Injustice 2 is really going to Hell, and comic book guest character Hellboy is giving DC's heroes and villains a guided tour! Watch the trailer to see what we mean:

Injustice 2's downloadable Fighter Pack 2 will conclude November 14th with the early access release of Hellboy. He follows already available fighters Black Manta and Raiden!

Created by artist Mike Mignola for a 1993 convention special; Hellboy has gone on to be one of independent comics' greatest icons! Dark Horse Comics have published his adventures across many dozens of mini-series and spin-offs, sometimes starring Hellboy's friends in the Beureau of Paranormal Research and Defense (BPRD), and other weird and wonderful characters from this world. In 1999, Hellboy even visited the DC Universe in the two issue crossover series: Batman/Hellboy/Starman.

Hellboy was first summoned to our plane during the Second World War by Grigori Rasputin and Nazi scientists. Discovered instead by Allied Troops; Hellboy, as he was nicknamed, was raised like any ordinary military brat, growing up to have a workman's attitude towards his role as a brawling force for good in a world of old gods, monsters, and occult horrors!

NetherRealm Studios deliver a comic-inspired Hellboy equipped with his stone-like Right Hand of Doom, sidearm, and limited tolerance for crap. If you've got an Injustice 2 Deluxe Edition or Fighter Pack 2, you won't have to take any crap when Hellboy arrives - next month.

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