 05:28 PM by Mick-Lucifer
fear-sAs Kold War Scorpion & Tremor designs featured in MKX!

His work has been featured by the likes of Kotaku, and appropriated by fans across the web. Artist Sergey Svistunov is better known to MK Online users as fear-sas, but fandom at large is about to know him as a Mortal Kombat X designer!

Advertised as a GameSpot exclusive [full story]: Kold War Scorpion [above] was the first piece of design art to elevate fear-sas from highly talented fan, to professionally featured artist.

The design will appear in Mortal Kombat X as a playable DLC skin for the series' most enduring icon. Reimagining the ninja spectre as a ghostly soldier of the Soviet Union; the concept owes at least residual inspiration to the work of Mark Millar & Dave Johnson - the team behind Superman: Red Son. Their 2004 Eisner Award winning mini-series reimagined Superman as a Soviet participant in 1950s cold war tensions. NetherRealm Studios brought the Elseworlds incarnations to life in Injustice: Gods Among Us, also introducing versions of characters not featured in the original story [read more].

Fans watching the trailer reveal for the Mortal Kombat X: Kombat Pack may have recognized another of fear-sas' designs coming to the fore. The surprise downloadable reintroduction of Tremor closely echoes his "Mortal Kombat Tremor" -- a fan-art piece originally created in 2014.

Distancing the character from his Special Forces palette swap origins; the new design conjures popular fan-fiction with a more overtly earth-powered warrior. No longer a mere bruiser pounding the ground - this Tremor literally holds the power of sediment in his rocky hands!

Get ahead of the curve and show your support for artists like fear-sas! Register to share your thoughts of encouragement on the Fan Submission forum. Submit your own work to join an archive of thousands!

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