Today marks the final day of our live E3 2006 coverage here in Los Angeles. I'd like to start this update out by stating we had the pleasure of meeting up with fellow MK fansite TRMK again as well as fansites DavesMK and Total Mortal Kombat.

Continuing our coverage of MK: Armageddon, you may have noticed in one of our earlier updates today the alternate costumes included for all the playable characters. This is somewhat of a rarity, as in previous E3's alternate costumes were not accessible by simply pressing start instead of one of the main buttons. To comment a little bit more on the gameplay, one of the best improvements over Deception was the addition of "cross-ups" - e.g., when you flip over an opponent and kick them, you will actually be kicking in their direction. This definitely rewards more offensive fighting and brings back that old-school feeling, but at the same time works well with the new Aerial Kombat system.

In regards to the special moves, there are many moves which really capture the feeling of each character. Scorpion's teleport has a "ghostly" effect to it that looks better than ever. When he throws his opponent, he pushes them away - but while they're in the air, throws the spear upward, and brings them back to him for more punishment. Jarek has a move where he takes a lasso and slams you all around the room. Kintaro has the ability to bring you towards him from across the arena simply by pulling his arms towards himself fast enough to create a gust of wind that traps his opponents. Stryker's grenades from MK3 are back, and his Taser Fatality from that game is back as a special move. When Sareena uses her throwing knife, the blade actually does get lodged in her opponent's shoulder, impaling them, but it does not cause actual draining on the energy bar (just like Nightwolf's Arrow in MKD).

And now, here is a list of all the playable characters and their fighting styles (both their hand-to-hand and their weapon style). Keep in mind that everything on this list is just based on the E3 build and is subject to change.

Goro - Shokan, Gauntlets
Stryker - Hua Chuan, Night Sticks
Sektor - Choy Lay Fut, Pulse Blade
Shinnok - Pao Chui, Amulet Staff
Sheeva - Kuatan, Shokan Blades
Kintaro - Tiger Fist, Saber Teeth
Fujin - Mian Chuan, Wind Blade
Rain - Zi Ran Men, Storm Sword
Kai - Moi Fah, Machete
Sub-Zero - Nan Chuan, Kori Blade
Reiko - Pi Gua, Devastator
Jarek - Kuo Shou, Kick Axe
Scorpion - Zha Chuan, Ninja Sword
Shao Kahn - Tai Tzu, Wrath Hammer
Sareena - Yue Chuan, Demon Fangs

This concludes our final impressions. Our congratulations to Midway for winning the 1UP.COM Best of E3 Nominee Award. Enjoy the pictures and stay tuned for a big update on Konquest Mode coming up!
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