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Mick-LuciferPosted: 09/26/2013 09:31 PMStatus ::
Mortal Kombat: Legacy Series II Live and Komplete

The follow up to the chart busting Mortal Kombat: Legacy is officially live! Thanks to Machinima; you can now watch the entire sequel series free via YouTube! The Series II playlist is embedded below and features all ten episodes!

Get the lowdown on all things Mortal Kombat: Legacy II in our kompendium. Share your thoughts and reviews on the Media & Merchandise forum!

blacksaibotPosted: 09/26/2013 01:17 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Legacy Season II Review Thread

I will review each episode individually eventually, but for now a general review. I invite others to do the same. I kindly ask you use MKO's spoiler button feature if you're going to give away story elements that could potentially spoil it for others.

My overall consensus: it sucked

I am not looking forward to seeing season 3 or the feature film in the hands of KT. I enjoyed season 1... but this second season was just a very big let down.

I do not appreciate so much time being wasted on reminding us of what happened in the previous episode(s) and in season 1. It's not like we had to wait an entire week for each episode and need a reminder.

Yes, the fatalities are better and the FEW seconds of fight scenes were an improvement... but nothing spectacular like the they claimed at the comic con panel interview(s). Episode 9 was a complete waste in my honest opinion. These little 8 minute segments aren't worthy of the title "episode" but more like prologues.

My goodness, the episodes were short enough but we still had to watch Kung Lao show off his martial arts at the beginning of the last episode? Talk about wasting valuable time.

Is MK going to be notorious for time machines now? They're still going back and forth between fuedal japan and present day!! Unbelievable! Earthrealm has MORTALS. Not 10,000 year old people like Outworld and Edenia. What the hell is going on here!?!?!?

I was honestly turned off with all the senseless cursing too.

I had high hopes and they just got shot down to shit. I gave KT two chances already. I don't think I will give him a third. I bought season 1 on blu ray but there's no way I'll put my money towards season 2.

KT had hoped season 2 would be better than Annihilation. Well, he barely met his goal; seriously. He just scraped by; that is how I honestly feel at this moment.

KenshiMaster16Posted: 09/26/2013 01:23 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Official Legacy Season II Review Thread

I'm only halfway through but so far the positives are;

- Kenshi (obviously).
- Tortured Liu Kang.
- Johnny Cage's reaction to Mileena is priceless, I cracked up good at that one.
- Ermac giving the line, I also like the voice effect.

The only negative I have, which is sort of petty, is that as its a webseries the length of time each episode is given still bothers me but thats what the format is and no webseries ever has long episodes so I can't example hold that against it, thats just the format. Anyways, I have a feeling I'm going to be using my editing skills and my movie maker program and editing this together to where it feels like a complete run-through without the reminders. Watching this I have the feeling, like Season 1, this was going to be a weekly episodic take and the decision to do the Netflix binge watching technique was a last minute decision.

ChromePosted: 09/26/2013 01:41 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
RE: Official Legacy Season II Review Thread

I am all for MKL for establishing it's opwn mythology. Which is quite good, it is less stupid about it than I dared to imagine.

"It is not bulklshit. The time for debates is over."

Sub-Zero is fucking A grade boss.

Sig1 photo Chrome-sig_zps5a62b1b1.jpg
blacksaibotPosted: 09/26/2013 01:59 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
RE: Official Legacy Season II Review Thread

Chrome Wrote:

Sub-Zero is fucking A grade boss.

Spoilers: (Highlight to reveal)
Up until the point he got his fucking head ripped off... which by the way, why the HELL is Scorpion not doing his own fatality!?!

goodnightPosted: 09/26/2013 02:13 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
RE: Official Legacy Season II Review Thread

How far can we go with spoilers here?

I like the second season a lot, though there are reservations. Their take on Liu Kang is refreshing and gripping... but do they have to make Kung Lao such a douche to accomplish that?

