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axeman61Posted: 07/29/2006 09:24 PMStatus ::

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The Official MKA Idea Thread.

This is the Official thread for MKA ideas. The game is two months away, and I figure that’s not too far to be making this in case the team’s browsing.

The decent MKO ideas I could find so far will be in the next posts. Most will have my take on them, to clear any possible confusion. Of course, people can add their thoughts on what could make the game and/or its modes better. Or, if you found a good idea on the forum I forgot, post it. Have the original poster’s name like I will though.

I wanted to lay down a couple ground rules here, in case you wanted to contribute:

1.) Make sure your ideas are IDEAS; Not the retarded “requests” we’ve heard a million times. You know. “Put _____ in the game!” “KAK should have paper hats!” “Scorpion should have this style!” “______ should have this weapon!” That crap is forbidden here. Your idea can be as specific or broad as you like, as long as it’s decent.

2.) If you want to criticize someone’s idea, NO FLAMING! Give constructive criticism or modifications only.

3.) Also, if any of the people who provided the starter ideas in the next post have any comments, speak and I’ll edit the first post accordingly.

This will be for MKA, but you can provide future ideas. If this gets far, I’ll copy them over to the Future MK forum when MKA is out and dissected. They follow the same rules though.

The grammar will be fixed on the first ideas I’m bringing over from old threads. The text is otherwise unedited.

Can one of the mods please sticky this?

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Dext3rPosted: 07/29/2006 09:35 PMStatus ::

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RE: The Official MKA Idea Thread.

START button selects your second KAK instead of an alternate costume.

axeman61Posted: 07/29/2006 09:39 PMStatus ::

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RE: The Official MKA Idea Thread.

Online and Such

MINION - My idea on the way ranks should be on MKA Online!
In Deception, a lot of people who were really good hung in the Beginner room, which was a waste because the other 2 rooms were a waste of the server.
So I came up with a solution that would work out perfectly to avoid this. Here it goes...

MK Servers should resemble that of SOCOM.
Instead of the butter sticks, etc… you get coins for ranks.
Blue Koin Rank: = Wanderer / Beginner
Red Koin Rank: = Mortal / Novice
Green Koin Rank: = Warrior / Intermediate
Silver Koin Rank: = Immortal / Pro
Gold Koin Rank: = God / Veteran

IMO This would own and prevent rank whoring.

Jayqx58 - Ranking System Idea
Here’s my idea. I think to fix the ranking system for MK:A there should be a few changes to online play. one would be something like a 'best of' match where you both play an amount of matches and whoever wins the majority of them, their rank will go up instead of after every match.

Another idea is to have an online Tournament mode. Something like if you beat your opponent 2-0 rounds, you get 2pts. If you beat them 2-1 you get 1pt. this continues until the end where the total points are added up and your rank goes up judging by how many points you got or something like that.

Let me know what u guys think about my ideas.

MasterJC - Online Tournaments (idea for online play)
For online tournaments, maybe players could set up their own tournaments. Basically, the person who starts it is the "sorcerer,” and the people who join his tournament are the "fighters." The "Sorcerer" controls who fights who, what arena they fight in, and any special conditions he wants to put in effect. The last "fighter" alive fights the "sorcerer". The sorcerer is like the boss, and can get special bonuses such as 25% more health. If the "fighter" wins, he is the champion of that tournament. I hope I’ve explained this clearly
I say: I’m liking the rank ideas, but the tourney ideas are the prizes here. Since MK is online now, why can’t wagers come back? That would sweeten the pot on tournaments. Every tourney would have a prize, which the sum of all wagers from participants. You could give Kurrency purpose that way. You have to have a minimum to participate.
But back on to rank: I have an idea for rank indicators. Little awards that are given out to online players, when they do a combo a certain number of times, can parry a lot, etc. It would hint at what you’re dealing with.

Why care about people if they're not bloody and on your carpet right now?
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richiestoner101Posted: 07/29/2006 09:47 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
RE: The Official MKA Idea Thread.

hmmmm a tag team maybe?

me n cassleman talked bout this:

4 rounds 2 players

first round starts wit 2 players fighting

after each round the players can decide to "tag" in the other player.

if a draw has occured after all four matches, the players decide on the 2 who will fight each other.

there u go,its jus a thote.......

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axeman61Posted: 07/29/2006 09:54 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
RE: The Official MKA Idea Thread.


