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ThePredator151Posted: 07/16/2006 05:28 PMStatus ::

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Nationality::United States
New Blood MK8 Expectations and Ideas.......Come on in. Contribute and Enjoy.

Sorry I wrote a "book', But you will like this, I can almost garrauntee it.............

What I'm sayin' is, in the beginning, whenever you first start out trying to make a product that will sell and that people will like, the effort and motivation that goes into the product is appearent.

It seems to me that the effort that goes into these newest games are lacking a bit in the creativity that was MK. I was in the habbit of consistantly being surprised in the MK series and that's far before my introduction to this forum or even full internet exposier. (most info about the game I could get)

Anyway, the point to this is, with MK8 being declared a next gen console game.
How creative do you expect them(mk team) to get with the new possibilities.
I personally, will take offense to anything less than a modernized MK1/2/3. In that, I mean, the dangerousness that once was, the darkness, the fact that everybody knew nothing of the kind of secrets we should or would or could get.

Ex. Nobody knew about a blood code around my way for a while. But then when we found it out, it opened up a whole new world within' the same game.


Even though we have secrets, none of them affect the whole experience on the game anymore(maybe a mode here or there). I think we might need some "New Blood" in the creation of the future games in order to restore the kind of bombshells the first few games had.

We don't have a heavy hitting "blood code" any more and speculation//exploitation of new or secret characters gets old IMO. I say that because once you exploit the secret character, then what?

What else can you do to the game? How many more characters do I have to find? How many more modes do I have to be subject to?

How about these ideas?:

1. A code that takes the characters you fight with, into an entirely "animality" based fight. Like Primal Instict or think of the way Jet Li fought in "Unleashed".
The primal part of how he fought in that movie was crazy. Imagine if our fighters fought like that, representing the animal within instead of just turning into an animal.
Or, it would also be fantastic as well if they turned into animals and still maintained "a" fighting style of some sort. Kinda like showing us where matial arts comes from, but on a primal level.

This I think would enhance the fighting experience, yet keep the game the same enough to except and enjoy the change.
Note: Alot of martial arts styles are named after animals already.

2. Maybe something that allows us to fight in the darkened fatality mode. Kinda like the arena in MKD that turns from a tropical island into a deadly, living scene. In this darkened state alone it allows for the round fatalities. Not just knock 'em into the thing in the background and they die at anytime.

It should give a sense of ergency and also rely on how good the player is with manipulating his opponent. It could also be an opportunity type thing where if, while in this mode, and fighting around a particular area, you do a strong punch or kick or combo ender, then you get to see a round fatality. Only then.

I feel it's far too easy right now to knock my opponent into a trap and win. That's not fun to me because I wanna fight the entire clock out or be surprised by a round fatality. Think of the Arena where if you're on the edge you can fall off. But it should be so rare within this mode.
Can you just see people getting more "aggresive"(more of a pupose is added to the Aggressor feature in MK3/T) when the screen gets darker and "It's Time!" to go berzerk and try and finish off your opponent? This should have like a time limit and be triggered by the more aggressive player. Maybe 10-20 sec. The benefit in this feature could be a slight increase in damage delt, maybe an added visual effect to the aggressor as well.

The Adrenaline Rush would be crazy right?

(One More)
3. How about even more interaction with the Arena.?

Take the shaolin monk arena, with the monks as the crowd.Y'know?
How about allow us to throw or knock an opponent into the crowd and fight amogst the on viewers? Maybe have the crowd scream and move out of the way.
Think like in a football game when the player flies into the crowd. Or WWF when the fight goes into the crowd. The fight doesn't stop does it? Noooo, it keeps going and people, innocent people, are bound to get hurt in the process. *evil chuckle*

They might even get involved in the fight slightly, and turn the tide for the otherwise loosing party. Or not. I think this could be interesting because they are Shaolin Monks, they fight too.

Just think, some random monk jumps up out of his seat after accidentally being hit using the crane style or something, and now you not only have to beat your opponent, but you have to fend off in-raged by standers as well.

It would start to look like an old martial arts film or something. COOL!!!
Imagine my #2 involvled with all this. Wow.

This is my opinion and some supporting ideas.
To everyone who reads this, What do you think and what are your ideas as well?

I like pics but they're not nessasry, so feel free to add anything you want to help explain/ilustrate your point in this thread.

Thank you for your attention.....

The Ultimate Mortal Kombat Experience
- Lead Graphic Designer - Mortal Kombat Online -

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Barakaz_cuzPosted: 07/16/2006 06:34 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
RE: Who thinks the MK team needs new blood in the Future games of MK.

like ideas 1+3 not so much 2

ThePredator151Posted: 07/17/2006 09:57 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Who thinks the MK team needs new blood in the Future games of MK.

O.k I'll try to the ideas I had in the first post:

1. Affect the gaming experience like this,

Try and think of MK2 Shang Tsung's morphing into different characters.
Got it? O.k.

Apply this:
To an arena.

Listen, what I mean is, we had an "Endurance" level in some of the previous MK's. So, imagine having a secret code of some sort that unlocked or allowed us an "Endurance" type arena where the arena itself Morphed.

This, in my mind is considering that every arena has it's own indvidual hazards(deathtraps, fall off arenas ect). So when your surroundings change, the hazards of that arena change as well.
Now, the way I invision it, the surroundings "morph" randomly in timed incraments as random as the morph. 10 sec=morph,20 sec=morph,
5 sec=morph ect, ect... This can even happen faster to add to suspense and fright factors, equipped with the dredded "endurance arena" music and sound effects unique to this arena. But it's secret, so you gotta find it first.

I think the fact that this would be a secret would intensify the reaction of the player when they are finally introduced to the arena. Oh, and there should be no warning prior to "" Y'know? Nothing hints that this arena is different besides the different sound of the unlocked level in the begining. In other words, the arena doesn't start morphing until you're already in the fight. I don't even think there should be any identification upon unlocking this feature, but maybe "The game just started acting wierd" after the correct code is input.
Total surprise, 'yknow? Keep it a secret.....until everybody finds out it "exsist" at all in the first place.

The Ultimate Mortal Kombat Experience
- Lead Graphic Designer - Mortal Kombat Online -

:G-play :Story :F-Design :Cutout :Get Sig :Raiden :Fans [1] [2] :#LegendaryArts
mabdogPosted: 07/30/2006 01:13 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Who thinks the MK team needs new blood in the Future games of MK.

very good. I like all of your ideas. But mostly the 1st one

MKTrilogyMasterPosted: 07/30/2006 04:28 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Who thinks the MK team needs new blood in the Future games of MK.

i've never thought about those ideas...and i'm suprised because those are all really good ideas and i think there should be new blood ideas in the future.if only the MK team were here to see this.

ThePredator151Posted: 07/30/2006 04:39 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Who thinks the MK team needs new blood in the Future games of MK.

Thanks alot man.

I hope they do see some of our ideas. I've got a million re-occuring ideas.

When they come, I will post them.

The Ultimate Mortal Kombat Experience
- Lead Graphic Designer - Mortal Kombat Online -

:G-play :Story :F-Design :Cutout :Get Sig :Raiden :Fans [1] [2] :#LegendaryArts
hankypanky1Posted: 08/11/2013 04:58 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United Kingdom
RE: Who thinks the MK team needs new blood in the Future games of MK.

What are your other ideas"?

GoDisNotHereTODAYPosted: 08/31/2013 01:17 AMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Who thinks the MK team needs new blood in the Future games of MK.

Why on earth did you resurrect a 7 year old thread for a game that came out 5 years ago? Stop.

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