IN LESS THAN ONE MONTH THE DEAD WILL RISE -- provided, of course, you've chosen to pre-order Injustice: Gods Among Us at the correct participating outlet. Blackest Night is the subject of one of several pre-order DLC bonuses, first revealed via [full story]. In keeping with the source, IGN offer the German trailer.

Blackest Night was the 2009 comic book saga that gripped the entire DC Universe, bursting from the pages of Green Lantern. The event saw the realization of an ancient prophecy -- a Black Lantern Corps created from the corpses of the dead, intent on claiming the existence of all living things.

Classic GL villain Black Hand was the first to be claimed by the undead Corps, agent to their true leader - a personification of death known as Nekron! It took the combined might of the entire spectrum of Lantern Corps to defeat the villain, with the birth of a White Lantern Corps of life providing the final victory.

The Blackest Night downloadable bonus includes a Blackest Night Batman character skin, as well as a Zombie Mode that leaves the heroes and villains of Injustice looking a little worse for wear. They aren't quite Black Lanterns, but what's a new game without a zombie mode?

DC fanboys will remember the Batman in question was not actually Bruce Wayne, but rather a doomed clone created at the whims of Darkseid. It is as yet unknown if the fine folks at NetherRealm Studios are quite that pedantic in their references.

Europeans can purchase the Blackest Night pre-order version from Amazon for PlayStation 3 & Xbox 360. Americans will find it at Best Buy while stocks last (PS3 & 360); Aussies should check out JB Hifi for their pre-order (PS3 & 360).

Pre-order bonuses based on Superman: Red Son and Arkham City are also available. The game hits home consoles (including Wii U) April 16 [17th AU, 19th EU]. Find more info & discussion on the DC Universe Injustice forum.