Soulwaker - Input codes option for KAK idea.
Can somebody get this idea to the MK team, please?

What it is, is a hexadecimal code input option for a created fighter.
Then game magazines, or message boards can post codes for well-made characters,
or people can swap codes.

For instance, someone works out a James Bond or Rambo character and posts the code
of something like 50-100 digits(depending whether bio is included)

One hexadecimal digit = 4-bits
Gender 1-bit, body size 2-bits, color 8-bits(4 bits lightness, 4 bits hue) = total of 11 bits.(3 hexa digits)
Something like.. 48F = Medium sized orange female.

Face Styles 5b, Eye Color 8b, Accent Color 8b, Hair Styles 5b, Main Color 8b,
Accent Color 8b,Helmet Styles 4b, Color 8b, Accent Color 8b = total 62 bits(16 digits)

AB04C4E2D7A261B8 = Purple Tarkatan with yellow eyes, green pony tail and orange beanie

It would look something like this:

058 = Body
6020706A02A0D8B7 = Head
01F040ED5003FD0A = Upper body
B15C4B0EA012C300 = Lower body
B0EC0170A020F40B = Accessories
62A094A007003810 = Accessories
CA26DEB24 = Attributes

Or put together,


|4|5|6|7| (small onscreen keypad, for fast joystick input)

Then people can vote for the 10 best created characters,
and post the codes for them.

If you missed a digit, it should produce interesting results.
And you can put in random codes, for random fighters.

ThunderGod_Raiden - I think I have a great idea for MK:A
How does this sound? For the next-gen series of MK, hold a Kontest with MK:A using player KAK's. Once we kreate Kombatants with MK:A we can post them on MKO show them off to Midway and the best of the best will make the kut and take the MK series to the next-gen. please discuss I'm kurious to know what everyone thinks.

Egotistic - MK:Armageddon idea I had
Wouldn't it be cool if you could give the custom KaK you make its own custom icon on the select screen? Instead of that default pic of the shadow figure with a red glow?

You should be able to take a snapshot of the face area of your KaK on the creation screen, and have some control over the angle and facial expressions.

You could also choose from custom backgrounds for the mugshot pic, which you should be able to choose different colors of. Like a stone bg, fire, sky, techy looking, etc.

I think that would be nice.

Mkflegend - How about we have the option to create an ALTERNATE costume for our KAK?
I just realized people have talked a crap load of stuff concerning KAK. What will be offered to us, what we have to unlock and not have to unlock, can we modify the current regular MK characters, names, bios, moves, what we will call them etc, etc.

But, I have failed to see this brought up and I think this would be an AWESOME FEATURE!!!!

Hear me out: How about if we could do this AFTER we have finished creating out KAK. This should be in the extra's personally, but for your current KAK that you just finished or are working on.

This is the idea, how about we have the option to create an ALTERNATE costume for our KAK after initially making him?

I mean come know how great this would be? Say you make a ninja that is Green and Pink colors. His name is bio-gon. I’m Just throwing a name off the top of my head.

After you finished creating Bio-gon, in the extra's there will be a alternate uniform option. Then you have Bio-Gon all laid out for you, stripped of his original uniform but it's saved so no worries. Then you just create a new uniform being his alternate.

Then just like everyone else, when you load your KAK you push start to choose your alternate costume for you KAK.

Well, I want your thoughts on this idea, and if you feel it should be an extra bonus option for our KAK's.
I say: I like all of these. Soulwalker’s idea is brilliant, but I don’t like the hexadecimal concept. It would be cooler if there was a KAK chart or “soul map.” The rows would go down to the left with body parts (head, chest, arms, etc.), numbers would be at the top for body part categories (i.e – glasses for the eyes) and little blocks would go across, with numbers in them denoting what item it is. The background color in each block would be what color the item is. At the bottom would be a bunch of code for special moves and such. I can’t describe it well in words, but I might Photoshop a picture and show you. You'd download this map onto your flashdrive from the internet, if they could put flashdrive reading software into MKA. Otherwise, it could be on a memory card from the Armageddon online servers.
Also, the second costume and portrait ideas are nice in a subtle way. Tiny steps closer to making your Kharacter fit in with the rest of the cast.

