It was overlooked in favour of the better established Mortal Kombat scene, but with a big month of competition clocked by the April release, Injustice: Gods Among Us has officially been upgraded to ninth contest at the 2013 Evo Championship!

Announcement of the late inclusion came during the week, via Joey "Mr. Wizard" Cuellar on the latest episode of WakeUpSRK. It reverses previous decisions to overlook the superhero fighter, still months away from release at the time of initial tournament selection [full story]. Injustice also missed out during a fan charity drive to nominate an additional title.

The incorporation of a second title further establishes the presence of NetherRealm Studios as a hardcore player. The developer has made a point of [re]connecting with the tournament scene since the 2011 release of Mortal Kombat, which resulted in the first of three years of selection. The reinvention was vital to changing perceptions that have dogged the American fighter throughout its existence, cracking the dominant hold of Japanese fighters over the Evo event.

Despite offering a safe inlet to casual players, Injustice has fulfilled the promise of a greater depth of gaming beneath the flash (and Flash). Top ranking Mortal Kombat players have already rallied behind the DC Comics fighter, playing an indisposable role in its development and instant establishment.

In spite of being initially overlooked by Evo selectors; Injustice: Gods Among Us has been a constant fixture of 2013 events, including Road to Evo tournaments. Top placing competitors at remaining events will subsequently be offered seeding points per the existing system [full story].

Evo players will experience the full force of the over-the-top superhero action when they converge on Las Vegas, July 12-14. report the Injustice tournament will feature all interactive stage elements, including arena transitions! Even more surprising: players employed as NetherRealm Studios game testers will be allowed entry into the tournament.

Ultimate Fighting Game Tournament 9 is the next stop on the Road to Evo. Injustice & Mortal Kombat will be on home turf when UFGT9 kicks off in Chicago, May 24-26.