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m0s3pHPosted: 08/09/2007 09:14 PMStatus ::

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Nationality::United States
MKA: The Aftermath- What Now? (Currently discussing Stryker)

Well, it's been an extremely long time since I made an MK-related thread here, so I want to try something. This will work similar to the old Character Discussion Thread in the MKA Discussion, in the sense that we will discuss one character for a few days or so, until I feel that we have enough views for that character. What am I looking for here?

- I want to know both what you would like to happen to the character in question, and what you predict the MK team will do for/to the character. This could be anything, from confrontations, to new alliances, to even gameplay for the next installment of the series (hypothetically, of course... we assume that they make the cut).

- I want to see that you understand the character's storyline up until the events right before and during MKA. In other words, know what you're talking about before you come in here.

- Just like the Community FAQ says, I want to see things that are "thought-provoking." Posts that raise questions or intrigue other users are great, and we will need those to come up with better ideas.

- I'm looking for, above all, open-mindedness here. Don't go ape shit if someone doesn't like your idea or think it's plausible. Chances are that if that's the case, they're right. Be willing to accept others' opinions and try to incorporate them into your own ideas. In simpler terms, work together.

Other things:

- I won't always offer up my opinion right away, so don't wait for me to start the discussion. If I post a character, but don't give much of anything to start with, feel free to jump right in and take charge.

- Just like the old thread, I'll be giving DPs for WELL THOUGHT OUT RESPONSES ONLY. This means I want to see more than just a few sentences. I want to see that you actually put some thought into what you wrote. However, anyone is welcome to come in and discuss freely, so long as you don't make an ass of yourself.

Anyway, I just want to throw this out there to you guys, to see what you think. If you like the idea, I'll go ahead and start it. If not, fine.

outworld222Posted: 08/09/2007 09:25 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: MKA: The Aftermath- What Now?

Alright, let's start with Jerek.

Sub-Zero_7thPosted: 08/09/2007 10:03 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: MKA: The Aftermath- What Now?

I think that Jarek will be one of the many characters to be killed off. He doesn't have much of a story though his desire to inflict pain upon others is somewhat intriguing. I personally never cared for Jarek, and I want to see him be killed off. If he does come back, I'd imagine them expanding more on his obsession with fatalities. It seems to me that despite what appears to be the Red Dragon insignia on his uniform, he has no real interaction with either of the dragon clans in MKA, which is strange and kind of interesting. I think that if he were to return that he should go on his own path and not be involved with the Black Dragon.

Gameplay-wise, well, he has some interesting moves with his lasso. The use of the lasso along with the look revamp and Red Dragon insignia makes him seem Red Dragon-ish yet his story doesn't involve them. If they were to bring back martial arts styles, I'd like to see him use something like Pangamut, a Filipino martial art that contains various techniques from strikes and kicks to grapples, throws, and takedowns. It even contains biting and gouging techniques. For his weapon style, I'd like to see him use a pair of Bolo Knives with the knife fighting techniques from Pangamut.

Look-wise, his MKA primary look is not bad, but his alt costume is silly. It's almost as if he's some kind of jester. All he needed was the make up and funny hat.

Overall, I don't care for Jarek, and I don't see them bringing him back.

m0s3pHPosted: 08/09/2007 10:07 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: MKA: The Aftermath- What Now?

Uhh... My picks guys. I'd like to go in order of first appearance in the MK time-line, so technically, the first character (that we knew of, from playing MKMSZ) would be the older Sub-Zero, who we all know as Noob Saibot. Let's start there.

By the way, nice Jarek ideas, Sub.

ThePredator151Posted: 08/10/2007 05:59 AMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: MKA: The Aftermath- What Now?

How about these from the Future Games Ideas Stickie:

Special Moves

Noob Saibot: "Shadow King"

1. Teleport: Noob uses your shadow against you. What I mean is, his physical representation remains the place the move was performed. Your shadow becomes "him" on the other side of you and as the move is being performed, his original representation fades out to form on the other side of you....

2. Shadow Grab: A simple motion that suggest he is grabing something off of the ground, Noob then reaches through his shadow on the ground, and from virtually anywhere on the arena, a hand reaches up and attempts at grabbing your ankle. If he catches you, he pulls you through the hole his hand came through to perform some kind of throwing move. If he misses you, you'll simply see his hand reaching around for the place you were last standing.

New: Fatality

3. Brothers of the Shadow: Once the sequence is input, Noob fades into the Shadows. The screen then focus' on the opponent and many different types of hands and claws grab you seemingly ripping you to shreds from amidst the shadows trying to "take you to the Nether Realm". What's really happening is they are taking your spirit by way of your shadow and as a neat little perk, to symbolize what kind of death this is, your shadow is now missing(maybe lighting shifts or something). What's left is the body of the opponent, which as the "ripping" is happening, gradually falls into a puddle of fleshy mush.


Random Thoughts

I really want them to get rid of the tie he has with Smoke...This is only, and especially because neither of them have proper space to expand bonded together like they are currently. Even in MkA I mean. I'm talkin' moves, storyline, future endeavors. Everything.

I just feel like they're not portraying the "master"/"subordinate" role correctly between Noob and Smoke.

I think that if they bring Noob Saibot back they should replace Quan Chi as the sort of "King of the NetherRealm" and Leader of the Brotherhood of the Shadow. I think we would feel Noob Saibot more than Quan Chi or Shinnok over there because he has a better history within the game, and with fans.

We like him, we know if you bring him back exploit his character.
Just the jump off stuff there. Get crazy later.

The Ultimate Mortal Kombat Experience
- Lead Graphic Designer - Mortal Kombat Online -

:G-play :Story :F-Design :Cutout :Get Sig :Raiden :Fans [1] [2] :#LegendaryArts
StalagmitePosted: 08/10/2007 07:24 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: MKA: The Aftermath- What Now?

Ok before my thoughts for Noob, I'd like to say something about all of the characters. Personally, I believe that the MK team messed up big time when they said that they were going to kill off most of the characters in Armageddon. This is because the Armageddon story wasn't very good and it would be a crappy ending to too many characters. While some characters have to die, I really don't think it's wise to kill off too many. Especially because most fans like the older characters more than the newer ones (with a few exceptions like Kenshi) and introducing too many new characters with few veterans in MK8 is not a good move. With that said I'll start my discussion on Noob.

Noob Saibot is one character that should definitely return in MK8. Since we just found out who he REALLY is in MKD, it's nonsensical to throw his storyline away. I think he'll become an important villain and step out of the shadows (not literally of course. ) He should continue his creation of those cyber-demons and become a strong force in the Netherrealm, especially if Shinnok or Quan Chi is absent. With that said, here are the characters that Noob can interact with if they appear:

Sub-Zero-it's apparent that Subby knows who Noob really is and I'm sure he wants to stop Noob and protect his name.

Smoke-He's obviously the second-in-command, but with his malfunctioning systems, he could betray Noob. I can see Smoke dying in battle with him.

Sareena-It's still unknown what alignment she's on. If she sides with Subby, I'm sure Sareena will want to help bring Noob down. If she betrays Subby, then she'll replace Smoke as Noob's second-in-command.