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CasselmanPosted: 07/29/2006 09:56 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
RE: The Official MKA Idea Thread.

multiple KAK's per memory card is the last MAJOR thing im hoping for other than Double Pulse blades, but thats not allowed so...


EDIT: i want 100% factual endings aswell

 photo Casselman-4_zpsurigoehb.gif
Twitter~Facebook~Youtube~~~~~PSN: Casselman/LockUpYourBones
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axeman61Posted: 07/29/2006 10:24 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
RE: The Official MKA Idea Thread.

Gameplay Related

Deadhead - An idea for death traps!
When the first info about Deception was released, something everybody was talking about was death traps. The idea of being able to kill someone mid-game was pretty cool.
However, it turned out not to be so cool in the end. The main problem was the way you ended up in a death trap. You could combo someone in the red area near a trap and they wouldn't get thrown in, no matter what you tried. On the other hand, a simple punch was sometimes all it took to make someone crash through a barrier and towards their doom.
I always hated people on-line that would only fight with death traps turned on and would subsequently only choose the Nexus. The ending is predictable of course, they moved before the round and death trapped me.
So when I heard about interactive fatalities, the next logical step would be interactive death traps.
So this is my idea:
You (Kenshi) and your opponent (Bo' ) are fighting in the prison stage. Bo' is in danger while you're virtually unharmed so he starts to F3 and throw you. One of those F3's launches you into the death trap, YOU LOSE.
But wait!
A message appears, indicating that by tapping the B-button (square button) you might get out of the trap.
As the walls are closing in on poor Kenshi, you start tapping the B-button furiously and eventually he manages to push them away far enough to jump out. Time to kill Bo' !
The execution of my idea is simple, think of it as the mini-games in God of War. You could knock down an enemy and you would engage in a mini-game (e.g ripping of heads, shoving your sword into someone’s throat). My idea is the same, only it's to be used to escape the death traps.

For example:

-Golden Desert: you get knocked into the wall and rocks start falling, press the right directions on the directional pad to evade the falling rocks.
-Hell's Foundry: use the analog stick to quickly crawl out of the steel press.
-Prison Stage: tap the B-button to push the walls back and jump out.
-Lower Mines: use the shoulder buttons to push the rock crusher away from you, eventually breaking it and shutting down the death trap!
That's all I came up with so far.
So what do you think, would you like it or not?

bose645 - Just Some Ideas...
Well... the game isn't 100% finished yet. So I figured... why not list some ideas I have for it.

Game Options...

~Replays: I think these would be awesome. A lot of fighters have them and an MK one of you absolutely pummeling the **** out of somebody would be great. You could save them... and as far as the internet ranks go... maybe the top 3 or so players could have viewable replays to others of their matches of who they had to overthrow to achieve their position etc...

~Special Moves (From DA): A toggle to turn special moves on or off would be sweet. Some of us miss impaling our enemies.

~Team Battles: I know most games are about being competitive. But when you have some buddies you might want a co-op play. It kind of puts you between a rock and a hard place...ya know? So 2v2 (mk4 style), 3v3, or more battles would be a great inclusion. Take the 2v2 for example. Offline, say 1 player is playing... that individual would obviously control one of the teams against the cpu...right? Now... say 2 players are could have the option of (player 1) controls one team against (player 2) controlling the other team...or have (player 1) & (player 2) control their own fighter on the same team...yes... I know it's been done before... I know... DOA. So imagine the 3v3...3 different players on the same side...or if you played online you could have 6 different players in one match, that'd be pretty sick if you ask me. I'm talking no tag matches either (life bar depletion or round change for player change)... but... I guess a toggle on/off for a tag option should be included for those who favor it. Oh... the possibilities!

~Tournaments: Should be a must for any sports/competitive fighters out there to keep you into constant action and have a reason to play it. MK4's Tourney setup was pretty good...tournament trees are very nice. You know what I'm talking about.

~A Battle Mode: For 3 or more players (probably 4) on screen at once to duke it out. This style would probably be reminiscent of the versus mode for shaolin monks. I'm sure a mode like this would probably turn out pretty good.

Well... that's it... feel free to reply and/or list your own ideas... later

Obreck - My half-assed wake-up game idea. (Should time constraints threaten it.)
Judging from Mastermalone's recent reports, most of the game-play faults that marred MKD have at least been partially fixed in the E3 build, except wake-up games.