They explain the whole mess between Hanzo, Bi Han and Kuai Liang better than the jumbled game narrative did. I was unsure about making Hanzo and Bi Han childhood friends, but it works, giving their storyline more gravitas. Again with the character assassination though - Kuai Liang gets the short end of the stick.

Kenshi is very well done. My only complaint is that he appears to fight better with his bare hands in the battle with Ermac lol.

Kitana and Mileena fare better than they did in S1, despite getting less screen time. I feel a little bad for Johnny Cage and a lot bad for Stryker. Is Stryker's sole purpose to prop up antihero Liu Kang?

KenshiMaster16Posted: 09/26/2013 02:20 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Official Legacy Season II Review Thread

blacksaibot Wrote:
Chrome Wrote:

Sub-Zero is fucking A grade boss.

Spoilers: (Highlight to reveal)
Up until the point he got his fucking head ripped off... which by the way, why the HELL is Scorpion not doing his own fatality!?!

Spoilers: (Highlight to reveal)
All the better, next season we can have a Noob/Scorpion battle. lol Then people wont be able to complain about Sub's outfit.

RedSumacPosted: 09/26/2013 02:44 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
RE: Official Legacy Season II Review Thread

Good: Camera work, atmosphere, costumes (save for Sub-Zero), effects.
Bad: dialogues. Most of the fights.

Per Episodes:
Episode 1 - good fight, mediocre dialogues.
Episode 2 - pointless episode, problems with story.
Episode 3 - too much fucks.
Episode 4 - bad fight, effects were mediocre and fatality was good.
Episode 5 - too many fucks, pointless flashback to the Kenshi fight.
Episode 6 - too many fucks, bad fight.
Episode 7 - solid episode, good dialogue.
Episode 8 - fight mediocre, everything else is good.
Episode 9 - the best episode in the series.
Episode 10 - mediocre fight, otherwise good. Second best episode of the series.

Total: KT knows how to deliver good atmosphere, but everything else...General plot is good, there are no problems with pacing like in the first season. However, there are few problems with some moments. Like: how Sub-Zero and Kenshi from Feudal Japan ended in the present or why bandit killed Liu's girlfriend.
Overall, I expected something better. Not really dissappointed - it's just a web-series afterall, but things could have been certainly better.

What must be better: fights. When in the series about martial arts the best episode is the one where characters only talk, then you have a problem. Also, they disperately need to find someone, who can wright good dialogues. And editor who will cut out unholy amount of "fuck"s.

I think KT could make a good MK movie, but only, if he have better writer and choreographer. Without them, he maybe will be able to deliver good atmosphere and general story, but not "meat" of the show, i.e. fights.

About characters:
Liu Kang - I liked this new version. Excellent character arc and nice perfomance, except for a few moments.
Kung Lao - also good. His dialogues sounded a bit stilted, but I think it has something to do with an accent.
Shang Tsung - the best.
Kenshi - he wasn't bad, but there was too little of him.
Kitana & Mileena - were good. But Kitana was too emotional.
Scorpion & Sub-Zero - one of the best characters in the season. Decent perfomance and dialogues.
Cage, Stryker and Ermac - furniture without much of a purpose. Why the hell they decided to turn Ermac into this...thing is a question of the year.

ChromePosted: 09/26/2013 02:53 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
RE: Official Legacy Season II Review Thread

goodnight Wrote:
How far can we go with spoilers here?

Kenshi is very well done. My only complaint is that he appears to fight better with his bare hands in the battle with Ermac lol.

At such range using conventional motions of two handed weapons is indeed hindrance.

Overall - - ->SPOILER ALERT!

What this series does good is scenes. What it doesn't in conclusion to the second series, is continuity.

From what I understand, if Hanzo and Bi Han knew each other to an extent of mutual trust, shouldn't Scorpion be able to figure out from the fight back in Series 1 that Sub-Zero is way out of character?