Frost-I doubt she'll come back, but if she does, she could align with Noob, in hopes of bringing Sub-Zero down.

Ashrah-If she's still not purified, she'll want to continue trying to slay Noob. However it's a long shot. since based off what we have learned from Nitara's bio, I think Ashrah doesn't have much longer to live.

Sektor-They're basically after the same goal. They could become the Deadly Alliance 2.0

Quan Chi/Shinnok-If Noob intends to conquer the Netherrealm, he'll have to get past these two.

Nitara-A long shot, but she could ask him for help in getting rid of Ashrah.

and finally Scorpion-I think it's possible Scorp could have some involvement with bringing down Noob. However, their rivalry ended in MK1 after Scorp originally killed Noob. Noob probably doesn't care since he's stronger now, but Scorpion's probably still pissed about being killed in the first place. I doubt they'll have interaction, but I think it would be amusing to see them continuously kill each other only to continuously respawn and continue fighting.

So those are my thoughts on Noob. I think he still has a lot of potential and I can't wait to see what the MK team does with him.

Oh and m0s3pH, I'm sorry about what happened to your Boot/Immune game.

Dragon Points:
XiahouDun84Posted: 08/11/2007 12:21 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: MKA: The Aftermath- What Now?

I've mixed feelings on Noob Saibot's future.

On the one hand, keeping with the whole "end of the era/wrap up loose ends" idea, I feel the Noob Saibot and his bid to rule the Netherealm storyline should end with Armageddon.
On the other hand, they haven't exploited the story's full potential and Armageddon was not the grand finale we thought it would be. So with that in mind, Noob Saibot is one of the characters I'd be more forgiving if he were to return.

If he's to return, I think the best thing to do is have him consolidate his power as ruler of the Netherealm. But for the love of God, in the name of all that is decent and holy, I hope and pray his Armageddon ending DOES NOT happen. I do not...DO NOT....want to see Noob revert back into the older Sub-Zero or even be a fusion of them. Horrible storytelling and should never be done.

I suspect they'll focus the story on his feud with Sub-Zero. To be perfectly honest though....of all the characters involved with this Netherealm sub-plot....Sub-Zero's involvement is the one I'm interested in the least. For one, I'm really not at all interested in seeing Sub-Zero desperately trying to redeem his brother. Just seems kinf od....predictable and lackluster, and just strikes me as easy cookie-cutter storytelling.
And second, I think it's time for Sub-Zero to move on to bigger things in the story. I can see Noob Saibot emerging as a upper-mid level villain in the story...but not a main boss. IMO, it's time for Sub-Zero to move on to more "main event" level opponents....but I'll save more of that for the Sub-Zero discussion.

I would've liked to have seen Scorpion become involved with the Noob Saibot story. Not because of revenge. I repeat: NOT FOR REVENGE!! Noob should make the first move against Scorpion...either deeming him as potential thread...or, because he's proud of what he is...offering and alliance. Going up to Scorpion and saying something along the lines of "We're the same. We should be working together."
And Scorpion, while possible intrigued, would realize that his blind, selfish revenge has created a great evil and take responsiblity for his past actions by trying to destroy Noob once and for all. This, I think would make an interesting feud. Creating a sense of coming full circle...Noob Saibot, when he was Sub-Zero, created Scorpion; and Scorpion created Noob Saibot. Could also lead to an unlikely alliance between Scorpion and the current Sub-Zero...adding some needed spark to the Sub-Zero/Noob feud.
Unfortunately, I'm not getting my hopes up for this to happen any time soon. They've all but sabotaged Scorpion's story in Armageddon. I don't see him getting involved...and even if he did, I don't see his involvement having that much thought. He'd probably only end up screaming "Grr! I still hate you for killing me! Now I kill you again!"

The character I'm most interested in this storyline is Sareena. She should come back after Armageddon and I think she has the potential to be a star in the next generation. Now that they've established that Sareena is at heart a good person and wants to be good despite having difficulty controlling her demonic nature...she's in an interesting position of either being a wild card and/or an unlikely hero. I imagine they'll have her stuck in the middle. Torn between her loyalty to Sub-Zero and her past feelings for Noob Saibot. Important thing to remember, which should weigh in on Sareena's choice is that whatever feelings she may have had for the elder Sub-Zero...he's not that man anymore.
I hope they use Sareena wisely, because I hope to see her emerge as a prominent protagonist in the next gen. On a personal level...I might be the only one who feels this way...I'd rather see Sareena deal with the Noob Saibot situation rather than Sub-Zero. But that ain't gonna happen...

Should Smoke return...and depending on whatever developments his Armageddon bio offers...I imagine he'll be trying to resist serving Noob Saibot and maybe turn on him at the crucial time. Or maybe he's become fully corrupted and will need to be put down by Sub-Zero or one of his allies.
Ashrah...assuming she's still even after Noob Saibot...I would guess would find herself possiblea ligned with Sub-Zero. Could lead to tension with Sareena and a possible feud, which could be interesting if done right.
If Frost sticks around, I can see her allying with Noob Saibot. Could lead to a rivalry with Sareena or Ashrah.
If Quan Chi gets involved, I can see him lurking in the shadows, planning his move. If he does get involved, that could be how Scorpion gets dragged in.

Depending on how serious Boon is about wrapping up loose ends, I think Noob Saibot has a decent chance of returning in the next gen. His storyline has only just started and he is a well liked character. I imagine his story will focus on him ruling the Netherealm and planning to invade. I hope they avoid any chance of him becoming Sub-Zero again.
I suspect his primary foe will be Sub-Zero, with the slight possiblity of Scorpion as well. I know it won't happen, but I'd rather it be Sareena. Nevertheless, should she return, I think she'll still play a crucial role in the story.

As for Noob's appearance and moves...
I think Noob Saibot should always retain a faveless living shadow appearance. His MKD primary/MKA alt where he has human skin just didn't look right. He no longer looked like a wraith. Just some guy who's into S&M. Since he's ruler of the Netherealm, I would like to see him take on a more authoriive appearance. Maybe some black armor and such. Some more intimidating and something that shows he's power has increased since taking the Netherealm throne.

And moves...well I'm no good at discussing that sort of thing. All I will say is I think they should give him more wraith-like moves. The ninja star throw just doesn't suit him, IMO. In addition to some new ones, I'd like to see a return of the Shadow Throw and the Ghost Fireball. Special moves of that nature.

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Sub-Zero_7thPosted: 08/11/2007 03:01 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: MKA: The Aftermath- What Now?

Noob Saibot is a favorite of mine, and I'd personally like for him to continue on. As for the chances of him returning, I'd say that they would perhaps favor more towards him returning given how his big story development only started with MKD.

Given how the real Shinnok is still alive and stuck in the Netherrealm, he will definitely be an obstacle for Noob Saibot, especially since Shinnok seems to have some power over him. If Noob Saibot still plans on ruling the Netherrealm himself, he'll have to find a way to break free from Shinnok's control as well as dethrone the fallen Elder God.