Though the Midway team has claimed they will add in such a feature later, anybody who knows the company knows they always have to leave out promised content due to "running out of time". I worry that the wake-up game could be the victim of time constraints.

Therefore I propose a crude, but functional wake-up game system that could be easily "hacked in at the last minute" should Boon and his team discover they just don't have time to do a proper, in-depth one.

Basically here are the concepts:

- Every character would share the same basic wake-up game moveset. This would cut out the massive development time it would take to personalize each character's wake-up game, and would eliminate the need to add a wake-up game menu to the KaK system, as the KaK's would just have the generic wake-up game system.

- Each of the 4 attacks buttons would do a single attack. The moves I propose are:

A ducking low punch (quick low attack)

A rising spin kick (quick high attack)

The MK uppercut (Pop-up attack)

The MK sweep (tripping attack)

Such a crude system would be quick to implement and would give the wake-up game just enough depth to serve its intended purpose; keeping the opponent guessing and off your back.

Once again I'm proposing this only as a last resort, should Midway put off doing the wake-up games till the ass-end of September or something.

Mastermalone or any one else at E3: should you get a chance to speak with the Midway team again and haven't already proposed a last-resort, rush job wake-up game that's similar\better you might relay this info, so that have something to fall back on.
I say: Thumbs up to all of these, though I know the deathtrap one won’t possibly make it. It could be a great asset in MK8 if the stage kills are still there. A wake-up game would have stomped out half the problems with MKD. Bose645 indirectly brings up a good point. Lots of things we don’t look at twice in fighters would mean something online. Replay, survival modes, team battle and the like would be a lot more fun online. Also, getting far in survival mode online should up your rank.
Also: thanks again to Mastermalone for going to E3 this year. Whether or not it makes a difference, you and the ones behind the stuff you passed out got up and did something.

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axeman61Posted: 07/29/2006 10:39 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
RE: The Official MKA Idea Thread.


TheCrashy247 - Vs Mode Idea
Do you think there should be 2 different kinds of vs. modes... one for normal fighting... and the other being kind of like Shaolin Monks vs. mode..... Or do you think there should be a mini game where it’s like Shaolin Monks fighting, with more then 2 players... like 4 players like shaolin monks in a mini game... and then under vs mode there will be your normal kombat?

NiftyGod27 - Trading Card Video Idea
I was just watching the trading cards for deception and had an idea. What if in Armageddon you could buy in the vault videos like the trading cards but a lot longer. If they had one of these for each character it would be great. It could tell you about where they got the concept for the character, the characters history and even clear up rumors and story problems involving the character.
What do you all think good idea or bad

Reptilefanatic - Fairly cool Vs. screen idea
I just came up with this idea a few minutes ago. I already posted it in a different topic, but here ya go.

This would be located on the MKA website. You'd simply choose a background, which would be pre-made, as would everything else you choose. So, you choose the background, which is one of the fighting arenas. Then you choose your two fighters. You can choose any two fighters from the game, including their alternate costume. Then you choose which fighting style they are in. Be it their weapon or Hand to Hand. It all depends on the character.

You would then save this to your computer. You could post it online, or use it as your screensaver or desktop background.

Just a little idea. What do you think?
I say: I loved the MK: Shaolin Monks versus mode, though it can’t possibly make the cut to MKA. Something to toss around for MK8. The Vs. screen idea is cool; semi-custom wallpapers are always a plus. I liked the trading cards too.

Why care about people if they're not bloody and on your carpet right now?
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richiestoner101Posted: 07/29/2006 10:46 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
RE: The Official MKA Idea Thread.

hmmm i think im happy wit the returning MK fighters doing poses screen and the background in it is great.

quevePosted: 07/29/2006 11:02 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
RE: The Official MKA Idea Thread.

Wow, this thread is huge and has loads of good ideas to read. Good job man. I will post some short ideas I would want (even if its already too late or not):

* Wake-up game.
* Secrets like in the classic style of Mk1-Mk2.
* Bigger/longer bios (making a thread of that just now)
* Bigger/longer endings (making a thread of this too)
* A deeper parry system then the one we have heard this game has.
* Better death animation.
* More originality in organs and body parts.
* No more 1000 explossions, decapitations, etc.
* Unique special movrs for everyone (Kira, Darrius, etc)
* Large number of arenas (with so many characters we need more and more arenas).
* A huge ARCADE ladder to fight many characters against the computer insted of so little like in MKD and MKDA. We need longer "desteny" towers, whatever. MORE CHARACTERS!
* Will post more later.