Despite that it is well done, the overall dramaturgy is good, the fight was cathartic and the actors did go well through the motions. Hell, this is probably my favourite Scorpion. They even went MK1 pupil-eyed.

About the fatality - - > ever since MK:D it is implied that Scorpion uses the spine rip as it was the method by which in MKM:SZ he fell. It is a bit unwarranted here, maybe if Quan-Zero would have ripped the head off from the statue and monologued to the head, it would have been better.

Oh hai there fatalities$

The overall feel is that these episodes are shorter. The exposition sits well, it is not overacted to Ham levels. The fights are short and realistic, which is good for those who at least know how basic combat works. Excellent choreography.

My main beef is that the story picks up with the same characters as before, so Bi Han in modern combat gear is.... the guy from feudal times?

It is not indicated, but my guess is that the MK tournament happens apart normal timeflow and the champions are picked from the linear timeline.

WHICH BRINGS THE QUESTION - - -> how the fuck are there samurai in the 1190's Japan? That is what? Taiho code, Asuka era where they were bureocrats? Sorry, nitpicking history....

Liu Kang channeling visually Jin Kazama is friggin' hillarious. I love it, much better than the cartboard fighead we had in the games who's defining characteristics were three lines from the MK2 bios/ending and that he was killed in MK:DA.

Kung Lao looks like a SHAOLIN monk in civvies. I dig that. Also Stryker tazing Kang was tearjerkingly funny. Some of the scenes with Cage is also pretty funny.

Also Ermac's psychokinetic snakes lead me to believe that this might have been a reuse of a Reptile idea.

Sig1 photo Chrome-sig_zps5a62b1b1.jpg
KenshiMaster16Posted: 09/26/2013 03:07 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Official Legacy Season II Review Thread

Chrome Wrote:Also Ermac's psychokinetic snakes lead me to believe that this might have been a reuse of a Reptile idea.

At least he actually had lines lol

blacksaibotPosted: 09/26/2013 03:23 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
RE: Official Legacy Season II Review Thread

Can some one please explain how Sub-Zero and Scorpion are on the island yet fighting in the same crop field that was in Earthrealm where they grew up (and again when they were 20 years older)?????!!

ChromePosted: 09/26/2013 03:25 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
RE: Official Legacy Season II Review Thread

Artistic license.

And if their mystics have knowledge about demigods and sorcerers, it isn't that implausible that the tournament grounds are in Japan. Plot convenience.

Sig1 photo Chrome-sig_zps5a62b1b1.jpg
oraclePosted: 09/26/2013 04:10 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Official Legacy Season II Review Thread

Okay I can't watch right now so someone spoil me. Who dies?

-sig by MINION Image and video hosting by TinyPic
KungLaodoesntsuckPosted: 09/26/2013 04:15 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Official Legacy Season II Review Thread

Collectively, I was let down. The episodes were short even for being a web series. I felt like the show needed more time because they insisted on wasting time with Kung Lao's training and Episode 2 as a whole.

Fuck was used almost as much as the first 30 minutes of Shaun of the Dead, and that's pretty bad. Swearing doesn't make good dialogue. Only a few times was Fuck used correctly without sounding stupid.

The character portrayals were great in my opinion. I thought every character was portrayed pretty well. I really loved Kung Lao and his commitment to the White Lotus society. I just hate that he didn't even get to throw a punch at all. But his character was great and that's what mattered. Liu Kang was pretty good too. His whole arc was great and I thought it was well executed.

Kenshi was another character done right. He was easily my 2nd favorite in the entire series. His background was neat, (though the timeline is seriously confusing) I thought the actor who played him was perfect, and he had a pretty cool fight scene with Ermac.

Johnny Cage was another good character. We didn't see much of him, but I did like his quips. His fighting scenes were pretty nice as well, but a little short for my tastes. He made me laugh a few times and I like that they carried over his continuity from season 1.

