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Gameplay & Matchmaking

Discussing MK Gameplay, Strategies, Tournaments and Online Matchmaking.
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Mick-LuciferPosted: 04/18/2012 09:50 PMStatus ::

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Official Sektor Strategy & Combo Superthread!

Son of the Lin Kuei Grandmaster, Sektor is programmed to dominate! The cyborg assassin was representing with two big wins over the weekend, the last character standing at both Flawless Victory and PowerUp 2012!

Has there ever been a better time to crunch the numbers for the once and future tekunin assassin master? Clearly not! Discuss all the latest strategies, combos and counters in this thread!

Basic Attacks
Uppercut - Down + 2
Afterburn - Away + 1
Gut Crusher - Away + 2
Toe Kick - Away + 3
Rising Knee - Toward + 4
Charging Elbow - Toward + 2
Sweep - Away + 4
Leg Lift - Up + 3
Toe Kick - 4 [From Leg Lift]
Sneaky Kicks - 3, 4 [From Leg Lift]

Chain Combos
Artificial Intelligence - 1, 1, Away + 1
System Overload - 1, 2, Away + 1
Hard Crash - 1, 2, 2
Malfunction - Toward + 2, Away + 1
Fusion Force - 1, 2, 4
Access Denied - 1, 3
Demolition - 2, 1, 4
Drive Power - Away + 2, 1
Run Down - Away + 3, 4
User Error - Toward + 4, 3
Fatal Error - Toward + 4, 4

Fast Tags (Tag Mode)
Intersect - Down, Toward, 4, Tag
Partition - Down, Toward, 4 + Block, Tag
System Lock - 1, 2, Away + 1, Tag

Tag Combos (Tag Mode)
Detached - 1, 2, Tag
Spare Parts - 2, 1, Tag
Branch Off - Away + 2, Tag
System Backup - Toward + 4, Tag

Special Moves
Flame Burner - Away, Toward, 2
Teleport Uppercut - Down, Toward, 4
Straight Missile - Away, Toward, 1
Up Missile (Above) - Down, Away, 3
Up Missle (Behind) - Down, Away, Toward, 3
Up Missile (In Front) - Down, Toward, Away, 3

Finishing Moves
Robo-Sek - Toward, Down, Away, Toward, 3 [Full screen]
The Scarecrow - Down, Down, Toward, Away, 1 [Fullscreen]
Stage Fatality - Down, Toward, Down, Block [Varied]
Babality - Away, Down, Down, Down, 4 [Jump]

Key: [1 = FP] :: [2 = BP] :: [3 = FK] :: [4 = BK]

Threads for all the other characters will be available soon.
Please do not create new threads for other characters. Official superthreads will be easily accessed via the sticky menu, ready when you want them!

This serves as the basic user manual for Sektor. He's capable of doing so much more, so it's time for the MKOmmunity to get coding and hack some sweet strats! Upload your best!

Better The Devil you know...
MK Online Forums: Share your interests, broaden your horizons and support the kommunity with discussion forums for every topic. "Ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country."
hydraslashPosted: 04/19/2012 02:40 AMStatus ::

Rank ::
RE: Official Sektor Strategy & Combo Superthread!

An excellent match-starter is Sektor's back-1. From the get-go of a match, your opponent is in range of this move. Some attacks are quicker than this though, such as Scorp or Ermac's teleport moves.

If you know your opponent is about to bring themself into a jump/go into the air for some reason, get ready to teleport punch, because as long as your enemy isn't making much horizontal speed while airborne, it's a free hit for you, no matter where they are. Follow this up with a jump kick and an enhanced teleport punch, and then (Back-2) and (Back-1) for an easy, good damage combo (I think it's around 30% this one...).

Another sneaky little trick (although not worth much damage) is to launch a homing missile and then go in for a grab. No matter what your opponent does, they will get hurt from one of the two attacks (cannot block the grab, homing missile will disrupt them pushing your character away by a grab repel). Your super-meter can probably be better-used in other ways though, such as saving up for a combo breaker.

Flamethrower is a very good anti-air weapon.

"Sonya Blade, this is Grandmaster Sektor of the Tekunin Clan. Our consciousness is no longer bound to flesh." Sonic 2 Meets Mortal Kombat?!
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Unknown265Posted: 04/20/2012 08:16 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Official Sektor Strategy & Combo Superthread!

---Differences between Cyber Sektor and Human Sektor---

-Cyber Sektor's Up Missile startup seems faster.
-Human has longer reach on the last 2 in his 1,2,2 string.
-Cyborg seems to have faster Straight Missile startup and recovery.
-Organic Sektor's Massive Missile is fired with closer relative distance to the ground. (Human fires the X-Ray crouching. Robo fires the X-Ray standing.)


Sektor's (Human and Cyber) standing 1 is possibly the best standing 1 in the game. It is only 6 frames, same as his D+1, and he can launch the opponent from it with his 1,2,B+1 combo. Anti-air 1 can play a big part in Sektor's game. Human Sektor's standing 1 anti-air is better than Cyber's. With the extra range on his last 2 in the 1,2,2 combo, Human can dash after hitting an aerial opponent with standing 1 and do 1,2,2~ Teleport Uppercut, dash, 1,2 xx Flame. Doing 28%. While Cyber can only do 22%, using anti-air 1, dash, 1,2 xx TU, dash, 1,2 xx Flame.

The lower projectile trajectory on Human Sektor's X-Ray allows Human to do combos ending with his X-Ray that are not normally possible for Cyber. Such as 1,2,B+1 F+4,4~TU 1,2 xx Massive Missile.


Sektor's X-Ray should only be used when you need unbreakable damage or to finish the opponent. Sektor has better options for his Meter.

Metal Uppercut (EX Teleport) is safe when blocked and allows you to extend juggle combos.
Homing Missile (EX Up Missile) can be used for traps and the like.
Flame Thrower (EX Flame Burner) is practically useless when compared to EX TU and Homing Missile and it is more unsafe.
Double Missile (EX Straight Missile) is also useless. Except for when you need some extra damage on a combo ending with Straight Missile to finish the opponent.

A general rule I've seen with good Sektor players, is to use an EX move when your Meter is full. Since you cannot gain any more Meter and any Meter that could possibly be gained is wasted, use an Enhanced special to ensure you use all Meter that is gained while still having enough for a Breaker.


Sektor's Leg Lift (U+3) can be used for mixups. U+3, 3, 4 is a low starter combo which you can extend with a TU at the end. U+3, 4 is an overhead, you can add a TU at the end. Unfortunately, U+3, 4 is not hit-confimable like U+3, 3, 4. Meaning you can't wait and see if the opponent got hit by the 4 before doing a TU. Either you take the risk and do a TU after the 4, or you play it safe and don't do a TU, but lose an opportunity for damage if the 4 does hit.

Edit: Due to some lazy programming on part of NRS, Sektor's U+3, 4 has increased damage-scaling in the Playstation Vita version of MK9. NRS attempted to nerf a corner EX Ground Pound tactic (Jax), that resulted in this happening. Any attack by any fighter that causes the opponent to do that "fall-on-face" animation has increased damage-scaling. (Such as Sindel's B+1) This animation is caused when the opponent is hit with an EX Ground Pound by Jax after an Elbow Smash.

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