Updating previous reports of a playable Darkseid -- the Injustice Mobile App has today added the Apokolips Challenge to unlock the necessary gold card. Darkseid is exclusively playable on the app.

Darkseid makes a cameo appearance in console versions of Injustice: Gods Among Us, appearing on the throne of Apokolips in a Hall of Justice stage interaction. He appeared previously as a playable boss in 2008's NetherRealm made Mortal Kombat versus DC Universe.

Fans of DC Comics will better know Darkseid as the premiere villain to vast swaths of the DC Universe. Having first appeared in Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #134 (1970); he was introduced as the stone face of evil behind artist Jack Kirby's unique Fourth World series of titles.

The Fourth World saga pitted Darkseid against his counterparts and their heroic allies in an epic tale of good versus evil. As despot of vile Apokolips, he would war against the planet New Genesis and its ruling Highfather. Fighting on behalf of the Highfather were heroic warriors of New Genesis: Mister Miracle, Big Barda, Lightray, Metron, and his son Orion, who was raised by Highfather in a diplomatic exchange of heirs. Despite its esoteric mythology, Darkseid and the New Gods have endured as true Jack Kirby originals.

Darkseid's attempts to eradicate freewill using the mysterious and dreaded Anti-Life Equation would also, of course, frequently see him battling the familiar heroes of Earth. Superman, Wonder Woman and the Justice League have often assembled to thwart the villain's grand cosmic plans. In 2008, he and Batman battled for life and death in Final Crisis -- a story that momentarily seemed to lead to bother characters' demise! With the New 52 reboot of the DC Universe, Darkseid has since been installed as the first villain faced by the Justice League.

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