Stryker was okay but he pretty much fell of the face of the Earth after Episode 2. I feel like if they managed their time better they could've given him a proper fight scene instead of an ass kicking. I thought his personality was good though.

The effects this season were considerably better than last season. Scorpion's Telepunch, Sub-Zero's Iceball, and even Mileena's mouth looked x10 better than last season. Liu Kang's fireball was another noteworthy effect that was well done.

My biggest problem was the cliffhanger. That was just unfair. After all that waiting we get just 1 more episode, (which wasted time recapping events from the season we just watched.) shorter episodes, and then we get left hanging? I was so disappointed with that.

 photo 08EDBB95-0972-4D12-94BB-8107B5418EAA_zpsyuwphky8.jpg
raidenthefridgePosted: 09/26/2013 05:23 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::Northern Ireland
RE: Official Legacy Season II Review Thread

oracle Wrote:
Okay I can't watch right now so someone spoil me. Who dies?

Spoilers: (Highlight to reveal)
Ermac via Kenshi, Elder Sub via Scorpion (his own fatality), Mileena via Jonny Cage/Kitana, Younger Sub via pre death Scorpion
Think thats everyone.

As for my own review, I enjoyed it but I some things annoyed me, Kung Laos straw hat, Ermac not looking anything like Ermac (and I couldn't make out most of what he said), Jonny Cage not being useful at all, I know people complain about Lui Kang being all goody-two-shoes but I think they handled that issue much better in MK9 than in this.

Overall, Yea I enjoyed it and I feel lucky to be an MK fan, we've had so much to enjoy over the years outside of the main games. Spin offs into other genres, two movies and another on the way, a cartoon, a TV show, that weird animated movie, Rebirth and now two seasons of a web series that looks to be continued in a third.

I'm pleased.

Thanks to MINION for taking my Siginity!
Sub-Zero_7thPosted: 09/26/2013 05:23 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Official Legacy Season II Review Thread

I got done watching the 10 episodes, and I have to say that I was both confused and disappointed. I'm not against Tancharoen doing his own take on certain things, but some things just didn't make sense. If he's really going to go through with a movie, he has to work a lot of things out with the way characters are portrayed and how to do the storytelling.

Spoilers: (Highlight to reveal)
I was confused at the cliffhanger at the end of the season finale. I would have wanted to see some fighting with Shang Tsung, but we never got anything from him. It was a waste of Cary Tagawa's time and talent, sad to say. He was obviously the strongest in terms of acting, and the idea of him being a demi-god is interesting.

I could barely make out what Ermac was saying 90% of the time. The whole boogey man look for him with the magic snakes is really weird. I do like Dan Southworth as Kenshi, but him being a ronin in 1190?? What?? Also, I was expecting that old man to reveal himself to be Shang Tsung, but we never got that....Again, I know that Kevin Tancharoen is doing his own take on the story, but that is an element that would have been nice to see implemented.

The stuff with Kitana and Mileena is underwhelming....again...I think they picked two good people to play the parts, but there wasn't really anything going on in the flashback scene. There's also no real tournament structure and no real presence of Shang Tsung having control despite being shown in one little bit after the competitors arrive on his island.

I like certain things with Scorpion and Sub-Zero. I don't understand why they turned Kuai Liang into an immature little douche that gets killed. So since both Kuai Liang and Bi-Han are dead, there's no Sub-Zero to develop into the hero we know unless somehow Bi-Han had a son who becomes more of the Sub-Zero we're familiar with. Speaking of Bi-Han, I do like the actor for him and how he portrayed the character.

I am confused about a Chinese clan of warrior assassins being in Japan and using Japanese swords. Perhaps this is an issue of the mythology itself where it would have been easier to have both clans be Japanese, with the Lin Kuei going under a Japanese clan name. I'm still also confused about Hanzo and Bi-Han being "generals" of ninja clans. MK Legacy's Scorpion is still my favorite version of the character ,and I like the way the colors were done on his costume. Sub-Zero's costume is something of a mixed bag for me.