I will type more later.

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axeman61Posted: 07/30/2006 01:59 AMStatus ::

Rank ::
RE: The Official MKA Idea Thread.

There's something I forgot the last time around. My idea.

-The Kreate-A-Fatality mechanic looks cool, but it might not get into MK8. Since the slate is being wiped clean, it would be a good start if they varied the fatalities depending on what button you press. Yes, I know I suggested this several times in the past, but here feels right too.
Here's the concept: the D-Pad motions for the fatalities would stay the same, but the last button you press determines the camera angle and/or the method of the fatality.
For example: Let's say Sub-Zero had a fatality where he freezes the arms and legs of his victim and... it goes from there. The motion is D, D, D, R + a button.

D, D, D, R + Attack 1 will make him kick the torso away after the freeze, like Reiko in MK4.
D, D, D, R + Attack 2 will make him throw his sword into the victim's chest, whereupon they'll fall, and the frozen parts shatter.
D, D, D, R + Attack 3 will make him just jump up and down hard three times, and the rumble will shatter the frozen limbs.

You get the drift.

I'll be back with more later.

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mabdogPosted: 07/30/2006 02:13 AMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: The Official MKA Idea Thread.

Casselman Wrote:
multiple KAK's per memory card is the last MAJOR thing im hoping for other than Double Pulse blades, but thats not allowed so...


EDIT: i want 100% factual endings aswell

.... I like your style. Also: More KAF moves, and special KAF moves. more ways for scorpion to use his spear. multiple grapples per kharacter. All kharacters to have one hand to hand style, and weapon. Lots and lots of kombos. quicker gameplay

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GrimmPosted: 07/30/2006 02:29 AMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: The Official MKA Idea Thread.

More than one KAF per account is a good idea, but I would like to see better things in this new "Vault". I mean seriously, who cares about a damn picture of Ed Boon and Steve Smith or whoever. I want to see more blooper videos, more videos of past MK stuff, and early character sketchings. Then also some stuff like cooking with Scorpion. That stuff is what I would like to see.

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mabdogPosted: 07/30/2006 02:40 AMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: The Official MKA Idea Thread.

a LOT of KAK clothes, and moves, and shit. I also think there should be tons of cool things for KAK. Like Bios (cool idea) But what I would like would be a Kreate an ending. Where you can take pictures of your Kharacter killing other kharacters. With text and shit.

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Ermac_rainPosted: 07/30/2006 06:58 AMStatus ::

Rank ::
RE: The Official MKA Idea Thread.

I would really like that the KAK, could have some special moves, that needs a certain KAK for it, for example if he wants to do a kung lao's hat throw, he must have a hat in his costume... or if he wants to do Baraka's mutant blades..... he must do a tarkata only.. in that case realism in KAK will be a bit better..

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ThePredator151Posted: 07/30/2006 12:36 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: The Official MKA Idea Thread.

See if these are worthy of this thread

There are two in here:
New Blood MK8 Expectations and Ideas.......Come on in. Contribute and Enjoy.

There are a few good ideas in here, from me as well as others.
Only --Pure Elementals- Please!! pics welcomed

These ideas come from the Future forum.

Hope you like

The Ultimate Mortal Kombat Experience
- Lead Graphic Designer - Mortal Kombat Online -

:G-play :Story :F-Design :Cutout :Get Sig :Raiden :Fans [1] [2] :#LegendaryArts
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SicilyzBabe86Posted: 07/30/2006 12:59 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
RE: The Official MKA Idea Thread.

I feel that this thread should be stickied. What does everyone else think?

EDIT: I may just link this to tgrant's sticky thread. I'm gonna ask Crow and tgrant about this as well.

ThePredator151Posted: 07/30/2006 01:45 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: The Official MKA Idea Thread.

SicilyzBabe86 Wrote:
I feel that this thread should be stickied. What does everyone else think?

EDIT: I may just link this to tgrant's sticky thread. I'm gonna ask Crow and tgrant about this as well.

I think that's a beautiful idea. There should be a pure source our MK Team can come and view the best of the best ideas. I'm all for it, and I'm glad to be involved if that's what it becomes or added to.

That way even if we don't know they're looking, they could be. Really, we don't need to know they might consider our ideas anyway.

