Fresh off his E3 tie-in reveal on Conan [full story]; Kryptonian villain supreme General Zod has received a customary showcase of his Injustice: Gods Among Us downloadable gameplay!

Possessing all the powers of a Kryptonian under Earth's yellow sun -- the militant menace reapplies abilities like; super strength, flight, heat vision in ways that successfully distinguish him from Superman.

While the much talked about Zod design fails to impress -- much of the characters appeal is in the attitude. Turning the arrogance up to eleven, the Injustice version of Zod makes Terence Stamp's definitive Superman II appearance look positively humble. With arms folded behind his back and a win quote that says he always wins this is a Super-villain to put Lex Luthor to shame!

Giving some grunt to the unintimidating design is a harsh Super Move already winning fans over with its over-the-top brutality! Playing off the Superman II inspired intro, Zod powers his opponent through The Moon, only to send them hurtling back towards Earth! A great flourish!

General Zod is the fourth and final character in the DLC Season Pass. The 3-for-4 deal already includes Lobo, Batgirl & Jim Lee designed Mortal Kombat guest: Scorpion! Following widespread speculation and rumor, it has been confirmed more downloadable characters will be coming soon. General Zod goes live in July 2 for an individual cost of $4.99 (400 MS Points).

To coincide with Zod's arrival in Injustice: Gods Among Us -- costumes inspired by the Man of Steel feature film will also be released to XBL and PSN. Injustice DLC is expected to hit Nintendo Wii U in the Summer [full story]. Details on exact content are pending. Discuss all the news in the DC Universe Injustice forum.