With the impending arrival of Martian Manhunter as the fifth downloadable character, the question inevitably turns to what comes next for Injustice: Gods Among Us.

NetherRealm Studios have clearly been committed to a robust downloadable content strategy: going above and beyond their establishing work on Mortal Kombat (2011). [Injustice] is now one character ahead- with a mess of extra costumes, and the freshly minted DLC S.T.A.R. Labs Missions for the original Season Pass four. It will gain at least one more character soon, per a fresh twitter announcement.

Is Black Canary a "BIG" enough reveal?

Concept artwork for classic Justice Leaguer Black Canary got everyone wondering ahead of the Evo character reveal. As we note in our Arrow DLC Giveaway; the CW live-action Green Arrow series will introduce Black Canary in its second season.

The concept art [by artist Bernard Beneteau] shows a variety of adaptations of Black Canary's classic bodysuit and stockings. It must be said, the Canary does make a small cameo in the finished game, but could this be the sign of existing plans for something more? A self-fulfilling prophecy, now that it's out? Who ever it is coming, they're being billed as a ""BIG fan favorite request".

Of course, Black Canary is hardly the only character fans have been speculating about. Rumors of a Dr. Fate playable build resurfaced when Creative Director Ed Boon tweeted a photo with the hero seen on his PC desktop. Fans initiated through cartoons and teen stories have been enticed by Twitter polls featuring Red Hood -- Batman's once dead sidekick, Jason Todd. Zatanna & Powergirl have also been popular, gender conscious rumors. Could all of this be building to another Season Pass? According to Boon -- no.

Whether any of us like it, or are even aware of it, the world of fighting games is changing. The capacity of technology is such that a world of twenty-plus versions of Street Fighter II is not only unacceptable, but wholly unnecessary.

The downloadable revolution will likely change the fighting game in many ways, but for now, Compatibility Packs show us the support process is designed to favour a future that sustains the lifespan of any competitive game like Injustice.

Games like Tekken Revolution and Killer Instinct show us where this is heading. They aren't just dedicating themselves to support of a title and dedication to the post-release refining process -- they're making the title the platform. In other words, instead of relying on the bulk transaction of a disc in a box, they're now offering you the foundation for free, with micro transaction options offering a customizable consumer experience. It's a consumer experience that means instead of a sequel in two years, you could be looking forward to two years of new characters, and tech support.

Mortal Kombat arguably got this ball rolling with a considerate post-game strategy that threw a bone to die hard fans. Injustice is clearly taking the idea a step further, with a more thorough pre-meditated consumer strategy. Even if it's one step closer in design to the traditions of the generation prior, it is the forebear and direct relative of the platform-based concepts of Tekken and Killer Instinct. There almost certainly will be an end to Injustice DLC -- new consoles demand it. To stop at one post-Season Pass character, though? That seems unlikely.

NetherRealm Studios will be giving you an early sneak peek at Martian Manhunter when they launch a live preview stream July 29th (Monday) [full story]. You can submit what will inevitably be one of a Martian tonne of questions via the #NRSStream. Speculate more about future Injustice DLC and the usefulness of another Season Pass on the forums.

Reports confirm 40 S.T.A.R. Labs Missions are now available to download for $1.99, or free to Season Pass holders. Lobo, Batgirl, General Zod & Scorpion each receive 10 playable missions. Discuss this and more on the DC Universe Injustice forum!