The silence surrounding Injustice 2 broke earlier today with the release of the The Lines Are Redrawn Trailer. Along with this illuminating story preview, MK Online has also received the first images that show Brainiac and Robin! Click to enlarge:

Brainiac is poised to be the big villain vexing the heroes of Injustice 2, whose allegiances will apparently be redefined in the world once split between Batman's resistance and Superman's regime!

The trailer shows what appears to be Robin turning on his Dark Knight mentor! The above screenshot shows a version of his Injustice 2 design, with a hood reminiscent of the Damien Wayne version of the character, adorning a tactical adaptation of The Boy Wonder's traditional look.

Spotlight key art for Batman, Superman and Supergirl shows armored versions of each hero in dramatic detail.

The World's Finest are shown in front of Gotham City and Metropolis scenes, while Supergirl is seen standing before a robotic entity reminiscent of eighties versions of Brainiac. Could the girl of steel be in league with this new Kryptonian threat? Have the next generation of Teen Titans turned on their warring elders?

Injustice 2 is coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One starting May 16th, 2017! NetherRealm Studios will reveal new character gameplay next week, with more DC characters to be unleashed soon!

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