Not a hoax! Not an imaginary story! Bizarro is making his way to the battle field of Injustice 2! Still can't believe it? Just ignore the hideous character render not included below!

Bizarro is the classic Superman doppelganger whose mixed up "Bizarro" logic has become part of the vernacular, meaning anything a little backwards, or out of the ordinary.

First introduced in a 1958 issue of Superboy; Bizarro has gone on to be a perennial favourite of Superman comics, television, and cartoons, causing trouble and mischief as "Superman's #1 fan"!

His origins have varied, but the most iconic Bizarro hails from Bizarro World -- a cube shaped counter-Earth where all inhabitants are disfigured mirror images living a strange, opposite existence. Some of Bizarro's "worst enemies" (friends) include newer creations The Yellow Lantern and Batzarro! In Injustice: Gods Among Us tie-in comics, Bizarro is depicted in another popular form, as a failed cloning experiment perpetrated by another of Superman's foes: Lex Luthor!

Fans will have already noticed Bizarro using his unique "flame breath" and "freeze vision" on Starfire in a recent DLC preview trailer. The attacks reflect Bizarro's iconically mixed up powers, and raise questions over whether or not Bizarro will appear as a Premier Skin, or fully fledged downloadable character.

Edit (July 29th): The remote likelihood that this was more than a Premier Skin has very much been shot down by Ed Boon, who politely told a fan to "reconsider" the option, via Twitter.

Premier Skins are a great way to factor-in some of DC Comics' secondary characters who share commonalities with the main roster. It's great to see some version of Bizarro's freeze vision and flame breath represented, as well. We'd love to see NetherRealm use the freedom of Premier Skins to go the extra mile, using Bizarro logic to completely invert the player's controls. Forward is back, up is down. It wouldn't do much for the playing experience, but it's a fun idea.

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