In a world where the greatest heroes have become our deadliest enemies, will a villain rise to save the day? Lex Luthor stars in an epic trailer for Injustice: Gods Among Us -- but whose side is he really on?

In the past, he campaigned against a Superman whose alien influence dominated the common man. In the world of Injustice, it looks as if Lex Luthor may in fact join the oppresive forces of The Man of Steel's Regime - but will he stay with them?

Indecision was a feature of the Aquaman trailer [full story], which introduced the difficult choice between the total rule of The Regime and dangerous alliance of Batman''s Insurgency. In the tradition of Kingdom Come you would expect Lex Luthor to side with the rebellious human element, but for a man who always picks the winning side, the final option may yet prove to be himself.

The epic story mode trailer -- which raises twice as many questions as it answers -- debuted during the off-week of Injustice Battle Arena. With rousing score, the trailer brings Metropolis' criminal mastermind into conflict with the likes of Hawkgirl, Captain Marvel, Solomon Grundy and a mystery warrior who may or may not be Black Adam!

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