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MK_krazyPosted: 07/17/2006 04:55 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
With the power of the next-gen i want something like this in my future MKs.

Now with all the power of the PS3 and XBOX360 we are going to see alot of upgraded stuff over the years but i have an idea (and i already know someone must have already thought of it, i am just writing it down.)

OK, so in my future MK's i would like to see a special moves and projectiles alike to have more property to them. How do we do that? Add some sort of unseen (but sort of obvious) elemental damage of off projectiles. So like, if we have player 1(P1) and player 2(P2) and P1 is Raiden and P2 is Liu Kang and we are on a stage where the floor is covered in very shallow water. Now when Raiden does an electric based attack, it might take (random figure) 10%. Now when Raiden knocks Liu Kang to the floor, he becomes dripping wet for some amount of time. Now in the time that Liu Kang is wet, Raiden fires the same electric based attack but takes off 14% of damage because while Liu Kang was still wet and got hit by electricity it increased the power of the move and pain to the attackee.

I hope that made a lick of sense. Now this can also be used for fire if we had a stage where there was a few pools of flamable liquid and in turn be used for other sort of elemental stuff that MK characters have.

Also (i DEFINITELY know this has been said before but i want to point it out again.) I want not only elemental damage but unseen, character specific traits. Like sorcerers(Shang Tsung, Shinnok, Quan chi etc) are caused less damage by projectiles. Shokans take 1% less damage from all physical based attacks (but that 1% doesn't get taken away on juggles but just the lanucher). I think the only thing that has happend like this is just speed of characters, as some are notably faster rhan others.

ThePredator151Posted: 07/17/2006 05:52 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: With the power of the next-gen i want something like this in my future MKs.

These are excellent points man,

One thing i've been discussing with comrades for some time is the enviormental effectivness of an elemental or physical damage any given character takes.

Here's an idea to try on:

Take Raiden again, just for the sake of conversation.

If Raiden hits say, Blaze or something the effect of the electricity should be lessoned. As electricity is a more pure form of fire and would do nothing but contribute to a character like that. So, it should at least do less damange.

Whereas, if Raiden hit say, Rain or Sub Zero well, they are water based characters and should "naturally" take a couple extra points of damage. Maybe 5 more % then an element based character that is not exactly opposite of the given electricity. For instance if Raiden hit a character that's element is earth. Earth pretty much trumps electricity. You can't really do much else to a rock. Y'know.

This I think would make any given battle between two opposite elemental characters more fierce.

Heir-go Sourcery vs Spirit///
Animal vs Plants
ect, ect...

Good stuff man

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Barakaz_cuzPosted: 07/17/2006 05:56 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
RE: With the power of the next-gen i want something like this in my future MKs.

*stands up and claps*

excellent points

RaisnCainPosted: 07/17/2006 06:54 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: With the power of the next-gen i want something like this in my future MKs.

You make a great point, I would be all for those upgrades. That system of fighting would kick ass. They will have to do something, because like Boon said, he adds more content to every game as he goes.

E_D_D_01Posted: 07/23/2006 09:25 AMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United Kingdom
RE: With the power of the next-gen i want something like this in my future MKs.

it'd be cool if they expanded that to costumes as well, like if a character has one costume that is metal armour, physical attacks taken do less damage, they're harder to juggle, but the character is slowed and electrical attacks do more damage, but if they have another costume where it's just them in normallish clothes, they're faster, and more agile, but easier to launch and knock down.

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