I like Mark Dacascos as Kung Lao, but I wish he did some fighting His backstory is more dependent on Liu Kang's backstory. Stryker was barely there, and we didn't really get anything on him. It was funny seeing him taze Liu Kang. Casper Van Dien was a fairly good Johnny Cage, but I like Matt Mullins' version much better. I'm disappointed we didn't see any of his special moves.

Overall, the series did feel like it needed a lot of refinement. I do think the violence and the special effects are better, but Kevin Tancharoen needs to pan things out a lot better. Also, the excessive usage of "fuck' got on my nerves.

RazorsEdge701Posted: 09/26/2013 05:45 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Official Legacy Season II Review Thread

Okay, the whole Feudal Era thing is driving me fucking crazy.

If they were teleported from their home times to the tournament, why is Bi-Han wearing modern paintball gear? And the same obviously applies to Kenshi's wardrobe since apparently he's from the 1100s now.

If, on the other hand, Bi-Han has simply lived for several hundred years, and we can see he was the leader of the Lin Kuei in the past, then who the fuck is the Grandmaster we saw when Sektor and Cyrax got automated?

Rockchalk5477Posted: 09/26/2013 06:01 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Official Legacy Season II Review Thread

I felt very underwhelmed and disappointed by this.

The fight scenes and fatalities were nice enough, I suppose.
Dan Southworth did a nice job as Kenshi, though I wish he was the arrogant swordsman originally. I also enjoyed Stryker, Kitana, Mileena, and Johnny Cage. I can't say any of the acting was marvelous, though.

-Johnny Cage's entire script was essentially, "Fuck." He had a few decent quips, though.

-Raiden was super dull. (I'm not saying they need to get Christopher Lambert back, but this rendition was just so unremarkable.)

-Stryker was totally pointless, sadly. Was he just meandering around the island when he bumped into Johnny?

-It's awkward flashing back to the same scene from one episode prior, and having pretty much the same shots. Also, wasn't the beginning of the Kitana/Mileena/Johnny episode the same one from season 1? That confused me. (P.S. Did Mileena say, "enpire?" C'mon, Tanchaeron.)

-Some bizarre dialogue ("You've been quiet all day. Speak your fucking mind!") here and there. Why is there so much cussing? Even the feudal Japanese guys were dropping F-bombs...

-Mileena's teeth CGI looked awful. That's just a trivial complaint, though.

-Time travel is a stupid, unoriginal plot device. That goes for MK9, too.
It's as though they couldn't think of anything fresh or novel to do with the characters, so they just decided to move their stories into the past with no real reaction seen in the present day, despite massive leaps in time.

-I have no idea why they set Kenshi's story to be in feudal 12th-century Japan. Wasn't his whole spiel being a modern samurai?

-What was the point of mentioning Sento is powered by the sun or the fact that it's legendary? Nothing really ever comes of it.
Kenshi just uses it once as a sonar/radar device by banging his hand against it. No super sun powers were seen.

-On that note, how did Kenshi get Sento in the first place? After he bumped into Ermac, there was an explosion and then Kenshi is seen stumbling out of the cave, blinded. Why didn't he fight Ermac then and there, and how did he take the sword?

-It was also jarring that they immediately jumped from Kenshi's blinding (in feudal Japan) to him in present day, fighting Ermac on Shang Tsung's island. How did he get the modern clothes and blindfold? Where was he before he got summoned there?

-Why didn't they have Shang reveal himself to Kenshi? (Though I'm completely tired of that story, KTanch decided to reference it, so why not make mention of it?)

-What are Kenshi's motivations if he wasn't depicted as an arrogant jerk taken advantage of by Shang Tsung? That cave has no correlation to his ancestors' tomb in Eurasia. Therefore, he's not seeking redemption. Is he only motivated to get back at Ermac for taking his sight?
Talk about lame.

