By now you've seen him coming in the Fighter Pack 2 trailer. Next month - Black Manta officially launches his attack on Injustice 2! Get a taste of things to come in the trailer below:

When he was first spotted in stage transitions for the Atlantis arena; hopes for Black Manta making the Injustice 2 catch sank to the bottom of the sea. Such is the benefit of downloadable content!

Manta's deadly powersuit and arsenal may be inspired by the dangers of the deep, but he's anything but seabound! The latest gameplay trailer shows off the classic Aquaman villain's assault on land, sea and air!

In the hands of skilled players there'll be nowhere to hide as Black Manta filets with hand-to-hand daggers, ensnares with harpoon gun, hits every target with torpedoes, and causes mass destruction with his helmet's davastating manta rays! He can even take to the sky to bring death from above! Another great new addition leaping from the pages of DC Comics to Injustice 2!

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