Sixteen of the toughest heroes and villains are set to duke it out in a tournament called Injustice Battle Arena! Fans voted - now the verdict is in! Watch as the result of Joker versus Lex Luthor plays out in Week 2's Superfight 2!

Lex Luthor may be the most brilliant mastermind Metropolis has to offer, with hardware devastating enough to topple The Man of Steel -- but The Joker has never had much regard for expectations. The popular vote pushes The Clown Prince of Crime toward a gleeful victory, with all the pies and pummelling you'd expect. Luthor may've come out unlucky, but he's clearly going to have plenty of tricks when Injustice: Gods Among Us reaches home consoles, April.

Joker moves on to the next round, joining Week 1 winners: Batman and Wonder Woman!
Stay tuned Monday for the next round of Battle Arena Superfights!

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