Just One Excellent Reference. *raises glass* "I!"

The Ultimate Mortal Kombat Experience
- Lead Graphic Designer - Mortal Kombat Online -

:G-play :Story :F-Design :Cutout :Get Sig :Raiden :Fans [1] [2] :#LegendaryArts
Shao_Kahn88Posted: 07/30/2006 10:22 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
RE: The Official MKA Idea Thread.

Like in Dynasty warriors when you press start and select at the same time you exit to main menue. Very usefull tool I would like in the game.

mkflegendPosted: 07/30/2006 11:01 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: The Official MKA Idea Thread.

LOL, bitching now we have 3 different KAF threads.How cool is that?

Anyway, here's mine for now:

-Have an alternate costume option for out KAF(this would be sick)

-Insane fatalities that we make from nothing literally

axeman61Posted: 07/30/2006 11:55 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
RE: The Official MKA Idea Thread.

You know, mkflegend, I could have just shortened it up like you when I copied your idea on second costumes. I'm not flaming or anything; just saying.



I'd like to thank whoever is responsible. I sent an IM request to DArqueBishop, but SicilyzBabe86 said she'd talk to Crow and Tgrant. I don't know who did it, but thanks.

ThePredator151, you bring up a great point in your MK8 thread. Unlockables and secrets have been trivialized as of late.
I've always wanted unlockables in games that actually make the gameplay better/cooler. There's a problem though. Most of the stuff you suggested there would be too tricky on the gameplay. More stage interaction and the stage that changes shape are cool ideas, but they would make things too unpredictable for comfort. The crowd thing is isn't that bad, but that stage is just asking for trouble.
But your animality thing has great potential. Not the animalities, but the concept behind it. Maybe in MK8, every character could have an alternate version and unlockable codes/pathways for each character to make that version playable, or accessible during Kombat. That's if "Scorpion B" is different enough from "Scorpion A" to warrant the effort.

Later on, I'll probably post:
My little essay on making fatalities (a Work In Progress).
That "soul map" I was talking about in Kreate-A-Kharacter up above.
Tips on creating ideas.

Aside from more ideas of course. Right now I'm too tired.

Thanks again to whomever got this stickied.

Why care about people if they're not bloody and on your carpet right now?
ThePredator151Posted: 07/31/2006 01:30 AMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: The Official MKA Idea Thread.

Fantastic!! it's been stickied!!

axeman61: Thanks for the constructive critisizm man. I figured that the gameplay could be tough to accomplished when I thought of those. But, what the hey right? Put it out there and see what people think. If ever they are viewed by our MK Team, then used, I would only be humbled by thier manipilation of such ideas.
....And extatic...I won't lie.
Preciate your preciation. Alot.

Now, I'm not exactly sure about what is "legal" to post here, but here I go with another idea and reponse I thought was cool enough to respond are some ideas I found pretty cool. They have been posted prior to this being stickied and have a contributing post from me.

This idea is also from the "Future MK Games" thread.

MK_krazy intitialized this sequence of ideas. There's only a couple post in here so I'll post his and mine here:

MK_krazy Wrote:
Now with all the power of the PS3 and XBOX360 we are going to see alot of upgraded stuff over the years but i have an idea (and i already know someone must have already thought of it, i am just writing it down.)

OK, so in my future MK's i would like to see a special moves and projectiles alike to have more property to them. How do we do that? Add some sort of unseen (but sort of obvious) elemental damage of off projectiles. So like, if we have player 1(P1) and player 2(P2) and P1 is Raiden and P2 is Liu Kang and we are on a stage where the floor is covered in very shallow water. Now when Raiden does an electric based attack, it might take (random figure) 10%. Now when Raiden knocks Liu Kang to the floor, he becomes dripping wet for some amount of time. Now in the time that Liu Kang is wet, Raiden fires the same electric based attack but takes off 14% of damage because while Liu Kang was still wet and got hit by electricity it increased the power of the move and pain to the attackee.

I hope that made a lick of sense. Now this can also be used for fire if we had a stage where there was a few pools of flamable liquid and in turn be used for other sort of elemental stuff that MK characters have.