I'm sure we'd have Noob Saibot and Sub-Zero with their rivalry and all. With Sub-Zero still wanting to free his brother, it'd be inevitable that he'd continue doing so, but that should definitely not be the main focus of his overall story in the next-gen games. There should be a point in which Sub-Zero realizes that his brother is gone, so that his story would move on to wanting to destroy Noob Saibot to free his soul.

I can quite a few other characters getting involved in Noob Saibot's story, characters that other people here have mentioned, such as Sareena, Scorpion, Ashrah, Quan Chi, etc. Personally, I'd probably want to have just Sub-Zero, Scorpion, and Sareena, along with Shinnok. Sektor might be ok if he does return, but it's not needed. Ashrah has other things to worry about.

I just hope that they don't make Noob Saibot become good or become the Older Sub-Zero again or some fucked up fusion. He should stay as that irredeemable villain stepping up. Going back to Scorpion a wee bit, I completely agree with XiahouDun84 on this one. I think that if Scorpion's story would go in that type of direction, his story could be redeemed.

In terms of looks, I think he should have a less ninja-ish and more wraith-like costumes, kind of like what Chrome did or something a bit similar to the Phantasm from Mask of the Phantasm, mostly in terms of the hood and mask design. I suppose he could have a costume that has that more ninja-ish feel, and I guess that'd be his sleeker costume. But more so, I want to see him with a wraith-like appearance.

I wish his get up animation from MKD would return, and I'd like to see him with a new victory pose, either something in relation to his fighting style or whatever.

Then we have his gameplay style, which has always been very good and cheap as Noob Saibot, so he kind of needs to be toned down. I see him as a speedy and agile character in the intermediate to advanced level.

For his fighting styles, if they ever bring them back, I think he should either have 2 unarmed styles or 1 unarmed and 1 weapon. If he's going to have a weapon, I think it should be a sickle, but just one. The idea behind it is simply that it was a weapon that those Shadow wraiths used in MKSM, so I think it'd be cool to see Noob Saibot use it. If not, he could have 2 unarmed styles, Tall Monkey and Ba Ying Quan.

Tall Monkey is one of the 5 sub-styles of Tai Sheng Men, a type of Monkey Kung Fu created by Kao Tse. This is a style suited for tall people and who have long limbs. It's a conventional style that doesn't like to go to the ground that much and uses strikes to vital areas and such.

Ba Ying Quan is a modern hybrid style of Kung Fu translated as Eight Shadows Boxing. It's techniques and forms are derived from styles like Wing Chun, Xing Yi Quan, Ba Gua Zhang, and others.

When it comes to his special moves, I definitely want to see more shadowy moves than ninja-ish moves. The whole shuriken move thing really adds to making him look like that very stereotypical ninja character, and that's not good for his image if he's going to be a character that's meant to be taken seriously. He could throw caltrops or something, but not shuriken. I'd like his teleport move to be called Shadow Grab, and I know Reiko's version of the move is called that. However, I think Shadow Grab is a more fitting name for Noob Saibot's move since he is a shadowy wraith character.

Maybe it'd be nice to see him with his Clone Throw and possibly Disabler again. I don't know. A possible move idea could be a 'Shadow Clone' move that looks similar to Sub-Zero's Ice Clone in execution but have the same effects as the Disabler projectile. As for his Black Hole move, I think he should keep it as well as his throw.

Overall, Noob Saibot is a character whose potential I'd like to see be further explored.

AsesinoPosted: 08/12/2007 07:50 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
RE: MKA: The Aftermath- What Now?

I'll throw some quik ideas.

Noob shall become hybrid - half Sub-Zero half Noob Saibot.

His powers must be hybrid too.
Instead of the regular ice Zero shoots, the hybrid should shoot with black ( shadow ) ice, that kinda have different effect on the opponent, than just freeze.

Shadow clone and ice clone should me mixed too ( play with your mind ).

Also it's important to give him similar to Glaciuss (from Killer Instinct) moves.


You-Know-WhoPosted: 08/12/2007 11:59 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
RE: MKA: The Aftermath- What Now?

Noob Saibot wasn't in my original mental list of characters to return, as he seems like a medial villain to get killed during Armageddon, but the more I think about it, the more likely his return seems to be. He provides something for both Sub-Zero and Scorpion to do. I mean, can anyone think of any purpose Scorpion has for being in the next game that doesn't make him look like a sucker?

There are two possibilities I see for the Scorpion/Noob Saibot feud. The first being that Scorpion is allowed to enter the Heavens to be with his family, after serving as the Elder Gods' Champion, but he looks at the suffering Noob Saibot is causing, and he faces a catch-22. Surely he can not be worthy of entering the Heavens if he turns a blind eye to Noob Saibot, who he in part is responsible for creating? Scorpion wants nothing more than to be with his family, but the morality of his actions makes that existence in the Heavens impossible, and this is were this story possibility can split one of two ways. The first is that he decides that he is not deserving of joining his family until he amends his creation of Noob Saibot; the second is that he tries to rejoin his family, but as he has caused so much sin, indirectly, in the form of Noob Saibot, he is expelled from Heaven, and when it becomes apparent he can never find peace, he decides to become an avenger of the Heavens.

The second option is a more biblical one, I guess, but you could have Scorpion advance to the Heavens, only to discover his wife and son aren't there. Scorpion's wife married and mothered a child with a killer, and the sins of the father have been passed onto the sins of the son: Both of Scorpion's loved ones are in the Netherrealm, which is under the control of Noob Saibot. Not only that, but Saibot is having them tortured to even further extremes, simply because they are the family of Scorpion, the man who killed him when he was human. This would lead to Scorpion stepping out of the Heavens when Noob Saibot rises to take Earth, and fighting to end Saibot's reign in the Netherrealm.

I don't think Noob Saibot's story should be about his occupation of the Netherrealm. I'd have him take control of it during Armageddon, but I think that the dead should remain dead this era (except for the characters that exist because they are dead, like Scorpion and Noob Saibot). I'd have Saibot control the Netherrealm, making slaves of everyone there, including Shinnok. He also has control over the Tekunin, breathing his shadowy presence even into their leader, Sektor. Saibot rises from the pits of Hell, and looks to take the living as his slaves, as well.

That brings me to my next idea, and that is that Noob Saibot leads the Brotherhood of Shadows as his own personal army. Saibot would not be the final boss of the game, but I think he could definitely be a notable antagonist. As much as I love Sektor, I don't think he has it in him to be the same, and I think having Saibot do what he did to Smoke to Sektor would be a great way to go. Sektor controls the Tekunin, and by controlling Sektor, Saibot has an army of now demonic machines are his service. Have Smoke possibly return as another of his pawns. I've never been too big of the Frost character, but if she returned with a new look, fueled by Noob Saibot's power, I think I would be able to get into her story.

Sub-Zero would no doubt lead the charge against Noob Saibot, but I hope he doesn't try and appeal to his "good side." Instead, I hope he takes a more "he is pure evil, and must be killed" approach. An alliance between Sub-Zero and Scorpion, as they try and stop Noob Saibot and his forces would be amazing. Ashrah, who I think is seriously undeveloped as a character, should probably return, and this also gives her a purpose. End the demonic occupation of Noob Saibot, and earn her complete purification in the process. She provides the good side with another capable fighter, as well.