-The Inception music got annoying (in the 3rd/4th episodes.)

-The fact that the characters interact with each other so sparingly was bizarre, and left out plenty of chances for character development.

-Ermac looked goofy, but that's old news. He reminds me of dead Ted Danson from Creepshow or a shibito from Siren.

-Why did Johnny Cage try and run away from Kenshi when he knew he was an ally?
I mean, he backs away right after Kenshi kills Ermac as if he's afraid. Wouldn't you rather rejoin an ally than wander off into some creepy woods and risk getting brutally killed?

-Or, if he was running away from Mileena and Kitana, why didn't he go to Kenshi? Kenshi easily dispatched Ermac, and Raiden said they were all allies.

-Did Mark Dacascos's voice sound off to anyone else? It sounds tinny, like it was ADRd badly.

-The cliffhanger really annoyed me, too. I thought the playlist got messed up and stopped; too bad it actually was the end. Couldn't we have, at least, seen one or two more fights?

No high hopes for season 3, but I can't say I'm infuriated or surprised.

johnny1up Wrote:-Hilariously fake CG vomit in Johnny Cage's flashback.

I actually started laughing when I saw that. Horrendously bad.

johnny1upPosted: 09/26/2013 06:09 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Official Legacy Season II Review Thread

I feel mixed to negative about this season, which is unfortunate considering I was looking pretty forward to it for so long. Even after looking at Liu Kang's hoodie, Sub-Zero's hockey gear, and Ermac's hideous, terrible design (and yes, he's as bad in the series as he looked in the trailers), I thought it would be good overall. Wrong. There is very little to no character interaction, the spirit of the characters seem to be missing (some more than others), no development, and overall it just feels rushed as hell. That's the biggest problem; it's rushed. The season is out for you to watch now so I'm not going to do spoiler tags, I'm just going to go through the good and the bad. If you haven't seen it yet, what are you waiting for, right?

All in all, there's probably a little over an hour of actual screentime (not including the "previously on" or credits). And come on, seriously? How long was this in production, and we get some episodes as short as four minutes.

Liu Kang has been pretty butchered in this series. To make a good anti-hero, we should be able to understand what made him that way, and while it does explain that his girlfriend got murdered, the way he bridges that event to him viewing the whole human race as rotten and terrible is pretty weakly done. All in all, the things he ends up doing are not justified by what he's been through. And for god's sake, lose that freakin's hoodie. I hate hate hate the hoodie!

Kung Lao is well done. I don't dig the shaved head and straw hat, not to mention there is no blade on the hat. But his personality is pretty well done, kind of a merge between Liu Kang's and Kung Lao's from the game. Of course, he did commit the unforgivable crime of offering Liu his condolences over the loss of his girlfriend and kicking him out for killing the muggers (off screen, this should have replaced the no-reason bar fight at the beginning).

Say what you will about Casper Van Dien, but I think he was good as Johnny Cage, a.k.a "That actor". Well, at least he was in the three minutes he was there. I like his one-liners, but he suffered from some pretty bad dialogue, which was mostly when he added "Bitch" when he didn't need to. "You got Caged, bitch! This is for my glasses, bitch!"

I really like Kitana in this. She seems a little quieter than she did in the games (MK2011) and her outfit is a lot better than it is in the games (and WAY better than the awful season 1 ones).

Then we got Stryker... why was he there again? Well he had the only good character interaction/development scene was going on in the last episode (at least, the only scene during the tournament).

And then we have Kenshi. I think he was perfect. But then he was gone. The end.

Here are some good parts from the series:

-Johnny/ Stryker interacting, especially at the end where Johnny is talking about the fight between Kitana and Mileena. Just having them talk to each other shows some of their personality. The tournament really lacked dialogue and it felt good to have at least one little scene that grasped it.

-Most of Johnny Cage

-Excellent shots, music, and fight choreography. The action was well done.

