While the new game from NetherRealm Studios and DC Comics is played behind closed doors at E3; G4 have one of the first few public glimpses of Injustice: Gods Among Us gameplay.

The face of NetherRealm Studios, Creative Director Ed Boon, was in-studio to talk about the superhero fighter that promises to blaze new trails beyond the trademark style of Mortal Kombat, or even their first trist with superheroics, in Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe.

Interactive arenas remain a key feature of Injustice, offering a variety of strategic influences to help two classes of characters combat one another in true superhero style! Powered and gadget characters will find different ways to take advantage of mutual background elements, with vehicles, locations and destructable areas among the available options.

An initial roster of twenty-something characters is expected to be comparable to the Mortal Kombat playable line-up, with the promise of later additions through downloadable content options. The possibility of guest characters hasn't been ruled out. When asked about the odds of an appearance by one of MK's finest [via twitter], Boon offered a simple, "Anything's possible."

Characters will all possess the expected special moves to go with their trademark powers and general feats of manhandling. Super moves will take it to another level, with a measure of equivalency to MK, but a whole new mentality. Reports from various sources are already highlighting key changes, such as the implementation of holding back to block -- a standard used by games like Street Fighter and Tekken, overlooked in favour of a button, in MK. [via @jeffgerstmann]

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