Sareena should be caught in the middle. On one hand, Sub-Zero has been good to her, and she senses he is a good person. On the other, Noob Saibot is the Sub-Zero she loves, and even though he is now a product of the Netherrealm, so is she. Can Sareena write off Noob Saibot without writing off herself? I don't think she should be the lead protagonist against Noob Saibot, as Xia suggested, but I think if anyone tries to "save" Noob Saibot's soul, it should be her. Ironically, it is the demon who takes a more human approach to the threat of Noob Saibot, while the characters with human roots, just want him to die.

Noob Saibot's look should change with his occupation of the Netherrealm. I never bought him as a main villain with his ninja look, but if he bulked up on the costume, maybe added some robes, or a more armoured look, I could see it. I think he should keep his look based on his original ninja appearance, but just have a bit more of a samurai influence? Something like that, maybe. As far as his true form goes, I actually don't mind it if they base him of the original Sub-Zero, I mean, they are one in the same. Scorpion is undead, but he keep a relatively human appearance. I wouldn't object to it if Saibot maybe toned down on the "shadows" theme, and maybe became more a character of substance than one of style. He should still keep similar moves, and use dark powers, but I would not be upset if he lost the "all black" theme, although I know some would.

I think his fighting style should be less based on speed, and more based on power and skill. I'm not going to suggest a fighting style, because I'm not an expert, even though I am a fan and have practiced some myself. I think as a major antagonist, he should be less sneaky in his style, and just plain skilled. They can justify the change on his growing power as he feeds on the suffering of the Netherrealm, as its ruler.

To be perfectly honest, the image of the new Noob Saibot in my head, is one that is very similar to Shao Kahn. I'm not suggesting a clone, or anything, but if Shao Kahn had a past as a ninja, and carried that influence slightly, I think Noob Saibot could end up as something very much alike what Kahn became, presence-wise; just not as the main villain. Everyone will probably interpret what I just said wrong, as I didn't convey it too well. Basically, I wouldn't mind it if Noob Saibot kind of reminded people of Shao Kahn in the next game, that's all.

The more I think about it, the more I am for Noob Saibot returning. His arc allows for the possible returns of Sub-Zero, Scorpion, Ashrah, Sareena, Sektor, Smoke, Frost and even Kenshi (as an ally of Sub-Zero). I definitely think that allows a strong cast of supporting characters to the major storyline, which would feature a new villain, etc.

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m0s3pHPosted: 08/13/2007 12:42 AMStatus ::

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Nationality::United States
RE: MKA: The Aftermath- What Now? (Currently discussing Noob Saibot)

Noob is definitely up there for me among characters I would like to see expanded on in some way. I think Noob needs to move on to bigger things, like putting him into a power struggle for the Netherrealm (against Quan Chi/Shinnok, or possibly Moloch/Drahmin). They need to gt him the hell away from Smoke, Sub-Zero, Scorpion, whatever. Noob always struck me as more of a loner than a character with many allies, and I would really like to see him evolve into that sort of a person.

Another day or so on Noob, then I'll switch it up.

m0s3pHPosted: 08/13/2007 06:05 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: MKA: The Aftermath- What Now? (Currently discussing Scorpion)

I'm now changing the character.



StalagmitePosted: 08/13/2007 09:12 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: MKA: The Aftermath- What Now? (Currently discussing Scorpion)

Okay for Scorpion-We know he's coming back. It's inevitable. However, he needs to change for the better. His MKD story was a step in the right direction, but Armageddon kinda ruined his story by getting rid of the whole "Champion of the Elder Gods" thing and once again replacing it with "Grrr the Elder Gods betrayed me, I must seek revenge....AGAIN". That isn't the right move. I'm sure just about everyone is sick and tired of Scorpion's vengeance stories that basically make up his character these days. I want a change. Otherwise no one will take Scorpion seriously. Now, I'll get to which characters he may interact with.

Quan Chi: Oh dear God, I pray that Quan Chi is dead. If he isn't, expect to see a bad story in the works for Scorpion. Hopefully Scorp killed him for good in the big battle, although it's doubtful.

Sub-Zero: I'm just listing him for the heck of it. Still, even though they haven't had any interaction since MK4, they may still work together to bring down Noob. It's not likely, but is possible.

Noob: Like I said in my Noob post, Scorpion's probably pissed that Noob killed him. However I'd like to see him bring down Noob, not for revenge, but to right his wrongs. It would be a step in the right direction for Scorp.

Raiden: If Raiden's done with his little hissy fit, he may ask Scorpion to become the Elder God's bitc...err champion again.

Sareena: If Scorpion's involved with bringing down Noob, I could see her being an ally or enemy to Scorp.

Shujinko: I really don't see Shujinko coming back, but it seemed to me as the events of MKD made them enemies.

Shinnok: Scorp lives in the Netherrealm. Shinnok thinks he's the absolute ruler of the Netherrealm. It doesn't take a genius to see that Shinnok could be an obstacle for Scorpion.

Drahmin and Moloch: They're probably dead, but if they come back, they could continue being annoyances to Scorp.

As for his appearance, it shouldn't change much. It should change a bit, like it did between MKDA and MKD, but out of all the characters, Scorpion should change the least.

In conclusion, Scorpion is a favorite of mine, and I don't want to see his story fall to pieces like it did in MKA. Then again, Scorpion's story wasn't the only bad one in MKA. Scorpion should stop being a character focused on solely revenge, and instead he should try to regain some honor. I'm sure everyone would like to see that.

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RE: MKA: The Aftermath- What Now? (Currently discussing Scorpion)

I used to like Scorpion a lot in previous games, but then he just sort of hit the crapper when his storyline plummeted. Even if he did think that Sub-Zero was the real murderer all this time and that he had returned, he still would have been a bore to me. Nothing really interesting happened to him from MK4 and on.

Becoming the Elder God's champion was a really nice touch-up, except they didn't go anywhere with it. He's still the same jackass as before, except now he hits the ground harder when he falls. I would like him to get his head out of his...ahem, and start thinking about the MK universe and not himself.

As for his gameplay, yeah, he's alright. The spear is an icon, and will always be associated with MK like the dragon emblem. The only costume that I've liked so far has been his MKD primary--it just looked completely badass in every sense of the word. I couldn't care less about his other costumes. While he had some of my favorite fighting styles, he could stand to lose them and have something more accurate. I liked Hapkido's portrayal as a very active and jumpy fighting style (axe kicks, lots of combos, all that hooplah), but I'm sure something historically accurate could fit the puzzle better.

If they do decide to keep Scorpion and not discard him, I hope they figure out what a bore he is and figure out a storyline for him. Despite being a video game, some real character development would be appreciated. As I said earlier, I want him to be aware of the MK universe and understand that there are more important things going on. I can only see him as a hero or anti-hero--if he's neutral, he won't offer a whole lot to the story, as he's not involved with anyone but himself, and he makes a bad villain on top of that. I'd be interested in the "ninja trisect" with Sub-Zero and Noob Saibot; if it ever came to fruition and actually helped to develop the entire MK universe and not be secluded to those three characters, it'd be epic.