-a nice, consistent tone throughout most of it (sometimes broken during flashbacks).

-I like the idea of the island's magic allowing the characters to attune to their supernatural abilities. That would explain why they can't just shoot fireballs while walking down the street.

-The island, despite its lack of tournament stuff, is pretty cool (I'd imagine this is what it looks like after it crumbles and all the arenas are destroyed in the game).

-Outfits for Kitana and Mileena are great!

-Johnny (after getting hit in the crotch): "That's MY move!"

-Everything about Kenshi.

-Kitana's fan opener fatality.

-When Scorpion stomped on Sub-zero, it looked like his X-ray minus the see-through skin effect.

Now the fun part. Here are some parts that suck!

-Ermac is a lame Smeagol that says "We"

-Why do snakes come out of Ermac's hands? Since when has he ever been able to do that? So much for staying true to the spirit of the characters.

-It never shows that the old man who told Kenshi where the sword is was actually Shang Tsung.

-Fox and the Hound story for Scorpion and Sub-Zero sucks and makes no sense.

-The acknowledgment that Scorpion and Sub-Zero were from feudal Japan raises more questions than answers. How does that make any sense whatsoever? I would have rather just stuck with they're super traditional like amish ninjas or something.

-Random mystic guy in Lin Kuei. A whole nonsense scene with him talking nonsense.

-Really badly timed flashbacks makes the tournament segments choppy and kills the fast-pacedness of it.

-Stryker's radio calls him by name because it's the ONLY time his name is ever mentioned.

-Nobody except Liu Kang and Kung Lao are introduced prior to the tournament. It doesn't even tell us how the people from last season got there.

-Hilariously fake CG vomit in Johnny Cage's flashback.

-Ktanch claimed to be deepening the mythology, yet he kills off Ermac in one fight. I bet his mythology will go no deeper than that. How hypocritical.

-Mileena is similarly killed off, but at least she contributed SOMETHING before she died.

-Sub-Zero's outfit sucks.

-Scorpion's outfit sucks.

-Are they just trying to piss me off? Seriously, Scorpion kills Sub-Zero using SUB-ZERO'S FATALITY? Fuck.

-They all say "Fuck" way too much.

-Mileena says "Fucking" NO! NO!!!! BAD!!!!!

-Kenshi is never seen again after he wins his fight.

-Kitana is never seen again after she wins her fight.

-Liu was about to kill Stryker with his own gun. Be original, Liu.

-Liu's costume sucks. Fuck the hoodie.

-Blink and you'll miss Shang Tsung and Raiden. They're barely in it!

-This is not a tournament. This is a bunch of people running around on an island trying to kill each other.

-Liu Kang bases his hatred for people on what two guys did.

-Liu Kang wants an apology he doesn't deserve.

-Liu Kang is an angsty jerk and he is a villain, not an "anti-hero"

-But worst of all, after all the waiting, all the speculation, all the inflated hype, the series ends on a cliffhanger! ZERO CLOSURE!! After what, two years?? For fuck sake, man! This is the real disappointment, everything else I could forgive if we actually had a COMPLETE SEASON. My overall score would be 4.5 out of ten. But the lack of ending knocks it down to a 3. Congratulations, Kevin, good luck with the movie!

oraclePosted: 09/26/2013 06:18 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Official Legacy Season II Review Thread

johnny1up Wrote:
-This is not a tournament. This is a bunch of people running around on an island trying to kill each other.
Just like the game!
It seems most of the complaints have to do with it being dissimilar to the games which I think is good. I know how things work in the game and want something a little different.

I definitely need to watch this later though.

-sig by MINION Image and video hosting by TinyPic
RandyPosted: 09/26/2013 06:39 PMStatus ::

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RE: Official Legacy Season II Review Thread

Well compared to Season 1 I thought it was a big let down.

