The court of public opinion is now in session! Injustice Battle Arena is pitting the heroes and villains of the upcoming DC Entertainment fighting game against one another in mortal combat! It's up to fans to decide who will win in the ultimate tournament of Gods Among Us!

This is it! Injustice: Gods Among Us is just a week away from the April 16 release date! Fans will vote throughout the final week to determine the ultimate victor in the Battle Arena Grand Finale!

Get the full preview to our epic main event in the above video. The long running, inter-twined relationship gets the full recap in this fantastic final overview! Take in the facts, then absorb a little extra perspective from the guest experts: Ed Boon (Injustice Creative Director), Wil Wheaton (WB Personality of Dubious Relevance), Kevin Smith & Jason Mewes, Stan Lee, George Newbern, Kevin Conroy, Geoff Johns, Jim Lee & many more!

Battle Arena Tournament Final: Batman versus Superman
As screenwriter David Goyer (Batman Begins, The Man of Steel) points out in the main feature, there are circumstances to be considered. There's no denying the strategic mind and vast resources of The Batman, whose modern persona is built upon a foundation of healthy paranoia. Superman typically views the world with a greater sense of optimism, afforded to him by the invulnerability of his sun-charged Kryptonian DNA.

Powers and ideals have been known to let Superman down, exploited in the heat of combat by less scrupulous opponents. Batman may be willing to fight dirty, but gadgets and planning rely on finite resources, and can always have a fail point.

They've battled many times over in seventy-years of comic book stories. Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns popularized not only the bitter struggle between the World's Finest pairing, but also the notion that Batman can triumph against the most impossible of odds. There, he relied on the power supply of an entire city and a mechanical suit to match The Man of Steel's strength. Then and now, Kryptonite remains a favoured mitigating factor. In Jeph Loeb's more recent Hush storyline, it was Superman himself who had entrusted Batman with a kryptonite ring once wielded by Lex Luthor. In other tales, like Darwyn Cooke's Miller-infused The New Frontier, Batman's science was able to synthesize the alien mineral -- much as it has been in other, more nefarious schemes.

Batman certainly appears to have a favourable record, in print, but it's easy to make a whipping boy of the character who can endure a loss. In Hush, it took a lethal threat to Lois Lane to shake Superman out of a Poison Ivy-induced haze. Typically, it's that green rock allergy. Batman's victories depend exclusively on exploitation -- the circumvention of Superman's inherent advantage. The Man of Steel, with his vast array of abilities, is defined by being man to the Nth degree. A literal super-man, a step beyond mere mortals. In a world where Superman has no reason to hold back, Batman better be ready.

Who wins the fight? I think we know the popular vote favours the edgier, more accessible Dark Knight Detective. In Injustice, Superman's certainly been free to conquer the globe. In the cold light of day? We'll let you debate that.

Relive the entire tournament via our Battle Arena Announcement Hub! Batman's path to victory featured fights against: Bane, Wonder Woman & The Flash! Superman got the best of: Sinestro, Green Arrow & Green Lantern!

Injustice: Gods Among Us hits PlayStation 3, Xbox360 & Nintendo Wii U starting April 16! The Injustice iOS App is already Among Us, with linked-in unlockable content! Stick with us in the countdown and beyond via the DC Universe Injustice forum!