That's all I have to say about him for now. He does have the potential to be a fan-favorite instead of every 12 year old's idol, but it's looking grim. Hopefully MK8 can give him a decent future, assuming Boon goes against his word and keeps him.

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RE: MKA: The Aftermath- What Now? (Currently discussing Scorpion)

I’m indifferent on Scorpion, don't like or hate him.

Since it looks like his days of being the Elder God’s minion are over, it lessens his possibility of becoming the anti-hero. Being the Elder God’s minion could’ve easily lead to a giant battle against Dark Raiden, since Raiden is slowly becoming more and more like Shao Kahn. But now, Scorpion would just about only be considered an anti-hero to his family/clan, otherwise he is much more evil than he is good.

I think it would be an interesting route if Scorpion were pushed into full pledged insanity, even laughing in a deep dark maniacal way would be a nice touch.

He has… or had good intentions, but he can never win. No matter how close Scorpion is to achieving his ultimate goal, he is always denied. For every one step forward, he goes two steps back.

What I would like to see is Scorpion being on the defensive for a change. Perhaps a higher being, almost like an archangel attempting to put him to rest. I’m also curious to see how the undead Shirai Ryu will come into play down the road.

One thing that needs to be changed is his MKA primary (which is almost certain), this “old school” attire was terribly revamped into the 3d.

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RE: MKA: The Aftermath- What Now? (Currently discussing Scorpion)

I don't see a very bright future in store for Scorpion. It looks as though they're going down the same boring and repetitive path that they went down with Scorpion past Mk4. I hope he has a new story, but it isn't likely.

Story-Storyline is exactly where i think Scorpion will be at his worst, like usual lol. His story since MKDA has been the same thing: revenge, revenge, and a little revenge on the side. In MKA, it dosen't seem as though he's about to change that anytime soon. I'd like him, personally, if he was to still seek revenge against Quan Chi, make it more interesting and not so dull. I'd like him to erect a army of his old clan, the Shirai Ryu, to fight and defeat Quan Chi, but that probably won't happen.

Also, about his family, i highly doubt that Quan Chi has one of them. To be honest, i think it might've been just a hoax on Quan's part to get Scorpion angry. He might've wanted Scorpion to think that he had on his family members so he could lure them into a trap of some sort.

I don't see him trying to protect Sub-zero anymore, he has too much on his mind to do that, and so does Subby.

Gameplay-This is usually where Scorpion shines, and hopefully in MK8 it will be the same. I think Hapkido suits Scorpion, it's a very agressive martial art that inflicts massive pain on the other person, so that would be a perfect art for Scorpion.

On the other hand, Moi Fah dosen't suit Scorpion IMO, he needs something a little more interesting than that art.

The Mugai Ryu is a good choice for Scorpion, but i think he should use both of those swords he possesses. I mean, what's the point of having two swords if you're only ever going to use one?

Fatality 1-
He uses his spear to bring the opponent close to him, and slices the opponents' chest open. He then spears the heart, and brings it into his hand. He then does hellfire on it, destroying it. Fatality.

Fatality 2-
He spears the opponent close to him, then does his backfilp kick. In Midair, he does the spear to bring the opponent close, then smashes the opponent into the ground with the blunt end of his sword. When the opponent falls to the ground,he backflip kicks the opponents head off. Fatality.

He does hellfire on his sword to make it be flaming, then stabs it into his head. Hara-Kiri.

He turns into a scorpion, then rips the opponent in half, then stings the opponents head repeatedly until it explodes.

Scorpion starts a fire, then starts to roast marshmallows on a stick.

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RE: MKA: The Aftermath- What Now? (Currently discussing Scorpion)

I was going to be the first one to post about him, but I got tired and didn't finish everything, so here goes.

Scorpion is a character I used to like. He was someone with potential for greater things. Unfortunately, that potential went down the drain and instead, we currently have a 1-dimensional, raging imbecile who goes around starting trouble, only to have his ass handed to him. He is so bad that he is almost irredeemable, and it seems that the MK team is either ignorant or apathetic about this. Since Scorpion is Ed Boon's favorite MK character and that we'll be seeing him in MK games to come, that means we'll have to keep putting up with his nonsense unless Scorpion can be fixed.

I feel that Scorpion needs to be fixed in quite a few areas. Here are my ideas:


In MKDA-MKA, Scorpion's gameplay style has been quite good. However, I feel he needs some changes to make things right.

Fighting Styles

Shirai Ryu: For his unarmed style, it should be a made up style derived from techniques of real martial arts. My idea is that Shirai Ryu Ninjutsu should be reconstructed by taking influences from Togakure Ryu, Koto Ryu, Kumogakure Ryu, and possibly even Gyokushin Ryu.

His Shirai Ryu style should be more of a linear and aggressive style like Koto Ryu and should have a lot of Dakentaijutsu (striking methods) and Koppojutsu (bone structure manipulation methods) as well as some Jutaijutsu (grappling and throwing methods).

His fighting stance should be Bobi no Kamae (also spelled Boubi no Kamae), which looks like the Ninjitsu stance in MKDA and MKA except that both hands are closed fists and the front leg should lean a bit forward since Bobi no Kamae is a more aggressive posture.

Ninja To/Chisa Katana: The subject of the Ninja To is a bit tricky, but Ninjutsu traditions such as Togakure Ryu apparently used Ninja To. However, what has to be made clear is that the Ninja To was never a straight-bladed sword with a square tsuba (hand guard) and that there wasn't exactly a singular type of Ninja To.

If Scorpion were to go with a Ninja To, the blade should be curved and between the length of a katana and wakizashi and the tsuba should be round. The Chisakatana's blade length is also between that of a katana and wakizashi, so either sword is fine for him.

One thing that needs to be changed is the fighting style and stance that goes along with his weapon. In MKDA, his Ninja Sword stance was more accurate but Mugai Ryu was heavily inaccurate.

I suggest that the Kenjutsu/Bikenjutsu (sword methods) for his sword should be derived from either Togakure Ryu, Gyokushin Ryu, or Kumogakure Ryu and that he should use Kamae (postures), such as Seigan no Kamae, which should be his main stance, and Dai Jodan no Kamae, which would be a mini stance (in a similar context to Anna Willams' B + 3 in Tekken 5). Seigan no Kamae is an offensive Kenjutsu posture that looks like this.

His weapon style should use a lot of slashing and cutting techniques.

Special Moves

The Bloody Spear needs to have a better recovery time. I'd like to see his old Teleport Punch return but with fiery effects as well as the ability to do it in the air. He should have a new move, which I call Shirai Shuriken. Basically, he throws a few Bo Shuriken to the opponent's legs and feet, so it'll be a low projectile.

I find it odd that Scorpion, who is supposedly a master of Shurikenjutsu, would never have any special moves involving the Shuriken when Noob Saibot, who was once his enemy the older Sub-Zero, would use Shuriken.

Also, while I like his throw, I wish he would say "Get down here!" when he pulls the opponent back down with his Spear.