Also (i DEFINITELY know this has been said before but i want to point it out again.) I want not only elemental damage but unseen, character specific traits. Like sorcerers(Shang Tsung, Shinnok, Quan chi etc) are caused less damage by projectiles. Shokans take 1% less damage from all physical based attacks (but that 1% doesn't get taken away on juggles but just the lanucher). I think the only thing that has happend like this is just speed of characters, as some are notably faster rhan others.

And my response to his idea:

ThePredator151 Wrote:

These are excellent points man,
One thing i've been discussing with comrades for some time is the enviormental effectivness of an elemental or physical damage any given character takes.

Here's an idea to try on:

Take Raiden again, just for the sake of conversation.

If Raiden hits say, Blaze or something the effect of the electricity should be lessoned. As electricity is a more pure form of fire and would do nothing but contribute to a character like that. So, it should at least do less damange.

Whereas, if Raiden hit say, Rain or Sub Zero well, they are water based characters and should "naturally" take a couple extra points of damage. Maybe 5 more % then an element based character that is not exactly opposite of the given electricity. For instance if Raiden hit a character that's element is earth. Earth pretty much trumps electricity. You can't really do much else to a rock. Y'know.

This I think would make any given battle between two opposite elemental characters more fierce.

Heir-go..... Sourcery vs Spirit///
Animal vs Plants
ect, ect...

Good stuff man

If you want to check out the other post in this thread, clicky here-y....?? With the power of the next-gen i want something like this in my future MKs.

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RE: The Official MKA Idea Thread.

I have already posted this in some other threads but I think these ideas are best suited there

Special move options

Appearence: here you would have all the preset projectiles,hits and everything in general

Color/Transparency/Brightness:it speaks for itself but i even doubt we'll have color, transparency and brightness are probably not even going to be taken into consideration at all

Effect: what efect the move has on the opposing player
- damage, E.g.: 0 for no damage
- projectile speed (only for projectiles)
- projectile direction (N,NE,E,SE,S,SW,W,NW)
- projectile stance (can be done in air, crouched)
- stun (with duration), E.g.: 0 for no stun
- knockback (with distance), E.g.: 0 for no knockback
- bring enemy closer (with speed and distance)
- knockback in air (with height)
- charge (distance, height, speed)
- hit position(high,mid,low)(some of these positions should be disabled for certain animations)
- teleport(distance towards opponet, direction of teleportation, instant teleportation [yes/no], teleportation time)

Delay: how much time this move takes to execute

and all of these statistics would cost a number of points for example incresing the damage from 5% to 6% for a move cost 2 KP(Kreation Points) and adding stun for 3 seconds lets say 5KP, and some stats will take down this cost for example incresing the delay from 2 seconds to 3 seconds will decrese the cost by 3KP. These are just examples. And all the other normal(non-special moves should cost KP) and your character should have a limited number of KP and this could also lead to fighting categories for online use. Characters between 40-50KP lightweight, 50-60 medium, 100-120 overpower class, you get the idea.

KAK special effects ideas(me,GodOfWar-TheElder,Anansi):

- elemental effects (ice,fire,smoke,lighting and others) on certain parts

- numbers surging out of cyborgs

- dragon energies(one, two or three dragon like(like liu kang's projectile that is) energies that circle your character like electrons do a nucleus, they could be any colour)

- glowing orbs of any colour that spin around your character

- empowered/glowing body parts (any colour)

- the ability to make any projectile come out of your chest if your character is a cyborg

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lucalityPosted: 07/31/2006 11:01 AMStatus ::

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RE: The Official MKA Idea Thread.

Maybe and some FMV ending instead of the storyboard with whoever's voice is in the intro.......... Maybe also having ike more than 2 alternate costumes , maybe 4 , like example ....Sub-Zero.....Triangle is Mk1 costume , Circle mk3 , square MkDA dragon medallion costume , and x is Mkd costume ......would be cool for each old school carather and would help for the new design for the newer cracthers , thank you

axeman61Posted: 07/31/2006 01:32 PMStatus ::

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RE: The Official MKA Idea Thread.

Sorry, but that's not at all possible for MKA. There are 64 characters, a KAK mode, online structure, and Motor Kombat to worry about. FMV endings and extra outfits are out if they aren't already in.

But a Color Edit Mode would be fantastic. You just change the colors of certain items on the original characters. Everyone looks different enough for this to work. That's one thing I loved from Soul Calibur 3, and the big KAK color swatch says it can be a last-minute feature, unless it's harder to program than I think.

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