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Mick-LuciferPosted: 07/13/2018 08:02 AMStatus ::
James Wan & Ed Boon Rebuff False Movie Reports

Fandom reacted strongly to recent widespread rumors about the Mortal Kombat movie reboot, and its reported cast of characters. The outcry has drawn an equally strong response from those close to the project, with producer James Wan, and NetherRealm Creative Head Ed Boon, shooting down various reports.

The godfather figures join writer Greg Russo, who was quick to contextualize a leaked list of characters, shooting down controversial changes to Sonya & Raiden, among others.

As previously reported by MK Online; Broken Road Productions' Todd Garner also called news from the film "premature". Like Wan, he clarified "[n]othing is happening with the movie at this time". The film is currently listed on the Broken Road website as in pre-production.

Although the notorious character list appears to have been rooted in fact, based upon early drafts of the script -- some sites have also been reporting unsubstantiated rumors about location scouting, and filming in Chicago. These claims were specifically targeted as false by Wan.

At a 2016 Television Critics Event, the Furious 7 and Aquaman director stated an intent to take care: "The key here is to try and do it right. I don't want to rush into it. So right now, we're just trying to take our time to make sure it's heading in the right direction. I think that's more important than trying to rush through it and pump up something that no one likes." News of his role as Producer broke in August, 2015.

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gorostilllivesPosted: 07/13/2018 02:48 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: James Wan & Ed Boon Rebuff False Movie Reports

Sadly these guys can't even get their own stories straight. The Broken Road site and MKO has printed, the film is in pre-production but now James Wan said its in "early development." They're two different stages of the film-making process. Being in the biz myself, I can say this:

1. Development is the stage of film-making where the script is written and major "above-line" crew are formed - producers and a director. And money for production is raised so investors are sought. This is the stage James Wan is claiming. Which means this version of the film remains in development hell for 3 years. When it moves to preproduction that'll be huge news.

2. Pre-production. Location scouting, casting, other crews. In other words, we're not there yet despite Broken Roads site (in the about section) claims prepro.

3. Production. The film is made! To date, a third MK movie did allegedly start production around 2005 but was shut down due to Hurricane Katrina. That was also reported in Lights, Camera, Game Over but could have also used the older article about it, which puts it in speculative fiction category. If so the film fficially has been in development hell for about 20 years.

It is possible to move back and forth between stages but only linear, you can't theoretically go from development into production. So if they do go into production things could still fall apart.

I will also say that films don't take this long to get made if everyone is on track. So some higher-up is holding back and it's likely James Wan who's been focused on Aquaman, a much more valuable property than MK. Hollywood has treated MK like sleaze but with class so no one is rushing. And Kasanoff does alot with LEGO and theme parks. James Wans film has been in devhell for about 3 years. The lore is there. Jesus Christ Resident Evil has had how many movies and Tomber's now got a reboot. Not to mention Street Fighter has how many films and series produced after 1994? MK got Legacy 1 and 2, which I will always contend, was meant to be this generation's "The Journey Begins" aka a prequel to the new movie by Kevin T. I also recall a conversation I had with a stuntman from Hollywood... WB dicked Kevin around and isn't serious with making MK. And after that disastrous Legacy I feel we need to leave sleeping dogs lie so we don't get another crapshoot. Greg already admitted this "fake news" was based on early script drafts, MK should have never been penned with a "Cole Turner" in the first damn place.

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