For his costumes, the one I really like the most is his MKD primary/MKA alternate costume as he has a more armored feel and has less yellow on him. His MKD alternate/MKA primary, on the other hand, is absolute garbage due to his tight spandex costume and overall tacky design.

I would love to see him wear a costume inspired by historical Ninja Yoroi (armor) but be modified to give him that familiar look. He and other characters need to stay away from the spandex costumes.

His get up animation and victory pose are fine.

Now, onto the main course, his crappy ass story and personality.

Boy did they take a character, shit on him, and shove him down our throats.

One main story problem for him is the whole Scorpion/Sub-Zero thing, namely the confusion as to why he's been after the younger Sub-Zero for many years when it was the older Sub-Zero he blamed for the death of his family and clan.

The evidence I had compiled and the conclusion I came up with suggests that either Scorpion is unaware that the Sub-Zero he's been after since MK2 is a different Sub-Zero or that he knows who he is but blames him along with his brother and the other Lin Kuei.

The retconning out of Scorpion's vow takes something away from him as the vow showed that there was more to Scorpion, that there was a bit of complexity to his character and that he had some semblance of honor.

Even if this particular story problem of his were to be fixed, Scorpion overall still has problems.

Most of his story is very linear, very 1-dimensional, involving him going after someone, in most cases, out of revenge. His MKA ending only sets up his story for more revenge and it also cheapens his story due to the resurrection of his family and clan.

I say that they should scrap the idea of him being the new Jonin of the Shirai Ryu and have him finally kill Quan Chi.

Since he's going to keep returning, Scorpion's soul should not rest, which should confuse him and make him feel lost and without a purpose. I think that from there, his story should gradually develop in a way that he becomes wiser, smarter and has him doing something noble. He should find his way again, and it would be nice to see influences from Ninpo (the Ninja spiritual and philosophical aspects) for his changed character.

For his change, it should be gradual, starting with him wondering why his soul didn't rest despite getting his revenge on Quan Chi. He should come to the realization that his anger, hatred, and thirst for revenge is what held him back and what were his downfalls. This should definitely come into play if we were to have him interact with Noob Saibot, who I feel should return.

I'd like to see Noob Saibot offering Scorpion a side at his place, trying to convince him that they are the same and that they should join forces do what he feels is something great. Maybe Noob Saibot can even try to convince Scorpion that if he were to join him that he could get back at the Elder Gods and be reunited with his family. This should be a big moral obstacle for Scorpion, one that he should overcome in order to develop as a character.

Raiden could also be a similar obstacle, but I would rather go with Noob Saibot since Noob Saibot is the one that Scorpion helped create. So with Scorpion eventually rejecting Noob Saibot's offer (I want Scorpion to give a bit of thought to it, to make him wonder if he is the same as Noob Saibot and things like that.) and wanting to destroy Noob Saibot, not out of revenge, but instead do it out of taking responsibility for his actions and putting an end to a great evil he helped create. That would make for a much better story than constant failures at getting revenge on someone.

If Noob Saibot does return, I would like to see an uneasy alliance between Scorpion and Sub-Zero, and it should be uneasy due to their past rivalry but more so due to conflicting views on how to handle Noob Saibot. While Sub-Zero would want to save his brother, Scorpion would want to destroy him for the better good.

Overall, Scorpion is a huge mess and I wouldn't be surprised if his storyline in the future will be the same repetitive garbage.

To Shinnok-fan64: Are you sure that Hapkido is very aggressive? What about the influences from Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu? What about giving him a martial art that was actually used by Ninja as opposed to a modern Korean martial art like Hapkido?

Mugai Ryu uses the Odachi, not the kind of sword that Scorpion uses. Also, it does not contain dual sword techniques.

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RE: MKA: The Aftermath- What Now? (Currently discussing Scorpion)

Scorpion will return, there's no doubt about that, but I've never liked him, not even during the classic days. He's always struck me as overrated, and especially now, his story is really bad. It needs to be revamped in a major way.

During Armageddon, Scorpion should get his hands on Quan Chi, and brutally murder him. The killing of Quan Chi should be so brutal, that not even the Elder Gods are able to purify his soul, and he is left to forever be a demon of sin. Then when Noob Saibot surfaces, Scorpion realises he is responsible for creating him, and that he must make amends for doing that. Scorpion vs. Noob Saibot is a feud I would love to see in the next generation of games.

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RE: MKA: The Aftermath- What Now? (Currently discussing Scorpion)

Oh lordy, lord...what a mess of Scorpion they made.
We all know that he will be back, whether we like it or not. But he is in desperate need of serious fixing, because right now he's just a sad joke. A pathetic shadow of what he used to be.

The first thing I think they should do with Scorpion is definitely confirm that he did in fact vow to protect the younger Sub-Zero in MKII and that Quan Chi deceived him into breaking that vow in MK4. This will not instantaneously fix Scorpion, but it will return some of his character development and depth. Presenting him as more than a revenge-crazed jackass.

Second thing is they should leave his clan and family dead. Frankly, I think they should just flat out ignore everything that was done with him in Armageddon. For starters, it renders Scorpion's small iota of a storyline completely moot. This would be like if at the end of Gladiator, Maximus found a way to resurrect his wife and son. This sort of childish nonsense trivializes the character's entire journey and just leaves one with a feeling of "Why did I bother paying attention to this guy at all?"
Also, we already have enough clans and armies. Sub-Zero and his Lin Kuei. Sektor and the Tekunin. Noob Saibot and the Brotherhood. The old Black Dragon. Kabal's new Black Dragon. The Red Dragon. The Edenian army. The Tarkatan army. Vampires. Not to mention, God forbid, Armageddon's endings suggest Reptile and Ermac may get ones of their own. Enough with the fucking clans and armies! Has this become the only way to make a character seem "important?" By sticking a fucking clan under them? Why would a new Shirari Ryu even be exciting? What would it offer that isn't already being provided by the Lin Kuei or the Tekunin or the Brotherhood of the Shadow or the other dozen or so clans we already have?
Not to mention, one of Scorpion's most defining and appealing attributes is that he's a LONER. Suddenly running his own clan kind of undermines that.

And Quan Chi kidnapping his son....Jesus H. Christ on a crutch! More revenge?! Are you kidding me?! Some like to rationalize that it isn't revenge anymore...he's rescuing his son. Here's the thing, at the end of the day, it's still Scorpion whining and bitching about his family. It's time for Scorpion to move the fuck on. His pining for his lost family used to be tragic and make him sympathetic. Now, it's just pathetic. I mean look at him in Armageddon. The world is coming to an end...people are dying everywhere....and here's Scorpion. Still bitching about his family like he has been since day one.

As much as I like Quan Chi...and even though he has far more to offer to future storylines than Scorpion currently needs to end. They've been written in a corner and something has to give....and we know Scorpion is definitely coming back. Scorpion needs to finish Quan Chi off and move on.

Another thing they need to do is stop portraying Scorpion as a slow-witted who rushes into any battle without any thought. They need to bring him back to how he was in the old days when he actually had some discipline and would actually think and reflect about what happens around him. Enough with the incompetent drone who's only response to anything is "RAGE!!!!" It only contributes to his coming across as childish and oafish.

