Promotion for Injustice: Gods Among Us is ramping up! A previously announced trailer may have been delayed, but the content keeps coming, this time in the form of concept art for the man who broke the bat - Bane!

Made famous by the 1993 DC Comics storyline Knightfall; Bane is best remembered for breaking Batman's back. The story inspired elements of the 2012 opus, The Dark Knight Rises, which in turn appears to have some influence on Injustice.

Look close and you'll see a nice hybrid of the militaristic vest of the recent film version of the character, smashed with some of the more extreme cartoon versions. Though noteworthy for his physical dominance, Bane is also a supreme strategist equal to Batman -- key to making him such a deadly threat!

Bane and Lex Luthor were officially revealed last month by @Gamer Magazine [full story]. You can get a closer look at the CG model thanks to character renders released by The site will be the home of an upcoming promotional campaign that pits characters against one another in fantasy match-ups.

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