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Sweetre15Posted: 09/26/2013 06:41 PMStatus ::

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RE: Official Legacy Season II Review Thread

Ok just finished watching the season and what I'll say is interesting but leaves much to be desired:


- Interesting concepts and exposition in a sense that it's good groundwork to build from

- The Relationship between Subzero and Scorpion is different since they were childhood friends and Scorpion was deceived along with Kaui Liang dying so early but it's interesting and relatively well fleshed out.

- Doesnt give too much emphasis to one sole character and it manages to show different stuff and try to bring it together at different points

- The performances of Kitana, Kang, Tsung Mileena, Cage, Sub-zero, and Scorpion

- Atmosphere, general plot and direction


- Continuity of it's universe: I'd really love an explanation for why the ninjas and Kenshi are still alive despite the eras they lived in.

- This format and the need for intros and pointless Machinima related stuff in the episodes vids then being allowed to use that time to flesh out the unanswered questions in this season.

- The profanity...I know that this series is M for Mature and people in real life sometimes drop 10 f bombs per sentence but with a franchise of this kind that's just laying it on thick.

- Details but no substance: I know this series was always pretty much an expository series but it wouldnt hurt for their to be more "meat to the story" outside of the Kitana/Mileena and Kang/Lao/Tsung stuff.

- Dialogue would get stilted from time to time in this and hopefully this is something that changes before the movie is made

My complete rating is 6.5/10. Some improvements and cool stuff but leaves much to be desired. Since I knew how divergent this would be ahead of time, I can't really say that it would fire me up

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RE: Official Legacy Season II Review Thread

oracle Wrote:
Just like the game!

Not the original. Hell, even MK9 had a LITTLE structure, the fights that counted always happened in front of a crowd with Shang sitting there watching and TELLING them to fight, even if he did seem to be making up the bracket in his head as he went along.

Noobsmoke92Posted: 09/26/2013 06:47 PMStatus ::

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RE: Official Legacy Season II Review Thread

What was the point of Stryker exactly,besides being a nurse and tazing Liu Kang? Not even a backstory, and crappy 10 second fight with Liu.

Also,Kung Lao didn't even fight for real in this show. He looked cool and I liked Mark Dacascos more than I thought in this role,but still...

Okaaaay,how come you portray (and then kill) the most favorite and famous of Sub-Zero brothers in such fashion? I mean,Kuai Liang IS Sub-Zero,and if he is dead now too,who is gonna be Sub-Zero next season? And portray him as an angry jealous jerk with little brother complex? Totally stupid.

Raiden was as bland as it can get. Except lighting up the fire,nothing going for him.

Liu Kang is still enigma to me. From one side,I like how Brian Tee delivered the character and his emotional state,so that clearly shows the guy can act,but from the other hand, THIS IS NOT LIU KANG! This is some freaking JIN KAZAMA or some shit! Again,not disappointed in the actor,disappointed in the portrayal.

I still love Cary Hiroyuki Tagawa,but there were little of him in this. I demand moar!

The only characters I liked are Kenshi (even though they butchered his backstory as Shang Tsung is not the reason he is blind,it is Ermac,who still looks like crap), Johnny Cage (but his usage of "fuck", "fucking",etc. is annoying as many have mentioned before me. "I make this look easy" and "You got caged,bitch" are definitely awesome lines) and Kitana (I was still hoping to see her interaction with good guys after she killed Mileena,but,oh well).

Overall,there were bad and good stuff,but this season still raises questions for me if Kevin Tancharoen can deliver quality product for the feature film. I don't think his ideas and visions are bad,some of the retcons he did are fine,but the delivery and execution are bad... Still trying to stay positive.

Noob7SmokePosted: 09/26/2013 07:22 PMStatus ::

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RE: Official Legacy Season II Review Thread

I was a bit disappointed. The camera and effects were better but... it just didn't do it for me. what really bugged me was ermacs(as some called it) zombie mask.

big thanks to flameshang for the sig.
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