Another thing I think they should cease and desist immediatly is the notion that Scorpion can "die" over and over again and just come back like nothing happened. Back in the old games, they did suggest he couldn't do that, and there were consequences if he would be "killed" again. The need to bring that back because I think it's stupid that I'm supposed to think Scorpion is this super-cool, unstoppable bad-ass because he won't die no matter how many times he gets his ass handed to him.

So to sum order to fix Scorpion:
- bring back to vow
- bring back the consequences to "dying"
- let him have his revenge against Quan Chi
- leave his clan & family dead
- let him GROW THE FUCK UP

Now as for what he should do in the future...
Were it up to me, I'd have kept him as Champion of the Elder Gods. Involve him in the Noob Saibot situation and eventually have him confront Raiden. Unfortunately, Armageddon's botched all that up and set him up for wanting revenge on the Elder ludicrous as that sounds.
If they keep that up, I'd first like to see them give a more legitimate reason for his hating the Elder Gods. Because the whole "they resurrected his clan & family as undead zombies" is idiotic....largely because Scorpion half-assed his assignment to kill Onaga. Meaning he got what he deserved. Maybe from there have him align with Raiden and that could go somewhere.

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RE: MKA: The Aftermath- What Now? (Currently discussing Scorpion)

Before I make my first contribution to the thread, I'd like to just let everyone who reads know that I'll be implementing an idea of mine when I talk about what I want to see as the character's future moves. More about it when I get to it.

Name: Scorpion
Likelihood to Return: 95%
Most Probable Path: Fury-driven soul.

I think Scorpion is very, very likely to return in next-gen games, Boon having already stated that "he can't see an MK game withought Scorpion and Sub-Zero". Unfortunately, Scorpion's MKA storyline suggests that the MK Team believes Scorpion's return next-gen will be enough to satisfy the fans 100%, and as a consequence, appear to be leaving his story to crumble gradually. As much as I hate to say it, it seems Scorpion is falling out of the interesting path that Deception gave him, and plummeting back into one made up of more revenge and anger.


As most people have already mentioned, Scorpion's stoyline needs to be reeinvented immediately. Although he continues to have many fans, interest in Scorpion as a Mortal Kombat character is, IMO, falling steadily. The ray of hope that was his Deception storyline was completely obliterated before it could even properly begin, which was just another blow to Scorpion's fans.

That brings me to one of the best ideas I've seen so far concerning Scorpion:

Sub-Zero_7th Wrote:

Since he's going to keep returning, Scorpion's soul should not rest, which should confuse him and make him feel lost and without a purpose. I think that from there, his story should gradually develop in a way that he becomes wiser, smarter and has him doing something noble. He should find his way again, and it would be nice to see influences from Ninpo (the Ninja spiritual and philosophical aspects) for his changed character.

I think this is a very fitting path for Scorpion to take on in MK8 and beyond, just because it's the type of storyline that will open up lots of new doors for him, in other words, giving him a lot of different possibilities, which can only do a character good.

I love the idea of him being denied entry into the Heavens because of his past deeds.

Maybe Scorpion being unsuccessful in killing Onaga in the past caused the Elder Gods to become angry with him, as if they had placed their trust and dependency on an unworthy soul. They could weigh Scorpion down with the memories of his past sins, and use his corruption as a weapon against himself, to stop him from gaining the right to enter the Heavens. This could set Scorpion on a new purpose in life: to make up for his biggest past sins, and gain atonement one way or another.

Because of his status on his clan, it's safe to assume that Scorpion caused many deaths. Innocent deaths, at that. He could make a goal for himself to save lives rather than take them, and make up for every murder he has been tainted with when in life and beyond. This wouldn't be Scorpion turning good or becoming a hero or anything (which is not a very good way for him to go). This would be Scorpion making a decision that will benefit himself, not thinking about the greater good (as he's never had) - his self-serving ways, however, would be leading him to do good rather than evil this time around; just like Deception.

Stalagmite Wrote:
Noob: Like I said in my Noob post, Scorpion's probably pissed that Noob killed him. However I'd like to see him bring down Noob, not for revenge, but to right his wrongs. It would be a step in the right direction for Scorp.

Like Stalagmite, I think Noob Saibot would be the best bet for Scorpion's new foe. While I do believe that Sub-Zero would be seen as Noob's main rival, Scorpion could be the behind-the-scene guy who seems to act in just the right way when the situation calls for it, though he is doing so not to help others, but himself.

Noob Saibot could take up enslaving/forming alliances with the most powerful demons of the Netherrealm. He may also have learned a lot having manipulated Smoke in the past (I'd like Smoke to remain free of control), and could integratre that knowledge into his villainous ways. Undead warriors whose powers and skills are enhanced mechanically, perhaps? Sounds far-fetched, but it could turn into a surprising new hybrid of fighters for Scorpion to deal with.

In fact, Noob could find a way to unleash his warriors on the living world, promising them that the outside realm could be transformed into their new home when taken over. I'm not saying he should be the final boss or the main villain! In fact, I think that wouldn't be a very wise choice. Noob Saibot is pretty cool, but doesn't have the towering, ominous presence that I believe a final boss should have and has always had. Anyway, Scorpion would fight these beings of Saibot's with all he's got, and would save countless lives in the process, redeeming himself. This would guarantee a brand new, likeable purpose for Scorpion, at least in MK8.


In Scorpion's ending, I could see him showing up as Sub-Zero prepares to fight Noob Saibot and the remainder of his minions. Instantly, the two ninjas come together to finish off a common foe, then go their separate ways once it's over.


Like Shinnok-fan said, Scorpion's best aspect is gameplay. He's always been a strong character, fun to use, with interesting moves that have become his trademark.

I think two of his old moves should return:

Bloody Spear: Bring it back, but make it even more unique so that it doesn't look like it was just transfered from old MKs to the new MKs. The spear could leave a trail of fire.

Teleport Punch: Again, bring it back, but make it feel like new. Instead of just reappearing behind the opponent, have Scorpion materialize into flames that shoot behind the opponent in the blink of an eye, where they are extinguished, leaving Scorpion to land his punch.

And some new ones should be added:

Flaming Shield: Scorpion raises Hellfire beneath his feet, setting himself in flames and shielding him. If his opponent comes into contact with him during this move, he/she will catch on fire temporarily. Projectiles are burnt into nonexistance. If Scorpion fails to harm his opponent with this move, he will be subject to a free hit while recovering from the shield.

Hands of Hell: Scorpion summons three skeletal hands, which burst from the ground. His opponent is dragged underground (unseen) for a quick instant, then shoots back up on fire, landing hard on the ground.

Spear-Slingshot: Scorpion shoots his spear, but holding it with both hands (so that the other player knows that this is not the Bloody Spear Move). If it hits the opponent, it damanges their health very slightly. Scorpion then propels himself forward using the spear and lands a devastating flying kick. If his opponent dodges the spear, it burrows into the side of the arena instead, giving the opponent a chance for a hit while Scorpion propels himself onto it. If the opponent blocks the spear, they could still fall victim to the flying kick.

