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WaxyChickenPosted: 01/09/2007 06:35 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
Understanding the Mute

There are dozens of people out there without mics; however, they can
still hear you speak. People without a mic speek too, here's how to understand them:

Flashing Handicap: "Will you even the odds please?"

Showing handicap: "Want me to give even the odds?"

Showing stage select: "Any particular place you want to fight?"

selecting up, down on charactor screen repeatedly: "Yes" (head nod)

selecting left, right on charactor screen: "No" (Head shake)

Highlight one charactor, pause, highlight another charactor: "you pick the first and i pick the second please?" (eg: select ShoKhan then montaro = let's have a boss fight)

Flashing yes/no on rematch question: "This will probrably be my last rematch."

block & duck & staying that way at round start: "may i look at my moves list before we start?" (mute people reply yes by stepping back and copying the motion)

standing and blocking for a long duration during a match or when winning the match: Player is likely waiting for lag to pass.

remembering these few moves of the joystick by the other player can allow for a speeking person to understand the communication tactics of a mute player and can allow you to have some of the advantages of gaming that one would find when playing with a non-mute opponet.

Why people call me "Noob" in any MK environment should be an insult beats me. They might as well call me "Sub Zero" or "Scorpion".
Understaning the mute in MKA
Mk2_SmokePosted: 01/19/2007 11:53 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Understanding the Mute

Pretty cool.
Just wondering; where'd you get this info. from?

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