I also would like to see something new in MK: 8. A type of charged-up special move: something like the Blazin' Move in Def Jam, only more cinematic. A bar below your health fills up as you land kombos and damage; when it is full, you may perform this move and drain it. The other player has a chance to evade damage from this attack if he/she can complete a simple button combination in time. Here's what I have in mind for Scorpion:

Inferno: Scorpion pulls off his mask, revealing his bare skull, which becomes encased in flames (while this is happening, the other player has a chance to evade damage by very quickly pressing the button combination). He then spits fire and turns slowly, so that the fire spreads throughout the entire arena. If the other player was unsuccessful with the button combo, he/she will catch on fire and suffer heavy damage. If successful, he/she will leap above the flames and land a flying punch to Scorpion's skull, ceasing his special move at once (Scorpion's health bar will not actually get damaged by the punch).


Explosive Blade: Scorpion whips out his sword, jumps toward his opponent, and drives the blade into his/her head so that it completely buried within the victim. He then sets the handle of the blade on fire, and allows the flames to spread throughout the blade itself. Flames shoot out from the victim's eyes and screaming mouth right before he bursts into a mass of singed flesh and ashes.

Singed Swing: Scorpion withdraws his mask, then shoots his spear at the victim's head. When he pulls it out, the victim's head comes off as well. Scorpion now swings the head around himself in a full 360 (like preparing to hit an incoming baseball very hard), simultaneously spitting fire onto the head so that it becomes a fireball in itself. He then finally smashes the victim's flaming head into his still-standing body, smashing off a fragment of the torso and setting it on fire as well.

Hara-Kiri: Scorpion covers his mouth with his right hand. The spear shoots out, burrowing into it and coming out the back side of his head. He then pulls his right hand away from his body, ripping his head out in the process. His body falls limply to the floor.

Sorry, but I don't think Friendships and the like should ever return.

Well, that's all I got for Scorpion. Will be back for the next character!

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RE: MKA: The Aftermath- What Now? (Currently discussing Scorpion)

Yeah, I hope the MK Team reads this, because the general consensus seems to be that Scorpion's storyline is crap. Change it! I'm not too keen on Scorpion becoming a source of pathos, I mean, he's whiny enough as it is, but I am all for his sins of the past weighing in his mind, and him needing to rectify them if he can bargain his way into the Heavens.

That should be the chief motivating factor of his story in MK8. Noob Saibot has escaped the Netherrealm, and looking to take over Earth and Edenia. Scorpion realises that by killing Sub-Zero V, he created this threat to the realms, and he steps up to aid Sub-Zero VI in killing it. I guess the "Neutral" alignment is meant to make us think of Scorpion as a bad-ass, but I'd change it to "Good" in MK8, even if he's not a pure soul. It seems that Scorpion has not been truly neutral since MK2, as he always seems to be fighting against the evil guys who have hurt his family, or reluctantly working for the Elder Gods. Just make him realise which side he ends up on most of the time, and have him take it in this new era.

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RE: MKA: The Aftermath- What Now? (Currently discussing Scorpion)

I'll focus on Scorpion's storyline here.

What needs to happen between now and MK8

Scorpion needs to kill Quan Chi. I'll go with what XiahouDun said, that the vow needs to be reinstated, the "Quan kidnapped son" angle needs to be eliminated, and he needs to have some kind of epiphany, that Noob was in fact his true killer, and set his sights on that. At this point, I don't even care if it's for revenge, because in my opinion there isn't a damn thing that can be done to save Scorpion's storyline. They have officially made Scorpion the first FUBAR character.

What needs to happen during MK8

Scorpion needs to wise up. He needs to be tactical about eliminating Noob, and in order to do that, I like the idea that he should wait for Sub-Zero to confront Noob first, and then go in and pick him off when the timing is right. Scorpion can reconcile with Sub-Zero, tell him that at last his true killer lies dead, and they can each go on their own quests from here on out. I'm not asking for an alliance between the two (dear God, never ever please), or a final fight between them, or anything like that. It shouldn't be hard to write this into the story for the next game. Scorpion is never going to be the main hero, villain, or anything, so just do this small task and be done with it, MK Team.

What needs to happen after MK8

There needs to be no mention of the Elder Gods in Scorpion's story, let alone him being pissed at them. Scorpion as the Elder Gods' champion was one of the dumbest angles I've seen to date in this series, and it only made those fanboys cream their pants further when they saw "OMG Scorpion is the Elder Gods' champion!!!one1! Let's celebrate!" One interesting thought: What if Scorpion were to come to power in the Netherrealm, or have the opportunity to? Think he would take it? I'm not sure he would, honestly, but it would be a decent thing to go on and a good way to make him into even more of a minor player, now that so many new characters will be (supposedly) introduced.

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RE: MKA: The Aftermath- What Now? (Currently discussing Scorpion)

So my final tally card at this point is this:

-Noob Saibot should return on the evil side.

-Scorpion should return on the good side.

It's simplified, yes, but that is how it should go, in my opinion.

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RE: MKA: The Aftermath- What Now? (Currently discussing Liu Kang)

New character:

Liu Kang

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RE: MKA: The Aftermath- What Now? (Currently discussing Liu Kang)

Liu Kang...what a washed up character he is. He has NEVER been interesting enough to get the attention he gets, yet he's been the main hero in 4 games. Killing him off in MKDA was the best move they could've made. It let someone else be the hero for once and a boring character was done away with. Yet, he didn't stay dead for long. The zombie twist was an okay change for a while, but they've done enough with it. I can't see Liu Kang returning alive or undead in MK8, and he isn't needed either. Taven proved that there can be another hero. However if he does return here's who he can interact with:

Kung Lao-The obvious. They might unite to defeat Raiden while he's still tainted. Of course Kung Lao is just mini-Liu Kang with a hat, so he shouldn't return either.

Kitana-The other obvious. If Liu Kang doesn't die for good, he could retire and marry Kitana or something stupid like that. Or he can die for good and give Kitana some character development.

Sonya, Johnny Cage, and Jax-His allies. He might continue to fight alongside them.

Raiden-In his current state, Raiden may be a threat to Earthrealm. So naturally as champion of Mortal Kombat, Liu Kang may feel the responsibility to take Raiden down.

Shang Tsung-They've done everything they with Shang, but if they both do return they can continue their feud.

Shao Kahn/Shinnok/Onaga-If any of these three return as a prominent threat, Liu Kang will want to bring them down obviously. Of the three, I'd say Shinnok is the most likely to return.

Ehh, that's pretty much it. Liu Kang is pretty one-dimensional so there isn't much more they can do with him. He should be replaced by someone more interesting. Taven, Sub-Zero, or even Johnny Cage or Shujinko are better main heroes than Liu Kang. He's been the same since MK1, excluding the zombie thing, which wasn't that interesting anyway. He should die immediately after Armageddon-maybe he can give the rest of his spirit to stop the fighting...or after Shang Tsung is dead, he can ascend knowing his work is done. I don't know. Whatever happens it should improve Kitana's character and that's it.

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